Does Pantene Make your Hair Fall Out?

I have found many people inquiring about Pantene Pro-V shampoo that “does Pantene make your hair fall out?” I still consider this very question researchable because I’ve found varied views and opinions about this theory.

Many people are repenting on the day when they started the use of Pantene as they are claiming clumps of hair loss. Some people are in a state of confusion about the use of Pentene. They can’t exactly solve the riddle by themselves. They only believe in Miss Sophie Peppercorns’ theory of hair loss caused by Pantene.

There is another class of people who strongly deny the claim that Patent causes your hair to fall out. The battle will continue till we ponder and realize what are the ingredients used in Pantene. Are there some hair-damaging ingredients that start your hair to fall out instantly?

Additionally, in a number of cases according to the survey, most of the people wash their hair with Pantene on a daily basis, and No, Pantene does not cause hair loss. Because there is no plastic to be found in Pantene instead it is rich in Vitamin B5 which helps to make hairs strong.

Pantene is a world-famous shampoo and has an ever-growing market. How can it bear the blame that it causes hair loss? There are hundreds of reasons that can cause hair loss. The first and the foremost of them is your hair type.

You have to use your shampoo all according to your type and nature. If you don’t care for it and start to use Pantene or any other shampoo just because of the alluring and attractive ads, it’s purely your fault my people! Not of Pantene’s.

Similarly, people also ask is Cantu good for my hair? So, it is better to do proper research before selecting a shampoo. Because in any case if you feel damage then you can decide well either to blame the company or your hair type.

There are Some Ingredients in Pantene That Causes your Hair Fall Out

Hey Buddies! You need not make your mind confused and bothered about the uncertified blame that Pantene makes your hair fall out. Many hairstylists make you confuse about the use of Pantene when you discuss with them your hair fall.

Most of them claim that the use of wax and silicon are the major causes of your hair fall. They make a coating on your hair and make them visibly shiny and soft for some time. But internally both of them cause irreversible damage to your hair.

If it is so, then we can compare other shampoos with Pantene that almost have the same formulation as that of Pantene.  Let’s have a look at the ingredients that are found in Pantene

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Wax
  • Silicon
  • Vitamin B6
  • Stearyl alcohol
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Polyquaternium-6

These are the main ingredients along with dozens of others. But all of these major ingredients show that the shampoo is as normal as any other shampoo is.

The problem of hair fall occurs when we don’t understand our hair type and keep on applying Pantene. If we find Pantene harmful to our hair, we should instantly change it. Sometimes our stubborn attitude may harm us not mere shampoos.

What Game Is Played by Hair Stylists?

What Game Is Played by Hair Stylists

It happens quite often that we come back from our salons depressed and upset instead of being cheered and calmed. It is due to the unnecessary argues and claims of our hairstylists about a product.

Similarly, the claim many hairstylists do about Pantene being damaging for our hair is improper and unjustified. The hairstylists are not dermatologists or cosmetologists who suggest you or disapprove you something.

I know hair stylists do a study about hair science but we have still the theory that they usually do this technique just for paid promotions of other brands. In many cases, women or men come to them only when their hair is stripped out or they become the patient of Alopecia Arata.

A hairstylist when told that his client started to suffer this hair loss just after the use of Pantene. The stylist will decide the unauthenticity of the product. Instead, the client hides his or her past hair history from him.

The tight work schedule, stress and depressions, unhealthy lifestyle, and excess hair products can cause your hair to fall out. Our hairstylist is not prophets who can judge the root cause of our hair fall. They can make their decision under the observation s and experience they have. They also do so just to promote any other company products that are giving a handsome commission to them.

What Makes your Hair Fall Out?

Alas! When we consider Pantene as a hair loss agent, we forget to count all the blunders done by us. We forget as hoe our hairstylist warns us to leave the shampoo when we first discussed him about the hair fall.

There are some ingredients in Pantene that can create intense dryness in our scalp. But this is the only Pantene issue. Almost every shampoo has these issues as many cleaning agents are used in the shampoos.

