Can You Wash Your Hair With Dove Body Wash? | Complete Guide

You might be wondering and thinking can you wash your hair with dove body wash! So, the answer is yes! you can use dove body wash to wash your hair because it would not break up the dirt as well. There is no harm in washing your hair with dove body wash but you should not frequently opt for this practice.

We know that this practice is not at all against the law, but cleaning your hair other than using shampoo may bring negative results in the future times.

You may have spotted lots of people who use body wash to wash their hair and shampoos to clean their bodies. They opt for this vice versa routine and that is quite hilarious looking. You should only use the dove body wash on your hair if you are in an emergency and could not find the shampoo bottle.

It is true that lots of alternatives have arrived in the market that pushes the user to wash their hair with some other products. Like we have body wash alternatives, dry shampoo, and many more others!

Most importantly, the frequent use of dove body wash may leave a buildup on your hair and they will end up becoming dry and rough. So, avoid this hair washing practice on a frequent basis.

Below you can see more of the details on whether it is fine to use dove body wash right on your hair. For more details on the hair washing routine, keep tuned with us:

Can You Use Dove Body Wash as Shampoo?

Can You Use Dove Body Wash as Shampoo?

We have already mentioned to you that you can apply this dove body wash as shampoo on your hair. Most noteworthy, the products made and manufactured by Dove work in a great manner for preventing the problems like that of dandruff. In addition, if you have a dry scalp and it is not producing enough oil or sebum, then try using Dove products and see the great results.

Lots of hair experts from countries like Canada have ensured that you can use dove body wash in the form of shampoo. It is a clear-cut point that shampoos are not body washes and body washes are not shampoos, but both of them come in the form of viscous gels. You can use both of them either to wash your hair or your body.

For the information, dove body washes and regular shampoos are composed of molecules named surfactants. These molecules attach themselves with the sweat and dirt stuck on your body and hair and end up giving them a properly cleaned look.

You also need to remember that the manufacturing of shampoo is done on the stronger notes as compared to body washes. It means that body washes are more mild and gentle to use as compared to shampoos.

But it is expected from you not to use Dove body wash each day to wash your hair. You should just embrace this practice on the day when you do not have shampoo and no choice left in your hands.

How Dove Body Wash and Shampoo Is Similar?

There are lots of celebs out there who use dove body washes for washing their hair. Like, we have Natalie Portman and other celebs that have backed this concept there is no harm in using body washes on hair. Though both of these products run on a similar formulation, the only difference is that shampoo washes your hair on the perfect notes and body wash does not remove the complete grease stuck in your hair.

The usage of dove body washes on hair will not make them instantly damaged or will not make your scalp dry and rough, but avoid pursuing this practice for a long time. The regular use of body wash on hair will eventually make them weaker and nothing worse than that.

Apart from using a body wash, some people like to wash their hair with Dove soap. They do so because they do not like the concept of liquid shampoos that is why they prefer using dove soaps to wash and clean their hair. But this is not a healthy practice to do because soaps of all kinds, in the end, make your hair drier and tougher and dull looking.

If you still want to wash your hair with soap, then it is recommended to use the conditioning soap in this regard. Such soap has become a preferable choice for a hair washing routine. In addition, markets are now filled with a rich variety of cleansing soap bars that people like to use for washing their hair.

Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Using a Dove Body Wash As a Shampoo

Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Using a Dove Body Wash As a Shampoo

Below you can have a look at the important features that help you understand what the difference between dove body wash and shampoo is:

Dove Body Wash and Shampoo Carry a Different pH Level

First of all, dove body wash and shampoo- both of them contain and compose of different pH scales. It is generally and evidently believed that the pH of dove body wash or any regular kind of body wash is 5 or 6.5. On the other hand, shampoos are packed and infused with a different pH scale. They have 4 to 6 pH.

Shampoos are formulated according to your scalp and if you use body wash on your hair, you might spot an imbalance. Because of this imbalance, your scalp health will get affected. Thus, you should not be regularly and frequently using body wash as shampoo. This is suggested because you may end up getting lots of issues like dandruff and sensitive scalp.

Dove Body Washes are Way Far Milder And Less In Cleansing Strength Than Shampoos

If you are planning to use body wash on your hair, then keep in mind that it is going to be way far milder and gentle than shampoo. Furthermore, you will not experience that much cleansing effect likewise delivered by a high-end shampoo, Let me also share you video from Youtube:

So, the cleansing strength of dove body wash is less and it is advised to always wash your hair with shampoo. In addition, it gets tough for the body washes to remove the trapped dirt and grease in your hair. Your scalp will fail to get the stronger as well as an effective cleansing experience.

