What is the Difference Between Silk Press and Flat Iron?

The difference between silk press and flat iron needs to be clarified. This is because many of us don’t consider them something different. Most of us still believe that flat iron and silk press are the same things.

Hey buddies! It is necessary to clarify the basic difference between a silk press and a flat iron because apparently, they look quite similar to just straightening the hair. But inwardly they carry a huge difference.

The main difference between a silk press and flat iron is A silk press is a type of hair styling in which the hair is pressed with a hot comb to give it a sleek, straight appearance. A flat iron, on the other hand, is a tool that is used to straighten hair by pressing it against the flat surface of the iron. The difference between the two is that a silk press uses heat to style the hair, while a flat iron uses heat and pressure.

So without proper guidelines and understanding, we can’t enjoy the silk press. A silk press is getting popular these days as it is better than doing permanent straightening or rebounding. It is obvious that permanently straightened hair has to face a lot of hair damages and gets weakened day by day.

On contrary, the silk press is a good technique to straighten hair. It will not damage hair as it is done by acting certain precautionary steps and treatments first. But people normally intermingle the silk press and flat iron only because of the lack of knowledge.

A flat iron is very easy to use even at home and silk press can’t be done without getting treated by some saloon or hairstylist.

 Let’s just clarify the real difference between a silk press and a flat iron. 

A Clear Picture of the Difference Between Silk Press and Flat Iron (Silk Press vs Flat Iron)

Certain things share many common factors. This makes things obscure and unclear. The same is the difference between silk press and flat iron that remains obscure and ambiguous yet.

People with a lot of googling at this age still can’t differentiate between them. They just think that it is only to straighten your hair with flat iron or straightener. But the matter is the opposite.

To realize what silk press is and what difference it carries with flat iron we should understand their natures first.

Silk Press Iron

Silk Press Iron

A silk press is the name of a technique. It is not a machine or electronic device. We do silk press just to get more silk and shine in our hair than that of simple straightening. A silk press is done with the use of some more practices before its start.

We have to add some conditioners, some multivitamins and shine serums, and some weight-retaining sprays before the silk press. This technique is a complete procedure that may help your hair stay silk straight, moveable, managed, and well defined for a long time.

A silk press may take some extra time and money as well. But it will be very suitable for women who have concerns about their rough, tangled, and frizzy hair. A silk press is simply done with the use of flat iron. There is no other device used for this process.

The most appreciating thing about the silk press is that it needs no relaxers. This is why there is no chance of hair damage as permanent rebounding occurs.

A silk press technique is used with more heat to get full creamy smooth and shine your hair. This heat doesn’t let the hair get wavy again for a long time as compared with mere straightening.

When we straighten our hair, we just heat the flat iron up according to our demand. We sometimes straighten them a little so that our hair may not lose its original texture and type. Sometimes we heat the iron to that extent just to leave some waves in our hair.

But when we are going to straighten our hair with silk press techniques, we have to heat the iron up to the maximum. We have to go hair through many times with flat iron so that we can get the expected results.

The addition of conditioners, shine serum and some volume retaining sprays are all its accessories. They help the process of the silk press complete successfully.

  • Smoothing Shampoos and Conditioners: Before starting the process of silk press, we should wash our hair with a good quality smoothing shampoo so that our hair can get more silk and smoothness. After the use of shampoo, we apply a good conditioner to provide our hair with extra moisture to hydrate them well. It will help a lot in process of the silk press.
  • Applying Some Shiny Serum: When our hair is fully washed and conditioned well, we can blow them dry and comb them properly. Combing should be too thorough and gentle that all the hair strands will perfectly detangle. After that w should use a glossy serum that may cause your hair extra shine and gleam while being silk pressed. This shiny serum plays an important role to enhance hair life and silk. It will help create more movement in your hair. The process of silk press is incomplete without a glossy serum.
  • Applying Heat Protestants: We know that the silk press needs to be done by using the extreme level of heat from the flat iron. It can maximize to 450 C easily. Which is why it can prove damaging for our hair health. It can burn and snatch the moisture off our hair. To avoid such bad consequences, we can use some good quality heat protectants available in the market While the process of silk press makes our hair more shiny, silky, manageable, full of movement, and bouncy. It can be a little rough if not cared for well. This is why the stylist we are going to press our hair silk from them, must use a standard quality of heat protestant so that our hair will remain soft, smooth, and healthy afterward.
  • Applying Volume Sprays: After adding your hair with shine serum, you will have to apply a hair spray that may retain the volume of your hair. Normally we see that while doing simple straightening, our hair becomes too straight or stick that they lose its volume. The hair is too tightly pressed that they look too thin. But during the process of silk press, we use a hair spray of good quality. This hair spray when pressed during the silk pres technique helps retain the original volume of your hair. It doesn’t let your hair look thin and sticky. So applying a hair volume retaining spray will be a twofold benefit. One is to increase the volume and the second is to get well-defined and moveable hair for a long time.

