Does Damaged Hair Grow Back Healthy?

The girls who face severe hair damage are found everywhere asking that does damage hair grow back healthy.  This question also resounds in my mind as I also have intense hair damage. First of all, we have to understand the root cause of hair damage.

the answer is yes! damaged hair does grow back healthy, but only if you take care of it properly. damaged hair can be caused by a variety of things, including over-washing, excessive use of heated styling tools, and using the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

The people, who have healthy hair genetically, don’t care about their hair too much. They keep on trying hair dyes even fashion colors that are done by cutting the original color of their hair. If this is done sometimes in your life, it’s ok!

The habitual dying and treating your hair inhumanly can worsen the damage. The damaged hair is not felt at the very start. But by the time, they appear to be rough, broken, split–ended, bruised, and even fried totally.

All the facts and figures that have undergone within the last few years will tell us the real causes of this damage. Learn how to get rid of grey tones in blonde hair. This article will help you how to treat your damaged hair in the right direction.

Shall I Believe That Damaged Hair Grow Back Healthy

A point comes in almost every girl’s or woman’s life when she thinks herself helpless with her hair. She desperately uses different chemicals and natural remedies to get her hair health back. But it takes time to regrow healthy and normal hair.

Don’t be disappointed girls! Just understand first the cause of the damage and then come to its solution. I can make you sure that your damaged hair will certainly grow back healthy and shiny.

But the point is, the hair your hair damaged by your carelessness will take more time than the average growth cycle of hair. If you are in a balloon of a misconception that your hair will regrow and repair at the same time, then prick the balloon.

There is a huge difference between damaged and healthy hair. Same difference hair cycle faces. As firstly we have to treat the unhealthy damaged hair. Then the roots, follicles, and hair ends will tend towards growing healthy.

Make a List of Things That Damage your Hair First

Make a List of Things That Damage your Hair First

Hey There! If you have made your mind to fight the damage your hair is facing, then you have to work it out. Make a list of all details including each factor that is responsible to damage your hair. After a thorough study, you can be able to find some ways and patterns to get your hair health regain.

It will take several months to several years. It needs your strong willpower, stamina, and patience. When things go wrong, it takes no time in ruining. But rebuilding or regrowing is a tough and time taking process.  

Using Heating Gadgets

The advancement of science gives us many new technologies through which we can do things in seconds. We can dry our hair in a blinking of an eye. Similarly, we can curl and straighten our hair with irons. We blow-dry our hair to look more attractive.

This is all good but remembers that all these heat instruments will cause severe damage to your hair. Heat baldy impacts the hair roots and follicles and even split them out. It snatches the moisture out of hair and lets them dry and frizzy.

So girls! Open your eyes and make it very clear that heat and heat tools are a risk to your hair. Select after taking complete guide. We recommend you 15 Best Chi Flat Irons for every type of hair.

Being Careless Towards Sun Exposure and Pollution

Women especially girls in their teenage are too careless that they never care about their hair. They keep on experimenting with different styles and keep on moving in the sun. They feel happy to hang them out with friends whether it is scorching sun or rain outside.

From young age till 30 people have strong immunity and strong regrowing abilities. But with time, the picture starts to blur and everything takes its reverse gear. The healthy shiny hair once starts to become brittle and frizzy. Their ends split and their roots dry. Even the follicles rupture apart and expose to the outer environment.

This is the moment we realize how much damage has been done to our hair. The sun exposure and pollution all around destroy the hair badly. We hate covering our heads with scarves or hats so sun hot and ultraviolet rays directly. This damage is so intense that takes 4w  too long time to recover.

Oh! The Hair Dyes

Chemical dyes contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in a maximum quantity. Both of these and many other chemicals are damaging to our hair. We are so fond of hair dyes and the trends make us crazy too.

That’s why we change the color of our hair. Sometimes we go for red, the other time we choose blue. A shift from one dye to another strips the hair follicles badly. Girls with healthy hair can’t feel the change early but after some time the split ends, the roughness, and the dryness tells the whole story.

But it’s too late to reverse the situation now. You need to take extra care and pain to retain the original hair health.

Bleach At Home

Sometimes we don’t like the color of our hair that we recently got dyed. To remove this color we use bleaches at home. Bleaches are too destructive for our hair structure.

Hydrogen peroxide, ammonium persulfate, and sodium persulfate are the main ingredients of bleach. All of them are not hair or skin-friendly instead they are deadly dangerous.

They easily strip hair into parts. The hair starts to become dry, frizzy, brittle, and lifeless. It instantly attacks the hair moisture and makes them a barren desert.

Some softeners in the bleach present our hair as too soft and silky after dying. But after a day or two, hair moisture disappears and all we have is the dry scalp.

