Does The Instyler Damage Your Hair?

As far as w have started the use of technology with our hair, the chances of damage are also increased. Does the inStyled damages your hair? It is one of the most resounding queries of the modern age.

We use iron to straighten our hair. We use blow dries to style our hair. We use a curling iron to curl and make the beautiful ringlets of our hair. But now all these services are available in one gadget.

InStyler is a quick way to style all that you want in a few minutes. It has made our lives very easy. The women who need to style themselves in routine can understand its usability. It saves time.

But still, we have many issues with this machine. Many people are not happy with it and claim its side effects. They believe that it gives damage more than benefit. They may be afraid that does damage hair grow back healthy or not. It makes your hair frizzy and lifeless.

On the other hand, InStyler claims that it never burns the hair instead it claims that it polishes the hair to become smooth, silky, and weighty.

To decide whether it does damage the hair or not, we first understand the nature of an InStyler.

What Does an InStlyler Feature For?

An InStyle is a combination of rotating heating and polishing cylinder and it is accompanied by rows of bristles. It functions to smoothly polish your hair with retaining the original volume of hair. It does not press your hair too straight to lose its original volume and magnitude.

You can flop up, flip low, straight, and low curl your hair. The reason for its popularity is its great versatility. Its cylinder rotates all around the hair in a smooth way taking each strand. It does not leave any strand untreated.

The bristles finely brush and polish the hair meanwhile. What does it mean?

It means that InStyler does not allow your hair to get damaged and retains its original shine and fullness. Your problem is solved that it is not needed to use different devices, take them out, and put them back.

An InStyler covers all styling features in one device. The heating system is not that high as irons and straighteners have. Its heat is not harmful to hair and never damages or fries your hair.

The biggest and unsolved issue with all styling tools is the damage they create to your hair. An InStyler is not as harmful as other gadgets of this kind prove for your hair.

What Is an InStyler Made Up of?

What an InStyler Made Up of

An InStyler is made up of dual ionic ceramic plates. Its specialized ceramic plates along with soft bristles not only treat hair, polish them but also help to maintain volume and fullness.

It never crushes your hair and heats them too much that it can damage the hair strands. Its luxury lies in its all-in-one formula. It helps to keep the hair healthy by not making them frizzy.

Each part of this machine plays its role. The heated barrel moves all-around hair and provides smoothness and style what you are trying to do. If you want to lift your hair in, you just need to move your hair a little inside.

If you want to lift your hair outside, just move the barrel to outside. During all this process the rows of bristles will carry all hair individually and provide them with full shine and their glow. It does not press the hair to make them less volume.

If it is the case of straightening your hair, just use the ceramic plated. It will do all you want in a very short time. The straightening process is easily handled in almost 8 minutes just because of its powerful mechanism.

One most appreciable thing about this machine is its heat mechanism. It has a heat range till 450F. You can adjust it according to the nature of your hair. But amazingly you can adjust it not because of heat but because of the hair type.

It has:

  • An Led indicator.
  • Ceramic plated with a double ionic mechanism.
  • 450F maximum heat capacity.
  • Goes to the lowest temperature till 150 C with a single bar.
  • Auto adjusts and manually adjusts the panel.

Is the Claim, Does the InStyler Damage your Hair Carries any Worth?

The InStyler is carrying your hair in one frame and making them ready every moment. It is quite different in making and usage than irons and straighteners. It can deal with almost all hair types from African American coarse and rough to silky Asian hair. Instead of inStyler, here is also a list of the 15 Best flat iron for Asian hair. The claim that Instyler damages your hair will possibly be true to some extent.

But we have to understand that how it benefits us. How the all-in-one formation of this gadget has to produce ease for everyone. Then we can understand fully the statement does the InStyler damage your hair. And then we will get aware of the fact that whether this claim carries any worth or not.

Smooth and Frizz-Free Hair

One of the worth-discussing characteristics of InStyler is that it never let your hair frizzy and rough. Normally our shampoos and sprees are too damaging that make our hair texture frizzy. But this inStyler lets your hair give a well-defined, smooth, and soft texture.

It gives a mild shine as its bristles polish the hair and its heating system are not that harsh to damage the hair follicles.

All in One Technology

All in One Technology

The very InStyler offers us to never confuse and obsessed by the thought of using different gadgets one by one. It has combined your styling, combing, curling, waving, and straightening with one machine.

This is the best technology working women or a girl crazy for style herself daily can adapt confidently. She can change her style daily and the sense of boredom will vanish. She has not even to worry about drying her hair fully so that she styles herself.

The InStyler can be used in moist hair too. Its bristles never let your moist hair tangled and gently comb them.

The Rotating Cylinder Gives Hair Our Desired Style

What is the difference between a normal curler and an inStyler? The major difference is the rotating cylinder that moves all around our hair and shaped them according to our choice. We just have to move it where we want to shape the style.

The rotating mechanism never lets your hair be styled from one part and not from the other. It covers each strand of hair to style it gently.

Latest Heat System

The InStyler has the latest heating system that offers us to maximize and minimize the heat. It can be changed according to the type of our hair.

It has a maximum heat limit of 450F and will get automatically lower down when it gets heated to the required point. The automatic heating system makes us feel free to use it. It takes not more than 30 seconds to heat up.

