How Long Does It Take to Grow Shoulder Length Hair to Mid Back?

I am sure that every woman wants her hair to grow long as well as healthy. If she cuts her hair and adopts some style for some time, but still wishes to make her hair strong and long. Cutting your hair long or short does not mean you don’t want to grow your hair long. It is just for the sake of trend you trim your hair.

The answer is that it takes about two years to grow shoulder-length hair to mid-back. This is because the average rate of hair growth is half an inch per month. So, if you want to grow your hair to mid-back length, you’ll need to allow for 24 months of growth.

But all of us use various devices and things to grow our hair long. Women who don’t feel their hair growing fast remain worried about them. They are always found asking questions like “how long does it take to grow shoulder-length hair to mid-back?” The reason for their query is not paying attention to the hair as properly as they need. The result is hair loss and less hair growth. We have to take pretty much care of our hair if we think our hair to look like Rapunzel. We must have some to give pop attention and time to make our hair as long to mid-back. Let’s have a deep analysis of the ways and tips to get mid-back hair.

10 Tips To Get Your Shoulder Length Hair to Mid Back

10 Tips To Get Your Shoulder Length Hair to Mid Back

 With the advancement in science and technology, the use of artificial methods and products has increased. It has made us versatile and trendy but snatched many natural benefits from us. As far as our hair growth is concerned, it is a natural process that our hair grows annually. A healthy hair grows ½ inch in a month and consequently 6 inches in a year.

Now the hair growth cycle can be made improved and functional by adopting certain methods and avoiding certain things. I will try to explain them one by one

Get Your Hair Trimmed

The first and most important treatment you can provide your hair to make them grow and be healthy is to trim your hair. If you trim your unhealthy and split-ended hair with the interval of two to three months, it will have a pleasant impression on your hair. They can reach the required length of mid-back within 8 to 10 months from the shoulder. But if you don’t care about your hair by avoiding excessive chemicals, the split ends will start to produce. These split ends will reduce the speed of hair growth.

As we know split ends break the hair apart and our hair gets weaken. This is why if we find our hair getting split ends, we should trim them urgently. It will help you reach the desired mid-back length.

Be Diet Conscious by Taking Vitamins and Iron

We know that vitamins and other essential nutrients like iron and Omega 3 fatty acids are too essential for strong and healthy hair growth. If we don’t consume all the basic nutrients, it can cause severe hair damage including lack of hair growth. Vitamin A, B, C, D, Omega 3 and iron should be added to our routine so that we can reach our goal of mid-back hair.

All these food ingredients can be taken through supplements and oils. But if we use natural foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, and cereals, it will be far better than the supplements. So we should make sure to start a balanced diet for healthy hair growth.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated and Moisturized

If you think that growing your hair long without giving them proper care is easy, you are mistaken, my friends! If you are a party lover girl and always keep your hair stylized and trendy, you can’t get healthy hair. The reason is simply that your hair remains dry due to the use of all hair products and tools.

Another thing is that you don’t like the stickiness of oils or ointments that is the cause of making your hair dull and lifeless. If you want to get a mid-hair length, you have to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated. You have to provide them with all the essential oils and Shea butter according to the nature of your hair. It will be good to gear your hair growth cycle. So keep in mind that making your hair hydrated is necessary to get healthy long hair.

Avoid the Use Of Chemicals

Avoid the Use Of Chemicals

If we are fond of styling our hair daily and at the same time want our hair to belong at least to mid-back, then it is a bit difficult. The reason behind this is that when we don’t focus on our hair care and keep on using styling products like gels, sprays, and ointments, it destroys our healthy hair. Our hair becomes brittle, split-ended, and lifeless. The chemicals whether too safe for human use are still chemicals. They will create massacre for our hair and hinder the hair growth.

So ladies! If you want to get your mid-back length hair, you must avoid hair products as possible as you can. Do minimum styling and avoid all those things that can weaken the roots of your hair.

Increase the Use of Natural Oils

Oil is food to hair. It gives your hair a natural shine and elasticity. We should provide our hair with all the essential oils to make them strong with provided protein. The essential oils like coconut, jojoba, olive, and almond make our hair rich in protein by making protein bonds. All these things are too good for speedy natural hair growth.

It will make the hair roots strong and healthy so that your hair growth cycle can maximize. These oils are rich in minerals and help our hair become silky and smooth. These are the perfect diet for hair.