Now the question that every girl asks is that can hair grow back after chemical damage? Yes! It can regain the original texture and makeup but by acting on a continuous process.

Ignoring the Hair Cuts

Ignoring the Hair Cuts

Sometimes we are too enthusiastic to grow our hair to waist-length that we don’t want to cut even a millimeter of our hair. We keep on growing them. But what happens after that? Our hair starts to break from the middle or the very start.

Oh! The split-ends! The split ends are forms when don’t trim our hair after every two to three months. We know that our hair ends are a very sensitive part of our scalp. They remain mostly dry. We forget to care for them normally. They are rubbed and scraped with pillows and many other hard things. There is a chance for them to grow split ends.

If we don’t notice the split ends and the roughness of our hair, the problem can get severe. We should trim one or two centimeters of our hair to avoid this damage.

Harsh Combing

It was an old theory that combing 100 times a day will increase hair growth. But it is canceled now. Now the theory is how you comb your hair. If you comb hair harshly and carelessly, it will cause your hair to weaken and pulled.

Excessive combing can also be harmful to the scalp as it can even hurt your head skin. If you have a habit to comb instantly after taking bath, you will stretch hair and weaken it. After some time the hair will lose its strength and will leave the root.

Dry and tangled hair is a specific victim of brutal combing because girls get fed up combing for too long a time and start to pull and blow the hair badly. The consequence is hair damage that is never compensated.

Another dangerous thing for hair is the use of thick toothed combs. It is easy for hair to tangle in that thickly toothed comb. These combs are very difficult to clean and the dust, dandruff, oil particles, and clothes threads easily stuck in them and sit in our hair while combing.

Intricate and Difficult Styling

Women meet their stylists and dermatologists in quick succession and are found asking the same question.”How long does it take to repair damaged hair?”

The first thing a dermatologist examines is the cause of hair damage. Many of these women especially girls are fond of making braids and buns of varied styles. They use dozens of pins and clips to keep the style.

The styles are too jam-packed that hair gets badly damaged by them. The hair is hurt by the pins and can’t breathe normally. Many open hairstyles are also very crazy as they are adorned by expensive pins and heavy that tend to endanger the hair follicles.

Hair follicles are too delicate and can be effaced early. This is why such hairstyles make prove permanent damage to our hair.

Excessive Shampooing

Alas! We are the enemy of our hair ourselves. We think that it looks cool to shampoo every day. Our hair remains light and fresh.

It is so but also it has a fact that shampoo’s hard chemicals will tear your hair’s structure badly. It is often seen that shampoo brands claim that there is no harmful ingredient in their shampoo. But it is quite wrong because 99.9% of shampoos are made with chemicals like ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium Laureth sulfate.

These chemicals dry our hair if we use them daily. A shampoo can only be used once or twice a week. Otherwise, it will make your hair follicles badly affected and cause dryness, frizz, and lifelessness.

Using Sprays, Gels, Straighteners, and Custards Too Much

A common problem everyone is facing is the damage of hair. Men women equally face this issue. With the time being, the problems have gained severity as we always ask the same question from everyone around that can hair grow back after chemical damage? Yes! We can get healthy hair again but it’s too tiring and temperament checking time. As the damage, we have done needs time and care.

Why we are forced to ask this type of question. It is because that we frequently use gels and sprays to style ourselves while going to the office or meeting a friend. Even some women are too conscious about their looks that they use these sprays and gels at home too.

These all gels, straighteners, custards, and sprays have toxic chemicals that can surely be damaging for our hair. They are too risky that your hair care specialist will not permit them to use in routine too.

How Can We Control the Damage Done to Our Hair?

How Can We Control the Damage Done to Our Hair?

Apart from what and how much damage has been done to our hair, we have to stop this after all. To control further damage, we should do instant steps so that we can control and limit the damage anymore.

Let’s strategize it all.

Heating Gadgets Make us Suffer

As we have discussed the detailed damage done by irons, blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Now we have to do something to control the damage step by step.

  • Never use irons excessively.
  • If necessary then the temperature should be medium.
  • Use all the dryers from a distance so that they may not fry your hair.
  • Try to dry hair in the air.

Damage by Sun Exposure and Pollution

Sun directly affects our hair and the same is the cas3 with pollution. Both damages are difficult to compensate but we can try our best.

  • Wear scarf and hat while going to face sunlight.
  • Hair masks are there that may block direct heat.
  • Avoid unnecessary sun exposure.
  • Try to make all your plans in the evening.

Thirdly, the Dyes

We have got unmanageable damage by using excessive dyes, wrong dyes, and moving from one shade to another. Now we have to.

  • Stop using dyes
  • Use with a long, long interval
  • Don’t shift from one to another shade
  • Use medicated shampoos
  • Never choose light shades more
  • Seek help and guidance from expert stylists

 Bleaches’ Effects

All chemicals including coloring bleach are harmful to hair. The damage can be lessened by doing certain steps.

