Does Numbing Cream Work For Waxing?

Waxing has always been a painful process. But you can make it less painful by applying a numbing cream. Here we have penned down the details on how does numbing cream work for waxing!

Yes, numbing creams work for waxing. The process of hair removal can become less hurting if you apply a numbing cream beforehand. Its application numbs the respective body part of yours for some time and you no longer feel any pain when removing hair! These creams come in the form of all-natural and topical anesthetics and make the waxing procedure pain-free.

You can even utilize these creams in the bikini region. Now, you can go through the details and see how numbing creams work:

Do Numbing Creams Work For Waxing?

Do Numbing Creams Work For Waxing

Yes, numbing creams work efficiently for waxing. Experts from countries like Greece have backed this idea. If you think that you cannot bear and tolerate the pain while removing hair from a sensitive area, then apply numbing cream over there and makes the waxing process pain-free. These creams come in the form of topical products and deaden that area for some time where you want to remove the hair.

Thus, these creams ease the pain and no hurting phase will be experienced. This is the best hack that is even followed by celebs like Megan Fox. Make sure to use high-quality topical numbing creams so that no risk and side effects get faced by you. Even if you will apply the hot wax, you will feel no pain or sensation if you have applied this cream beforehand.

How Does a Numbing Cream Work for Waxing?

These creams deaden your respective body regions of yours. Once you apply the wax and even the hot wax, you will feel no discomfort and none of the burning sensations. We have seen that the process of getting done with bikini wax is much more painful. Girls fail to tolerate and bear the discomfort because removing hair from sensitive parts is agonizing and throbbing.

These creams numb the skin surface and you can pain-freely remove the hair. Its usage immediately stops the pain and you eventually no longer get hurt. You might have come across these creams under the name of topical anesthetics. They have lidocaine in them and that is the primary ingredient that numbs your skin. If you had a painful waxing procedure, we suggest you apply numbing cream in the future.

How To Use Numbing Cream For Waxing?

There is a proper way to use this cream. You need to apply it 30 minutes prior to starting your hair removal procedure.

  1. Just take a little amount of it, and apply it to the skin surface where you want to remove the hair.
  2. Let it absorb for 30 minutes.
  3. Remember that these creams have a greasy texture. So, remove them before applying wax. Once 30 minutes are gone, your skin will definitely become completely numb.
  4. Now, you can apply wax and get rid of unwanted hair without feeling any pain or hurtful sensation.

Other Ways to Make Waxing Less Hurtful and Pain-Free

Below you can see more of the ways that tell you how to make the hair removal process pain-free and less hurting:

  • You can take an aspirin if you have planned to wax your hair around the genital areas, bikini region, or around your chest and lips. These are the pain-provoking and sensitive areas and become numb if you take an aspirin.
  • You can consult a professional and ask for better advice on how to minimize the discomfort when doing hair removal. These professionals might suggest you change your wax and recommend a high-quality wax that is less painful to apply.
  • If you will bring down acidity in your body, you will feel minimum pain and hurtful sensation. It is advised to avoid smoking and consuming caffeine if you do not want to witness the waxing discomfort. Having alcohol and caffeine injects a lot of acidity into your body and this practice increases the sensitivity side of your skin and you feel more pain.
  • Before hair removal, you should do exfoliation and scrubbing. This tip makes your skin a little bit stronger enough to withstand the painful waxing procedure. Your skin pores become open and the unwanted hair gets an easier exit and you feel less sensation when the hair comes out from the follicles.
  • Avoid applying the toner on the body region where you want to remove hair. In doing so, the pores will become tight and the waxing process will become extremely agonizing and hurting.
  • You should not be using ice for numbing. This practice does not bring down waxing pain and in fact, further, escalates the situation.
  • When doing the hair removal process, just keep yourself calm and relaxed. The more you panic more pain you will experience. Just breathe deeply and your body will feel less discomfort.


Now, you have got the answer to the question, does numbing cream work for waxing? Our answer is yes! They numb your skin surface and the whole process of removing unwanted hair becomes hurting-free. You can make it apply to any body part and minimize the pain that you often experience during waxing. Besides, you can share with us what other hacks you follow to make this hair removal procedure less hurtful. Stay tuned.

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