Does Murray’s Pomade Cause Hair Loss?

Do you often style your hair with pomade? If yes, you might be interested in knowing the answer to this question, does Murray’s pomade cause hair loss?

No, Murray’s pomade does not cause hair loss. In fact, it helps you style your look in the best manner. Some people have believed that using Murray pomades makes the hairline a bit evident and obvious, but no scientific evidence and proof have been collected so far.

This brand is known for making the safest, most organic, and most good-quality hairstyling products. You can try out their pomade because it does not bring the issue of hair loss. Below we have collected more details:

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Does Murray pomade bring the problem of hair fall?

is murrays pomade good for your hair

No, you will not come across the hair fall problem if you have planned to use the Murray pomade. It is of good and even exceptional quality and none of the issues in terms of hair fall will be faced by you. This brand makes it safe to use mousses and gels and not a single customer has complained about their quality.

Your strands will only fall out if you do improper care of them and neglect your scalp. Moreover, using too much pomade is damaging for your strands. That is why Murray has advised its customer to avoid using it excessively because its application might clog your scalp pores.

Which factors make you go bald if you use Murray pomade?

The product itself does not make you go bald. But the incorrect usage of it might bring severe hair fall problems.

Leaving pomade for long hours on hair

If you leave this product on your strands for the longest time, you will witness a hair fall problem for sure. Leaving the product for hours will clog and block the scalp pores. Your roots will fail to get enough oxygen. If you have used this product, make sure to remove and take it off from your strands at night. Avoid sleeping along with the product overnight. In doing so, the texture of your strands will become super weaker and damaged.

Your hair texture could not withstand the use of stronger styling products

There are some hair textures that fail to withstand and tolerate the use of stronger styling products. If the texture is already weak and thin, you should avoid using the Murray pomade. There is a chance that a few of the applications will start to damage your hair and bring rough strands.

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Does pomade dry out hair?

Does pomade dry out hair

No, pomade does not dry out your strands. Even if you have planned to use the Murray products, you will not face this problem. All good-quality styling products are safe to use and bring no damage and any roughness to your strands.

For example, the Murray pomade is known for bringing shine and hydration and eliminating dullness from your strands. Their products improve the texture, bring down frizz and keep the whole look neat, tidy, and well-manageable.

The only thing to keep in mind is to make the minimum use of these products because their excessive use might give you hard, flaky, and clumpy strands. Pomades do wonders in terms of styling and bringing shine, but excessive use of them will do the opposite!

Important things to consider when using the Murray pomade

If you do not want to see hair loss problems when using these Murray pomades, you can consider following these preventive measures:

Avoid over-applying it!

You must not over-apply this product because if you do so, undesirable results will come in front of you. Many people and including celebs like Jennifer Lawrence often make the mistake of over-applying the pomade. This practice makes their hairstyle weird-looking and the texture starts to become weak as well. It is already a thick product, that is why it is recommended to take a little amount of it.

Always wash it before you go to sleep

It has always been a mandatory practice to wash the pomade before you go to sleep. Hair experts from the USA have pushed people to follow this tip whenever they apply pomades, gels, and mousses. Thoroughly wash your strands and there should not be any single trace of this product. These are chemically based styling products, and leaving them overnight in your hair will definitely make them fall out, so beware!

Is Murray’s Pomade Good For Your Hair?

We have already discussed above that these pomades are good for your strands. This brand makes styling products including gels, mousses, and pomades for all kinds of textures. In addition, their main purpose is to enhance your hairstyle look.

Girls use them for styling their curls and locks and even waves. Besides, this brand makes heavy pomades and they guarantee to offer a stronghold to the user along with the delivery of moderate shine. These products are free from the presence of acids or alkalies. If you have just bought this product on 15-03-2022, let us know your reviews.

How to Use Murray’s Pomade? (Step By Step Guide)

You can see the guide to know the easy and correct way of applying these pomades:

  1. You must apply it to clean your hair.
  2. Take a little amount of it and rub it on your hands. Keep on rubbing until the product texture gets softened.
  3. Now, you can rub and apply it thoroughly to your strands.
  4. Do the combing so that the product gets evenly distributed.


Now, you know the answer to the question, does Murray’s pomade cause hair loss?

No, it does not cause hair loss! Lots of customers have marked this Murray pomade safe to use. It is endorsed that their products help them style their hair like a pro, infuse a long-lasting shine, and guarantee maximum hold.

You only have to remember that these products should not be overapplied and you have to wash them out before going to sleep. If you follow these practices, no hair will fall out! Share with us which pomade you are currently using!

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