Can You Use Expired Coconut Oil On Hair?

Coconut oil has been used for centuries back and is still being used in different ways. Its use is as old back as 4000 years ago and was originally used in Central America, South America, and the Indian subcontinent. Most women use it for the sake of getting their hair nourished and healthy. It has a great aroma and beautiful white milky color.

Coconut oil is used in its original virgin form and also in processed form. Te estimated processes coconut oil has a life of two years. On the other hand virgin coconut that in its unrefined form has 5 years of its expiry.

Can you use expired coconut oil on your hair? The answer is Simple Yes! you can use expired coconut oil even after months and years if it is stored properly. This is the main topic I am going to discuss as I have heard many people asking the same question. The answer to this very question can be “yes”. But before using expired coconut oil, we must have to make it confirm that it does not smell bad. We should have read the label of the expiry date mentioned on the coconut oil bottle. It will help us a lot to avoid any hair damage. We know coconut oil contains fatty acids and if it has gone rotten, it can be damaging to our hair.

Make Sure That Your Coconut Oil Can Still Be Used

Make Sure That Your Coconut Oil Can Still Be Used

It is an obvious fact that coconut is one of those best oils that has multipurpose advantages. It is not only used for hair moisturizing but also is used as edible oil. It is rich in minerals and fatty acids. It is the combination of MCT fatty acids that are quite saturated to make your hair rich and moisturized.

But with all these qualities, there are still chances for coconut oil to get rancid and bad to use. We must be quite careful to make it being rancid and unable to use. But it is intereseted to know that coconut oil does not remove hair dye.

If we only rely on the expiry date of our coconut bottle, then we are going to waste the rest of the oil as it remains quite fresh for months after passing its expiry date. It can still give you the best conditioning results. But before getting your hair intact with these bottled coconut oils, you must check the signs of turning it bad. Certain signs will make you able to recognize whether your coconut is still be used or not. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Yellowish Color

We know that coconut oil whether virgin or processes has a great milky white color. It looks quite like butter when it is in solid form. But if it starts to change its color from white to yellowish or brownish tint, it has started to get rot. We must instantly stop the use of such coconut oil with a yellowish color. It can damage our hair instead of benefitting it.

The whole container of coconut oil doesn’t need to turn yellow. You can find the specks or small spots in yellow. It is enough to tell you that you should dispose of the remaining oil off.

Ugly Smell

Coconut has a natural aroma that is too sweet and gentle. It is liked by many people just because of its outstanding natural aroma. But when your coconut oil bottle starts to give an odd add and pungent smell, it means it is not able to be used further. You have to change your oil at once as it can cause harm to your hair. Always be conscious of this smell sign, it will tell you the recent state of your coconut oil.

Bad Taste

Similarly, another most important and noteworthy thing is the smell of your coconut oil that changes to a bad flavor. Sometimes it happens that the smell and color of your oil remain the same but when you try to taste it, it has a butter flavor. We know that coconut oil is too good in flavor that it can be eaten whether it is hair oil. But if you find its sweet taste changes to a bad one, remove it from your shelf as it is a clear sign of its being rancid.

Chunky Bits Appear On It

Coconut oil has a great consistency and creamy look. Its white buttery paste is quite smooth and soft. But finding some kind of chunky on the surface of your oil, consider it as stale. These chunky bits are solid proof of your coconut oil’s bad condition. Avoid using oil with this condition that instead of making your hair moisturized, it can destroy them.

Mold’s Appearance

The change of color does not mean that your container instantly turns yellowish. But sometimes molds of greenish or blackish color can produce on its upper layer. The formation of molds is straightforward evidence that your coconut hair oil is of no avail now. You can throw it in your trash bin so that no one can use it mistakenly.

How to Use Coconut Oil to Make Your Hair Grow?

How to Use Coconut Oil to Make Your Hair Grow?

The question that whether you can use expired coconut oil on hair needs to be explained. The use of coconut oil is equally very common in cooking as well as a hair moisturizer. People with thick, rough, and unmanageable hair use it mostly to manage their hair. Many celebrities like Rihanna uses coconut oil to get their hair conditioned.

It is guaranteed that coconut oil has long shelf life from a minimum of 24 months to 36 months. It can be a bit less or more. But we should do something tricky to make our coconut hair oil stay safe and fresh more. We know that coconut is rich in fatty acids that after some time can be the cause of its being rotten. The antimicrobial properties make coconut oil stay fresh for a long period. But a time comes when the lack of care or other reasons make it soiled.

