Can you Feel Hair Growing on your Scalp?

It is not easy to answer the question when someone asks “can you feel the hair growing on your scalp? If you see the same on your scalp, it’s a positive sign of hair growth definitely. Some people think that they can feel the hair-growing process. They claim that the itching and sensation they feel sometimes is the cause of the hair growth cycle.

The answer is simple No! you can not feel the hair growing on your scalp because the process of growing hair on scalp is extremely slow and totally unnoticeable by human beings.

It is not a child’s play I think to feel your hair grow on your scalp. Hair growth has different stages. And they are too obscure to be noticed. It also depends on the genetic makeup and lifecycle of a person. Everyone has his/her period of hair growth. It can be fast as well as slow.

Sometimes diseases, unnatural activities, unhealthy routines, and food can be the cause of slowing down or speeding up hair growth. Or you may think how long does it take to lighten hair with honey? All these things are evidence that the process of hair growth occurs but ‘feeling” is quite a different phenomenon.

Factors Involving Hair Growth

Factors Involving Hair Growth

Hey! Are you the girl crazy enough to know about hair growth? Every time you stand in front of a mirror to feel the change of your hair growth. You start “feeling” your hair growing every time you have an itching or burning.

It is not so. The reason behind this is hair life spam normally consists of 3 to 8 years. This spam of hair growing Is so long and steady that it is very difficult to actually “feel” this phase. A healthy hair grows half an inch in a month.

In the busy schedule of our life, we forget to notice the change in hair strands. Then suddenly looking at the mirror we get stunned with the pleasure that we have grown so long hair. And if there is some feeling that happens during all this process, it is so minor that we never can notice it.

So guys! We have to understand the factors that involve in our hair growth so that we can fully aware of the process.

  • Inheritance

It is scarcely noticed that a girl whose parents have thick hair will possess thin and unhealthy hair. If it happens, It Is just because of some disease. Normally genetic makeup plays an important role in growing your hair.

If a girl has strong hair, then her growing factor will also be fast. If she is used to cutting her hair down, she is so confident about the hair growth. Moreover, she must be familiar with the pros and cons of layered hairstyle.

But a girl with thin hair will have to think before doing any change within her hair, whether a haircut or a dye. Her hair takes time to grow as compared to the girls with healthy hair. It’s all about genetics.

  • Age is Another Factor in Hair Growth

Age plays a vital role in growing your hair. A baby grows its hair so fast that if we don’t get her to a hair salon, it will become unmanageable. A young girl has the almost same intensity of hair growth as a baby. But due to some environmental factors and hair products, her hair can grow less or more.

A woman or man starts losing their hair from the age of 45 to 50. Sometimes baldness appears on their head. This is because of the biotin and protein that is produced less in aged people than young ones.

It is still a common factor that men’s hair grows faster than women’s. This is why they have o contact their hairstylist every 15th or 29th day.

  • Diseases and Depressions

You may feel your hair growing by measuring the scalp with the help of an inch of tape. But no worries if you don’t find any noticeable increase in your hair if you are suffering from some depressions or trauma.

Similarly, if you have suffered from some major disease like cancer, thyroid, Alopecia, or Tuberculosis, you can face lessening of hair growth. Alopecia is a specific hair disease. The patient should be familiar with the causes and treatment of Alopecia.

All these factors directly act on our brain and damage its performance. The production of protein and biotin decreases and even blood circulation is affected. This is what we can’t feel a marginal growth of our hair.

How I Can “Feel” My Hair Growing?

How I Can “Feel” My Hair Growing

It is an interesting fact that our scalp has 5 million follicles on our heads. All these follicles are a kind of sacks from where our new hair comes out. Oh! What a great asset we have. Every follicle gets its food and nutrients from the blood. When it starts to produce baby hair, it grows dark in color.

We can understand all these factors that are vital in growing our hair.

  • Blood Circulation

If you are living a healthy lifestyle, then it is a blessing for your scalp. Blood circulation is much important in your hair growth. When you sleep well, eat healthy food, take a little bit of exercise, and do positive activities, it will have a direct impact on your blood. Fresh and healthy blood is a guarantee to have healthy and fast-growing hair.

You don’t have any positive and healthy activities. You don’t even give proper time to our hair. It will result in less blood circulation and the supply of protein and oxygen will lessen. The consequence is less hair growth.

  • The Protein is a Key to Hair Growth

A healthy lifestyle and good food with proteins will help you grow your hair fast. If you don’t care for taking proteins and don’t leave unhealthy food, your hair growth ratio will be underrated.

So the proteins from blood start to combine and make hair strands whether they are just too soft and creamy that can’t be felt at the very start.

You may say that basically, it is a protein that develops into a strand by multiplying and getting strengthened by blood oxygen.

  • Skin Oils Make a Fine Hair

After passing through the process of protein multiplications and getting into a baby thread of hair, it comes into a gland. This gland secretes some essential oils that are sufficient to nurture and nourish a strand into fully mature hair.

These oils are responsible for the provision of basic glow and elasticity to the hair. The oil makes your hair grow fast.

  • The Follicles

The sacks or pockets present on our head are responsible for keeping our hair inside for some time so that its inside growth period will be completed. After a specific period, the follicle rupture, and the baby hair comes out.

All these processes inside the scalp or outside are unnoticed. Only we can feel the change when we see a bald baby growing his hair. But still, we can’t feel the increase in hair size.

