Does LOreal HiColor Work on Dyed Hair?

Does LOreal HiColor Work on Dyed Hair? Whether you are looking to bring color to your previously dyed hair or want to have a lasting hair color solution. L’Oréal HiColor dye can make it happen for you. If you are hesitating to use it on your already dyed hair, then stay assured because L’Oréal HiColor can work on dyed hair. If it has been 9 months or a year since you have dyed your hair you can use it or you could use the hair color remover to get rid of the old dye. Does LOreal HiColor Work on Dyed Hair?

The Answer is Yes! Loreal Hicolor works on dyed hair, L’Oréal HiColor does not require you to pre-lighten your hair because it is a high lift color,  If your hair is not already dyed so you do not have to worry about the extra damage get bleach-less hair dye.

But in this case, if your hair is already dyed Then the Answer is No! L’Oréal HiColor does not Work on Dyed Hair, So bleaching is a good idea you might want to remove the old pigment for desired results.

The HiColor comes in a range of shades, falling under the categories of namely Reds, Blonds, Browns, Violets, and Blacks. So, if you are planning to try the red Rihanna hair look this season go with L’Oréal HiColor Reds, varying in colors Sizzling Copper, Red Fire, Red Hot, Copper Red, Intense Red, and Deep Auburn Red to rock out your new look.

Let’s dive into the details of dyeing your hair using the L’Oréal HiColor.

What Does L’Oréal HiColor Do?

L’Oréal HiColor has been developed to dye dark hair. The product alone lifts the hair about three to four levels, so it requires no pre-lightening regime. With its strong lifting feature, L’Oréal HiColor does not require you to bleach the hair before you dye your hair. It also neutralizes the unwanted orange tones and gives you one step formula to dye your hair.

The HiColor comes in a rich & smooth texture that conditions and penetrates the hair giving it a long-lasting color dye.

Can L’Oréal HiColor Dye Dark Hair Color?

L’Oréal HiColor

The L’Oréal HiColor has been specifically formulated to dye dark hair. If you are someone with dark black to medium brown color hair, then L’Oréal HiColor is a viable choice for your hair type. In case you are dyeing your hair for the first time, then another benefit you can avail yourself of from using the HiColor is that you do not have to go through any pre-lightening routine which requires you to bleach your hair. Since the HiColor has a strong lifting effect which lifts the hair about 3 to 4 levels that penetrate the hair with lasting color without giving it any orange undertones.

Which Developer Can be Used with L’Oréal HiColor?

Although the L’Oréal HiColor does not come with a developer, it is recommended to use a 30 to 40 volume developer with the HiColor to dye your hair for the desired results. The best would be to go with the L’Oréal Oreor Crème Volume Developer in volume 30. Since it is rich and creamy in texture, it gets easily blended with the hair dye and makes the application of the mixture smooth. If you do not want a drastic change and want less chemical exposure to your hair, then you can also try it with a 20 volume developer but do not expect the perfect shade in using it.

As far as 40 volume developer is concerned it is advised to never use it without the consultation of a hair expert. This volume consists of around 12% hydrogen peroxide which could result in some serious damage to the scalp and hair. A better choice would be to go with a 30 volume developer as it is less damaging in comparison.

Make sure to consult a professional if you have damaged hair because volume developer consists of hydrogen peroxide which is a dangerous chemical for weak hair when used in higher concentrations. The higher the volume the higher the vulnerability and risk of damage to the hair.

Which HiColor Shade to Apply on Color-Treated Hair?

Which HiColor Shade to Apply on Color-Treated Hair?     

If you have dark pigmented hair, then it is best to go for the darker shades of the dye. Since you plan on applying the HiColor on color-treated hair the dye will give you an uneven tone as a result. There are products such as color remover which can be used to get rid of your hair dye. So, you can use that to take out the old dye from your hair. This will help you in getting the desired look or try using the shades that are closer to your color-treated hair, so the color tone evens out.