Along with these aids, we can have added or remove products depending upon the nature of your hair.  The decision of silk press is done by analyzing your hair type and nature.

Flat Iron for Hair

The flat iron is simply a straightening machine that is used to straighten your hair. It can b used according to your will. Its heat scale can be set according to the hair type you want. It is not good to mix a flat iron and a silk press. The first one is a technique of straightening hair while the second one is merely a styling tool.

A flat iron usually has two plates that are used to straighten your hair. These plates are made with different materials and are available in different sizes. Different companies use varied materials and heat ranges to satiate the customer’s desires.

But the main thing is just that a flat iron is a styling tool and is used both in straightening as well as silk pressing. The way both procedures are done is different. A flat iron is just an ironing tool that is available in different sizes and shapes.

You just heat it according to the nature of your hair and then let them straighten by keeping the strands between the two plates. There is nothing required to make your hair stylized. A good company facilitates your flat iron with all the best options so that it may enhance the silk and beauty of your hair.

One thing that creates a lot of difference is that flat ironed hair is not easy to maintain for more than two days. If we car our hair properly when they are straightened, then it is possible to keep the hair straighten till two days or a maximum of three. On the other hand, our silk pressed hair can easily pass a minimum of two weeks. If you don’t wash your hair, the period can last till three weeks.

Similarities Between Flat Iron and Silk Press

Similarities Between Flat Iron and Silk Press

Hey guys! I know you are a little confused about the difference between the silk press and the flat iron. This is due to the similarities they share. Every one of us wants our hair to be as silky and smooth as that of Angelina Jolie and Naomie Harris. We do our hair pass through many experiments as masking, conditioning, blow-drying, straightening, and even silk pressing. A silk press is not that far beyond technique as blow-drying or straightening is. This is why we are a little confused about their difference.

Lets’ have a look at the similarities both flat ironing and silk press carries. It will help us a lot to clarify the difference too.

  • Silk press can only be done by using a flat iron as straightening is done by a flat iron. There is no other tool involved to get your hair silk press.
  • The method of straightening and silk press is quite similar. There is no difference at all while we are doing silk press or using a flat iron for straightening. Both methods are done by blowing dry your hair and then combing the hair to detangle them fully. After that flat ironworks in your hair are divided into sections from the upper part to lower tips. You have to get the hair through from two to three times to achieve better results.
  • Both flat iron and silk press are done when your hair is rinsed and washed well. You have to use some good conditioner while doing the process of silk press to achieve the best movement and smoothness.

How Long Does the Silk Press Last? Tips and Tricks

While we are doing our silk press procedure with the help of some stylish or going to a well-known saloon, we should still take them to care a lot. The reason behind it is simple that we can’t afford to heat the hair again and aging. We know that silk press is not a simple straightening or a blow drying process. It involves much heat and a lot of time and steps.

All these steps and heat are difficult to revise too early. Many well-known stylists as Ted Gibson and Chris McMillan favor the silk press after every 4 to 5 months. They say that it is a good technique to make our hair more movement gaining and shinier. There is no harm in doing a silk press after every 4 to 5 months.

But as far you have done the procedure of silk press, you have to maintain it for at least two weeks. There are certain tips and methods to retain your silk press for some time. Let’s have a look at them.

Make an Easy Style at Night to Save Your Silk Press

Silk press has the worst threat with night. We become senseless while sleeping and hair can badly crush under our back. To avoid our silk press being wasted, we should make use of bobby pins. A light bun on both sides of our head may apart our hair in two sections. Then we should fix the bun with the help of bobby pins. It will help our silk pressed hair to be maintained for some time.

