Does Cantu Make Your Hair Fall Out? Hidden Secret

Cantu has introduced a variety of hair products that are getting great acceptance and appreciation from all over the world. It has proved to be a wonder for curls and women of color. It is heaven on earth for the ladies who are always entangled in the strands of their curls.

But people are worried about some reviews through which it is proving itself somewhat suspicious. Does it raise many questions in people’s minds that what makes our hair fall? Does Cantu make your hair fall out? Does it prove to be a risk for our hair?

All these questions will be answered satisfactorily after discussing in detail what Cantu hair products are. Let’s just look at all this controversy in depth.

What Is Cantu?

cantu hair products reviews

Cantu hair products are serving for almost two decades. They are in a wide range of hair treating conditioners, serums, shampoos, gels, hair oil, custards, shea butter treatment, and much more. Cantu hair gels are a new morning for curly hair. It includes glycerin and Cetearyl alcohol that let your hairstyle better.

Women get the confidence of moving in society with quite arranged and well-defined hair. All the ingredients used in Cantu hair Shea butter leave-in cream are softening and people strongly o it to stay for a long time in their hair.

But still, we are a lot of queries about the dissatisfactory results of Cantu products. It makes your hair frizzy and brittles the ends of your hair. It is also an opinion among many that it makes the cuticles of your hair weak and this causes your hair to lose.

Cantu curl activator cream has many natural ingredients that help to moisturize and moist the hair for a long time. It can make your hair frizz-free, smooth, wavy, and well-defined. What makes such good and reliable products a question mark? Why people are drenched In the waters of uncertainty and doubts?

Let’s have a look to understand what are the goods and bad that Cantu products possess.

Things to Appreciate

cantu leave-in conditioner

  • All the Cantu products have many essential oils that never let your hair lose its original shine and luster. These products have coconut, jojoba, avocado, almond, neem seeds, carrot seed, and many other oils that let your hair moisturize completely.
  • An ingredient called  Benhentrimonium Methosulphate  helps your hair detangle the intricate curls and they start to feel slip with the comb. This is a type of conditioner that makes your helps in styling your hair.
  • Another special agent is glycerin that creates thickness and stability in your hair. The presence of glycerin helps women moisturizing and conditioning those who have very rough curls and have no life in them.
  • Cantu shea butter cream is specially made for the disarranged, heavy tangled curls. It makes your hair smooth and frizz-free. This creamy form of butter elevates the hair texture with maximum softness.
  • Cantu hair products use stearyl alcohol that is marked with its moisturizing ability. It is not that type of alcohol that will make your hair frizzy and brittle. It will certainly a good impact on your hair providing it maximum numbness and stability.
  • Another ingredient called  polyquaternium-10  has the flawless magic to define your hair well by making them strongly hold. It is recommended for women who are becoming psychic because of their disarranged hair.

All the above-mentioned points are a very clear justification of Cantu hair conditioners and serums. But still, we have too much insecurity about its effects that are negative more than positive.

Many people say goodbye after the damaging effects of these products.

They are complaining about the hair fall on a large scale. They feel in a regretting mood why they adopted this particular product. Hair fall is a condition never accepted by any woman.

No woman compromises the fall of hair. It is the most disturbing thing they face while done the wrong selection of some hair product. Cantu products face a lot of criticism with such respect. But we should also have a keen eye on the conditions and circumstances one undergoes to bear hair fall.

Let’s have a look at the factors that make Cantu a nightmare for women

Things Not To Do While Using Cantu Hair products

cantu curling cream

 Following are the few important points discuss, let’s have a look!

 Your Natural Hair Death Phase May Occur On The Same Day As You Wash Your Hair

 It’s a known and well-realized fact that our hair falls and grow according to their cycle. It takes sometimes once in a year and sometimes 2 or more time. So, it is quite probable that while you were using the particular Cantu products, it may be the same time when your hair shedding phase just got started.

