Can I Use Conditioner Instead of Developer?

Are you thinking to use some conditioner for your hair? Do you know your hair type? Can a good conditioner replace your shampoo?

Can I Use Conditioner Instead of Developer? The answer is No! You can not use a conditioner instead of a developer and cannot be replaced with anything else. If you really want to avoid developer then you can use hair dyes that don’t use developer or contain ammonia or you can use semi-permanent hair dyes.

If you take a visit to your hairdresser with all these questions, a good hairdresser will never give any false suggestions regarding the good growth of the hair. He will be open and will let you know all the good and bad things which can happen.

Mostly the people visit the hair experts when they have done the experiment or halfway done, making your hairs a mess. It is very difficult at that time to revive the hair growth or color.

If we visit a shop, we can always see a whole rack of different conditioners, hair colors, developers, and curlers. Which conditioner is good? Which conditioner can be used instead of developers?

All these questions arise in the mind and by seeing the back of each packed conditioner or developer, it is very difficult to find the logical answers to these questions, so, we did a little research, and we will be able to answer today. So, stay tuned and you will get to know a lot of new things in this article regarding developers and conditioners.

What is a Developer?

Using a developer requires some knowledge of hair developers. As the name indicates, the hair developer is a chemical that is used to develop the hair color on the hair follicles. The developers are attached to each hair color kit, and the chemical Hydrogen Peroxide present in the hair developer helps to open the hair follicles, thus helping in the hair color process.

This process can take 30-45 min depending upon the texture and length of the hairs. The amount of developer used hair color may vary with the length of hairs. Be very careful as the developer amount may cause damage to the hairs if not correctly read before use.

If you are using the hair dye to change the hair color of the whole then use bleach first, else try to read the manual already present in the box or on the box to get a clear picture. Have you ever thought about using toner without a developer?

The best way to find the right amount is to get a consultation with your hair expert first as he is an expert in this field and will be able to enhance the hair color with small tricks.

What is a Conditioner?

What is a Conditioner?

Do you have frizzy hair? You might want to try some conditioner on your hair?

This is a chance for you to get your hands on the knowledge of conditioners and what to do if your hair’s color gets affected by the conditioner.

Regarding your hair health, you must know that the conditioner is never harmful to your hair; it may give some adverse effects but that too happens if you use the hair conditioner not appropriately. Just like any other hair product, the hair conditioner also has a written prescription, while choosing a hair conditioner you must know your hair type.

Read carefully what is written on the back of the pack then buy it. You can also get an appointment with a hair expert and see what he suggests. Normally if your hairs are rough, you can try 3 times a week, if they are oily, shampoo them more often and with each shampoo try to use a Conditioner. This will make your hairs look good.

The continuous use of conditioner results in shiny, silky, smooth hairs. The conditioners contain vitamins, oils, and polymers such as Dimethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane and moisturizer. These chemical substances are responsible for the smoothness of the hairs.

The tips of the hairs, the middle part of hairs must be covered with conditioner for better results. Putting the conditioners on the scalp may get you dandruff as the conditioners are used for hair smoothness.

For some of the users, the use of conditioner depends on the weather, as you all can relate, the winter weather makes the hairs rough, and frizzy and as a result are mostly tied away in a bun. According to hair experts:

Conditioner only needs to go on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair,” says stylist Kerrie Urban. This will make your hairs look better.

Types of Hair that Can Use the Conditioners:

Types of Hair that Can Use the Conditioners:

You should know which type of hair you have; it becomes very easy to choose the best conditioner for your hair from a rack full of variations.

Curly hairs:

Curly or frizzy hairs most likely should get conditioner which has more moisturizer on them and can be used after 1-2 days to keep them soft n smooth

Hairs treated with color:

Those hairs which undergo color treatment or are bleached will be needing conditioner more than ever. This gives more volume, smoothness to the hairs.

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Do you Get Adverse Effects on Hair?

Do you Get Adverse Effects on Hair?

