12 Color Oops Tips and Tricks From Experts

The time has arrived you are now going to see the new dazzling shade; you have now seen it but oh wait a minute! This is not what you had expected. To see or not to see, that is the question.

Worry not! In this article, we are going to guide you through and through to help you get rid of what you have just applied. Color Oops is the new sensation that helps you reverse the hair color. Not every tip and guideline is mentioned on the pack so here we are with tips to help you get the best result in no time, the very first time you use it. Drink in all the info!

The Color Oops is a hair product that can slowly shrink the color molecules, you wash them a couple of times and Boom! All the dye has reversed. The hair color remover, Color Oops, is a safe product. It can allow you to color on the very same day. It will condition your hair while you are waiting for it to do its magic, all that in 20 minutes only.

Don’t panic seeing that ugly shade. Drink some coffee. Sit back and relax!

Now follow the mentioned list of tips and tricks to discard that dye at the earliest.

Tip#1. Color Oops must not be applied to the wet hair.

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Yes, if you want to remove the color from your hair avoid applying Color Oops on wet hair. The mixture is to be applied to the dry hair. The molecules of water are already filling up your hair and if you apply the Color Oops at this time there will be no use. As a result, you will have to apply the formula one more time.

In order to cut color out of your hair, you need to apply the mixture to dry hair for the best results. As the diluted chemicals will behave uselessly, dry hair is, therefore, your best friend.

Tip#2. Avoid regular hair wash before applying Color Oops.

Dirty and greasy hair are fine, yes, they are fine. Not that it is recommended not to take a shower for two weeks but to not wash hair for at least two-three days. This will keep your natural oil locked in.

The color-treated hair is fragile. The more you moisturize them the more they will stay hydrated. In order to keep them moisturized try not to wash them before applying Color Oops. Washing hair every day is going to remove the natural oils from your locks making them dehydrated. This will cause you to apply moisturizers a gazillion times after removing your hair color.

48 to 72 hours of no washing is a fine gap before you apply Color Oops.

Tip#3. Buying an extra pack of Color Oops will save you time and money.

If you want to thoroughly get rid of the undesired shade you need to ensure you have enough Color Oops. You cannot apply the mixture and then realize that you have run out of it. In order to get the best effect, you need to apply it to the entire affected area.

If you have long hair you might need more amount of mixture. Better safe than sorry. Buy an extra pack (two packs will be fine) for one time. This will save you from the last-minute panic in the bath. This will give you the best result once you have applied the mixture peacefully.

On the other hand, if you run out of the mixture on the spot this will cause more damage to your hair and you will end up spending more amount of money to nullify the after-effects.

Tip#4. Pick Color Oops according to your hair tone.

To meet the demands of the customers Color Oops comes in two forms, extra strength, and extra conditioning.

These two types are for different types of hair.

Extra strength is for Black 1, Dark Brown 3, Brown 4, and red 6.6, whereas extra conditioning is for Light Brown 5, Orange 5.4, 6.4, or Dark Blonde 6. Choose according to your shade.

Remember that although the product is Ammonia and Bleach free the chemicals in Color Oops are extremely strong. In case your hair is dehydrated or weak avoid using Color Oops.

Tip#5. Massage your hair when you apply to equally spread the mixture.

This 360-degree shift is going to exhaust your hair. Therapy is not for damaged souls only but for your damaged hair as well. Massage your hair for better effects. This will equally spread the mixture on the scalp so that there is no part left undone.

Massage will definitely help your head relax easing away from the shade. Massage is harmless for the hair and would not have any side effects.

Tip#6. Color Oops must not be left on the hair for too long.

The Color Oops must be applied no longer than 20 minutes. The strong chemicals in the Color Oops can damage hair. The maximum time for application is always mentioned on the pack longer than that will be harmful to your hair.

After 20 minutes you need to completely rinse the hair so that there is no trace of chemicals left in the hair. You should wash the hair for at least 30 minutes this will completely rinse the chemical out.

Tip#7. Exposure to a cold draft is not good for good results.

Exposure to cold must be avoided. The more the cold the more the particles will work slowly. What you must do is wear plastic or probably a nylon cap once you apply the Color Oops. You can also put a mini towel around the cap so that there is no room for the air to enter.

This way there will be zero chance for cold air to react with the chemicals and hence the heat will be stored making its way into the hair for long-lasting effects. If protected, the chemical will work faster on hair.

Tip#8. When you wash your hair there should be no residual.

The smell of water means you will not smell anything. The chemicals in Color Oops have a strong smell. You need to entirely wash your hair till the point there is no more mixture in the hair. This will be done by running your fingers through the locks ensuring that all the pungent chemicals have been removed.

The smell is so strong that it lasts even after a few weeks which is because of the sulfur used in Color Oops. Rinse your hair with great water pressure and work through it for at least 30 minutes.

Tip#9. Re-coloring should be done after a while, not straight away.

Now after a few tries, the color might be removed but when to apply a new color? The pack might say that you can apply a new color but hold on!

The product is fully chemicals and no natural elements are used in it. If you want to protect your hair you need to give them some time.

The fresh color is going to take a few attempts of Color Oops till it is completely reversed. The color that has gone milder will not take a lot of attempts. In both cases the hair must rest, they must be moisturized a few times, and be made ready before you introduce more chemicals by re-coloring them. The more you let your hair relax the lesser the chance of damage. Waiting is better than regretting!

Also, it is recommended that you must not use any sort of hair product for at least three days after this venture.

Tip#10. Semi-permanent hair dye must be used after Color Oops.

Permanent hair dyes have ammonia in them. After your hair went through a huge process there is a bigger chance of them being damaged.

If you want to re-color your hair you must use semi-permanent hair dyes. This will be a good decision as the semi-permanent dyes have no ammonia in them and they are applied without the developers.

In case you have to dye your hair immediately you must not go for permanent hair chemicals. Do not worry, the semi-permanent hair dye will survive on your hair after many washes too, giving you enough time to let your hair heal.

Tip#11. Apply a moisturizer to let your hair stay hydrated.

Moisture is the key! The tiring process of reversal of color definitely exhausts your hair and therefore the hair must look bushy and dehydrated. To protect your hair you must apply any oils (argan, coconut, or almond oil). The oiling is the best source of moisturizing your hair and scalp after Color Oops.

You must avoid washing your hair every day. Moisturizing masks for hair are another great option for you after the Color Oops.


The Color Oops is a great product when you want to undo the unwanted and dislike shades of hair dye. The product must be used very carefully. The article is full of tips and suggestions so chug up! The hair must not be colored after using the Color Oops straight away. Your hair must be well-rested before the application so that there is no chance of damage. Color Oops is ammonia-free and has no bleach in it, and has two types in the range. This product must not be used on weak hair.

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