If you have a deep brown or dark hair color, you might want to try out the darker shades:

  • H1 Coolest Brown
  • H11 Intense Red
  • H12 Deep Auburn Red
  • H18 Deep Violet
  • H22 Black Sapphire

In case you have lighter color hair then you can try the ­­­­shades that are in medium shades and higher shades like Light Auburn or True Violet.

How to Apply L’Oréal HiColor on Color-Treated Hair?

How to Remove Old Dye From Color-Treated Hair?

If you want the perfect color without bleaching, you might want to try out the hair color remover on your color-treated hair before you apply the HiColor. The hair color remover will help in removing the previously pigmented color from your hair. You can use the loreal color zap for that.

All you have to do is apply the remover from the middle to the ends of your hair leaving the roots since you don’t have any artificial color over it as the hair grows out.

Next, you need to let it sit for about 60 minutes and wash out the product from your hair normally. Let your hair air dry. Now that you have removed the old dye you can use the L’Oréal HiColor for better results.

What are the Ingredients Required to Apply L’Oréal HiColor on Your Hair?

What are the Ingredients Required to Apply L’Oréal HiColor on Your Hair?

Following are the necessities required for the application of HiColor:

  • The L’Oréal HiColor Hair Dye
  • 30 or 40 Developer
  • A pair of gloves
  • A plastic bowl and brush
  • Some hair clips
  • A Shower Cap
  • Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline

What are the Steps to Apply L’Oréal HiColor on Your Hair?

Now that your ingredients are ready you need to prepare the mixture.

Step 01: Prepare the Mixture: To prepare the mixture you need to follow the recommended ratio that is given in the product instructions for the Hair dye and Volume Developer. After you have prepared the mixture make sure to put on some Vaseline on your hairline, on your ears, and on your neck to protect your skin from any stains due to the hair dye.

Step 02: Brush out your hair and part your hair in equal sections: Next step is to brush out your hair properly make sure there is no tangled hair and part it in equal sections. Make sure to take small sections to apply the hair dye.

Step 03: Application of the Hair Dye: Apply the hair dye from the middle to the end of the hair first leaving the roots for later. The root hair is closer to the scalp and the heat produced by the scalp makes the hair get pigmented quicker than the rest of the hair. So, to avoid ending up having hot roots, apply the dye from the middle to the ends first to bring out an even tone. Properly saturate the mixture onto your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes. After the time is up wash your hair properly and make sure to use conditioner after dyeing your hair. Remain familiar with How Much Hair dye is Needed while dyeing.

What are the Pros of Using L’Oréal HiColor?

What are the Pros of Using LOreal HiColor?

Following are some pros of using the L’Oréal HiColor:

  • L’Oréal HiColor is a go-to single-step solution for dark hair color.
  • The formula alone lifts the hair 3 to 4 levels making the hair dye penetrate and have a lasting color.
  • No pre-lightening regime or bleach is required before dyeing the hair.
  • Less damaging to virgin hair in comparison to other products.

What are the Cons of Using L’Oréal HiColor?

Following are some potential cons of using L’Oréal HiColor:

  • Use of volume developers 30 and 40 which consists of 9% and 12% hydrogen peroxide are potentially harmful to the hair that is weak or damaged.
  • Using L’Oréal HiColor on color-treated hair might not give the desired result without using the hair color remover.
  • High lifting agents present in the HiColor penetrate more chemicals into the hair shaft.


L’Oréal HiColor is a viable choice to dye dark virgin hair and can also be used on color-treated hair. It is a one-stop solution to dye dark hair without pre-lightening your hair. But there is a catch, in order to get the desired result on dyed hair you must use hair color remover to get rid of the underlying pigmentation. If you use L’Oréal HiColor directly on your color-treated hair you will not get the desired results.

The HiColor can dye your hair but will leave you with an uneven tone from the middle to the end of your hair. The best would be to use the hair color remover before applying the HiColor on dyed hair. This would be less damaging than using bleach to lighten your hair.

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