This may be a strong reason that why your hair starts to fall while using Cantu products. And if the hair fall is only 100 or a little more than the usual count, there is nothing to worry about as 100 hair per day is a normal shedding routine of healthy hair.

You Are A Little Careless About The Wash Time Of Your Hair

 It is obvious that hair daily falls and if you don’t wash them after a limited time, it will collect in your scalp. If you are going to wash your hair after a week or more, you will be astonished to see the hair fall. It is not the case with Cantu hair products, but with every hair shampoo.

This is not the real reason to blame Cantu hair shampoo while you are not paying attention to your hair maintenance.

Dirty Hair Will Be a Big mistake

 If you are complaining about hair fall while using Cantu hair gel, shampoo, or conditioners, you should strictly notice the activities of your whole week. If you have to face the strong sun, it causes your hair to sweat.

While playing, dust directly enters your sweaty hair. Your hair can get messy and dirty for many reasons during the whole day. But you still believe that washing your hair twice a week will weaken the hair roots and cuticle, will cause you a great hair Fall.

Now if still you complain about Cantu hair oil, shampoo, or conditioners, you are not justified d by your statement. Cleanliness and combing daily will give a new life to your hair and Cantu will not be a villain anymore.

Too Heavy Oils For Your Hair

You are blaming Cantu hair products for the fuzziness and roughness that ultimately cause hair fall. This is wrong altogether. you must be aware of the type of your hair. If your hair possesses oily nature, you better avoid Cantu shea buttercream.

This is because it is enriched with many essential oils and when it is applied to hair having an oily nature; it starts to make your hair moist. This heavy moisturizing complex can be a risk to your hair. So be careful while choosing any hair product and keep the type and nature of your hair in your mind before taking any decision.

Moist Conditions Are Another Cause Of Hair fall

 A woman with curl strands is always in a quest for all those good hair products that may prove a wonder to their hair. That product may be of Cantu hair solutions. It will help her maintain a positive exposure to her personality.

All is set, but suddenly her hair starts to fall. They start to look frizzy and lifeless.

What makes it so? This can be the moist conditions of the area she lives in. Almost all Cantu products contain moisturizing oils like glycerin.

He numb and moist conditions will get a strong bond with the Cantu product oils. It will make your hair feel more heavy and sticky. The stickiness of the hair is not a good sign for your hair.

It is a fact that too much oil and moisture can create frizziness and brittleness in hair. You can have to encounter severe hair loss. Be careful about the selection of your hair products by keeping in mind the conditions and hair type.

All the above-mentioned factors may help you a lot to make a wise choice.

Everyone uses hair products to increase the lifespan and growth of their hair. There is a wish of almost all women to have strong and wavy hair. This is because they are always focusing on hair products. The curly-haired women cover a great part of the world’s population. They have small and tangled curls. They also have large and promising waves.

Is Cantu Something Bad For Your Hair?

cantu shampoo

Cantu shea buttercream helps them to get quite well-defined smooth hair. They feel quite confident to move in their friends’ circle. But something goes wrong with some ladies and they start complaining about their hair falling.

The blind belief that Cantu products use natural ingredients gets into the shades of doubt.

One noteworthy thing about Cantu is that it has been stated to use isopropyl alcohol that may not suit all hair types. And the thing they use as a moisturizing agent will start to create frizz in their hair and ultimately to hair fall.

Factors Affecting Hair fall

cantu shea butter

You are using a shampoo that is not suitable for your hair. It is not detangling your hair instead of making them frizzier. But you are not getting any lesson from it and continuing to do the experimenting. All these challenges you do to your hair products can prove very risky and will damage the scalp.

Everywhere are the complaints about the lifelessness, dullness, and even hair fall with particular hair products. Cantu these days is a butt of severe criticism. The number of people relying upon is decreasing than the number of disbelieving. What made Cantu so much under attack?

Does Cantu make Your Hair fall Out?

does cantu curling cream damage hair

Why people are facing a loss of hair so rapidly. Is the scenario created by them true? Just consider the hair and its nature first.

