Different Types of Perms For Thin Hair : Short, Medium And Long Hair (Complete Guide)

The perming trend will never go out of fashion. Modern perms are now available in lots of different styles and techniques. Here you can catch up with the complete details on different types of perms for thin hair!

Different types of perms for thin hair are Korean root perm, touch-up root perm, spiral perming, body wave perm, spot perm, root perming, digital perm, and Volumizing perm.

You might be wondering why girls love perming. The main reason is to bring volume, body, and noticeable texture. Girls having thin hair go for perms to bring natural curls, coils, or waves. This practice brings a bouncy and rich effect. You get more and the desired amount of volume onto your roots and ends.

So, what kind of perms do you want to have? Let us know about that and below you can check out the complete details about this procedure:

What is a perm hairstyle?

One of the most popular and most complicated chemical-based hair treatments is this perming. Celebs like Anne Hathaway love perming. In this whole process, curls are permanently added to your straight strands’ texture. You might have spotted that the main equipment needed to precede this process includes rollers/rods as well as perm lotion, and a neutralizer.

The lotion comes in the form of a chemical and its primary purpose is to deconstruct the natural texture of your hair. It breaks and rips the internal bonds and transitions your natural strands into a curly texture. Once you are done with the application of a perming lotion and rinse it off, then a neutralizer is applied. Below you can see more of the details on this hairstyle practice.

10 Different types of perms for thin hair

Let us talk about the different kinds of perming techniques, in case of any ambiguity, you can ask us:

Spiral Perm

Spiral perms

It is the most loved perming technique which is embraced by girls from Spain. Here you get the traditional, uniform, and tight curls. In addition, it is recommended to get done with this perming procedure from a professional stylist. Experts know how to perm the hair with perfection.

If the whole procedure comes out to be successful, then you will get natural-looking and voluminous curls for sure. You can personalize this hairstyle by choosing the roller size of your taste. To give you a brief idea, rods are placed vertically and small sections of hair are made. This perming process is easy and hassle-free to maintain!

Beach Wave Perm

Beach Wave Perms

Moving the beach wave perm technique is also loved by girls who have thin strands. Most importantly, the curls are created with the help of large-size rollers. You get the perfect and ideal-looking beachy waves and the whole hairstyle looks so effortless. This perming is at times known as soft waves! Wow, that looks like an interesting style that you can go for.

Body Wave Perm

Body wave perms

How about preferring the body wave perming technique? Yes, you can have this one if you have a thin texture. No doubt, it has become the popular and widely embraced perm procedure because it depicts the boho style.

Besides, the thin texture gets successfully transformed into bouncy waves. Your curls acquire a rounded-out spiral appearance. Rest, the large size Flexi rods are used which wrap the hair

Spot Perm

Spot perms

Do you love getting spot perms? We suggest you go with this hairstyle because it will make you look lovely. It is the partial perming technique that gained so much love and praise from girls.

Here the focus is only on one section of the hair. Immense volume is added and larger rods are used to complete this process without any trouble. Lastly, it is the Korean-style perming technique that is suitable for thin strands.

Pin curl Perm

pin curl perms

The pin curl perms is another hot trend that has become the talk of the town. If you have got shorter to medium-length hair, you must try out pin curl perming for one. Trust us, you will love the trend! This technique brings so much bounce and also movement. You will certainly find this process 100% quick to maintain and hassle-free to style.

Root Perm

root perms

The root perming technique has become the most preferable option for girls having thin strands. If you want to get more volume at your roots, then go with this option. Two types of root perming procedures are there including the Korean root perms and the touch-up root perms.

In this procedure, new curls are added and rollers are used. Just the root section is being permed and the rest of the section remains unpermed.

Stack Perm

Stack perm

It is the most natural-looking perming process which is always admiring to see. If you think that your thin hair texture needs volume and natural bounce, go with this option. You will notice that this procedure keeps the roots straight and the ends become curly and bouncy. A layered look will come out and you will certainly look beautiful and stunning.

Multi-Textured Perm

Multi Textured perm

The multi-textured perms bring the most beautiful and jaw-opening curling effect. In addition, the curls look real and tight. It is the versatile perming technique that has become the preferred pick among girls. Small-sized rollers are used and curls are created in a manner that mimics and naturally copies the natural hair texture.