  • Try to avoid color cutting
  • Add powdered milk if necessary to use bleaching
  • The swimming pool contains bleach chlorine so wear a cotton cap while sleeping
  • Avoid extra shading and keep on shade for years
  • Before bleaching your hair, provide full moisture to your hair in the shape of oils and conditioners

 Trimming Is Blessing

 If you haven’t trimmed your hair and your hair are in very poor condition then.

  • Trim all rough hair thoroughly
  • Get them trimmed after every 3 to 4 months
  • A hair specialist will help you with his experience as trim only the split ends is too difficult and time taking task

Effects of Harsh Combing

 The worsened effects done by harsh combing can only be removed by acting on all these.

  • Brush gently your hair
  • Air dry your hair and then comb them softly
  • Comb with fingers first and then the comb
  • Your comb should be washed and cleaned properly
  • The brush must have wide tooth

 Intricate Styling

 Just done too much wrong to your hair! Now try to heal them by these steps.

  • Less styling is the best option
  • Soft handed braids are a good choice
  • Try not to use pins and intricate clips
  • Buns should not be too tight
  • Avoid ponytail while sleeping

Excessive Shampooing Is Prohibited

What we have to do after damaging our hair with too much shampooing.

  • Use shampoo once or twice a week
  • Try to use the medicated shampoo
  • Onion shampoo is very good
  • If there is some authentic herbal shampoo available then go for it
  • Use conditioner after every wash
  • Deep condition after a week

Good-Bye Sprays, Gels, Straighteners, Custards

The hardest most chemicals are found in these sprays and gels.

  • Avoid using all these except the intense need
  • Use conditioners before and after using these gels and sprays
  • Wash hair and rinse well after the use
  • Deep condition your hair after a week must when using these chemical products.

Acting upon all these steps and instructions we can lessen the damage and make our hair one step forward to healthy growth.

Things and Methods We Can Adopt to Grow Healthy Hair After Damage

Things and Methods We Can Adopt to Grow Healthy Hair After Damage

 How to grow damaged hair fast? I am accustomed to many of such questions in routine. It Is as growing a problem as the population. This is why I think it due to write something on this issue.

Explaining all the major and minor causes and then their remedies, now we are at the point to discuss the things, foods, ways, and methods through which we can grow our damaged hair.


Don’t be sad now! Every dark cloud has a silver lining. This proverb gives us the courage and hope that our damaged hair can regrow. All we have to do is some patience and a lot of care.

Letts’s just peep into the ways we can get back our healthy hair after damage.

Make A Habit to Condition

Conditioning your hair after every bath is too good for repairing damaged hair. A good conditioner contains the ingredients that may reduce the effects of harsh chemicals in shampoo. It will soothe hair ends and moisten the roots.

Never compromise on the price of a conditioner. Buy a well-named conditioner so that it will be the coordinator of damage repair not the creator of it.

Oil your Hair to Add Life

 It's really like adding life to our hair when we apply essential oils to our hair. They help to moisten and condition the damaged hair speedily. All the frizzy and rough hair will take oil as food and ultimately will repair them.

Many good quality oils can help us a lot. Jojoba, Argan, Mustard, Coconut, egg, and Moroccan oil are all too good to nourish the regrowing cycle.

We can massage our hair gently in circular movements and can circulate the blood through all parts of our brain. Oil is an essential food for our scalp and brain. But don’t try any chemical oils because instead of giving any benefit, they can harm the follicles.

Hair Masks are Vibrant

To provide our hair all the necessary ingredients to help them repair the damage, we can mask them. If our hair is chemically treated as dyes or sprays, we can heal the damage slowly and steadily. These masks can prove quite a supportive role in all this regrowing process

In the market, there are many branded masks of aloe Vera, avocado and yogurt, and so on. They may be good. If someone has found them good then you can use them too.

But if you make homemade masks, it will help you more effectively. We can make masks merely using some household items like yogurt, Aloe Vera, Avocado, Banana, Honey, egg white, and Henna.

All these things are natural and too beneficial for hair.

Try not to mix them all. Some things like aloe Vera are used separately. The combination mask of honey and egg white is very useful for damaged hair. Never try to apply masks one after the other. Use them after three to 7 days minimum.

The mass will help your damaged hair repair and regrow.

Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy

So guys! if you can’t go to parties, clubs, and hangouts It can means you are also suffering from hair damage. It will let you feel embarrassed when you face your friends with this brittle and lifeless hair.

You are working out many hair care treatments like oiling, massaging, and conditioning. But you still can’t find any positive change in your hair makeup.