Every bottle or jar we buy from the market is big enough to be used for a long time. We can’t have excess use to finish it before its expiry date. Many people who have porosity hair use it for a little time and then wash it. Some people use it by mixing it with other virgin oils like olive, jojoba, and almond oil. So the chances are very low that we can use the coconut oil to its end. This is why we should know the ways and tricks to increase its shelf life that it may not get spoiled or rancid. I will tell you some of the tips here.

Store Coconut Oil in Cool Dark Place

All virgin or processed oils that can be used to eat need to store in some cool and dark places. Coconut oil is one of them. It should be stored in a dry and cool place where no sunlight can reach. We should avoid storing coconut oil in the kitchen or near heat. If we do so, the shelf life of coconut oil can lessen.

It Is Best to Store Your Coconut Oil In Refrigerator

If we want to increase the life of our coconut oil, we should place it in a refrigerator. A refrigerator is the best place where our coconut oil will remain solid and safe. If we can’t keep it in our fridge, then we can put it in the pantry. Try to put it in a pantry away from the heat of the sun and stove. Both things are an enemy to your coconut hair oil.

Provide Consistent Temperature To Your Coconut Oil Container

Provide Consistent Temperature To Your Coconut Oil Container

If you want to use your coconut oil after the written expiry date, you have to care about it. Make a permanent place where you are going to put your oil. Fluctuation of temperature can cause the formation of molds in it. If you have made its place in the refrigerator, then keep putting it there always. But if you have kept it in the pantry, don’t replace it anywhere. Otherwise, you can’t get its benefits for long.

Use Sealed Jars or Sealing Containers

Normally coconut oil has a large bottle. Once the bottle is opened, its seals are broken. We should buy a sealed container or jar to keep our oil in it. It will make our coconut oil away from the exposure of air and dust. This is a great strategy to keep your hair oil safe from being rancid or stale.

Use Dry and Clean Utensils to Avoid Molds

One of the most important tips to use your coconut oil as long as possible is to avoid using a wet or unclean spoon or bowl. If you are a consistent coconut oil user, make its separate spoons that remain dry and clean. A small droop of moisture can help molds to get active and destroy your hair care routine. So be careful in the use of any utensil.

Don’t Remove the Lid for Long

Sometimes we don’t care for keeping oil bottles or jars that much as they need to be. We carelessly put the lid away and keep the jar open for some time. It is an open invitation to the microbes and viruses to reside in your coconut oil. It will be the cause of its short life span. So we have to make it our habit to put the lid on instantly after using coconut oil. It will increase our oil’s life.

Reason That Makes Coconut Oil Usable After Being Expired

We must be aware of the fact that makes coconut oil usable after its expiry date. We know processed coconut oil has two years of shelf life while virgin oil can go almost 5 years of freshness. It is all because of the bonds it makes between the most saturated fatty acids and the lowest saturated fatty acids. Both form a strong relationship that doesn’t allow any oxidation. When the fats are not oxidized, the oil remains fresh for a long time.

This is the chemical reaction that takes place inside the coconut oil but the above-mentioned outer reasons support it to stay good for a long time as compared to other organic fruit oils.

What Are the Bad Side Effects of Coconut Oil?

What Are the Bad Side Effects of Coconut Oil?

The first and foremost thing everyone should make clear is that coconut oil is an organic fruit oil and it is rich in fatty acid chains. It can stay fresh longer and can be eaten as well. Even we can do some tips and methods to increase its shelf life.

But one thing that is most important about coconut oil is its saturated fatty acids. There is a strong relation between saturated and unsaturated fats that makes it work long. But if these fats may have to face any heat or moisture, they react instantly and lead it to spoil. So we have to be very careful about its use. If we think that our coconut is being rancid, we should avoid its application at any place including the scalp. If we do continue a bad coconut oil use, it can be the cause of many severe diseases as:

  • The use of bad coconut oil can cause you headache s the acids penetrate your skin and sometimes slows down the blood flow
  • Sometimes continuous use of rancid coconut oil will cause nausea and dizziness. The issue can get severe if you don’t go consult a doctor. It happens due to the acid reaction that takes place inside your skin.
  • The worse most effect a bad oil can do is to destroy your DNA cells too badly that it can cause malicious growth of your body even it can have bad effects in your off-springs
  • If we use spoiled coconut oil on our scalp. It can make our hair rough and dry. It will make your hair moisturized and hydrated, but the acid activity that has started in it due to the expiration makes your hair roots dry. It snatches its moisture and leads your hair to dry and rough

Is There Any Possibility of Falling Hair by Using Expire Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for dull and dry hair.

