Can you Use Toner Without Developer?

Have you ever thought about using toner without a developer? Do you want to know if it is possible to use toner without a developer? Well, its simple answer is “NO”. Not at all! Toner is completely useless without a toner. You won’t be able to achieve the desired results if you are applying toner without using the developer.

The developer plays a major role in letting the colorings to get stick over the hair fiber accurately and for a long-lasting duration. We all know toner as the hair care product which is responsible for fine-tuning the hair shade. You can also use it after the bleaching or the hair die session to add a refreshing hair color feel and bring extra shine.

Imagine for a second that you did blonde bleach for your hair and it turned into a coloring of baby-duck yellow. What will you do? This is the moment when you have to apply the violet shade with the 20 volume developer. In this way, you can easily balance the baby duck yellow shade with the platinum blonde.

Right through this guide, we will have a detailed discussion about what will happen if you use toner without a developer and what else you can use if not a developer.

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What Happens If you Use Toner Without a Developer?

What Happens If you Use Toner Without a Developer?

In a few cases, you can consider using toner without a developer, but the results will be different on your hair. Thus, it won’t be displaying permanent results which you probably get from the permanent hair dye. The coloring pigment cannot easily make its way into hair shafts which won’t be bringing accurate hair color results.

It would be so much disappointing to see the end results which might appear splotchy and will wash out very quickly. So what is the purpose of putting so much effort, when you are unable to get the desired results?

Can I Use a Conditioner Instead of the Developer?

No! Not at all! It won’t be showing you the results which you have been dreaming of for a long time. Hair dye and toners are always in the need of developers to bond themselves chemically with the hair. Using the conditioner will eventually thin out the toner and never allow the certain chemical reaction which you are wanting for.

In order to counteract the yellow shade on blonde hair coloring, you should go for the purple shampoo.

Using the developer will open up the cuticles and simply extract the pigment molecules before it simply adds to the hair color. In the semi-permanent hair color, there is no need to use a developer. You can mix the toner with the condition at any time. It will stain the hair shaft’s outer portion and does not replace or extract any of the molecules. This is the main reason that it will fade out so easily and quickly and will let your hair look healthy/shiny.

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What Can I Use Instead of the Developer?

What Can I Use Instead of the Developer?

First of all, let me make it clear that there is no replacement of developer product due to certain ideal reasons. If still, you want a replacement, it means that you are yourself wanting less satisfying results on your hair.

Hence, if you are not having a developer to use with the hair dye, you can opt for the commercial hydrogen peroxide which is found in liquid form for replacing the cream developer.

Getting cream hair developer from a store is the reliable and safest option due to its regulated and stable nature. But this does not mean that you cannot use the industry hydrogen peroxide. The only problem that comes your way is the measurement. It should have a maximum of 12% concentration otherwise it can burn your hair.

Apart from that, you can opt for the basic hydrogen peroxide liquid.

Another best alternative is the chemical oxidizers. Although different other options are also available. But you need to look for the one which is the stable one. Oxidizers can show similar results to the developers. It can activate with the bleach which is then combined with the melanin causing the hair to break into minor ‘colorless’ molecules.

Thus, an oxidizer is the last and safest option to consider other than hydrogen peroxide. Some people can even look for hair dyes that do not require a developer. This includes the:

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Plant-Based Colors

These plant-based dyes are generally originating from planks including indigo, henna, chamomile, tea, red wine, or walnut. You will find them to be the safest ones where they do not need any alkaline agents for activation. Just mix up the plant ingredient with mild/hot water and form a thick paste. Leave it on your hair for at least one hour.

Semi-Permanent Colors

Semi-permanent colors are the one which does not require the developers. All you have to do is to mix the specific colors and apply them to your hair. No substitutes or oxidative processes are needed.

Demi-Permanent Colors

Demi-permanent is the combination of semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes. Demi-permanent colors are based on the mixture of developed direct pigments as well as developed para-hair colors. These hair color precursors are the oxidative ones and need to react with the oxygen for proper development.

Can I Use a Toner With 30-Developer?

Can I Use a Toner With 30-Developer?

It is always the best recommendation to go for the 20 Volume-developer with the Ugly Duckling toners. They should be mixed in the balanced ratio of 1 part toner with the 2 parts developer. This combination ratio will allow you to open an extra hair cuticle and exclude the maximum unwanted yellow. It will bring a feel of extra shine and long-lasting vibrancy into the hair coloring.

You can only use 10 Volume-developer when you are about to lighten the hair to pale yellow. It is known as level 10. If this is not your choice, then stick to the 20 Vol.

Some of the ladies even go for the option of 30-volume as well. Using 30-volume for lightening the strength of hair is not a great option at all. It results in a strong chemical reaction that can cause burns and scratches on your scalp. Nevertheless, 30 volume developers are best to use if you have dark hair. For the natural and lighter hair texture, 10 and 20 are recommended.

Can I Use Ion Creme Toner Without a Developer?

For toning, you have to mix 1 oz of the ion Color Brilliance Bright White Crème Toners with the 2 oz of 10 Volume ion Color Brilliance Sensitive Scalp Crème Developer. Its processing time is almost 14-15 minutes.