We know that hair is the strands that are produced on our head with the follicles that make them fixed on it. These follicles are responsible to carry all nourishment and food supplied to the scalp.

Climate also plays a vital role, the weather where you live is higher than 60F, so I will not recommend you to use Cantu products. Because glycerin will definitely absorb maximum moisture due to weather and your hair will become hard and get a break. the simultaneously same condition also applied is temperature is below 20F. Your hair will become hard and will fall out.

The wrong and unwanted chemicals are true to harm the upper layers of our hair follicles. The result is hair uprooting. The reason I simple as all what we use is not necessary to suit our hair. When it gets penetrated our hair, it gives us hair fall. We should be concerned about the selection of hair products and the nature of our hair.

But one thing everyone should keep in mind very clearly. If you are not providing what your scalp needs to nourish then how can it get healthy and improved? I mean to say that all Cantu products or other hair treatment products that you might think cause hair fall, are a secondary reason.

All the major and primary reasons for your hair fall are what you are providing your scalp. For example,  you don’t wash your hair a minimum of once a week , no one can save your hair from falling. The dirt and sweat combine to form an unwanted mess that weakens hair follicles.

Similarly, if you keep using hair conditioners and shampoos and never let your hair absorb some oil. The circulation of blood stops and causes dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are a great reason for hair fall. Oiling is an essential nutrient that helps our hair grows fast due to blood circulation.

One more severe and undoubted fact is the excessive use of bleaches, dyes, hair gels, straightening creams, straighteners of low quality, ironing frequently. All these chemicals and gadgets are a liable source of weakening hair follicles and ultimately causing hair fall.

Playing in your hair while you are not busy with something can harm your hair. The reason behind it is that frequent playing with hair can take the shine and luster of your hair. It causes to take the hair moisture thoroughly. This is why hair becomes weak and then falls. We should avoid such habits.

These products snatch the original shine and luster of the hair if used excessively.

This is why we can’t blame Cantu hair products thoroughly. All the natural factors including our routine make our hair weakens and then fall. Cantu hair products have many advantages and disadvantages of their own. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Cantu.


  • Great natural ingredients
  • Flawless smoothness
  • Enchanting fragrance
  • Reasonable price
  • Incredible grease for hair’s rough structure
  • Makes your curls well-defined and wavy
  • Long time impact
  • Makes hair silky smooth
  • A good hair treatment


  • Too greasy for people with moist and oily hair
  • The fragrance is a little more sharp than usual
  • Using it in excessive quantity can damage the follicles
  • Some people are sensitive to coconut and can get irritated
  • It can produce acne as it is too oily.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is dry enough to take the shine of hair away

Should Cantu Be Cancelled From Our Hair Routine?

The answer to this question that whether Cantu is canceled from our hair routine or not has diversified reviews and views.

Some people who have got benefitted from Cantu hair products are still arguing in its favor. They say that argan oil, coconut oil, and shea oil are great blessings in Cantu.

But the people who are losing locks and locks of their hair are having a strictly negative opinion about it. They blame Cantu to be heavy enough to make their scalp burdened and frizzy. They feel that with time the hair follicle started weakening and as a result, they faced a great hair fall.

They opine that the use of isopropyl alcohol can make the hair dry enough to lose its original shine and volume. Isopropyl alcohol is hard enough for the scalp surface and snatches the strength of follicles.

Commonly Asked Question And Answers


Question: Is Cantu Bad For Your Hair?

Answer: The hair products introduced by Cantu are varied and have varied results too. Some people find it bad for their hair as according to them, it loses the original shine and luster of hair gradually. It weakens your hair follicles and makes your hair fall. But everyone doesn’t need to get the same experience as faced by others. Many people claim Cantu products as good as they consider them to be. They are of the view that they have nothing wrong with Cantu products. Instead, it proved a miracle for their rough entangled curly hair.

Question: Does Cantu Grow Your Hair?

