Can Olaplex Fix Gummy Hair? Yes or No

Not soft like Gummy bears but rock hard as there are tens of chewing gum dried in your hair, are you experiencing this chaos right now? Hang on because it is so frustrating that one might feel like chopping the hair off. Can Olaplex fix Gummy Hair?

Yes, Olaplex hair treatment will help you get rid of gummy hair. The gummy hair will be repaired from within leaving you soft and smooth hair texture. Olaplex is one of the highly recommended solutions for gummy gluey hair.

In this article, you will get to know all the ways that your hair can be reversed to being normal. Yes, you do not need to pay heed to the useless claims that by spending millions your hair will be revitalized. You can fix the sticky gummy hair at your own house with your very two hands using Olaplex. Such hair can be a result of an extreme chemical reaction or a process, such as bleaching your hair.

Fasten your seatbelt as we are about to go for all the details on this rollercoaster just to make your hair shine one more time!

What does Gummy hair mean?

What does Gummy hair mean

But what exactly is gummy hair? A head washed by gum juice? When you feel that your hair is not hair but plain dead lumps, and you cannot run your single finger through them you will know that this condition is gummy hair. it actually signifies that the hair has been damaged internally.

When the strong chemicals are applied the protein bonds in your hair is damaged and you are left with dry clogs that might feel like a thick old rope. Olaplex will take two washes or three to calm your hair by repairing them within.

Gummy hair means damaged hair which must be considered a serious problem. Internal and external damage appears in form of those squishy locks.

Strand test to check the gummy hair

Are any tests that can be done to check if the hair damage is actually gummy hair or something else? Yes, a strand test is going to help you understand what your hair is going through.

Take a wet lock and try to stretch it. If it bounces back like a string exhibits clear damage to your fiber. This needs immediate attention!

Olaplex is here for you as it is going to reconstruct the damage that was done by high-intensity chemicals. It will build the keratin bonds in your hair fiber.

Reasons for gummy hair

Why me, why my hair, what went wrong? These are the possible questions that echo in your head. There can be many reasons that your hair looks like a mushy mess. A few of the reasons are presented in front of you to guess what probably went wrong, so avoid it next time.


The bleach can cause hair damage to the core. The bleach breaks your color apart by entering your hair protein. The damage can be worsened if it stays on longer than it should. This can affect dry gummy hair.


The keratin treatment often causes damage as the hair follicle can be weakened by overusing the keratin treatment resulting in hair damage. Your texture might end up lumpy and sticky.


Blow-dry, straightening, and curling machines when used in excess can cause severe damage making your hair feel stiff like a straw. The heating or overheating is going to damage the outer layers of your hair making them feel burnt.

Protein Overload and over-conditioning can also make your hair gummy. Hence, heat and chemicals are behind the seriously cloggy hair.

Can Olaplex reverse the gummy hair?

The damage can be reversed? Spoiler alert! Yes, it can!

Olaplex 3 can reverse the damage in your hair, it can reverse the damage to be gummy-free and sleek again. Olaplex 1 and Olaplex 2 if used during the bleaching can accelerate the process of Olaplex 3’s treatment.

However, if Olaplex 3 is used separately afterward it will still help in hair treatment. Olaplex 3 is a treatment especially used for dull and damaged hair. You might need to use Olaplex 3 more than 2 times but you will eventually see your hair getting healthier again.

How to apply Olaplex on gummy hair? Step-by-step Guide

Does it feel like you have used an excessive amount of hair gel? The easy steps if followed properly will get your hair free of this turmoil. Olaplex 3 is all you need and of course a nice cup of tea!


You must part your hair in four halves, making sure they are nicely tied in 4. This will enhance that the entire area has been covered by Olaplex in those gummy strands. Get your clips ready.

Step 2.

The next step is to apply the product evenly. The product starts working after 10 minutes time. It should be left on the hair not too long as the hair should start breathing again.


Rinse with not-so-warm water making sure that no Olaplex is still hiding in your hair. The hair must be washed gently and then use a normal shampoo for 100% cleansing.

It is recommended to use Olaplex 4 shampoo and Olaplex 5 conditioner for the best results. The final results will be achieved after a few applications.

This process can be repeated as long as your hair is not radiating the shine again!


Gummy hair is a serious problem that needs a solution right away. The solution is mentioned along with the usage and details in this article to help you solve the problem. a strand test is a quick way to understand the damage. Olaplex is the best solution because the treatment is totally trustable. The damage is big and it might take a few attempts to get the required results.

The gummy cloggy hair is a nightmare and it can all be reversed by the usage of Olaplex. There are certain things that can be avoided to not get your hair to that intensity; heating and chemicals are the first things to be used carefully.

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