Does Cantu Curl Activator Work on Straight Hair? Expert Views!

The popular question regarding does Cantu Curl activator work on straight hair, the explained answer of it lies over here. We know that this activator cream is highly ideal and suitable for curly hair. Furthermore, this arrives in the form of natural hair moisturizing cream. Though it is specifically made for curly hair, and not that much appropriate to be used on straight hair.

The answer is yes!  Cantu Curl Activator Works on Straight Hair on any person whether a man, woman or child.

Moreover, this Cantu Curl activator cream is generally made of shea butter. Its main and primary purpose is to reduce the fizziness of your hair. In other words, this cream smoothens as well as enhances your natural hair pattern. No matter, whether you have got curly hair, wavy or straight hair, you can improve their texture by using this activator cream.

Besides, it brings frizz-free volume to your hair. It works on the quick wash and goes mechanism. Hence, for reducing fizziness and adding volume, using this product is reliable for you. Beyond, this cream activates your curls and makes them more bouncy enough. If you apply it on extremely straight hair, then they become limp.

Below you can see more of the details on whether it is ok to use Cantu Curl activator creams on straight hair. And if you have ambiguities yet pondering in your head, feel free to ask us. It is true that Cantu Curl activator cream has become a popular product. And its use among the general audience is getting higher.

Purpose of Using Curl Activator Creams

cantu curl activator before and after

These curl activator creams are specifically and exclusively made for curly hair. However, for bringing more definition and texture to your straight hair, you can use these creams. The primary job served them is to support your hair pattern. It means that these creams extensively enhance your hair pattern. If you have a steady curl pattern, such a cream is extremely appropriate for you. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use these curl activator creams on super straight hair.

It is seen that these creams increase and enhance your hair texture definition. It is up to a maximum extent that they manage to perform this specific job. Besides, if you have got 2B hair, then these creams might not be able to give you perfect-looking 3D ringlets. For straight hair girls, the magic of curl activator cream cannot be seen. These creams lack the tendency to transform your straight hair all into a curly texture.


The typical and common use of these creams is witnessed for girls having Type 3 Curls. For applying this cream, you need to layer it right under some holding product. Like, first apply a gel and then use this cream on your curls. Most importantly, there is a common ingredient present in these curl activators and it is this glycerin. This ingredient works in the form of humectant. It attracts and retains the possible amount of moisture in your hair.


Hence, for bringing softness and utmost shine to your curls, the use of these curl activator cream products is significant enough. Rest, avoid applying them to your straight hair. Once you have applied this cream and then washed your hair, then all definition is going to be gone. It means re-applying this activator cream is a must if you feel like giving a defined texture to yourhair.


What is Cantu Curl Activator?

What is Cantu Curl Activator


You might be wondering what is Cantu Curl activator; here is the answer for you. To all curly girls out there, this is an excellent and ideal choice for you. Furthermore, this product is heavily and immensely packed with coconut oil. This is marked and identified as nature’s best moisturizer. For bringing the best definition to your curly hair, this Cantu Curl activator is suitable for you. And it is not so right product for straight hair.

This product is available in most countries like India. You can shop it online as well. As we have told you that this product is designed for wavy and curly hair girls and not for straight-haired girls. In addition, this respective product arrives in a cream texture. It acts like a styling product and made to professionally define your hair pattern.

Does Cantu Curl activator bring any benefit to straight hair?

This Cantu Curl activator cream product is just meant for curly hair. Its formulation is not suitable and compatible for straight. But just to give you a rough idea. This cream is manufactured as a curl-defining styling lotion. In addition, it is enriched and packed with vitamin E hints. This product is made of silk protein and made to specially enhance your curls. In other words, this cream plumps up your curls! If you use it on your straight hair, then no results will come out.

Moreover, Cantu Curl activator cream offers a firm hold to your hair. They are made and designed to bring maximum shine to your hair. As this product is made for curly hair and not for straight hair, it means your curls will get maximum nourishment and hydration. This reviewed cream does not allow the moisture to get escaped from your hair.

It is free from the presence of parabens and SLS. This product has no sulfates and phthalates in it. Moreover, it keeps your hair much beautiful looking. The magic performed by this Cantu Curl activator cream is to make your hair frizz-free and Volumizing. Once you start using it, there will be no longer a need to use hydrating masks. This is a great alternative if you do not want to use a styling cream or leave-in conditioners on your hair.

Do Cantu Curl activator and Leave-in Conditioner Work in the Same Way?

best cantu products for curly hair


There is a difference between the functions performed by a Cantu Curl activator and a leave-in conditioner. If you use a leave-in conditioner, it means just the moisturizing effect will come on your hair. Furthermore, leave-in conditioners help you fight the fizziness problem. On the other hand, the power of using best curl activator for caucasian hair is double and significant enough.

Apart from hydrating your hair, they bring more holding power and add extensive texture too. Like, using a Cantu Curl activator cream brings more definition to your curls. Moreover, these creams naturally clump your hair.

Why Cantu Curl activator is suitable for curly hair and not for straight hair?

From the above-mentioned discussion, you might have got the idea that the Cantu Curl activator is just suitable for curly hair texture. And it is pointless and hopeless to use this cream on straight hair. If you happen to buy their Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream, then you may see that this respective cream brings definition and hydrating effect on your curls.

Furthermore, they restore your curls and make them much smoother enough. In addition, frizz-free results are given by Cantu Curl activator cream. Most of their products are made of 100% Pure Shea Butter. You can risk-free use this product as it is praised by actresses like Olivia Wilde.