What makes Pantene your hair fall? Let’s have a look at all these points in detail.

Excessive Use

It is a fact that using shampoo daily or even after a day is not a wise decision. It makes your hair soft and shining. But it is just a coating of the wax and other chemicals that do so.

In the case of Pantene, the matter is more severe. Many people claim that there is the use of plastic that makes your hair too prone to burn and fall.

The claim has no worth as there is no plastic of such kind as people think plastic to be. These are the mere polymers that are never damaging for your hair if you sensibly use Pantene.

A daily use o it will make you purely responsible for your hair loss and you can’t blame Pantene anymore.


One of the most damaging reasons for your hair loss is stress. When you are breathing in a stressful environment and you have a lot of focus on your health. The first thing badly affected by it is your brain. Hair has a direct link with your brain health.

If your nerves are stressed and they can’t fully respond to the part they have to play, you will face severe hair loss. Pantene has to bear the blame for hair loss for a long time. But we don’t control the root causes that are responsible to exploit the name of any shampoo.

Bad Habit of Sticking to One Shampoo

Many of us have a bad habit to stick to one shampoo whether it is good for us or not. If we notice that Pantene is not doing well with our hair. Our hair has started to fall. Then what we should have to do. We should instantly leave using Pantene.

Why it does not suit our hair? Many people will get confused about the statement. The reason behind this is our hair type. We have told you earlier that Pantene is a dry type of shampoo. Normally it suits oily hair and Asian hair. If you have already dry hair, it will start to damage your scalp.

When you notice the damage, you must change the shampoo as early as possible. If we become a little bit lazy and don’t care for it. We will have to face the consequences badly.

Improper Hair Food

All we do in our busy schedule of life has a great impact on our hair. Everything we eat also has a contribution to our hair growth. The environment, the weather, the surrounding makes all reasons to our hair to fall as

  • Excessive use of hair products
  • Lack of hair oiling
  • No use of masks
  • No use of conditioners
  • Excessive use of heat devices abs straighteners, blow dries, curling irons, and InStyler
  • Intricate styling and wearing our hair up every time
  • Facing sun too much
  • Facing pollution and dirt
  • Sports causing our hair sweaty
  • Taking hot showers
  • Swimming in chlorinated water
  • Unhealthy food like junk and fizzy drinks
  • Late-night sleep or sleeplessness
  • Unhealthy activities and lifestyle
  • Not taking proper ingredients of food
  • Forgetting deep conditioning

All the above-described factors are responsible for our hair loss in addition to Pantene. So if we blame just Pantene for our hair loss, it will be purely unjust.

If we are careless toward sour healthy routine about hair care, no matter which shampoo we use. The brand is just a name. Almost every ingredient is the same in each shampoo. The use makes the difference.

Heredity and Genetics

This happens by heredity that our hair starts to fall at a typical age. It is not your fault actually it is your shampoo’s fault. Your hair falls because of your genetic makeup.

Sometimes s you may have noticed that if a mother has less hair, her daughter will also have less hair. Similarly, if a man is half or full bald in his 40’s, his son will face the same hair fall issue in his 40’s.

If you are aware of the family genetic shift, and still you claim that Pantene has made your hair fall, this is unjust. All you have to do is to take a little more care than a normal person does. This is because you know that your hair tends to fall.

It is still recommended that if Pantene does not suit your hair, leave it instantly and go for a mild shampoo.

We Don’t Use Pantene Conditioner

We Don’t Use Pantene Conditioner

Among many other issues, this is an issue we need to focus on. We use Pantene shampoo and don’t care bit using Pantene conditioner or even some other conditioner.

Using conditioner will provide moisture to our hair that will not let the harmful chemicals act o our scalp. So it is good to use Pantene shampoo with Pantene conditioner.

Why am I insisting on it? The company always understands the nature of its product. They make its conditioners just to reduce the effects of damage. So we should use Pantene shampoo along with Pantene conditioner.

