Does Coconut Oil Remove Hair Dye? A Complete Guide

If you are in this confused state of mind that does coconut oil remove hair dye or not, then just check out this explanation and get an answer in a minute! It is proven and researched that coconut oil does not remove or fade away from your hair dye. Instead, it enhances your hair color and boosts its overall shine element.

The answer is simple No! Coconut oil directly does not remove your hair dye because  It helps to protect hair from getting faded by minimizing protein loss that harms your hair. in another hand, Coconut oil helps to repair the damaged cuticle that protects the embedded color.

Furthermore, this is the kind of oil that extensively protects your hair from facing any the fading issues. In addition, this organic and natural oil ingredient reduces the protein loss aspect of your home. Though dye and colors damage your hair, the application of coconut oil gives an extra layer of protection to your hair.

Moreover, the application of coconut oil secures your embedded hair color and that is the highlighting part about it. Any dye only fades and loses its color because of the factors like poor dye application and using sulfate shampoos. If you often expose your hair to sun rays, then your hair dye will fade away as well.

So, if someone says to you that coconut oil is removing your hair dye, then just correct that person! This is a fake myth that we have to stop believing in it. Besides, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and its use is seen heavily in lotions and hair-care products.

Along with that, there are many journals and top leading hair care and hairstyling experts who have stated that coconut oil usage does enhance your hair dye color. And for other details on hair dyes and the correct usage of coconut oil, you can check out here:

The Working Mechanism of Hair Dye

The Working Mechanism of Hair Dye

The concerned person, first of all, has to understand how a hair dye works, and then we will move on to the best part of the discussion. Most importantly, it is this human hair shaft that is basically and generally surrounded by a protective layer. This layer is given the name of cuticle and it is the most visible section of your hair. Furthermore, the cuticle is made and composed of compressed fibers and scientifically they are known as keratin. You can also check the top 10 best sulfate-free shampoos for keratin-treated hair.

A large number of permanent dyes come in the form of oxidative hair dyes. Their main area of functioning and theme of operations is to interlock all of the fibers of your hair cuticle. These dyes then deposit the color right into the hair’s core. The whole color application is acquired as soon as ammonia or the element of diamine toluene opens up the cuticle open. In this manner, the concerned dyes instantly react with hydrogen peroxide. This is how the color is deposited into your hair shaft.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye is the most favorite color that suits a lot to the girls having fair color. You can follow a complete guide about the tips and tricks to make Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye at home. Your hair will look more vibrant and exciting with this kind of hair dye. In addition, this looks friendly enough for you to look trendy and hot.

The Strong Relation Between Coconut Oil and Hair Dye

The relation between coconut oil and hair dye is getting stronger day by day. People from all over the world like England heavily believe in the fact that this oil does improve their hair dye and let it last for a long time. In addition, coconut oil works in an ideal way on colored hair. You might have noticed that this exclusive oil penetrates deeper into your hair and makes its texture and overall coloring effect more nurturing enough.

Firstly, the relation between coconut oil and hair dye can be proven in a way that this oil does not allow your hair shaft to become waterlogged. You need to understand that hair dye fade away because of water presence as well. The aspect of waterlogging damage your dye! So, to deal with this situation, you need to use and apply coconut oil to your colored hair. As soon as your hair shaft starts to become loosen up and swollen, the hair color reaches its damaging stage at the same time.

With the application of coconut oil, no protein is lost from your hair. This is so amazing! It is seen that protein loss takes off your hair dye, but this situation can be tackled if you use coconut oil on your dyed hair. This oil has the tendency to lock maximum proteins in your hair.

Hair dye usually fades away when it no longer gets moisture from your hair. As we have told you that coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and to lock moisture in your dye hair, using this oil is the best and ideal suggestion. Moreover, this dye treats and cures your damaged dyed hair. If you use this oil on the regular basis, then there is a chance that all wear and tear problems of your dyed hair might get solved.

Causes of Fading Hair Dye – Coconut Oil Does not Remove your Hair Dye

Causes of Fading Hair Dye - Coconut Oil Does not Remove your Hair Dye


Now, you have got to know that coconut oil is not the culprit in removing and fading away from your hair dye! Below you can check out the details of possible causes and see why your hair color fades away.

The element of the incorrect color application fails to make your hair dye long-lasting. In other words, if the hair color is not properly applied, then that is an obvious reason that it will fade away sooner. Furthermore, the longevity aspect of your hair color totally and wholly depends on the fact how properly you have applied this dye!

Secondly, washing your hair too often and frequently is another reason that loosens and fades away from your hair dye. In addition, if you only sulfate shampoos, then there is no other chance that your hair color will remain secured on your locks for a long time.

Thirdly, constantly exposing your dyed hair to the sun and confronting it with various chemical treatments, are also evident reasons and causes that remove your hair dye. Whenever you dye or color your hair, you need to make them damaged-free and healthy-looking. The dye can only hold itself for a longer time if is nourished from the right sources. And that you can do by using coconut oil on your colored hair!

Celebs like Margot Robbie have even highlighted the fact that coconut oil does not remove your hair dye, in fact, there are some hair colors that fade faster as compared to others! There is a proper and full-fledged science behind them. You need to now digest this very important point that there are a few of hair dye color options that have a shorter lifespan.

In this category, we have red shades, like, if you have gone for hair dyes like red, or plum, then they will fade away sooner. These dyes have smaller color molecules and it is largely due to this reason that they are sooner removed from your hair.

