Can You Sleep With Olaplex 3 In Your Hair?

A brand new sensation and the dream product of every woman with damaged and dull hair, Olaplex 3, is bagging new fans day by day. Because of best reviews and popular demand this product is being sold by leaps and bounds.

If you are wondering if you Can you sleep with Olaplex 3 in your hair? then the answer is yes you can. The product starts working right when you apply and the longer you keep it on the better will be the effect. The product is harmless to hair hence you can leave it overnight. Although the efficacy will be stopped once your hair is dry, it will have no side effects at all.

Olaplex 3 is a hair treatment product that repairs damaged hair by strengthening them visibly and reducing the breakage. Remember that it’s not a conditioner, but a treatment.  You can do the magic-using Olaplex 3 at home. The product is wonderful and simple to use. It especially works best for colored hair. In this article you will have a clear image of dos and donts of Olaplex 3. Chug in all the information and get ready to use it!

How long does olaplex 3 take to work?

how long does olaplex 3 take to work

Is Olaplex 3 a product that works faster? Yes, in less than 10 minutes you will see the product will start to work its magic. and its max efficiency is 30-45 minutes, Olaplex 3 is an esteemed product and that is because it actually works, that too really fast. For all types of hair, this treatment is equally effective.

Get stunning smooth hair in 10 minutes’ time with the easy-to-use Olaplex 3. The flawless hair texture can be achieved in no time. The best part is that you can do it all at your own home without any fuss in no time. No more bushy hair.

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How to apply Olaplex 3? Step By Step Guide

You cannot wait to try Olaplex 3? Do you want to jump on the bandwagon? Neither can we wait to guide you for it!

Olaplex 3 is an effective treatment and is very effortless to use. The customers are loving it as they can use and treat their home at home. These 3 easiest steps will make you fall in love with your hair again. Get ready!

Step 1.

Wash your hair as you do regularly with a normal shampoo. The hair and scalp need to be clean and there should be no product or oil applied. Wash your hair and let them dry to the point they aren’t soaking wet. This will prevent the product to dilute when you apply it.

Step 2.

Apply Olaplex 3 generously and make sure no area is left undone. You can comb your hair gently to make sure each of your hair gets that solid treatment. Next, trust Olaplex 3and let it work its magic. The product will start the repair right after 10 minutes.

Depending on the condition of the hair you must leave it accordingly. This product is harmless you can leave it till you feel like it. Keep it on longer for frizzy and lifeless hair.

Step 3.

After a good half, an hour or so wash your hair making sure you wash Olaplex 3 completely off. The fun has just begun and now you will finally be able to cherish this rebirth of your locks. It is recommended to use conditioner after shampooing for most perfect results. Then you are free to flaunt those smooth hair.

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Can Olaplex 3 damage the hair?

If you are using Olaplex it is normal to have some doubts about it damaging your hair. No, Olaplex doesn’t damage your hair. Olaplex 3 is a treatment product for your hair. You can use this product without any sort of fear. No matter how many times you wish to use it it would not have any sort of side effects.

The product is highly effective and is recommended to be used after a week.

If you use it with less gaps Olaplex 3 might start to need more and more time to repair your hair or the product might not have any hair to repair on you, therefore better to use it after a week or two. Using Olaplex 3 has overall no side effects and hence does not damages your hair.

What happens if you leave Olaplex 3 on too long?

So what will be the consequences if you leave Olaplex 3 for too long? It will not do any damage to your hair.  The effect time of the product is after 10 minutes of application. Olaplex 3 works well with damp hair. As soon as your hair will start drying the product will lose its momentum, therefore it is recommended to wash hair after about 30 to 40 minutes.

Can you leave Olaplex 3 in for 24 hours?

So you applied Olaplex 3 and want to keep it on for 24 hours? The answer is yes you may!

Olaplex 3 starts to work after the time of 10 minutes of application. The Olaplex 3 is recommended to be washed after maximum 40 minutes as the effect starts to diminish. However, the product can be left on for as much time as you want. The Instagram page of Olaplex also says that you can leave the product on overnight.

All in all, regardless of the time the end product will be the same in both cases of more or less time.

Do you have to shampoo after Olaplex 3?

Does the product need a shampoo afterward? Yes, after the application of Olaplex 3 you must leave it on for some time. After that, you need to wash your hair fully to remove the residuals. The shampooing will clean up the chemicals leaving you free to check if the product has done well.

After the application for about 30 to 40 minutes, the Olaplex 3 must be left unbothered and after that, you can cleanse the hair. It is also recommended to use the conditioner after the shampoo. Now, it is your time to be the judge. Fingers crossed!


The new sensation Olaplex 3 has gained millions of fans across the world. People love how by not having to leave the house you can fully repair your hair sitting at home. You can sleep withOlaplex 3 in your hair. The Olaplex 3 is a hair treatment product that starts to function right after the application. It doesn’t require any special efforts. From application time to usage of this product, this article has got it all. The product is to be washed off after a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes and is harmless if you leave it on longer than that. You can easily apply it on weekly basis. Happy treatment!

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