How Long Does a Perm Last For Men | 7 Ways to Extend The Life of a Perms

Men love perming their hair. This technique adds volume, and bounce and makes their hairstyle all set and celeb-looking. Here you can check out the details on how long does a perm last for men!

The perm last for 2 to 6 months for men. It is the average duration and once this time period is over, your permed hair will get back to its natural hair texture. The perming procedure takes 3 to 5 hours and is carried out under professional supervision.

So, do you think that your hair looks flat and they need to look voluminous? If yes, you can opt for the perming procedure. It looks trendy on men and last for 2 to 6 months on average notes. Below you can see more of the details:

How to make your perm last longer for men? (7 Ways)

Lots of ways are there which increase the lifespan of perms. Celebs like Brad Pitt have also backed these hacks. Perming has become a popular hairstyling technique and men love pursuing it. If you want your perms last longer, you can go through and follow the below-written tips:

  • Taking the best care of your permed hair

First of all, you have to take the best care of your permed strands. This is an important tip that is repeatedly advised by hairstyling experts from Spain. Taking care of the permed hair increases their overall lifespan and you do not have to refresh them again and again.

In addition, the first forty-eight hours matter a lot, so be very much careful. Your perms will get set after three days and during this duration, you have to take utmost care of them every single minute. Besides, once you are done with the perming procedure, you need to avoid tying your hair. Just keep them loose!

Do not use the heat styling tools in the first two weeks as a crucial precautionary measure. If you will tie your perms or use the blow dryer on the perms, their structure, texture, and shape will get damaged right away.

  • Getting done with the perming procedure from a top-notch professional

It is a technical hairstyling procedure and you need to get it done by a top-notch professional. If you will visit a cheap salon and perm your hair under the supervision of untrained and unprofessional staff, you will get zero results.

Perms last longer if they are done by experienced and professional hairstylists. A high-end salon uses the best products and offers exceptional service and makes sure that their customer gets satisfied.

Cheaper rates will give you zero results. But higher rates demanded by professional stylists will give maximum value in return. Thus, good stylists promise and guarantee that perm lasts for months and months.

  • Shampoo less your permed hair

It is advised that you should shampoo your hair less if you have permed them! This one believes to be the smartest hack to lengthen the lifespan of perm. Frequent shampooing is damaging for perms, so shampoo less! Furthermore, use those shampoos which are perm-protectant and claim to lock the texture and shape of perms.

Frequent washing of your hair makes them dry and rough and your scalp does not produce the natural oils. A dry scalp is not a positive sign for perms longevity, that is why it is recommended to wash your hair only twice a week. As an alternative, you can use a dry shampoo.

  • Stop using the heat styling tools on perms

If you genuinely wish to increase and prolong the life of your perms, it is advisable to stop using heat styling tools. Keep your permed strands stay away from the reach of blow dryers and straighteners.

The minute your permed strands get in contact with heat, they will become frizzy, dry, and rough. Instead of using a blow dryer, what you can do is to air-dry or towel dry your perms. Moreover, if there is an emergency to use a heat styling tool, then always use a heat protectant spray.

  • Using a good-quality deep conditioner

Perms can definitely last long if you regularly use a good-quality deep conditioner. Deep conditioners inject an energetic life and rich bouncy effect into your hair. If you will skip the practice of conditioning your perms, they will look less moisturized and no longer hydrated.

Perming is a chemically-treated process, that is why use a high-end conditioner to prevent the perms from becoming frizzy and dry. Even more, look for those deep conditioners which have ingredients like Moroccan oil and shea butter. These ingredients will improve the look of your perms more and more.

  • Use the silk pillowcases and sating bedsheets

Using the silk pillowcase and satin bed sheets will help you increase the lifespan of the perm. These pillows and bedsheets do not ruin the shape of your perms and keep their structure and texture intact. A cheap and low-quality pillowcase produces friction and ruins the whole look of perms.

So, it is advisable to use satin or silk pillowcases if you want to maintain the shape and charm of perming. In addition, these kinds of pillowcases minimize friction and develop a smooth surface for your permed hair.

  • Regular go for a haircut

Lastly, you must regularly go for a haircut if you have gone for perming recently. Split ends ruin the perming look, but opting for a regular haircut lengthens the lifespan of the perm. Trimming prevents the perms from getting damaged.

Moreover, regular trimming enhances the look of your curls and pushes the perm not to lose its definition, texture, and shape. Thus, get a routine cut or trim and that is how you can make the curls last longer.

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How Much Does a Perm Cost For Men?How to make your perm last longer


The perming procedure is not that much expensive. The average price falls between $40 to $150. In addition, men need to understand that the final price depends on the hair volume, length, and texture, and also the kind of perm they wish to have. The final cost is also dependent on which salon and stylist you have chosen. Thus, this seems wow to hear that perming procedure is not that much costly!

How to Tell If a Guy Has a Perm?

How to Tell If a Guy Has a Perm

You can easily tell if a guy has a perm, below we have collected the details of a few of the important signs:

  • If you personally knew that person, then you can quickly know whether he has gone for perming or not.
  • For a guy who has gone for perming, his hair texture will look unusually uninformed and also a bit different from natural curls.
  • Perms look dry and frizzy if the guy has not taken care of them properly or conditioned them.
  • Perms have folds that natural curls lack.

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Should You Get a Perm as a Man?

Yes, you can get a perm as a man. This trend has become equally popular among men and women. Perms make your personality bold and confident. You look darling as well! Men having thick, thin, or any kind of hair texture, can opt for the perming procedure without any worry.

With perms, you will be able to add fullness and volume to your hair. Those days are gone when perming was only used to be linked and associated with girls. Men have jumped into this bandwagon too!

Can Men with Thin Hair Get a Perm?

Yes, men with thin hair can get perm hair style. Guys having a thin strands texture prefer perming because this procedure adds more volume, depth, and fullness to the texture. Those men who have flat hair, always remain motivated to opt for perming.

So, if you do not have any scalp problems or hair loss medicated issues, you can have perming regardless of the fact the texture is thin, flat, or thick. Perming will successfully transform your thin strands into thicker and fuller-looking one.

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How does a perm work for guys?

The perming procedure is not that technical to understand. It is a chemical-treated process that changes your hair texture into a curly pattern. The natural texture and original structure of your strands get changed and curls are developed.

Furthermore, the perming procedure works similarly in a way if you have experienced the hair straightening process. So, in the perming process, your strands come in the form of tight curls. Note that these are not permanent curls and last for 2 to 6 months.


Now, you have got the answer, how long does a perm last for men! The average lifespan of perms ranges from 2 to 6 months. But you can make them last for more months by taking good care of them, opting for a regular trim, using a good conditioner, and shampooing them less. Men can share with us if they loved perms or not! Stay connected!

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