Hair Growth Stages

Hair Growth Stages

It is not an easy quest about how can we feel the hair growth on our own. It is quite a complex phenomenon. We need to focus on many aspects before knowing the real “feel” of hair growth.

We need to understand the nature of hair. The before and after birth stages of hair life. What causes a hair strand to stop and wait inside the follicles for a limited time? All these stages make us understand and feel to some extent how our hair growing.

1. The Protein Stage

During this stage, protein tends to make connections with other proteins and form a small thread. All these proteins are fed with blood oxygen and oils secreted by glands. This is the inner stage of hair growth.

2. Anagen Stage

When our hair comes out of the follicles, it starts growing. The growing period lasts from 2 to 8 years. It depends on the health and inheritance that how long your hair goes. But 8 years it maximizes in length according to its speed. A general survey tells us that a strand grows half to a quarter inch in a month and almost 6 inches in a year.

3. Catagen Stage

This stage is not an active stage of the hair cycle. In this period that almost lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, hair doe not grow anymore. You can say this is the inactive stage when no activity positive or negative takes place. Even hair does not fall.

4. Telogen Phase

In this part of hair life, it tends to fall. But don’t worry that all hair will fall at once. The hair that grows early will fall early and those coming afterward will take their time to fall. This stage exists for at least three months. Normally it is seen that it happens in the rainy season. But that’s not necessary. It can be changed according to the climatic changes of every area.

Most Important Thing is to Measure the Length

Many of us have this curiosity to know how fast our hair is growing on our scalp. We try to ‘feel” the feeling. But it is almost a failed notion to say I can feel my hair growth. Science has exceeded to a great level and still scientists can’t tell the exact way to “feel” your hair grow, let me also share you vide from youtube:

Yes! There are some manual ways to judge the change taking place in the growth of our hair. We have to personally notice the change by measuring and judging the changes that take place.

Let’s have a look at these ways.

  • Mirror! Mirror!

Oh yes! I can notice the change while standing in front of a mirror. It must be a well-lighted room so that I can keenly observe the hair and the changes that can take place.

We can note down the current hair conditions and the follicles’ color. After some time, we repeat the same process and can notice a visible change. If we try it daily, there are almost 100% chances to get failed. A gap of 10 to 15 days will give us clear results.

We can observe the hair follicles being black and then after some time tiny soft hair growing from those black areas. By that time, these soft hair start to grow strong.

  • A Measuring Tape can Solve the Riddle

Again we can measure our hair growing fast or slow by measuring tape. Just we need to stand in front of a mirror and start measuring from the end of our forehead till the tips of our hair. Note it down on your journal.

After some days within 10 to 15, repeat the method. You will find exactly how much your hair is growing.

Another method we can apply by combing our hairline upward so that a full hair is visible in front of a mirror. Note it and also the blank follicles. After a few days, you will find some blank spaces being black or even growing baby hair.

  • Hair Dye is a Blessing

You can feel your hair growing by noticing your dyed hair growth. It is a blessing for those who are crazy about knowing their hair growth. A hair strand comes out with the original color that you have. The dyed hair goes upwards. You can measure that root area to know and feel the hair growing.

  • A Hair Fuzz

If you have done bald due to hair loss and want to notice your hair growing or not, you can feel hair fuzz after some time. It can be a little rough and frizzy and spiky at the very start. After 15 to 20 days, you can feel the soft and strong hair strands too short but noticeable.

What Makes you Get Strong and Fast Growing Hair?

What Makes you Get Strong and Fast Growing Hair

After knowing how you can feel your hair is growing or not, you should enough knowledge bout the things and ways you do to pace the growth of your hair. It is the dream of everyone, men or women to have strong hair. Women want long and healthy scalp.

To regrow or get healthy hair we can act upon the following steps.

1. Healthy Lifestyle

If you want your hair to grow fast, you must have a healthy lifestyle. A perfect sleep followed by some light exercise is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. This will directly impact your hair growth. The blood circulation increases and hair gets more fresh oxygen.

A positive attitude towards life is another factor of a healthy lifestyle. It can make positive changes in all your body mechanism including your scalp that start to grow fast.

2. Balanced Diet

A balanced diet contains loads of nutrients like calcium, vitamin, minerals, proteins, fibers, fats, potassium, and many others. It is good to take all these nutrients through vegetables, pulses, meat, and fruits.

A balanced diet will help regrow your hair speedily and hair strands will be strong and healthy. We should include all nutrients of food in our diet if w are crazy to have strong and healthy hair.

 3. Treat your Hair

Healthy hair needs its treatment to keep it clean. We can apply oil after a week minimum. It is too good to oil our hair as it is a food to our hair.

  • Use good quality hair shampoo that has low chemicals.
  • Avoid the sun as much as possible.
  • Taking Keratin treatment after some years is good for hair regrowth.
  • Trimming the ends of your hair can speed the hair growth as it may cut the split-ended hair and will grow healthy hair.


 After discussing the details of hair growth and can we feel our hair growth, we come to the point that to actually “feel” is quite impossible. The people who claim this “feeling” are prey to misconception.

The feel of itching or sensation does not mean that it is hair growth.

Hair grows on its pattern and stages. It’s a slow and steady process. It can just be felt by measuring and continuous observation. Many factors take part in hair growth. It involves many stages.

There is no need to be worried about feeling the hair growth or not. The thing we need to worry about is the health and care of our hair. If we take proper care of our hair, take a balanced diet, and avoid negativities from our life, we will grow strong, long, and shiny hair. This is I think enough for our satisfaction.

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