How Long Does it Take to Lighten Hair with Honey? (Step by Step Instruction)

If you are all the time involved in using home remedies for beauty, then you will clearly be aware of the importance of honey and how it shows its magical results. Honey is the most common and useful ingredient which you found on your kitchen shelf. Apart from the incredible benefits of honey for your skin, you can also use it for your locks as well.

If you want to naturally lighten your hair, you can mix honey with water and let it rest for at least 8 hours. It will take time around 2 to 8 hours to properly lighten your hair with the help of honey, Apart from honey, you can add some more ingredients as well. This includes ACV, lemon, olive oil, cinnamon, or peroxide. No matter whether you are having brown hair, dark hair, or dyed one, you will definitely find this remedy useful for your locks.

Does Honey Lighten Hair Fast or Overnight?

does honey lighten hair

Honey works as the most useful and best household bleaching agent. It has common bleaching properties with which it strips off the pigment from your hair. In this way, you will find the shade to get lighter two times in just overnight.

We all know that honey has been in use over the last long decades for the healthy growth of hair. But now in modern times, honey is an excellent option to lighten hair and make highlights as desired.

Honey has an enzyme that simply produces small traces of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide works as a widely accepted hair bleaching agent.

In How Much Time you can Lighten Hair with Honey?

Now the main question which probably hits the minds of people is the time taken for lightening the hair with honey. It is not possible to get quick results just overnight which you probably get from a synthetic dye. There will be a need to apply honey several times just to get the results that you have always desired for.

Why do People Prefer to use Honey for Hair Lightening?

The reason why the use of honey is common for lightening the hair color is due to the hair bleaching power it has. It is not at all harsh for your hair locks at.

The use of honey for hair lightening is quite safe and does not give your hair any sort of roughness after the first use. You can even make it at home to save much of your money to visit any parlor.

Plus, it is compatible to work with a few more natural ingredients as well such as apple cider vinegar, cinnamon powder, olive oil, and a few more. It would simply strip it of the hair color pigment, yet bleach it safely or gently.

How to use Honey to Lighten Hair Color Naturally? (Directions to Follow)

how to use honey to lighten hair color

You can easily apply honey to your hair without any hassle. You can get it mixed with water to thin the whole texture. But make sure it is evenly spread on the entire hair to get desired results.

Directions to Follow

  • Take a small bowl and add a small amount of honey and water in it. The ratio has to be 4:1. For instance, for 4 tablespoons of honey, adding one tablespoon of water would be enough. For the water, we have the getter alternative to add apple cider vinegar in it which will act as a conditioner for your hair.
  • Now apply the whole mixture by using your finger and start massaging it into your hair. You have to continue the massage until and unless the hairs are not completely covered with honey. For lightening all your hair, make sure the honey is evenly spread over the entire head. Otherwise, you can apply it to the locks or hair strands just.
  • Now use plastic wrap or a shower cap for covering the head for a maximum of 3 hours. If it is possible, you can also let the cap stay intact on your head overnight to get desired results.
  • Rinse it off with warm water before you shampoo or condition the hair. Gently dry the hair with a towel or by using a blow dryer.

These have been the 4 steps that you need to follow for lightening your hair with honey. You have to apply it several times to get the results that you wish to have. Overnight results might be visible but not 100%.

Ingredients That Make Honey an Effective Hair Lightener

Honey is known to be an indispensable remedy that works best for lightening hair without damaging it. We definitely call it to be a natural alternative against all harsh chemical bleaching treatments.

According to health experts, honey is rich in sources of glucose and glucose oxidase. The latter one is the enzyme that is broken down into glucose by leaving behind hydrogen peroxide, which bleaches melanin, the pigment that hence gives hair its color.

Glucose oxidase brings over some extra benefits in the form of an antibacterial agent when oxygen and glucose are also present. Honey has some moisturizing power in its emollient and humectant properties. Emollients will smooth out hair follicles and yet revitalize lackluster hair.

On the other hand, commercial hydrogen peroxide should never be applied directly to the hair. This might irritate your hair locks a bit. Possibly it might turn dark brown or black hair orange.

  •  Mixing Honey with Conditioner 

You have to combine 1/3 cup of honey and 1/4 cup of conditioner besides using the water for extra pasty consistency. Apply it to the damp hair with hands or with the use of a stiff brush.

It would be recommended to put the whole mixture in a small recycled shampoo bottle and just pour it into your hair. If you are lightening all your hair, then make sure the honey and conditioner have been spread evenly over the entire head. Wear a shower cap or plastic wrap to let the mixture stay intact for at least 5 hours.

The approximate time of wearing the plastic wrap will be based on the current condition of your hair. In short, as much longer time you will leave the mixture, the more it will help you to lighten the hair tone. Later on, wash it.

  • lighten hair with honey and cinnamon 

lighten hair with honey and cinnamon

You can also create a healthy mask with the ingredients of lemon juice, honey, and cinnamon in it. Lemon juice and cinnamon is responsible to activate the hydrogen peroxide inside the honey and hence speed up the whole lightning process. For added hydration, you can even add olive oil to it.

If we talk about the suggested portions, you have to include 2 tablespoons of honey with at least 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, or cinnamon, and olive oil. You can make changes in the mixture according to your requirements.

Mix all ingredients together to make a thick paste. Add a small amount of conditioner to it to change it into a thin texture. Let the mixture to sit for 30 minutes. Once you are done with the application, cover the head with a shower cap.

Leave the application for at least a few hours or for overnight. It has been recommended that if the mixture sits on your hair for a long, it will lighten the shade to two times better.

