Does Color Oops Work on Red Hair Dye?

Do you want to know does color oops work on red hair dye or not?  The answer is Yes, Color oops works on red hair, It helps to remove the artificial hair color from your hair efficiently. You need to follow the instructions given at the back of the product

Many of us might get into an experience where we make an effort to dye our hair with a new hair product and in the end results are so unexpected. Although there have been different solutions that do not require any bleaching.

Thus, Color Oops hair color removal is the best way to continue coloring the mane. But one major question which probably hit so many minds does color, oops work on red hair dye or not. Hair color removers are also known as artificial hair color extractors which are the ultimate solution for the elimination of color pigments from hair. They always come in the least harmful ways.

Why we are Recommending Color Oops Hair Color Remover?

Why we are Recommending Color Oops Hair Color Remover?

No matter whatsoever color you are about to remove from your hair, it will always run the risk of certain damage. In order to avoid such damage, it is mandatory to go for a hair remover product that is gentle and has moisturizing power.

Most experts recommend Color Oops hair color remover which stays gentle and does not contain harsh chemicals. It probably takes 15-20 minutes for the entire removal of semi-permanent or permanent hair color.

Color Oops is based on an extra-conditioning formula that is produced from the combination of soy protein and Aloe Vera Gel. This excellent formula is helpful in protecting and letting the hair stay moisturized. Thus, the immediate results will appear to be a little bit of orangery.

It is to be mentioned that Color Oops is just responsible for removing the synthetic hair color if you follow the right instructions given by the brand.

Can Color Oops Remove Red Hair Dye?

Can Color Oops Remove Red Hair Dye?

Not just the red hair dye, but Color Oops has the power to work on different other hair shades in which we have red, purple, and black. But if you want to remove any of the colors from the hair, it is important to follow the instructions very carefully as it is given on the backside of the product.

We all know that blue, purple, red, and black are known to be the most difficult pigments in terms of removal. Dyeing your hair with such colors is an easy thing to do but removal is something that can bring migraine symptoms to feel to you.

Permanent dyed are containing smaller molecules which are reacting to form larger ones. This will give them a deeper color and a refined look. But removing these all large molecules is a difficult thing to do so.

Once you get to know how the dyes including black and red have been deposited into the hair, you can simply look for the best product for eliminating them fully. This is where the Color Oops will come to your rescue!

How You Can Use Color Oops for Removing Red Dye Hair?

How You Can Use Color Oops for Removing Red Dye Hair?

After applying the product and waiting around for a specific time period, it is extremely important to fully rinse and then wash the hair correctly. You should remember that the color remover will first of all lighten the tone of your color. In short, color remover will be taking the black hair to the dark brown one.

Color remover will always make the pigment molecules to be smaller. But you need to smoothly rinse the hair for removing the pigments. And as we mention the word rinse, then it means that you should keep on rinsing until your arms do not feel the pain.

While rinsing, you will feel a bad smell which is quite common. You don’t need to make an assumption that the product is burning your hair.

If you are not rinsing the hair thoroughly, you are definitely not removing the remaining dye residue from your hair. And in this way, your red hair dye will stay in your hair even after so much time investment, and effort. This is the main reason that many people do have a bad experience when they remove the red hair dye with the Color Oops. It is not because there is a fault in the product. It is because you haven’t used it correctly.

One major factor which you need to be careful about is the water temperature you are using. If you are aware of the process of hair dye, you will know that using cold water for washing the hair is the best approach. This is just because cold water will never remove the pigments from hair.

But it is better to go the opposite and choose the hot water temperature. Now, this does not mean boiling it at a high temperature! Let it stay moderate!

Tips to Follow for Making Color Oops Hair Remover More Effective

Tips to Follow for Making Color Oops Hair Remover More Effective

It’s human nature that once they have dyed their hair, they will probably get bored of it after a few months and might plan to change it. Hair dye is an easy task but removing that hair color is something that is a tiresome thing to do so. You might have no idea about which hair color product is the best one to choose and how you can get rid of it.

But don’t worry, because here we have a few important tips for you that you can follow for the effective removal of hair color with Color Oops. Let’s dive into the discussion below:

Tip no 1: Avoid using shampoo

You should avoid using dry shampoo or any of the dry hair care products after you have used the hair color remover. Try to even avoid using it after you have washed your hair.

Tip no 2: Extend the rinsing time

You should extend the rinsing time if you are using low water pressure or have thick and long hair. It is best recommended to start rinsing the hair for a longer time for getting the stubborn hair color out of the hair.

Tip no 3: Do not apply coconut oil

Avoid using coconut oil because it is meant for the bleaching process and not for removing the hair dye. It is better to make use of that hair color remover with the rest of the hair care products but be careful that it is not meant for bleaching.

Tip no 4: Wait for at least two weeks

For achieving the results you wish for, you need to wait for a maximum of two weeks once you have applied the hair color remover. Later on, you can use any of the hair care products which can be either hair dye products, straightening, or bleaching. Carefully check the instructions and see how long you have to wait.

Related Questions-FAQs

Question 1: Will Color Oops help you in getting back to your original hair color after drying your hair for long years?

Probably yes! In case you are having lighter-colored hair, then Color Oops will never be able to give back your hair that natural look. When you are coloring lighter, you are removing the natural pigments. Color Oops is just responsible for removing the artificial pigment and it can never replace the lost natural pigment. You have to re-color your hair with a shade which is matching with your natural color. Thus, if you are having black color added to your hair, Color Oops will never be able to remove the entire black color.

Question 2:  How long do I have to wait to dye my hair after using Color Oops?

If you feel that your hair is in good condition, then you can easily re-color the hair on the same day. Your hair is in a porous state because you have colored it just recently. Therefore, it is a high recommendation to go for the light shade and reduce the entire processing time. Thus, a strand test is also recommended just prior to re-coloring your whole head.

Question 3:  How does Color Oops work on the highlights or hair which is lightened?

Color Oops is just responsible for removing the artificial pigment. It will never alter the natural pigment. Once you have put in the highlights, the natural pigment is completely removed. You can get back to the natural color by replacing that lost natural pigment with the help of a color that is similar to the shade of your natural hair.

Question 4:  How to do a hair strand test before using Color Oops?

Before you plan to use the Color Oops, you should always go for the hair strand test for previewing the final results. You need to mix up the equal; parts of bottle 1 and Bottle 2. From that specific hair which is needed to be treated with color removal, you can cut down 20-230 strands of your hair. Saturate your hair strands with the help of a test solution. After 15-20 minutes, you can rinse off and shampoo the hair strands for at least 5 minutes.

Question 5:   Is it important to buy the Color Oops shade which is three shades lighter?

To start dying your hair after the use of Color Oops, you should always look for a dye that is three shades lighter as compared to the color which you are looking for. It’s a fact that hair can become a lot porous once you apply so many dyes all at once and then use the color remover. Apart from that, the porous hair will also absorb the dye very instantly which can result in a darker shade. In short, the final achieved color will be a bit darker compared to what the box is showing you.


This was the end of the discussion about how the use of Color Oops will show dramatic results not just on red hair dye, but on all shades. It’s all about the magic of how you use the product either correctly or incorrectly. You need to follow the instructions given at the back of the product and everything else which we have shared with you in the article above.

Take a deep breath and go for it!

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