Digital Perm

digital perm

Then we have these digital perms! It is a recent trend that captured the attention and a lot of praise from girls in less time. If you want to transition your dull and thin hair into natural waves, you can go with the digital perming technique. No harsh chemicals are used and bring immense and massive volume for sure.

Straight Perm

Straight perm

The last option which you can try out is the straight perming process. Here you get the natural curls that look absolutely and genuinely natural. In addition, an alkaline solution is used to break down the bonds and then they become straight by using a hot iron. In the end, a neutralizing chemical is also applied. In this manner, the natural look of curls is maintained and retained for the longest time.

Pros and Cons of Permed Hair

Below you can see the pros and cons details which give you a better idea of whether perming is suitable for your hair or not:


  • Your hair gets a lot of volume and body: If you have permed your hair, you will definitely get a lot of volume and body. The texture will become thick, bouncy enough, and no longer thin. Semi-permanent waves will be injected and the thin texture will get transformed into a thicker version.
  • You feel a lot more confident: A good hair day eventually makes you feel a lot more confident. Perming makes your hair feel good and your confidence level gets increased too!
  • Styling hair becomes easy and hassle-free: Perming lets you style your strands easily and hassle-freely. When you get volume, body, and thick texture, then it gets less troublesome for the person to try out different styles. The need to spend hours styling hair gets eliminated.
  • It saves money: Perming process saves a lot of your money. Your hair remains permanently styled and you do not have to rush to a salon again and again to style them.


  • The texture becomes weak: Lots of girls have complained that perms make their hair texture a bit weak and dry. In this whole process, chemicals are used, which is why the texture becomes brittle and weak.
  • This technique lasts for a shorter time frame: One of the major drawbacks of this technique is that it lasts for a shorter duration. For example, if you have opted for perms, they will last for 2 to 6 months and not more than that.
  • Your hair starts giving out an unpleasant smell: Lastly, your strands will give out some unpleasant smell. The perming solution accompanies a strong scent and when it gets applied to your strands, they start giving out a nasty smell as well.

What to know before getting a perm?

There are certain things that you should keep in mind if you wish to opt for perms:

  • To proceed with this process, you must get in touch with an experienced stylist.
  • Show him the photos that this is the look you want to have!
  • You need to determine beforehand what perm rod size will be used. The perm rod size will give you an idea of how the curls will come out to be.
  • There is this general rule that the smaller the rod, the tighter the waves or curls!
  • You need to analyze your hair texture and volume first of all and then decide which perming process to go for.
  • Before getting done with the perming, you need to perform an intensive and in-depth protein treatment on your strands. Perming is a chemical process and your strands should be protein-filled and fully hydrated.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers (faqs)

Question 01: Are Perms Good for Thin Hair?

Answer: Yes, you can have perms if you have a thin hair texture. This process brings volume and body onto the thin texture. You get instant curls and a bouncy effect. Moreover, semi-permanent waves are created which automatically make your strands thicker and coily looking.

Question 02: How long do perms last for thin hair?

Answer: Perms last for 2 to 6 months. It is the average lifespan that perming process offer! It is due to their short longevity that some girls do not prefer this styling technique. These days, advancements and improvements are taking place, and hopefully, modern perms will offer more life-span.

Question 03: Can I Get a Perm if I Have Thin Hair?

Answer: Yes, you can have a perm if you have thin hair. This process adds waves, bounce, and natural curls into your thin strands. When loose curls and coils are added, the overall hairstyle becomes noticeable and attractive.

Question 04: Do Perms Ruin Your Hair?

Answer: No, they do not ruin your hair. Though it is a chemical-based process, if you take care of your strands, then this perming procedure will no longer come out to be detrimental. Bleaching destroys the texture, perms are less risky.


We hope that you have understood the complete details of the different types of perms for thin hair. Even if you have short or medium-length hair, you can try out any one of these perming techniques.

Wrapping up! Girls love getting a Korean root perm or touch-up root perming. On the other hand, some girls prefer having spiral perms or spot perms, or root perm. And some like to experiment with the body wave perm, digital perms, or multi-textured perm process.

It is high time to bring volume, rich texture, and bounce into your thin strands. That is only possible if you perm them! So, what kind of curls and loose waves do you want to have? You can take ideas from the above-mentioned details. With this procedure, natural curls and coils will be created and you will certainly love and get impressed by the overall look. Stay tuned!

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