Can I Wash my Hair 36 Hours After a Perm? NO!

We all know that perm is something that can add your hair with a zing effect and make it look livens up. It is a great choice to restructure the locks into superb ringlets. But you need to make sure that you should not be washing the hair right after the perm. Do you what to know Can I Wash my Hair 36 Hours After a Perm?

The answer is NO! You should wait for at least 48 hours to wash the hair after the perm. In this way, you will be able to get curls that are more defined and are shiny-looking

Well, curls will take a little bit of time to settle themselves once they are perm. And for that sake, a specific time period is suggested. The early wash will completely undo the whole effort of availing fantastic perm. It is important to understand for how long time you have to wait before you wash your hair after the perm.

Let’s get into the discussion of this important question and discuss it in detail before you wash your hair and ruin the whole curl magic.

Can You Wash Your Hair 36 Hours after a Perm?

Can You Wash Your Hair 36 Hours after a Perm?

After a perm, you should never wash your hair with conditioner or shampoo at any point. This will prevent the water and rest of the chemicals from ruining the perm and will thus lose the curls. Finally, at the end of the day, you will experience that your permed curls have started to lose their shape, they have become worse and now they are completely straight.

If you wanted your perms to stay long and look fresh, then you need to:

  • You should keep the hair dry as much as possible in case it is humid or is raining outside.
  • Take all the details from your hairdresser to get an idea about how long time you should wash your hair.

The length of the time is completely depending on the hair texture and the perm type you are getting. If you still want to go for the hair wash, then wait for your hairdresser to get a better solution. They might even suggest you use any hair conditioning product or shampoo on wet hair.

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How Soon You Should Wash Your Hair After a Perm?

How Soon You Should Wash Your Hair After a Perm?

Now you might be wondering to get an idea about the exact time to wash hair after the perm! Well, it needs to be a maximum of 48 hours. There are some hairdressers who might suggest you go for at least 36-72 hours to avail of excellent results. But this will completely be dependent on the type of hair you have and the perm style you are getting.

We all know that hair gets the permed look because of the ammonium thioglycolate and disulfide bonds combination. It has a waving lotion which can get deactivated if it gets interacted with water. Therefore, it is important to give your hair a complete rest and wait for a maximum of 3 days to see the shinier side of your hair.

Is it Possible to Wash Hair With any Shampoo After the Perm?

No, you should not! The perming process will instantly dry out the hair texture and the need for natural moisture will increase more. You should be using conditioners, shampoo products, or serums which are designed especially for the curly or wavy hair texture.

Plus, there is no need to moisturize the hair after washing. Permed hair will need moisture eternally; no matter how much less or frequently you have been washing it. It’s a fact that during the perming process, your hair is going through so much protein damage. This will cause the hair strands to face damage and dryness very easily.

It is important to add some hydrating products into your hair care routine and apply some nourishing hair masks to let your permed hair stay fully healthy and moisturized.

How You Can Make Your Permed Hair Last Long and Shiny? Tips to Follow

How You Can Make Your Permed Hair Last Long and Shiny? Tips to Follow

To let your permed hair stay long-lasting and shiny, you need to follow a few important tips which we are about to discuss below with you:

  1. You need to use the shampoo on permed hair at least after 48 hours.
  2. Use only that shampoo which the stylish has recommended you with and they need to be designed especially for the wavy or curly hair texture. The products need to be included with gentle ingredients so they can stay light and less harmful to your hair.
  3. Make use of the conditioner once you are done with washing. Conditioner will prevent tangling and close all the cuticles.
  4. Never brush your hair within the duration of 48 hours. Plus, avoid combing wet hair. You should always start combing from the hair roots to detangle all the hair.
  5. Avoid using a hairdryer because it can damage the hair and will destroy the cuticles. If still, you want to use the dryer, use it at the diffuser and in a cool setting.
  6. After washing, use a towel gently to avoid any sort of tangling or breaking.
  7. Do not make any sort of tight hairstyle for a maximum of 2 days. Otherwise, it will ruin the entire shape of the curls.
  8. Don’t forget to moisturize the hair. They will never relax your curls and will prevent the hair to get conditioned fully.
  9. After 4 weeks, trim your hair to make them look healthy and shiny.
  10. Keep your hair protected from UV rays and always cover your head when moving out.
  11. Do not go into the swimming pool because Chlorine in pool water will damage the hair roots even more.

What Kind of Shampoo You Should Choose for Permed Hair?

What Kind of Shampoo You Should Choose for Permed Hair?

Various hair textures and types will require different hair care routines. If you are getting a perm, then your locks will have superb curls effect on them. You should go with the shampoo product selection which gives your perm hair excellent care and shine to last long.

Below we have a few tips which you need to consider when choosing a shampoo for your permed hair:

  1. Avoiding Chemical Ingredients

Similar to any other chemical treatment, a perm can dry all your locks because the process can strip all your cuticles of natural moisture which can make the hair additionally porous. If you want to avoid brittleness and breakage, it is necessary to boost the content of moisture of hair strands.

Never choose a product based on the ingredients of alcohol, sulfates, parabens, and added fragrance.

  1. Say Yes to the Added Protein

Most shampoo products have keratin, biotin, and collagen ingredients in them. They are also part of the best shampoo products for permed hair in order to restore the broken hair strands and bonds. Natural proteins like hydrolyzed wheat or silk are equally great for such a reason.

  1. Look for Products meant for Curly Hair

If you are spending much of your effort and time on perming hair, then it is important to maintain those curls as well. And this is only possible when you are choosing products designed for curly and wavy hair textures. Invest your time in choosing a great conditioner, best diffuser, and wide-toothed detangling comb.

Related Questions – FAQs

Question: How often you should shampoo permed hair?

Answer: Once you are done with hair perm, now it’s time to give your permed hair the best haircare routine. Wash the perm at least once a week. Otherwise, the treatment will not be lasting for so long and will also impact the perm effects. You have to use the clarifying shampoo once a month just to deeply cleanse the hair strands and remove any sort of build-up. Never use a brush on your wet curls and always reach for a wide-toothed comb.

Question: Is it possible to use regular shampoo and conditioner on permed hair?

Answer: Yes, you are allowed to do it! But you should be using it with great care as permed hair will require some gentle formulations and extra care. Perm safe shampoo or hair conditioner is still known to be the safer bet. They are excellent to let your hair stay softer, shiny and will allow you to maintain a healthy curly outlook.

Question: With what natural tips you can keep the perms staying for longer?

Answer: By following some natural tips, you should avoid using heat styling products for the natural hair care of your perms. Using iron tools or a blow dryer gives the hair a nice look, but will make the curls appear greasy. Air-drying is the best option for the curls to stay shiny and long-lasting health. Use the right conditioner and shampoo which suits your hair type. You can also experiment with defining creams, mousses, or serums.

Question: How long do perms last?

Answer: Perms will last long for a maximum of 2-10 months on the basis of what kind of hair perm you are getting. But you need to be careful about following a powerful hair care routine. You can also sleep with the newly permed hair and avoid laying it flat on your back. It would be better to use a satin pillowcase and let the curly stay up so that the head weight does not disturb the curls.


Well, we hope that this guide was enough for you to understand that after how long time you should wash your hair after a perm. Will it be 36 hours or 48 hours! You need to wait for at least 48 hours to wash the hair after the perm. In this way, you will be able to get curls that are more defined and are shiny-looking.

We have often discussed a few important tips to take care of your hair during perm and let the curls shine for a long-lasting time period. Do you think about washing your hair with Dove body wash? Interesting to listen to and informative to read. Lets enjoy and keep knowing.

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