What’s The Difference Between Olaplex 2 And 3? (Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3)

Olaplex has become the most popular hair care treatment. It conditions and moisturizes your hair texture in the best manner. Many readers have asked for an in-depth answer of what is the difference between olaplex 2 and 3?

If we compare both Olaplex No 2 is more concentrated than No 3, and Olaplex 3 is used as a continuation of steps 1 and 2 in-salon treatment. Overall, both of them improve hair texture and strength.

So, do you feel like giving special treatment to your dull and damaged hair? You should be! Do not neglect them and take care of them likewise you take care of your body. Check out the details and see a great transformation:

All about Olaplex


Olaplex is a popular and excessively preferred hair care process. Its main purpose is to reconstruct your fibers, improve the texture and scalp health, and promote the growth process. If you have damaged your strands because of the bleaching and coloring process, then this is the perfect treatment that you must opt for.

In addition, it is salon-recommended and one of the best hair-care brands. Girls from the USA pursue this conditioning process on a regular basis and they are quite happy with the results. With this treatment, your strands will definitely become smoother, shinier, and sleeker. The brand has come up with a 9-product regime and the popular versions are No 2 and 3.

The general details on Olaplex No 2 and No 3

Below you can see some of the general details which are present in both of these products:

  • In both of these versions, you will see Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate presence. This ingredient promises to repair the damaged and weak strands’ structure both from the inside and outside. The structure of your strands gets restored and repaired in less time and they look stronger day by day.
  • Both of them perform well and perfectly on hair type which is excessively damaged because of the coloring process, heat styling products, UV rays, curling rods, and straighteners.
  • Moreover, both of these products are salon recommended. They are packed with immense conditioning properties and thus make a texture 100% smooth and sleek.

All about the Olaplex 2

It is widely known by the name ‘bond perfector’. It is strictly a salon treatment and should only be carried in the salon. If you use it at home, then unsatisfactory results will be delivered.

Furthermore, it has a higher concentration and needs a lot of technical knowledge and expertise while applying. You can only use it once you have shampooed your hair and color-treated them. In other words, use it as a leave-in, deep conditioner. Just leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

This respective process injects your strands with a lot of proteins and nourishments. They look healthy and strong and no brittle effect will be spotted.

All about the Olaplex 3

It is less concentrated and you can easily perform this treatment at your home. In addition, it is known and widely popularized with the name ‘hair perfector.’ Experts have recommended applying it to the damp strands before you shampoo them.

You do not need technical and sound knowledge to apply it. It is hassle-free to apply and does not require salon help. Once you performed the Olaplex 2 treatment, it is a must for you not to skip this step. Even celebs like Taylor Swift have advised not to forget to use the hair perfector.

What’s the difference between olaplex 2 and 3? (Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3)

what's the difference between olaplex 2 and 3

Following are the major difference between olaplex 2 vs olaplex 3.

Which is better for home use Olaplex 2 or Olapex 3?

Olaplex 3 is better for home use and it does not require salon help. It is available in a less concentrated form, free from the presence of chemicals and the treatment can be effortlessly carried out at home in a few steps.

One should not use the No 2 bottle at home! This 525 ml large bottle is excessively filled and packed with concentrated and highly intense protein bonding chemicals. If you or your kid accidentally swallows it, then your life will be at the highest risk.

It is because of the less concentration that you can safely use the No.3 100 ml bottle at home. Apply it on damp strands for 10 minutes and then rinse it off, you will get excellent results for sure.

Which is better for colored hair Olaplex 2 or Olapex 3?

Both Olaplex 2 and Olaplex 3 work best on colored-treated hair and that is guaranteed! Moreover, they prevent having split ends and restore health in the manner as wished by you. The ingredients present in the reach to your hair last and deep layer and strengthen it as well. Your strands keep on being injected with enough proteins so that the color can last longer.

Which is suitable for aging hair Olaplex 2 or Olapex 3?

Experts and many customers have genuinely believed that both No 2 and 3 versions are suitable to be applied to aging hair texture. In fact, all of the Olaplex products are ideal for such a hair type. The regular use of these solutions will strengthen the inner structure and your strands will become smoother and 100% nourished and luxurious. No.2 and No.3 prevent breakages on older textured strands and stop them from becoming brittle.

Which gives quick results Olaplex 2 or Olapex 3?

Olaplex 2 gives quick results! Suppose you have a friend’s party coming on 29-04-2022 and you want to bring a rich look into your hair health, go with the No 2 treatment because it quickly gives the results. Though it is a time-taking process, results will be noticeable in one go. On the other hand, the no 3 procedure is ten minutes duration but to see the results, you have to frequently perform it.

Which is more concentrated Olaplex 2 or Olapex 3?

The no 2 treatment is more concentrated and chemical-based. As mentioned above, it is more of an in-salon treatment, which is why the solution is comparatively more concentrated. For the information, it shows a 12.5% concentration.  The no 3 procedure is diluted and not chemical-based. You should very carefully apply the no 2 solution and carry out the process under the supervision of a professional colorist.

Important things to keep in mind when applying the Olaplex 2 and 3

Below you can see the guide which conveys to you the right and very exact way of using Olaplex 2 and 3. These are important details and you must never forget them:

  • The no 2 treatment is the continuation of no 1 treatment.
  • Apply Olaplex 2 without rinsing your hair.
  • When you apply the color, Olaplex 1 is added as well.
  • And then no 2 treatment is passed through your color-treated strands.
  • Keep the No 3 solution for 15 minutes and not more than that.

If you will follow these tips, your lifeless and dull strands will get 100% shine. For hair who often pass themselves through the coloring process and if you frequently style and curl them, Olaplex is the one for you. It makes your strand’s texture silky, soft, and hydrating enough. They will certainly become easy to detangle.

It is assured that you will get surprising results and no lifeless-looking strands will be there. Whether your texture is thin or thick, long or short, curly, or straight texture, both of these no 2 and 3 treatments will work.

Your strands will become stronger and they will not get damaged because of the coloring process. The bonds, fibers, and cuticles get repaired from inside and outside and inject extra shine and so much smoothness. The damage will get reversed which your strands experienced because of the coloring process, heat, and sun exposure.


That is the end of the comparison on Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3! So, which treatment do you want to go for? We think that both of these treatments are effective and your hair will get a new life for sure.

We like to remind you again that the No 2 treatment is more concentrated, it can only be carried in the salon and you need technical knowledge and extensive expertise when applying the No 2 treatment. But the No 3 treatment can be processed at home.

The time has come to maintain and bring excessive strength, hydration, and shine into your strands. Whether you use the bond perfector treatment or the hair perfector treatment, a new life and so much shine will be gained by your strands.

In addition, both of these products are based on patented technology and dramatically and naturally improve the texture. Your strands pass through the real, organic, and structural repairing process. Thus, the strength, shine, structure, and softness factor of your strands will be maintained. So, when you will have Olaplex treatment? Feel free to pen down to us your stories and experiences.

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