Why? What can be the possible reason? It is possibly the reason that you are not taking a proper diet. Tiy doesn’t have any diet plan and this is why your hair care is not working.

A balanced diet with all nutrients is compulsory for hair regrowth. All the ingredients as calcium, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, salts, and minerals should be included in our diet.

Fish, chicken, green vegetables, fruits, pulses, eggs, milk, butter, the meat of all kinds will be taken regularly. Make a diet chart in which all these things are added. In this way, we can have great help to our hair growth.

If we are not having good health, how can it impact our hair? This is why it is rightly said Health is Wealth.

Positive Lifestyle

For healthy regrowth of your hair, you have to adopt a healthy and positive lifestyle. We have to adopt the habits that may directly affect our hair cycle.

  • Exercise daily
  • Avoid late night sleeping
  • Early rising
  • Avoid smoking
  • Thinking positive
  • Go out for a walk
  • Spend time with family
  • Reading book

All these habits will help us to repair our damaged hair fastly. All these things have great importance in building our physical make-up in which hair structure is also included.

Go for Naturals Instead of Chemicals

Ok! We the ladies are suffering from intense hair damage. We are doing our best to regain the strength and health of our hair. But it has become very difficult for us to cope with the situation. It is just because of the hair care products, the food, and the way of living that is unnatural.

You will be astonished and want to know the reason! The reason is so simple.

  • Firstly we don’t bother to make something at home.
  • We don’t make homemade masks, oils, and conditions.
  • We prefer readymade hair products that are time-saving and easily available.

I am not defaming any brands but there is a huge difference between natural and unnatural.

We can use natural products. Eat natural foods instead of junk and drink natural juices and water instead of fizzy drinks. We can live natural and simple life instead of artificial. It will bring all the positive signs into our lives and will have a great impact on our whole health.

Hair that is damaged because of all these unnatural and chemical products will solely come back to its original type and texture. So try to be simple for God’s sake!!!

Detoxify Yourself

Last but not least is to detoxify yourself. What do you mean by it.? We take food that is too heavy and contains many ingredients. Some of them are too hard and stubborn to stick in our veins and body. We need to detoxify them so that they will not become hard mucus by the time.

Fasting and regular exercise is the best way to detoxify the toxins stored in our body and blood lining. Keeping fast for some days in a year is the best way to detoxify harmful toxins from the body. Similarly, exercise is also the best way to excrete them out.

Frequently Asked Question And Answer

Question: Does damaged hair grow slower?

Answer: Yes! Damages hair indeed takes some more time to grow back than the healthy ones. The reason is that when we start caring for them properly. They repair themselves. Much time is needed to repair the split ends. We cut split ends and the length reduces. Similarly, split hair when grow they break after some time. This is why hair takes too much time to repair first and then to start the growth cycle.

Question: Can hair grow back after chemical damage?

Answer: Chemically damaged hair is too frizzy, brittle, rough, and lifeless. They need time to regain their original health. The procedure is indeed quite long and difficult. But the good news is that it is possible. We can continue the hair care routine and have to keep patience during all this time. We have to promise ourselves not to use chemicals anymore. Of necessary, use them scarcely. The chemically damaged hair will regrow healthily.

Question: How to grow damaged hair without cutting it?

Answer: The fact is hair need trimming a little bit. It increases their health and life. And when comes to the case of damaged hair, it becomes definite to get the trim. If you are afraid of losing their length, do it just in millimeters. It’s just to remove the split ends that will not let your hair grow. If you are not sure about the method of cutting, ask some specialist stylist who will help you cut only the split ends. But there is no way out of cutting your hair for their perfect health.

Question: How to repair damaged hair naturally?

Answer: If you are suffering great hair damage and it seems that you can’t regrow your hair. Come to naturals. All-natural things shampoos, oils, masks, conditioners, and foods will help you a lot getting your hair to grow faster and repair. Although you have to work for it consistently it will give you the results. Try avoiding all chemical products, Avoid the sun, and avoid dyes. Give your hair long holidays from all chemical treatments. It will be great for both you and your hair.


After a long and beneficial discussion, we have come to the point that doing hair dyes, using gels and sprays, and drying blow your hair is not bad at all. The thing that is a ba in its excessive usage.

You can face uncontrollable damage from this too much use of shampoos or hair products. They will let your hair dry and frizzy. They will snatch life from them.

So just be moderate in doing styling. Be moderate in adopting and choosing hair products. Your hair is your lot. How can you destroy your lot with your own hands?

The best positive note to end it all is hope is always there. You can answer the very question “does damage hair grow back healthy?” very confidently that yes they can grow healthy. But a little patience and consistent behavior can do it all.

Jasmin Piterson

Jasmin Peterson is an expert certified beautician. She is also a truly metal expert and she will share some information you are looking for.

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