First of all, this product has a shea butter ingredient in it. And this ingredient is ideal for curly hair. Most importantly, shea butter reduces fizziness. Straight hair is already hair straight and frizz-free, so using the Cantu Curl activator on them is pointless. Moreover, Cantu Curl activator cream is packed and surrounded by lots of moisturizing oils. Like, it has almond oil and coconut oil hints in it. This same product has neem seed and carrot seed and also avocado as its main ingredients. All these ingredients are desirable for curly hair only.

There is no need to hold straight hair and using these activator creams is just useless. We suggested and convey this important to you to use this product only on curly hair. The presence of Polyquaternium-10 in it gives a powerful and immense hold to your curl and wavy hair texture. Hence, this product increases your curl’s definition during non-hair wash days of yours.

Rest, this product has Benhentrimoniummethosulphate in it. Keep in mind that this is an excellent and most suitable of all conditioning agents. It detangles your curly hair. We can well comprehend that all the ingredients part of Cantu Curl activator cream are dedicated to curly hair and not meant for straight hair.

How to Use Cantu Curl Activator? Complete Guide

There are various methods to use this Cantu Curl activator. Here you can have a look at the details. It is up to you whether you want to use this product alone. Or you can use it in the combination or layered form. It is after your shower that the application of this curl styling cream is recommended. Just use it once a week. Like, if you use it on 20-05-2021, then use it again after a week gap. In addition, your hair has to be a little bit soaked wet to see desired results. They should not be that damp. If your hair is super damp, then the required fizziness from your curls may not be removed properly.

Using Cantu Curl activator on One and Done Rule

  • There is this one-and-done rule that tells us about the simple and easy application method of Cantu Curl activator cream. In this method, you need to wash your hair first of all. Keep them in wet condition and start to make sections of them.
  • The next step is to take out a little bit of Cantu Curl activator cream content. Take this cream on your palms and apply it on your curls. Leave none of the strands and properly apply this cream.
  • Those who have a wavy hair texture, they can still apply this cream. The only condition that they have to fulfill is to not comb their hair once the application process is done. Those wavy hair girls can simply scrunch their hair instead of combing them up.
  • And for curly hair girls, need to properly comb their hair. And then distribute and evenly apply this product. For drying this Cantu Curl activator cream, you can use a diffuser or simply go for the air drying mode.

Applying Cantu Curl activator in a product cocktail form/ layered form

  • It is in the layered or product cocktail form that you can apply this Cantu Curl activator. The first step is to apply a light leave-in conditioner right there on your wet hair.
  • The second step is to take out a little bit portion of the Cantu Curl Activator and apply it to your different hair sections.
  • For curly hair, they have to comb their hair. It is a must for them. Furthermore, this combing requirement is not mandatory if you have wavy hair.

Using Cantu Curl activator by following clumping technique

  • To correctly apply this curl styling cream, you can follow the clumping technique. Most noteworthy, the concerned person first has to condition her hair.
  • Then take out a little bit of cream and scrunch it up on your hair. You will notice that a squelching noise will be created.
  • Once you apply this Cantu Curl activator cream, then you can repeat the same process upon applying a gel.
  • No combing is needed. This technique works well if you have wavy hair or if you have got loose ringlets.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Does Cantu curling cream work on straight hair?

Answer: On an ideal basis, Cantu curling cream does not work on straight hair. It is just meant for wavy and curly hair textures and that is it! These styling creams are pointless and completely useless to apply to straight hair. Instead, if you make the mistake of using a Cantu Curl activator on straight hair, then not so desirable results will be seen by you. In other words, you might be left with limp hair and this is not exactly what you expect from such styling creams.

So, you have to understand that curl-enhancing creams are not made for straight hair people. And they have to stay away and avoid using these kinds of creams.

Question: What Cantu product makes straight hair curly?

Answer: If you are interested in using a Cantu product that makes straight hair curly, then you can use and try out Cantu Comeback Curl Next Day Curl Revitalizer. This bottle is of 12 Fluid Ounce. It is expected that it may give you curls but not on that many defined and enhanced notes. This product may leave your hair wet and they are not ideal and perfectly curled up. It is essential for you to use the right curling product if you want to curl your straight hair. As Cantu Curl activator is just the curl enhancer and nothing else.

Question: Can I use curly hair products on straight hair?

Answer: While using curly hair products, you may not get desired results. One should use those hair-care and hair styling products that are compatible with their hair texture. Like, curly hair girls should use curly girl-approved products. In the same way, there are specific products for straight hair curls. Using a product that does not match your hair type is just pointless to proceed.

Question: Does Cantu make hair curly?

Answer: Yes, the best Cantu products for curly hair actually make your hair curly. Their curl activator creams are marked as the best and most highly recognized curl-enhancing creams. In addition, they moisturize, hydrate, and nourish your strands. Cantu Curl activator enhances the shape and texture of your curls. They are made of pure shea butter and are made to deliver excellent results. Their creams do not weigh down your hair. It is their formulation that makes your hair curly ideally. Besides, their weightless moisture formulations conditions add up more of the manageability factor in your hair.


Hence, this Cantu Curl activator cream is made of full-proof ingredients. It transforms your hair in the manner that they speak on their own. This product is highly popular and massive in demand all because of its ingredients. And the main ingredients present in it are known to hydrate and nourish your hair.

So, if you are looking for a styling and moisturizing cream for your curls, then try it out. Minimize its usage and application if you have straight hair. This is a renowned and highly praised product because it is embedded with nourishing formulas. It unleashes the real and genuine shine element on your hair.

Just embrace your natural and beautiful hair and use such creams on them. No doubt, this is an award-winning product and you will get ideal results out from it. If you have used this same Cantu Curl activator, then share your feedback with us.

A renowned brand has manufactured this product. And no side effects are given by it. There is more to come from the Cantu side and more product variations will be introduced by them. Time to grab those updates as well, so keep in touch with us.

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