Tips to Retain the Hair Dye for a Long Time

Apart from using coconut oil to retain your hair color for a longer time, there are other tips that you can follow as well. You can have a look at the details from here! We are sure that after going through this discussion, you will no longer doubt the usage of coconut oil.

1. Extensively and properly condition your hair before you start to color them

The first tip for the sake of retaining your hair dye for months and months! It is that you should prepare your hair properly before you plan to color them. In this preparation phase, you have to make sure that your hair is healthy enough. If they are healthy, only then a dye can retain them. Moreover, well-condition your hair so that the specific hair color can get absorbed in your cuticles ideally.

2. Never use hot water while washing your colored hair

You should not ever and ever use hot water when it comes to washing your colored hair. It is because of this hot water usage that dye or respective hair color fades away from your hair instantly. In other words, hot water speeds up the entire color loss process. In addition, it is always recommended to use cool water when washing your color-treated hair.

3. Using color-enhancing products

Apart from using coconut oil for enhancing your hair dye application process, you should use color-enhancing products as well. Such products contain traces of hair dye. You just have to apply them and enhance your hair dye area one more time.

Process of Applying Coconut Oil on Dyed Hair

Process of Applying Coconut Oil on Dyed Hair

The process to use coconut oil for enhancing and improving your hair color is quite simple. You only have to take one teaspoon size of that oil. After that, gently massage that oil on your hair properly and thoroughly. Make sure to start this oil application process from the middle section of your hair. And then you can apply coconut oil to the ends of your dyed hair. Leave that oil on your dyed hair for 20 to 30 minutes. You can even leave that oil overnight. Finally, rinse and wash your hair with some non-sulfate-based shampoo and see how your hair color is going to be naturally enhanced!

Will Coconut Oil Remove Permanent Hair Dye?

No, coconut oil does not possess any tendency and potential to change or fade your permanent hair color. Most importantly, this oil is not composed of any stripping or acidic component. It never and ever damages your colored hair because this is a natural and organic oil version. In addition, no minor change is spotted and witnessed in your hair color.

No matter, you have got permanent hair color, you can freely use this coconut oil because it nourishes your hair and never bring any damage to it. Most probably, you may have seen many hair stylists who use coconut oil once they dye the hair of their clients. They are of this belief that coconut oil makes their hair more vibrant looking and the colors as well shine last longer.

Does Coconut Oil Fade Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

And when it comes to semi-permanent hair color, even then do damage is given by coconut oil to color-treated hair. The only thing that you should take care of is that avoid using hot or warm coconut oil on your dyed hair. If you do so, then fading problem may occur. Moreover, hot coconut oil sucks the color. So, it is better to use this at a normal room temperature range and get risk-free results at your end. Thus, coconut oil does protect and enhance your color but you should use other products as well for ensuring the long-lasting stay of your hair color.

Can I Apply Coconut Oil Before Dyeing My Hair?

Can I Apply Coconut Oil Before Dyeing My Hair?

Many people are confused that whether they should apply coconut oil before coloring their hair or once they have colored them! Here is the exact explanation for you. According to many hairstyling experts, it is not advised to use coconut oil before you process your hair to any color treatments. Such a practice will make your hair greasy and color will not be properly absorbed in them.

So, before dyeing your hair, you should not apply coconut oil. Furthermore, this practice will not set your hair properly and desired coloring results are not going to be achieved. Even if you plan to color your hair on 10-08-2021, avoid applying the oil the day before the color application process and make sure to keep your hair all grease and oil-free.

Can I Apply Oil After Coloring My Hair?

Yes, you can apply coconut oil after coloring your hair. This is a general and common practice that is followed by many people. On the other side, most people wait for a week’s duration and then expose their colored hair to any oils and washing processes. It is better to take one week gap and then apply coconut oil to your dyed hair. Moreover, all hair types and textures are different. There is a chance that your hair will react and respond differently if you apply or not apply coconut oil.

More Tips on Using Coconut Oil on Colored and Dyed Hair

It is time that you should get the most out of the application processing mode of coconut oil. If you have colored your hair, then there is a certain way that you should use this oil. Most importantly, you can make use of coconut oil in the form of a pre-shampoo. In other words, apply it to your hair before you shampoo them.

Furthermore, this practice boosts and overall improves the conditioning element of your dyed hair. Before rinsing your hair, application coconut oil add a conditioning layer on your colored hair and hence prolong their retaining span. This is the only way that you can get a maximum number of benefits from coconut oil applications.


Thus, we again tell you that there is no risk in using coconut oil. It does not remove your hair dye and in a way brings more and more nourishing aspects to your color-treated hair. Whenever you spot a person who speculates this explanation that coconut oil does remove hair dye, then make sure to correct that person right away.

Furthermore, it is up to you whether you want to use coconut oil as a pre-wash or in the form of post hair dye wash version. This oil ensures that your hair stays all healthy, shiny, and nourished, that is why it is a must for you to use it on your dyed hair.

The above-mentioned are the only causes and main reasons that fade away your hair color and coconut oil application usage are not one of the causes among them! The use of this oil is only positive, productive, and strong enough. It is ideal for your hair and never becomes a threat to your hair.

So, feel free to use coconut oil on your hair. No matter, they are treated with dyes and certain hair colors; you can still use this oil. It is time to dispose of away all the myths and false beliefs that coconut oil usage is linked with the hair color fading process.

You can keep tuned with us so that more guidance on the coconut oil benefits and hair dye processes can be given to you. Rest, you can share your feedback whether coconut oil usage fades your hair or enhanced its color application processing!

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