Does Eco Styler Gel Cause Cancer?

I have heard many times a resounding question among people “Does Eco Styler gel cause cancer?” It has made me realize that I must probe deep into this rumor to clear the debate. Eco Styler gel is one of the most demanded and loved gels to set and manage hair. It is a special product for dull, dry, and rough Afro hair that seeks some settlement due to this.

It is a misfortune for people with unmanageable hair if Eco Styler gel causes cancer. It is believed that there is a chemical called Tetrasodium EDTA which carries carcinogens, cancer causes chemicals in Eco Styler. People are rapidly leaving Eco because of this harmful substance. They think that this and many other chemicals will destroy the skin cells and will lead to ignite skin cancer.

But let’s look into the formulation of Eco Styler gel first and look what can be the effects these ingredients on hair and skin. It will lead us to decide better.

Explanation of the Statement “Does Eco Styler Gel Cause Cancer”

Explanation of the Statement “Does Eco Styler Gel Cause Cancer”

For a long time back the famous beauty blogger AlopeciaFreeWithJass has been becoming the focus of attention because of her statement about Eco Styler gel causing cancer. This has made many people confused and disturbed at the same time because they depend on this gel much for their style and set their mismanaged hair.

They say that Tetrasodium EDTA is the cause of cancer because of having a percentage of carcinogens in it. But the point is Tetrasodum is found in many beauty products like whitening creams, lotions, shower gels, hair care products, serums, and gels. There have never been such complaints about these products that someone has to suffer any cancerous issues using these products.

Another interesting yet surprising thing is that this chemical is present in many food items too whether in very low quantities. But usually, it is not mentioned in the ingredients of that product because I think it is the least quantity.

When I looked deeply into the details of the ingredients to get a thorough understanding, I came across a surprising ingredient in Eco Styler gel. It is TEA which is the abbreviation of triethanolamine. It can adjust the PH of a product. It has an alkaline nature and manufacturers use it as a surfactant in their products. TEA is also considered to have cancer-producing agent carcinogens.

The most commonly observed issues with TEA are skin inflammation and allergy. Experts believed its short-term use only. It means that we should wash the product carrying TEA after some time. Continuous use of a product like Eco Styler gel with TEA whether at equal intervals can be risky for the skin.

I am shocked after observing that both Tetrasodum ETDA and TEA contain carcinogens and both share a large number of products. Many well-known cosmetics, perfumes, hair care products, skincare products, and even food item companies use these chemicals. They feel no regret about what consequences people have to face because of these toxic elements. They believe that the products they manufacture show no alarming results.

Understand Tetrasodium EDTA

Understand Tetrasodium EDTA

Tetrasodium is chelating that is used to lessen the reactivity of metal ions with water-soluble ingredients. It acts like a sequester to make a product work better without making ions. National Cancer Institute defines Tetrasodium EDTA as a product of Ethylenediamine __Formadehyde and sodium cyanide which is an active Cancerian agent or carcinogen.

Scientists consider Tetrasodium as a penetrating enhancer which can be troublesome. A penetrating agent increases the ability of a product to get absorbed and penetrate the skin fully. Here comes the problem. Experts believe that the absorption rate is not that high for risk skin but still we can’t ignore the fact that many external factors can increase the absorption rate.

Negativities of Tetrasodium EDTA

Research has proven it too that Tetrasodium EDTA is something that irritates the skin so badly in some cases that it leads to skin cancer. After the report, people started thinking about whether they have to apply Eco Styler gel or not but still companies are using it in their products. They are of claim that it has no harmful effects on human health and there are no negative reports against it yet.

Although it is used in many cosmetics and hair care products to eatables, it has lost its trust among the public. What are the main side effects of Tetrasodium EDTA that risk human life?

  • It can cause skin irritation on any part of the body
  • It may cause soreness and itching in your eyes that may develop into a severe allergy
  • Its effects are too slight and unnoticed that it is confidently used in many cosmetics and food items too and there is no legal ban on it yet
  • Sometimes the effects of carcinogens worsen too badly that it attacks the reproductive system and birth defects in children

Other Ingredients Found in Eco Styler Gel

Other Ingredients Found in Eco Styler Gel

As far as other ingredients are concerned, most of them are known and harmless. These ingredients are familiar in many hair care products as:

  • Water
  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein
  • Glycerin
  • Amino-2-Methyl-1propanol
  • Olive oil
  • Fragrance
  • Carbomer
  • Polysorbate 20

Aminoethyl Propanol is a known PH that normalizes and controls the toxicity of ingredients. But we can’t use it for more than 2% because it may also have some allergic results like Tetrasodium EDTA.