For an extra enhanced look and shine, you can mix 1 oz For toning mix 1 oz of the ion Color Brilliance Bright White Crème Toners with the 1 oz of 10 Volume ion Color Brilliance Sensitive Scalp Crème Developer. Its suggested processing time is almost 25-30 minutes. In order to see if you receive the desired results or not, you can perform patch testing to figure out if the product is safe for you or not.

Note: Apply the mixture immediately after you have mixed the pre-lightened hair. Process it for a maximum of 25 minutes on the basis of the desired intensity of color and its emulsify with water.  Read the product packaging carefully to get an idea about the instructions, directions, or warnings for safe use.

What are the Different Levels of Developers & What Does it Really Mean?

What are the Different Levels of Developers & What Does it Really Mean?

A hair developer is categorized into different levels on the basis of its oxidizing potential. Most of the hair color formulas are working with the volume developer within the levels of 10, 20, 30 or 40. Let’s discuss each one of those levels in the below portion:

10 volume

First, we have 10 volume-developers which is known to be the standard oxidizing level for the permanent and no-life hair color. This level is best to use during the time when you are about to add a tint or the color tone into your hair of a similar lightness ratio. It will also open up the layer of the hair cuticle and let the color molecules fully penetrate.

20 volume

Similar to Volume 10, 20 volume level is also responsible for opening the hair cuticle. But the major difference is that 20-volume will lift up the hair by 1-2 levels which is not possible in 10volume. For the 60% gray hair, using a 20 volume developer is the best option to consider for having a successful 100% gray coverage and that too with the long-lasting results.

30 volume

30 volume developer has similar results to show like the 20 volume. But it can also lighten up the original hair color to 2-3 levels. It can show desirable results when the color is two levels lighter in comparison to the original color. Always go with the 30 volume developer if you want something which is stronger for the deeper and lighter color.

40 volume

Last comes the 40 volume developer which is the strongest one to consider. It has a high potential for producing some significant changes. Thus, it has the power to smoothly lift up the hair color to four shades. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use it for the blonde shade.

In addition, 40 volume developer is also excellent to use for achieving medium to some dark blonde tone. Using it with bleach will bring some superb results. But make sure you use it with care so it won’t bring any adverse effects on your hair scalp.

How you Can Mix Hair Dye & Developer?

To accurately mix hair dye with the developer, follow the below mentioned carefully:

Step 1

Figure out the developer to the dye ratio. It needs to be 1 part of the hair color for the 2 parts of the developer. Be careful when it comes to mixing the dye and developer together because they should be in equal ratios to get the best results.

Step 2

Start applying that formed mixture on the hair as it is instructed. It depends on you if you want to fully dye your hair or perform a few highlights or strands. Start sectioning your hair and apply the mixture accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Question # 01: Which developer is best for hair toner?

Answer: You can make use of a 10 volume developer to lift up the hair and allow minimal yellow to be left behind. But you can also choose 20 volume developers as the best option. It will add the hair color with the excellent release of certain yellow pigmentations and add a better toning.

Question # 02: In what quantity you should use toner on your hair?

Answer: With the 20 volume developer, you have to mix 1 part toner with the ratio of 2 parts developer. This eventually opens the hair cuticles and helps you to achieve long-lasting and vibrant results. 10 volume developer is effective to use when you are considering having a lighter hair tone such as pale yellow.

Question # 03: Is it possible to use hair toner once you have bleached the hair?

Answer: There are some toners that you can use even after so many days of hair bleaching. To get desired shades, make sure you do bleach the hair at least twice times a week.

Question # 04: How can you tone the hair with permanent toners?

Answer: In order to use such kinds of toners, you have to apply the color by giving your hair section partitions. For an easier application, separate your hair into four different quadrants and part it down towards the forehead.

Question # 05: What developer you can use for having red tones on brunette hair?

Answer: For including red tones on brunette hair, you can go for the regular red hair dye based on 20 volume developers. This is how you can achieve dark red results on the dark hair color or can even get auburn or mahogany tones on your lighter hair shade.

Question # 06: Can you easily tone gray hair?

Answer: If you want to showcase your grey, then choosing a silver hair tone is the best option. The addition of blue pigment is also part of it for neutralizing the yellow undertones. Hairstylists can often cut down the color pigment over each application by easing the all-grey look due to the silver toner for your hair.

Question # 07: What Happens If I Put Too Little Developer in The Dye?

Answer: If you are putting little developer in your dye, your mixture will get too much dry and it gets complex for you to get saturated with the hair properly. Thus, it will also cause the results of patchy or uneven coloring. And it will never lift the hair’s natural melanin.

Final Verdict

To end with this discussion, we are sure that it will be crystal clear for you to understand the importance of using a developer with toner to get great results. It brings a consistency in your hair color which stays for a long-lasting duration by displaying an extra shine. Developers often have a cuticle-opening action for removing the natural hair color with ease.

We have also explained to you a few major pinpoints that you need to keep in mind for choosing a suitable developer for your hair color. Follow the guidelines carefully and have a superb hair color!

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