Minimize the Use of Hair Styling Tools

If we care about the rich hair growth and want to get the mid-back hair in a year we have to sacrifice our hairstyling gadgets or tools. All these tools like dryers, straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons are a fair addition to the hair damage.

All these styling tools are used to save time and make us trendy. But the worst fact about these tools is that they run with electricity and give our hair severe heat. This heat burns the hair follicles and weakens the hair shafts. As a result, the hair starts to divide into split ends that are a great obstacle in hair growth.

So if we want to grow our hair to mid-back length or so on, we have to rely upon sun and air to dry our hair instead of the dryer. We should use less straightener and if it is necessary, use with less heat.

Deep Condition Your Hair After Every Fortnight

By the time, we have increased our activities and responsibilities and we have less time for us to care for our hair. We dream to have strong and long hair like that of Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian who has original hair not a fantasy like that of Rapunzel. But we don’t try to give our hair all the essential nutrients they need. Deep conditioning every fortnight is a great method to make provide all the proteins and minerals that will help to make our hair long and strong.

Our hair has to face a tough routine from dying, bleaching, blow-drying to shampooing them. All these activities make our hair dull and lifeless. If we don’t provide them with some vitamins and proteins, their growth cycle will get slower. Even the split ends can make our hair broken after some time. So make a habit to deep condition your hair after 15 days.

Be Natural and Avoid Dyes and Salon Treatments

Be Natural and Avoid Dyes and Salon Treatments

I know the core desire of every girl and woman to have long and healthy hair. They try every possible thing to accede to the process of hair growth. But the thing they don’t care about is the excessive use of salon treatments like styling and dying. When we open our hair to colors and bleaches, it destroys the original shine and luster of our hair. Similarly, cuticles are badly damaged by these high coloring agents.

All these things harm our hair growth and consequently, we fail to get mid-back long hair. If we are successful in achieving our desired hair due to its natural strength, we should try to maintain it by avoiding excessive hair dyes. Otherwise, the hair will start to fall and get dull and lifeless.

Provide Your Hair with Protein and Keratin Treatments

It is believed that keratin and protein treatments are not good for hair. But I think these are all false beliefs. If we go with well-known brand products and make our hair keratin-treated, it will activate the hair growth cycle.

If we want healthy hair growth, we should get our hair protein and keratin-treated after almost every 6 months.

Apply Some Topical Ointments for Better Results

It is possible to add more spark and speed to our hair growth by the use of topical ointments on the surface of our skin. These ointments are a mixture of many natural and raw oils and herbs. It can open the closed pores of our skull skin and gear the process of hair growth.

Normally the market provides us with ointments that have lots of chemicals in them. So instead of benefitting us, it harms our hair. We should use ointments that have proven natural ingredients. It will be a good thing for our hair.

Make a Habit to Massage and Brush Regularly

Old is Gold is a well-known proverb and does suit the old method of massaging and brushing hair. Many people think it is a mere superstition that massaging or brushing increases hair growth. But it is true that while we gently massage our hair, the blood circulation improves and activates the hair growth.

The same is the case with combing or brushing as it has too positive impacts on our hair health. If we don’t care about our hair and make them remain dull and dry by not massaging some oil, the pore gets closed and fresh air doesn’t pass into our hair roots. So both combing and massaging is necessary for our hair growth.

Keep Consulting Your Hairstylist

Keep Consulting Your Hairstylist

It is good to work out your hair on your routine with the use of natural things. But if you go and consult your hairstylist or salon to consult her about your hair progress, she will certainly prove positive for you as she can tell you what you should add or remove from your hair care routine.

Sometimes we feel confident about the increase of every inch and think our hair growth going perfect. This time we make mistakes and don’t pay attention to the split ends of our hair. These split ends can be the cause of our hair breakage.  Similarly, it can be a possibility that we are not paying attention to the roughness and lifelessness of our hair

Going and visiting our hair consultant will help us a lot in this regard. She will tell us what we should have to do to avoid the damage. She can tell us some food supplements that can prove helpful in growing our hair to mid-back.

Use DIYs and Home Made Conditioners and Masks

There are thousands of artificial and processed hair conditioners on the market that instead of making our hair healthy, damage it. That’s why we should try to avoid them our best. If we want our hair to grow long and healthy, we can use homemade conditioners and masks.