We can carelessly style our hair as we will not bother to lessen or increase the temperature.

Quick Action

The InStyler is not like other iron that takes too much time to het up and then starts their work. It gets heated swiftly within half a minute. This quick technology makes lt best fit for all ladies,

Not only it gets heated early but also it works quickly. A survey shows that it takes a maximum of 8 minutes to style your hair. Isn’t it too fast?

Hair Never loses Their Original Volume

It is a common observation that with straighteners, our hair becomes too straight and pressed that its original volume disappears. InStyler sustains the original volume of hair you want to straight and never press them to look adhered.

Instead, with its use, we can get fullness and versatility. The hair after being polished gets a new life and freshness.

The entire above-mentioned characteristic shows us how an InStyler works. It can make us understand the nature of InStyler and can help us answer the question does the InStyler damages your hair.

What Makes InStyler Different From a Common Straightener

A straightener is an excellent device to make your hair straight that is not that straight and soft as healthy hair is. But it does not polish and soothes the hair. Instead, there is a chance that our hair can lose its original volume and fullness.

On the other hand, an inStyler not only straightens our hair brilliantly, but nut also maintains its original volume. It does not reduce the fullness of your hair. Even it polishes our hair to make them brightly shine and soft.

What Makes InStryler Different From A Curling Iron

What Makes InStryler Different From A Curling Iron

An InStyler has the great ability to style your hair with its hand rotating cylinder. Its use is too simple that with a mere movement of our hair we can curl and style our hair whatever we want.

The heat is equally provided to all hair parts by its heating mechanism. We need not bother the devices or the barrels to change our style.

Pros of InStryler

  • Quick heat mechanism.
  • Quick functioning with styling.
  • Special heat cylinder to polish and style hair.
  • Rows of bristles to brush and balance hair equally.
  • Maintains the volume of your hair.
  • Gives a sense of fullness.
  • Built-in technology to lift your hair.
  • Never fries your hair to burn.
  • It can be used in damp hair.

Cons of InStryler

  • It is an expensive product that everyone can’t afford.
  • The style does not last till the time we are told.
  • It Does not do your hair as straight as other straighteners do like straws.
  • You can’t handle it sometimes as the heating mechanism can works on its own never takes your directions.
  • Women with long hair feel it difficult to handle.
  • For damp hair, it is a damaging device.

Still, you Think That InStyler damages your Hair?

By observing InStyler deeply, we can find fact that it is a very good device with some side effects. It sometimes can damage your hair because of its double barrels. The cylinder and the straightening barrel both give heat to our hair. The unnecessary and daily use of it can damage your hair.

It is a known fact that every heating device dryers, curling irons, and straighteners prove a risk if we use them excessively. Heat burns and fries the hair cuticles. The roots of our hair get frizzy and brittle.

The most damaging thing we don’t consider is when we use Instyler on damp hair. The brands say that it works great on damp hair and it is a unique idea to move from damp to dry.

But what happens actually. Instead of taking minimum time for styling, it takes much time to style your hair. As the hair faces more heat for a long time and results in almost the same.

This is why an InStyler becomes harmful for our hair. Our hair becomes ass lifeless and rough as by the use of any other styling irons.

What to Do to Use an InStyler Successfully?

Everything has some benefits as well as some side effects. If we abandon some product just because of a single or more side effect, we will have to say goodbye to all products. This is not sane to avoid the product or the machine. Instead, we can use it with care and precautions.

By using an InStyler with precautions, we can come over all the problems and will enjoy the ever-changing styles.


If we condition our hair after using shampoo and before using InStyler, it will not damage our hair. Conditioning softens our hair and adds a protective layer all around our hair follicles. This is the reason InStyler heat will not damage the hair.


Applying a mask weekly or twice a week is good food for hair. It nourishes our hair. It can repair instantly damage done by some styling device or products. A homemade mask of aloe-Vera, banana, Avocado, yogurt, or egg and honey is too good.

It will lessen the ratio of damage by using any hair gadget, InStyler, or straighteners.


If we know that we are going to use InStyler the very next morning, we can apply an oil that night. The oil will provide a protective shield to our hair. It is natural moisture that plays an important role against heat use.

When we use InStyler, it will not damage our hair as it will already be oil treated. Instead, the polish and shine of our hair can become vibrant and more prominent.

There are many good essential oils and many natural herbs oil as argan oil, jojoba oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and rosemary oil. All of these are a very good support to your hair getting ready to use InStyler without any damage.


An InStyler is the latest technology that is getting popularity among all folks.  Celebrities like Paris Hilton and others now prefer the InStyler to save time and style themselves in a short time. It means that this device is worth using and is dependable.

Cylinder movement and barrel heating with all the bristles moving and styling from neck to the last tip is god technology. People welcome such time-saving techniques.

It not only saves time but also polishes our hair. It can do styling, straightening, combing, curling, and waving at the same time.

All these qualities make an InStyler different from all other irons. And the claim of damaging hair by many people loses its worth when we use it with safety.

We should care about our hair all the time whether we are using a hair iron or not. In case we use hair devices, it becomes necessary for us to prefer to pour hair care. By doing this, we will make our hair presentable. We will never feel embarrassed to meet our friends or attend an event.

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