  • Mixing Honey with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil with honey has always remained the favorite choice of users for healthy hair, skin, or nails. Combine it all together to apply it over the entire head.

We all know that coconut oil has the benefit to add your hair with extra shine. You can even apply organic virgin coconut oil as well as raw honey to your hair. Wrap your hair with a warm towel and just leave the mixture overnight.

  • Mixing Honey with Apple Cider Vinegar

The people at Bella-Vita Organic suggest mixing 4 components of raw honey and one portion of water or apple cider vinegar and letting the combination sit down for 30 minutes to one hour earlier than application.

They additionally endorse including a few drops of business hydrogen peroxide for introduced energy however warning in opposition to hair damage.

How to Lighten Dyed Hair with Honey?

how to lighten dyed hair with honey

Do you wish to have red highlights to lighten the hair that you have dyed? Well, don’t get jealous if you see someone with red stunning highlights. You can also achieve it by using honey, cinnamon, Jamaican sorrel, or hibiscus.

To lighten up your dye hair by using the honey, you can perform the below steps:

  • In the saucepan containing 2 cups of water, just add 2 cups of fresh or dried Jamaican sorrel.
  • Now heat up the mixture to a boil.
  • Let the sorrel soak for a maximum of 3 to 4 hours, but if possible just leave it overnight.
  • Strain from obtaining the resulting liquid and just mix almost 2 tablespoons of honey and just 1 tablespoon of cinnamon.
  • Apply it and massage your hair gently.
  • You have to cover the head with plastic wrap or a shower cap for a maximum of 2 hours before you rinse it.

Does Honey make Black Hair White?

Is it possible to get dark hair white or gray with honey? Is it fiction or a fact? According to the latest research, hydrogen peroxide that the glucose oxidase generates can somehow lighten hair color but it will never turn it white or gray completely. This is all because the amount of peroxide produced is minimal.

General Information/Tips to You Must Follow

Honey will never lighten the hair permanently. Final results will vary on the basis of hair type, natural color as well as structure. It can just lighten the dark hair to copper and brown.

Hence, if you do want to get your brown hair turned into blonde, then choosing professional help is the best option. Still, it is important to learn that there are some frequent commercial bleaching products that can damage the hair texture.

As you opt for the chemical treatments, the lightning effect will be gradual and the results will not be displayed for the first time. In the first treatment, you will merely experience a natural and soft shift. You will notice a marking difference in your hair lightening after 15 applications. But for that sake, you need to apply it constantly for at least 2-3 weeks.

If we compare it with the salon treatment, you have to visit the salon for a new fresh treatment after every 6 weeks. At home, you can do this whole treatment in just 3 hours i.e. collection of resources, lightening process, highlighting and toning.

Lightening Hair with Honey- Before and after Photos Results

Lightening Hair with Honey

Check out before and after pictures to actually know how the honey will completely change the entire hade of your hair by one or two levels.

Upon several bleaches, you will be achieving the same level of black hair bleaching which you often get from using chemicals in hair bleaching products.

Let’s check out with before and after results of using honey for the dyed hair lightening.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

Possibly not! There are no such bad side effects that have been reported till now as you will combine the use of honey with few more non-organic ingredients.

If you are using a non-organic hair bleaching product, then it is obvious that the bleaching process will leave the hair extra frizzy and rough! You might even experience an orange tint in the hair which looks dull. To achieve great light hair highlights, using honey is the best home remedy to try right now!

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers-FAQs

Question: In how much time, honey can lighten the hair?

Answer: Honey can lighten the hair in just 2-8 hours. But somehow the change in time will vary depending on the condition, hair color, structure, and the exposure of chemical processing.

Question: How long to leave honey in the hair to lighten it?

Answer: Maximum of 20 minutes would be enough! As honey works as the emollient, you will feel that your strands have become nourished and soft. You can mix around 4 parts of honey with one part of distilled water. Apply it to your wet hair. Leave the mixture in the hair for a maximum of 15-20 minutes and then rinse with conditioner

Question: Can honey damage hair?

Answer: Honey has rich antioxidant properties that prevent damage by keeping your scalp and hair healthy. Honey has the capability where it is softening and soothes your hair. It fully seals the moisture in your hair by keeping it conditioned.

Question: Can you put raw honey in your hair?

Answer: Honey is having both emollient and humectant properties by making it a perfect hair moisturizer. Emollients will smooth the hair follicles by adding extra shine to them. Humectants have a bond with water molecules to add some moisture to the dry strands. By simply moisturizing and locking in shine, honey can even help to restore the natural luster of your hair.

Question: Can honey change hair color?

Answer: Honey turns your black hair white. An enzyme referred to as glucose oxidase is current in honey. Glucose oxidase breaks down glucose sugars and generates hydrogen peroxide, which is a form of bleach. It can lighten your hair shade however can’t flip it grey.

Question: Does Baking Soda and Honey Lighten Hair?

Answer: Lighten hair naturally with Peroxide, baking soda, and honey. Mix in a bowl, follow as desired when hair is shade it really is desired wash hair, use a deep conditioner and rinse.


Well, to sum up, if you are struggling with the hair color dilemma, then take a step back from hair dye products and opt for something natural and healthy. Why risk your hair with some chemical treatments when you can make it look healthy with the home remedy of honey

Get ready to rejuvenate your hair color by going organic. Add it with virgin and processed honey as a daily routine to add your hair with a stronger texture and healthy look.

It’s time to fall in love with your hair!

Go for it now!

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