Do you Need Numbing Cream for MicroNeedling?

Who isn’t scared of needles or pain? I know a lot of people who close their eyes or hold hands when they saw a Needle. Their minds play games with them, and they get worried a lot. This can very easily be taken care of if the doctor uses a numbing cream. Some people are not familiar with the term, some are super smart and know all the medical terms. Let’s see in which category we fall?

Some people normally have a question that Do you Need Numbing Cream for MicroNeedling? The answer is Yes! The microneedling process still required numbing cream to ensure a comfortable experience to get the best-desired results.

Now the question we have is related to the numbing cream and micro-needling, so we will be discussing in detail the uses and needs of numbing cream along with the procedure of micro-needling. Also, you can take benefit from the 10 Best Numbing Cream For Microneedling at Home.

We do know that all medical procedure is for a reason and if they are not done, it might make you ill, so sit tight and concentrate as we take you to the discussion of medicine and talk in detail about the numbing cream along with micro-needling.



As the word tells us, it relates to the procedure done with needles. This is a medical procedure that is done on the skin to regenerate the new skin particles. It cures issues present with the skin tissue, pores, and scars present on the skin. It is done with heat production which enables the process of collagen.

Collagen is an enzyme present in the skin which is responsible for the regeneration of skin cells. The presence of scars or pores on the skin seems to be little but it is very significant for the skin freshness. Looking younger than your age is everyone’s dream. So, if you want to stay young and look beautiful, you can clearly get your appointment booked with a dermatologist or any skin expert.

Benefits of Microneedling

This micro-needling procedure is given to patients who don’t respond to home remedies or any creams. Even though nowadays there are many homes made items which everyone uses like

  • rubbing lemon on face
  • Applying orange peels
  • Honey mixed with salt

And many more. But even after all these things your skin is not getting better and the skin tissues get damaged to an extent then this procedure is done that too on the recommendation of a dermatologist. The procedure is very safe and reliable in having smooth and spotless skin

Few benefits of having this procedure

  • It is Save for everyone
  • Ideal skincare can be achieved by multiple sessions
  • Very efficient for the smaller issues like acne, scars, tissue rupturing
  • It gives a much softer and shiner skin

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Side Effects of Microneedling

Side Effects of Microneedling

Everything we do has two effects, good effects, and bad effects. We just discussed the good effects now we will discuss the bad effects of this procedure. The process of micro-needling is considered to be a successful process but it does have some side effects.

  • It cannot be done on pregnant women
  • The process is very costly, and no insurance company covered it
  • It never gives positive effects on the history of skin diseases or skin cancer.

Aftercare of Microneedling

The process of micro-needling is very delicate and requires many after-care things. You must be very careful with your new skin. The treatment takes 2-3 visits of a dermatologist and after that, he must prescribe a few antibiotics which can secure your skin to catch any infections. You must be careful

  • Not going too much in sun and if necessarily going, always use sunscreen for your skin.
  • Always wash your hands before & after touching your face
  • Keep away from the gym as sweating may cause any distress to your new skin
  • The pool water has chlorine in them, it might be dangerous for your new skin, so try not to go there
  • The chemicals in makeup might irritate your skin
  • Try not to use any old brushes or scrubs for your newly treated skin

All these care will take 2-3 days after the treatment of micro-needling. After that, it will get better day by day, and ultimately all your money, pain, and time will give you glowing skin.

Numbing Cream for Microneedling

Numbing Cream for Microneedling

At any point does your consultant doctor ever use this cream. Many people are not familiar with this cream that is because this numbing cream is usually used in small medical procedures. Approximately there is only 50% of the patient had used this cream during any medical procedure. Let’s know its uses.

There is always a main key ingredient in the medicine which helps to get the desired results. In the case of numbing cream, lidocaine is the main chemical compound that is used in all the numbing creams. It affects readily on the skin area and helps in providing instant pain relief.

Uses of Numbing Cream

The numbing cream is very handy, and you can easily apply it on the skin to be treated, it will feel odd, and you can feel lightheaded when applied as it will numb your senses. The usage for numbing cream is

  • Very convenient for a facial procedure like skin grafting or acne
  • It is easily done in small stitches on the body
  • To reduce the pain in hair transplant
  • The dermatologist uses this numbing cream in the laser treatment of patients
  • To relieve from itching or any redness

Side Effects of Numbing Cream

The numbing cream might give a few side effects, a few of these side effect needs an immediate response, but few can be good after a few hours.

The following side effects will not be using any medical help

  • Redness
  • Sense of hot or cold

This happens but it becomes lesser with time. This is usually taken as numbness of muscles and within a few hours it will be back to normal

The side effects mean a rapid allergic reaction which can be caused due to the nerves

  • Dizziness along with vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Itching or rash on the skin
  • Swellings on the part of treatment
  • Irregular heart rate with chest pain along with heavy breathing

These reactions might be because of the allergic reaction and immediate medical care can save the patient. This allergic reaction can be triggered due to any reason, they might be because of the collagen released in the skin. It can be overcome with immediate action.

Do you Need Numbing Cream for MicroNeedling?

Do you Need Numbing Cream for Micro-Needling?

The question arises with a very specific background mostly people think that they are strong enough to endure the pain but ultimately what happened that when they are going through a process or a procedure with micro-needling, the pain, it causes a distraction in the procedure.

The pain is due to the sodium ions present on the surface of the skin, which is responsible for the sensation of hot, cold, pain, or pleasure on the skin. By using the numbing cream on the skin, it stops that flow of information. That’s why most dermatologists use the numbing cream in the micro-needling process.

This is a very delicate process and it requires precision and accuracy. The patients also feel comfortable and relaxed, and the medical procedure can be easily done without any hassle. You can surely enjoy a comfortable skin treatment with no pain or suffering.

Simply put “yes we do need numbing cream for the micro-needling or else we have to bear the pain during the procedure of micro-needling. The pain-free session makes the dermatologist comfortable, and it takes much lesser time.”


After all the research work let’s summarize what we get to know in this article. There are many treatments that make you look better, it’s all about the time and energy along with the efforts you put up. Even though there are some after-care that is very essential to do, usage of numbing cream is also very essential for the process of micro-needling.

You must use numbing cream during the treatment with micro-needling to ease the pain and the treatment can be done smoothly without hassle. The micro-needling process gives tenderness to the skin and to ease the pain during the treatment numbing cream is the best option every dermatologist has.

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