I am not sure despite knowing all these risks regarding TEA and Tetrasodium why companies use these chemicals. Instead, Eco Styler Company has tried to make things clear that TEA is present in Eco Styler gel in only nanograms which will not risk human health. They say that their distributors and even the reps never got negative reporting about the gel causing cancer.

Does Eco Styler Gel Cause Hair Loss?

If we look into the history of hair gels, Eco Styler gels have a long and inspiring history. People especially Afro people believe to use it to get well-managed and well-set hair for at least some time. They know whether it is the only way they can settle their rough hair. This is the reason they have to use it off and on. But is Eco Styler gel causing hair loss? Are the ingredients used in it not containing carcinogens, a cancer agent?

I am clearly of the opinion that if there is clear instruction on using Eco Styler gel from low to moderate, then there is nothing left behind to be scared of. If we follow the instructions of CIR to just wash it away after some time of its use, the gel will prove a blessing for the curly hair family. It will not cause any hair loss if you use it moderately. It is paraben-free and sulfate-free and has never disappointed its lovers.

But if you are not paying attention to the precautions and the risks that you can face only by not acting on these alerts, then you are not reasonable. You are playing with your life with your own hands. We can’t ignore the #ecostylergelcancelled because there is something behind every story. The storm on the internet about Eco-causing cancer must have some truth in it. So instead of completely canceling Eco gel, if we just use it moderately and should remain careful about its removal time, then nothing bad will happen, I believe. It will not do any damage to your skin not to your hair.

Sometimes alcohol along with other ingredients reacts too badly that you can face hair loss. The average of this issue is not alarming but you must be careful in its application and removal time if you love your locks. Are you interested to know the Best Gel for Slicking Back Natural Hair? Read a complete guide.

Is Eco Styler Gel Cancelled?

Is Eco Styler Gel Cancelled?

After knowing that there is great confusion about Eco Styler gel, should we vote for canceling it? Will we also start some DIYs to style our hair in a better way?

In my opinion, the verdict is divided because of some unclear and obscure things. People who are too conscious about their health and try to avoid chemicals, have thrown their Eco Styler gel into bins and heaved a sigh of relief. They have washed their hair many times so they are washing the effects of TEA and Tetrasodium from their hair.

On the other hand, people like me still believe in research and facts. I have still not found a single victim of skin cancer because of this gel. It indeed contains both TEA and Tetrasodium EDTA, which are carcinogen-developing chemicals but they are found in low quantities. The other thing is you dealing with a certain thing. If you act on the directions given on the gel pack and are guided by CIR, then it will keep styling your hair as long as you want. So a careful way of using is better instead of canceling it.

Eco Styler Gel Replacement

The rumor about Eco gel being cancerous has spread like a fire in the jungle and girls and guys are upset that what will be the solution to their disrupted and rough hair. Many of them are searching for alternatives for Eco gel. Is there any alternative for Eco?

There are many gels available in the market that can act as a good alternative to Eco Styler but who gives the guarantee that there is no TEA and Tetrasodum in it? There is no surety that the gel you are replacing with Eco has no carcinogens. Every product related to beauty and personal hygiene like perfumes, sprays, lotions, beauty creams, make-up, mascara, eyeliner, and many other things contains both of these ingredients. Although the ratio is very low, it is present even in some food items. So it is difficult to find a substitute.

All celebrities with curls like Yara Shahidi use gels whether it is Eco or any other else, to look cool and stylish. No one has time to do DIY by boiling and straining flaxseeds to prepare a gel. If you think yourself too agile enough to prepare a DIY that satisfies you, then welcome to the YouTube world. There are hundreds of DIYs that are carcinogen-free and will not lead you to cancer.


The question “does Eco Styler Gel cause cancer?” disturbs people too much after a vlogger’s statement. The presence of some elements causing cancer in many eatables and beauty products is not the latest news. We are aware of these things for a long ago. But it hasn’t stopped the usage of those particular things because the quantity of these elements like TEA and Tetrasodum is in micrograms.

If someone feels concerned about the issue, they must be careful in its use. Otherwise, they have to be deprived of a gel that enables them to move into society with well-managed hair if they cancel it. Be limited in its use and watchful in its wash. By following these two crucial instructions, you can enjoy Eco Styler gel carefreely.

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