To get the answer to this question we can go back to the chemical formula of the conditioners. The conditioners mostly have moisturizers in them which help the hairs to become silky, smooth, and easy to comb. The conditioners are very best to use after 2-3 days but can have adverse effects on hairs and hair scalp if not properly washed. Some of the conditioners in the market recommend washing it thoroughly after applying for 5 min so that the hairs are not damaged. Some of the adverse effects are:

  • They can cause dandruff in hairs if not properly washed and oiled.
  • They can only be good in rough or frizzy hair
  • The scalp needed a proper oil massage every time you shampoo, if not done, the scalp can get rough resulting in itching

Even though the conditioners have few adverse effects the hair specialists do recommend the hair to be washed by the conditioners once a week to give the hairs some glow. The conditioners are becoming a certain part of our life as the increased commitment results in lower energy to take care of the hairs. The conditioners provide moisturizer and hair nourishment along with the oiling of hairs, thus a good growth of hairs is promised with a high range of conditioners.

How to Use a Developer?

The developer is present inside the packet along with hair colors; they usually have hydrogen peroxide chemical which is essential in hair coloration or hair dye. It helps in the opening of the hair cuticle so the color can easily be put up on the hairs. Without a developer, the hair kit is incomplete, and you cannot dye your hair.

Using a hair developer is very easy, sometimes the hair dying kits have detailed procedures either on the back of the pack or inside the pack, suggesting the dos n don’ts of the kit. Some people get irritation or itching with the hair developer, this is because either the amount of the developer used is more than recommended or the hair scalp is already allergic to the chemical. To be safe from this mishap, always recommend a hair expert for the hair dying. It will keep your hands safe too.

The hairs developer helps in long-lasting hair color and with the chemicals inside them the hair’s original color fades away, giving them a new color and a new look.

Can I Use Conditioner Instead of Developer?

Can I Use Conditioner Instead of Developer?

This is a very tricky question; many people think that the coloring of hair is somewhat related to hair growth or hair strengthening. This is a wrong conception. The hair coloration is not related to hair growth; rather it helps in maintaining the white hairs and during this process, it also helps to keep the hair silky as a conditioner is also added in a few of the hair color kits.

The use of developers in hair products is just for the coloration process other than that it is not related to hair conditioning as a proper hair conditioner is used. So, the answer to the question is just right here ‘No’. Both the conditioner and developer are different things, they can neither be mixed nor be used together to get the same results.

They are different chemically and due to the fact, they have different usage. If you are going to do an experiment with the developer and conditioner along with your hairs, you are most welcome, but the results will make you scream.

The chemical composition of both things will make a weird combination on hairs which might result in damaging the hair roots and giving away the shine of the hairs.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers (FAQs)

Question: Can I use conditioner instead of developer for toner?

Answer: The toner is also used in hair dyes and using conditioner instead of toner will just mess with the hair color process. It helps the hairdresser to adjust the hair color, it cannot change the color, it only enhances or fixes the hair tones. It will make the dye thinner, and the hair color will look more faded. All these things cannot be achieved with the conditioner. So, the answer is ‘No’ the conditioner is not used instead of a developer.

Question: Can I use conditioner instead of developer for bleach?

Answer: The bleaching of hairs means stripping off the colors from the hairs. It makes the hair color lighter. It makes your hair looks dry and rough. You can also get hair loss while using bleach on your hair. This will give you a new look but as you all know that the conditioners act as a moisturizer to your hairs, it cannot be used instead of developers for the bleaching of hairs.

Question: Can I use hair dye without a developer?

Answer: The kit of hair color or hair dye consist of two different chemicals which must be mixed in a definite proportion before applying to the hairs. You can also consult your hair expert before using any new hair dye on your hair. Using hair dye without a hair developer will not be beneficial for the hair dye. It will not work properly and will only nourish the hairs; no new color will be on the hairs.

Question: Can I use water instead of the developer?

Answer: Water is a universal solvent, but it will not work if we use it with hair dye, even though it will make a good solution, but that solution will be of no use. The hair color needs hydrogen peroxide for the hair cuticle to cut down the old color and addition of new color. This chemical is present in the hair developer which is present with the hair dye kit. If we use water and not use the developer, it will not be affected the hairs.


Everyone’s in love with the hairs, applying different colors, treating hair with bleach, or having a hair massage. Everything is revolving around hair but not for a once think that these things are the same in any way. All the products of hair have different chemical compositions and affect differently on the hair.

In this article, we have discussed very deeply the composition and usage of both conditioner and hair developer, and we got to know that conditioners and hair developers are never meant to replace each other. Both work independently and give a satisfying customer.

The chemistry of both hair products is very different and their mode of action is also not similar. They are chemicals if mixed will be a disaster. So, have a deep breath, and then decide are you willing to try some experiments with your hair?

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