Water Is an Enemy to Silk Press

One great sacrifice that the silk press demands are that of water avoidance. Water is the greatest enemy of our silk-pressed hair. It can at once reverse the ilk-pressed hair into your natural texture.

For maintaining your silk press for at least two weeks, you must avoid all kinds of water, steam, and sweat. Although it is quite a difficult task but not impossible. Because if we are not doing so, it will be useless to effort our hair silk press.

Heat Avoidance Is Necessary

The process of silk press is only done by using extreme heat of flat iron. But once our silk press is done, we should have to avoid heat. This is the chemistry of hair that going near heat will snatch the moisture of our hair and will make our silk press useless.

Another thing is that going near heat will make you sweaty and will consequently damage the silk press at all. So it is good for us to stay away from heat at all for at least two weeks.

Don’t Let the Styling Products Come Near You

Women are crazy to make them prominent enough to be appreciated and praised. This wish makes them do fashions and adopt various techniques to look bizarre. The same is the case with the silk press. After getting our hair silk pressed, we think them to style by using different styling products like gels and sprays.

This is hilarious to use any styling product during the period of the silk press. They will make your hair back to its original texture and type as soon as you use them. So during all the time you want to enjoy your silk press fully, you should keep the hair styling products away from your hair.

Avoid Sun and Outdoor Activities

Although silk press will not get affected by the sun as much as it will be by all other above described factors. But it has a bad impact on our hair. If we are mostly exposed to the sun, it will snatch the moisture and they will start to get frizzy.

Similarly going out too much will let you expose yourself to pollution and dirt. It will cause our hair to get messy and dirty. This mess and pollution will make your hair prone to revert to its original texture.

Better is to avoid going out during the silk press period. But if it is inevitable to go out, you must wrap your hair with some clothes or a scarf. Wearing a hat is also a good option.

Try To Avoid Going To a Beach Trip or Some Tropical Areas

Most women do silk press before attending some party o going to have a holiday with their friends or family. There is no harm in enjoying your silk press this way. But if you are making a plan to go out to the beach or some rainy areas, it will be quite damaging for your silk press.

The moisture and humidity of that place will make your hair get its original shape. The money, time, and energy you have spent on making your hair silk pressed will get wasted.

So avoid going to the humid areas at all while you are trying to maintain your silk press for a minimum of two weeks.

What Is Best For You, A Silk Press or Flat Iron?

What Is Best For You, A Silk Press or Flat Iron?

Hey buddies! Now it has become easy for us to make a difference between a silk press and a flat iron. We know that flat iron is a compulsory tool for both simple straightening and silk press. But what is best for us is the question.

A flat iron is used to straighten our hair temporarily. We can do it at home easily. There is no much expensive than that of buying a good quality flat iron. We can straighten, curl, and crimp our hair to our own choice. All these styles we can carry for a limited time.

But as far as the silk press is concerned, it needs to be done with extreme care and a lot of hair care products. It is a complete package to make your hair bouncy and full of movement. This is why it needs money and time as well.

Both things are good and help you make your hair look good and shiny. But if there is a matter of comparison between the two, the silk press is best. The reason behind it is that the silk press involves many soothing products and is a detailed procedure. It gives life to the lifeless and rough hair.

Women who are much having bothering hair with thousands of curls and tangles, can adopt this technique and make their hair silky, straight, bouncy, voluminous, and well managed. It will not let them use the flat iron daily. They will get some mental relaxation for a minimum of two weeks.

If someone can easily afford their hair to get silk press3d, they must let it done every three to four months. It will increase the health and shine of their hair. While flat iron is only the straightening for some time.


The detailed study of the difference between silk press and flat iron shows that they are quite different things that are combined with a single tool called flat iron. We should be very careful while taking any decision about going for a silk press or simple flat ironing. A flat iron is a basic tool for getting silk press as well as straight hair.

A silk press is a technique to get your hair more shiny and smooth for a long time. This is why to get the desired results, we use different products and steps. All these steps and products as glossy serum and volume sprays let our hair retain its original volume as well as a great length and shine.

A little care can keep your silk press maintain for a long time. It will not make you regret spending money on it. As we know, hair needs care. Similarly, a silk press needs somewhat more care than normal.

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