  • But it can be a little harmful to the hair with high porosity. We know that coconut oil is a thick and concentrated medium of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid chains. That is why our hair with high porosity absorbs it and gets it penetrated. That is why it becomes difficult for us to wash it out. As a result, our hair becomes thin and dry.
  • Another thing is the presence of lauric acid in coconut oil, it makes your hair less inflammatory and when you brush your hair, it readily falls out.
  • If your hair is thin and silky, you can’t use coconut oil excessively. If you continue the use of coconut oil on your silky thin hair, it can snatch the shine and can make them thinner as you can’t wash its heavy radicals out of your hair.

Can You Use Coconut Oil In Winter Season?

We have discussed earlier in the article that coconut has diversified benefits. It can not only be used for hair but can be applied on the skin for skin treatment. We use coconut oil in cooking too. It is an amazing agent to fight dryness and dandruff. This reason makes it a more appealing oil in winters.

We can use coconut oil in winter to control dryness and rough texture of hair that is most probably due to lack of washing hair. The inner oils that our hair excretes out make sour hair rough and lifeless. That is why we can try coconut oil in winters for deep conditioning. Its thickness and creamy formulation make your hair smooth.

But be careful in using coconut oil in winter guys! The reason for it is its thickness and high consistency that can make your hair more sleek and thin if used more than twice a week. It is my precious advice for all of the readers that you should use coconut at decent intervals. It will give your hair the desired nourishment and conditioning in the dryness of winters.

Can I Use Expired Coconut Oil For Cooking?

We know that coconut oil is enriched fruit oil. It has the capacity of being used in multidimensional areas as cooking, baking, skin treatments, and hair conditioning. But what if it becomes expired? This question is getting repeated rapidly. The reason for it is that coconut oil is always in a reasonable quantity and can’t get finish within the mentioned expired date.

Can expired coconut oil be used as cooking oil? Will, it does not harm the human digestive system? The answer to these questions is ‘yes”. We can use expired oil in cooking but not when it starts to give a smell and changes color. If we become stubborn and do not pay attention to its being rancid, it becomes poisonous and can badly damage our immunity system. The fatty acids become ignited and harm our health. So we must be careful while trying to use an expired coconut oil container.

Can We Use The Combination Of Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, And Olive Oil?

So Guys! If we want something extraordinary and quick responding with coconut, we can make its mixture with that of olive and castor oil. This combination is too classic and the best that has been used for centuries. Some people think that old things are not applicable now as it is difficult to find virgin and unprocessed oil. But it’s not true. We can still get the best of all these high consistency oils by combining them.

But make sure not to use this mixture on the scalp. This is too thick for any kind of scalp. We should use it on the middle and tips of our hair. It will automatically get the benefits till the roots. The ratio of these oils is 80:10:10 out of 100. Coconut oil whether fresh or expired can be used in this combination as it can survive for long. But both castor and olive oil should be used within their expiry dates. It will benefit your hair a lot.


All the above-mentioned points show that it is not risky to use expired coconut oil on our hair. The use of coconut oil is diverse. It is a great combination of fatty acid chains. Its formation makes it suitable for cooking, baking, massaging, and cleansing. The question we are asked “can you use expired coconut oil on hair?” is not difficult to answer. We can reply to it in a “yes”. But we have to care about many things while we are trying to use expired coconut oil.

We should have to check color, smell, and taste before using expired coconut oil. If it has a bad smell or taste, we should instantly trash it up. Similarly, when we find the coconut oil has spotting or color changes, it means it is not able to use on hair anymore.

Coconut oil is a blessing for us as we can get its benefits at any age and any time of year whether it is winter or summer, hot or cold. The thing we should do carefully is its preservation. We have to preserve it in a cool dark place so that it may not get rancid or spoiled. We must save it from heat or sunshine to increase its shelf life.

So we can acquire full advantages of coconut oil whether it is fresh or expired. The thing we need to do is to check its rancidity with certain signs. By doing so, we can save ourselves from various diseases and skin issues.

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