There are many things present in our kitchen that can help us a lot in boosting the progress of our hair. It includes eggs, yogurt, and honey. The mask made with aloe Vera is too good to make our hair hydrated and moisturized. It will increase the luster and silk of our hair. All the brittle and split ends will be finished by using any of the above homemade masks or conditioners. We can use these conditioners once or twice a week for better results.

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle to Get Better Results

One of the best things we have to do is to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle for the hair we are wishing to get.  If we are following all the positive activities in life, it is not an uphill task to get mid-back hair length.

Positive activities, a perfect sleep, a balanced diet, and being optimistic will have a great impact on our hair growth. An exercise daily and a walk of a minimum of 10 to 30 minutes can give you the best hair progress as these entire things have their 100% share in your hair care routine.

All these above-described ways and tips can surely help you get your desired hair length. You don’t need to apply all these things at once and hope to acquire mid-back hair in a year. But you can adopt these steps one by one and act upon them permanently.

If we think that acting these tips and tricks once can make you a celebrity among our friends and family, we are mistaken. All these things need patience and continuous struggle. It will make us acquire the goal of long hair.

How Long Is Shoulder Length in Inches?

If we want to make our shoulder-length hair to mid-back length, we have to understand the real length of our shoulder hair. A normal estimated length of should3r length hair is almost 22 to 23 inches. It can be added or lessened a little bit due to the length, body shape, skull size, and lifestyle of a man.

It is good for us to understand the average shoulder hair length so that we can start measuring our hair till our desired results. If we measure shoulder length in centimeters, it can be 30 to 35 centimeters more or less. We should keep it in mind that

  • These measurements are average
  • They can be increased or decreased according to the size of our skull
  • Your torso makes the difference as it can be long or short so you must keep it in mind

How Long Does It Take To Grow Shoulder Length Hair To Waist?

Everyone has his cycle of hair growth. It can be less or more according to our hair cycle. If we want to get waist-length hair, we must have complete knowledge of our hair routine. It will help us getting our waist-length hair in minimum time.

An estimated idea for getting waist-length hair from the shoulder is a minimum of 10 months to a year. But if it takes a somewhat long time to reach the desired length, don’t get upset my dear friends! It is an average length that is prepared according to half an inch per month. It can be more if your hair is healthy and grow fast. If you have a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you can reach the destination in less time.

But the case can be reversed if you don’t have healthy hair and your hair take much more time to grow than an average hair. But it is not a thing to be frustrated. A continuous effort can take you o your target. It can take a year more but ultimately you can get your waist-length hair.

Similarly, if we consider curly hair growth, it seems sometimes impossible that they can get mid-back hair. We know that curly hair grows but gets tangled in them. This is why it is quite difficult to reach that desired state but not impossible.

This length of hair is the same but due to the tangled locks, the hair remains hag high. If we measure the curly hair by making them straight, it can easily reach the mid-back length. So almost a year or 14 months with due care is the total hair cycle for getting waist length.


So guys! I can tell you that if you are wishing to have long hair like that of Rupanzul, you have to sacrifice many of your hair styling activities. It seems quite easy to get mid-back hair when we watch them in movies or dramas. But in reality, we have to wait for a long and adopt many positive activities.

The question that “how long does it take to grow shoulder-length hair to mid-back?’ is resounding everywhere these days. Women love to get trendy and style their hair variedly. But a time comes when they get fed up with all their activities and dream of long healthy hair. All this is possible but needs patience and continuous struggle. We have to leave hair products and hair styling tools. All the hair products including shampoos, gels, serums, sprays, custards, and hair dyes are an enemy to hair growth. By avoiding these products, we can get healthy long hair.

Similarly, the hair styling tools like straighteners and blow dryers are hat-providing gadgets. They burn the hair follicles and make our hair dull and dry. We should minimize the use of these electronic tools and should rely on our natural hair beauty. We should avoid drying our hair with dryers. Instead, we leave hair dry naturally so that its roots and follicles may not get burnt.

In the end, we must have a healthy lifestyle so that our hair growth may get speed up ad we will be one of them who feel proud of having long and healthy hair.


Allice Smith

Allice Smith is a hair care lover when she was a teenager. Her major was a beauty when she was in college. She is a makeup artist. Now she is also a writer for our website. She writes a lot of haircare posts with very actionable tips.

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