Dove Body Washes Have Glycerin That is Not Present In Shampoos

Dove Body Washes Have Glycerin That is Not Present In Shampoos

The next important factor is that dove body washes have glycerin and this ingredient is present on the rare terms in shampoos. Or you can say that glycerin is not present in most of the shampoos. On the other hand, shampoos have silicone to bring shine to your hair and silicone element lacks in the body washes. Still, there are reasons that let you agree to discontinue the use of shampoo.

Even if you wash your hair with dove body wash, there will be no shine because of the absence of silicone. In shampoos, we even spot detangling ingredients, like that of cetrimonium chloride as well as cetrimonium methosulfate, and these ingredients are lack in the body washes. Thus, in the case of an emergency, you can use dove body shop and avoid using it regularly. Like if you have washed your hair on 15-09-2021, then take two weeks gap and then wash it with the same body wash.

Body Washes May Strip And Remove Necessary Oils From Your Hair

Lastly, body washes may remove necessary oils from your hair. That is why it is not advised to wash and clean your hair with such products. Most importantly, these body washes are made in a way to remove excess oil from your body. If you use the same product on your hair, then all necessary natural oils will be washed away from your hair. Moreover, body washes may make your hair frizzy and drier.

Alternatives If You Do Not Want to Use Shampoo For Washing Your Hair

  • You can use a dry shampoo if you do not want to wash your hair with a regular shampoo. Lots of high-quality dry shampoos have arrived on the market; you can pick any of them and wash your hair with them! The main purpose of using dry shampoos is to cleanse your scalp on the best notes.
  • The second alternative available for you is to use apple cider vinegar for washing your hair. In this regard, you only have to rinse your hair with this item. Take a bottle of apple cider vinegar and add a teaspoon of it right there in 1 liter of water. This washing practice will bring more and 100% shine to your hair.
  • In addition, you can wash your hair with India soapberry or you might call it with the name of reetha. We have seen that Reetha or Indian soapberry has come out as a natural hair cleanser. It is from any local Ayurveda store that you can buy these products. Take 20-25 berries, remove their seeds and toss them right away in a saucepan. After that, you have to add 200 ml water. Prepare the mixture and allow it to boil until and unless the mixture comes in half proportion. Now, you can squash the berries and make sure to strain the water. ┬áSimply wash your hair with this water.

Hair Care Suggestions to Follow If You Have Used a Dove Body Wash as a Shampoo

Hair Care Suggestions to Follow If You Have Used a Dove Body Wash as a Shampoo

So, if you have used dove body wash on your hair, then there are certain hair care tips that you have to follow:

  • Upon using a dove body wash, you have to use a conditioner and that is the most hair care tip that you have to follow.
  • If you do not have a conditioner at that moment, then it is recommended to apply two drops of argan oil or coconut oil to your hair.
  • On washing your hair with dove body wash, you should apply a serum later on. In this manner, your hair will look shiny.
  • In addition, it is suggested to blow dry your hair completely on cool settings if you washed them with a dove body wash.
  • Once your hair gets dry, do detangle them by using a good-quality hairbrush.
  • If you think that there is a need to apply another coating of argan oil serum, feel free to do that in the situation if you have washed your hair with the body wash.

Can You Wash Your Hair With Soap?

You can wash your hair with soap but avoid following this practice regularly. The usage of soap on hair scalp makes it dry and rough, so avoid the use of soap while washing your hair. In addition, soap makes your hair a little bit waxy which is why its use is not recommended on hair.

Can I Use Dettol Soap To Wash My Hair?

It is not a wise idea to use Dettol soap to wash your hair. The frequent and regular use of Dettol soap will give you hair loss. So, avoid using it! Those people who use Dettol soap might result in the loss of hair from the front and crown sides of your scalp.


Now, you have got the simple answer on can you wash your hair with dove body wash! You can follow this practice once or twice a week but not more than that. Furthermore, body washes do not properly wash and cleanse your hair. They do not remove all dirt and grease from your hair. If you have an emergency and running short of shampoo, then you can use body wash but avoid opting for it as a permanent practice.

In addition, body washes lack the ingredients that bring shine to your hair. Their regular use makes your hair dull and dry. Moreover, the pH scale of body washes is different and their formulation is not meant to cleanse your scalp.

If you think that the use and formulation of body washes and shampoos are different, then you are wrong, Body washes are meant to cleanse and wash your body, and shampoos are meant to wash your hair. It is better to keep a shampoo bottle in your closet or bag during emergency times so that you might not feel the need to wash your hair with body wash.

Stay tuned with us as more details on body washes and shampoos are yet to come sooner. You can let us know if you have ever used a body wash as a shampoo, share your experience on this webpage.

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