The Ingredients with Brief Description

Ok folks! After discussing all the main factors that can stir the process of hair fall, we should realize that why and what makes shampoo challenging for our hair.

They claim that many people are continuously doing that their hair fall with Pantene has some worth. I can’t reject the claims and blames them at all. But I want you to deeply understand and observe the main factors, the ingredients, the formula, and the mere rumors. It will make you decide that Pantene makes your hair fall out or not.

Now I will discuss the main ingredients that are used in Pantene formulation to understand that how they can be useful or damaging for us.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a kind of surfactant. A surfactant makes something foamy and tick/ It is used to create leather in any shampoo. This is one of the basic ingredients of Pantene.

It can prove damaging if we don’t use oil in our daily routine. It can strip our hair badly if it is used in excess amount. But Pantene has the least amount of it. But we should use conditioner just after using Pantene.

Polyethylene Glycol

This is also known as PEG. It is a kind of thickening agent. When all chemicals are mixed, it is added to thicken the shampoo. It is also a very hard chemical. It can also be damaging if used in more quantity.

But still, it can be harmful if we don’t care about our hair. The excess use of shampoo or not applying conditioners will damage the hair follicles.

Quaternium 15, Formaldehyde

These two are the preservatives that make the shampoo last for a typical time. It is necessary to add these preservatives to increase the shelf life of Pantene or any other shampoos.

Another most informative thing I will share with you. Paraben is another preservative that is more sharp and damaging as compared with these two. The good news is that Pantene does not use Paraben in its formulation.

But still, both of these Quanternium 15 and Formaldehyde are a risk to hair. We should do all our hair care steps to save them from extreme damage.


Some decades past, shampoos didn’t use alcohol. But now almost every shampoo including Pantene uses alcohol.

No doubt alcohol helps in conditioning our hair. But they are mainly responsible for dry hair and lifeless hair. Cetearyl alcohol and Cetyl alcohol are two main ingredients I  Pantene that can be damaging if we do not care for our hair properly.

We should oil and provide them with all essential moisturizers. Then Pantene will never let your hair become dull, dry, lifeless, and rough

Diethanolamine or Triethanolamine

Both of these ingredients are used s the cleansing agents in all shampoos along with Pantene. They work as emulsifiers and acts to cut all greasy or insoluble agents present in our scalp.

Both these chemicals can be damaging to the natural protein and keratin in our hair. By excessive use of Pantene or in case that it is not suitable to your hair type, you can get harm by them.

Artificial Fragrances and Oils

All the shampoos are adorned with artificial colors and fragrances. All of these oils and perfumes used in shampoos are not good for our scalp. They are synthetic and polymers of many chemicals are used to form these oils.

We should condition our hair properly to lessen the effects of these damaging oils, colors, and fragrances.

Mineral Oils, Petroleum, and Greasers

Mineral oils and petroleum gel is used in a very low quantity in shampoos. They are used to maintain softness and moisture in the hair. But as we know all these things are not natural but synthetic. This is why they can prove harmful to or hair.

Take your hair care in the best way that Pantene or any other shampoo will not be as damaging as they are.


And now the verdict about Does Pantene Make Your Hair Fall Out, the whole discussion and points show that Pantene contains some ingredients that can be harmful to our hair. But the campaign launched against Pantene Pro-V is wrong.

A company, who is respected worldwide because of its products, can’t bear the blame. It can’t do something wrong to harm the identity.

So simply if Pantene is using some harmful ingredients, then every shampoo contains the. We can use it according to our hair type and the nature of our scalp. We should stop using it if it does not suit us.

To make Pantene worth using, we should apply all hair care routines like oiling, conditioning, masking, and deep conditioning. We should eat healthily and follow a healthy and positive lifestyle. It will make our hair risk-free from any shampoo.

Jasmin Piterson

Jasmin Peterson is an expert certified beautician. She is also a truly metal expert and she will share some information you are looking for.

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