Coloring Over Pink Hair | Complete Guide

The pink color looks the coolest on hair. But do you want to get some new shade? If yes, check out the guide on coloring over pink hair! and find the best answer to the most commonly asked question what color cancels out pink hair?

Yes, it is possible to color over pink hair by going with the shade options purple, violet, dark green, orange, or mahogany brown. You can either have the permanent or semi-permanent dye, the choice is up to you.

Below you can see more of the interesting details and for any ambiguity on coloring on pink hair, you can let us know:

Best Color to Cover Pink Hair According To The Experts

Best Color to Cover Pink Hair

Here you can see the best color options to cover pink hair that you can go! These are recommended by experts from Scotland. Overall, you will look more stylish in the chocolate and purple hues.

  1. Violet or Purple Hair Color plays a vital role
  2. Dark Green Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair
  3. Orange Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair
  4. Mahogany Brown Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair
  5. Brown 4 Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair
  6. Light brown 5 Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair

Even celebs like Kate Winslet have asked for these options and we hope that you will find this guide valuable and useful. You can now give it a new look to yourself. Instead of coloring your strands with a pinkish shade, again and again, you must choose a new shade now. The below-mentioned list includes both the traditional and fantasy shade options:

Violet or Purple Hair Color plays a vital role

Yes, you can cover your pinkish strands with a violet or purple hue. Trust us, you will look stunning, bold, and confident. This shade has always been in trend. It develops the perfect base and foundation and covers all of the pinkish pigments. The violet or purple shade has red tones in it and girls love to flaunt this color. If your birthday is coming up on 17-04-2022 and you want to look different, we suggest you pack your hair with purple pigment.

Dark green Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair

Lots of girls have tried covering their pinkish base with a dark green tone and they managed to get excellent and ideal results. For your information, on the color wheel, the opposite of red is green, that is why we have suggested this shade to you. Its application will neutralize and counterbalance the pinkish hues.

Orange Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair

If you want to make your strand’s color more vibrant, experts have recommended going with the orange hue. It instantly covers the pinkish hair base and brings the most attractive and appealing vibe into your whole look. We all know that the orange shade has a red base and it effortlessly neutralizes and covers the pinkish tone.

Mahogany Brown Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair

This one is the traditional color range that you have! It will make you look the most elegant of all. If you think that the color of your pink strands does not bring an X-factor to your personality, you can make it covered with the mahogany brown pigment. This shade comes with a red undertone too!

Brown 4 Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair

No doubt, it is a classic color which you can opt for! It has always been the talk of the town and one of the favorite colors among teenage girls. For those women who love experimenting with their hair color looks; we like them to try Brown 4 tone now and share with us your results as well.

Light brown 5 Hair Color to Cover Pink Hair

How about trying light brown 5? Yes, you can do that! If you have chosen this shade, remember that after some days, it will give you a blonde look and you will certainly look ravishing in it. So, if the current strand’s color is pastel or light pink, you can worry-freely pick up this tone and end up getting the lighter blondes.

Which kind of hair dye to pick when covering the pink hair?

what color cancels out pink hair

You might be wondering which kind of dye to choose if you have planned to cover your pinkish strands. Below you can see the details about them. You have two options, like; you can pick the permanent or semi-permanent dye:

Go with the semi-permanent dye if you have chosen fantasy colors

There are many reasons which push us to always use semi-permanent dyes.

  • First of all, they are ammonia-free and do not bring any damage.
  • If you have picked the fantasy color, it is suggested to use only this dye.
  • Those brands that make semi-permanent dyes have an extensive and vast variety of fantasy shades.
  • These dyes are free from chemicals and do not make your strands become dry, brittle, and weak.
  • In fact, these dyes have repair properties and are made of essential oils and organic ingredients.
  • These dyes tend to remain animal cruelty-free and the brands offer a wide range of color palette options.

Go with the permanent dye if you have chosen traditional colors

Now, you can see why picking up the permanent dye type is preferable and suitable:

  • Those girls who want to cover their pinkish hair with traditional colors, in this concern, have to use permanent dye.
  • These dyes have ammonia, but at the same time, they give long-lasting color and the shade does not fade away.
  • In addition, these dyes ensure and guarantee better color absorption.
  • While applying them, you have to use the developer so that the pigments get penetrated into the follicles properly.
  • In the permanent dye category, you can pick up the options like chestnuts or chocolate tones.

Tips & Tricks: How to Cover Up Pink Hair?

You must keep in mind these tips if you have finally made up your mind to cover and neutralize your pinkish shade with some other color. We are 100% sure that with these tips and hacks, you will get great results and a perfect shade will come on your hair:

  • It is always advisable to choose colors that come with red tones. They have the potential to cover the pink pigment with perfection and accuracy. For example, those colors have red tones, they include orange and purple or you can have burgundy, and mahogany.
  • Furthermore, brown seems to be the number one pick for ideally covering and counterbalancing the pink dye.
  • When changing the pinkish shade, you have to first completely remove it and then apply the new color.
  • If you will directly apply the dye to pink pigment, the wrong shade will come out.
  • You should never make the mistake of applying the green shade over the pinkish strands. In doing so, you will get a messy and gross color.
  • When applying the color, instead of performing this process on your own, go to the salon and seek services from a professional colorist.

How To Remove Pink Hair Dye?

For getting a new hair color, you have to remove this pinkish dye and the below written solutions can help you out. Note that removing the pink pigmentation is not at all a tough process. If the color looks intense, you might have to follow these hacks two to three times. However, if the pigmentation looks light, a single application of the hack is enough.

  1. You can use the dye remover. It will quickly take off the dye and you can easily apply the new color. Lots of color removers are available in the market, you need to pick the one which is safe to use.
  2. Moreover, you can go with the bleaching process so that the pink shade gets neutralized and a new pigment can be applied.
  3. You can make a paste of vitamin C tablets and apply it to your hair. This will speedily wash and fade away the pinkish pigment.
  4. In addition, you can use a color-stripping product. Make sure that you use a good-quality one that does not damage your strands and remove the shade safely.


That is all about the guidelines regarding coloring over pink hair! We like to tell you again that you can color or cover your pink hair with options like purple and chocolate tints. In addition, you can go with violet range, dark green, and the orangish hue of mahogany brown. Trust us; these are the best options that you can have.

If you can think of more shade options that can cover your pinkish strands, you can share that with us. We know that the pink color looks cooler and trendy, but if you have got tired of and are bored of keeping this shade on your hair, you can try out the above-mentioned shade ranges.

Moreover, it is recommended to use semi-permanent dye because it is less risky and does not damage the texture. Stay connected for more updates and share with us which shade you want to now experiment on your hair.

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