Answer: Yes, Cantu straightening hair oil proves to be very gentle for many hair types. It is so smooth and gentle that helps to grow your weak and lifeless hair. It helps to make your hair strands more strong and firm. Thus, Cantu hair products are reliable enough to grow a typical hair type. But it does not mean that it suits every hair type. It may be more than damaging to some hair type. So, we should first have a great analysis of what product we are going to use for our hair and whether it is going to benefit us or will be a cause of loss.

Question: Does Cantu Have DmDm Hydantoin?

Answer: Yes, Cantu hair products contain DmDm Hydantoin in them. Originally the usage of DmDm hydantoin is restricted and prohibited but some exceptional beauty products. DmDm Hydantoin is an odorless, crystalline substance that is used as a preservative in many beauty products to increase their life. It works very slowly and increases the life of the item in which it is used. Cantu shea butter moisturizing cream has a little amount of  MDM Hydantoin  which we should use very carefully.

Question: Does Cantu Work On Straight Hair?

Answer: There is nothing wrong with using Cantu on straight hair. If you don’t have curls and still you feel to give your hair some braids or some other styling, you can use Cantu hair products and Cantu shea buttercream in particular. It will have  no side effects  on your hair. It will give your hair the same thickness and heavy feel as it does with curly hair. But if you are avoiding using Cantu on your silky smooth, straight hair, then it is best as it is not good to use those products that are not typically designed for you.

Question: Does Shea Moisture Cause Hair Loss?

Answer: The answer to this question is varied. Many people consider that shea moisture cream has some chemicals in it that are very harmful to hair. They cause severe hair fall after some time. Some believe that excessive use of shea butter can prove risky for your hair and let them fall. But still, there is a large audience who thinks it just a theory. They say that they are using shea butter for a long time and fund it very good for hair.

Question: Does Cantu Cause Dry Hair?

Answer: All the Cantu products are widely used throughout the world. Some people use the products without caring about the climatic changes and are facing dry hair. Some people feel it quite perfect when they apply Cantu on their scalp. But with time, it starts to feel the dryness of hair. This is because of the isopropyl alcohol that makes Cantu dry for some hair types and some conditions too. A noteworthy thing one must do is to have a complete knowledge of his/her hair nature and the climatic conditions he/she is facing, then Cantu will not make their hair dry.

Question: Does Cantu Make Your Hair Curly?

Answer: Yes! Cantu has the miraculous cream that can make your hair strands curl and wave. It very good shea butter curl cream that smoothly acts on your hair strands and makes them curl without losing their original shine. It will also give you the original weight of your hair and a great volume. You can confidently go to attend any party or ball while having great waves of curls. It can define your hair more properly.

Question: Does Cantu Have Alcohol In It?

Answer: The straightforward answer to this question is “yes”. Cantu uses isopropyl alcohol that it adds in a very low quantity. But the increasing side effects are the result of this isopropyl alcohol. According to them, alcohol gives smoothness to the tangled curls that get no well-defined shape if not applied some hair product. It is true but it also a fact that the quick hair fall is also its by-product that can never be ignored. People complain about their hair being frizzy and lifeless in no time.

Question: Does Cantu Cause Cancer?

Answer: Most hair products have very harmful chemicals including isopropyl alcohol. Cantu is one of them. It has the negative power to cause skin cancer as well as breast cancer. Sometimes the products react to the hair and the skin in a way that directly penetrates the inner surface and includes in blood. All these factors can even cause infertility and developmental and reproductive damage. We should be very careful while using any hair product. We must take all precautionary steps while using any hair treatment product.


As far as we have tried to discuss all the positive and negative factors that one can face using Cantu hair products, we can say that Cantu is not a flop manuscript at all. It has many excellent factors that can catch the attention of all curly queens. The variety of products can make a cocktail of 2 or 3 products for better results.

The negative aspects are still worthy to be considered. We can’t neglect them. Some harsh chemicals as isopropyl alcohol have marred the good effects of Cantu. But if we use these products with great care and concerns, we will not face the negative impacts. We will not face hair fall especially.

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