Can I Put Mousse in my Hair After a Perm? Hidden Truth

So, can I put mousse in my hair after a perm? Yes, and there is no harm in doing so. If you have recently gone for perming and you have done it for the very first time, then it is recommended to take a gap of 48 hours. Otherwise, you can put on a mouse, gel, wax, or pomade on your permed hair at any time. Here you will get more information on this topic.

Perming challenging to maintain and the use of mousse and other styling products makes your locks and curls more bouncy enough. These hair styling products and the usage of high-quality mousse makes your permed strands look more lush and full of bouncy effect.

The only thing that you have to remember is to get a non-drying and alcohol-free mousse. We are hopeful that with its application, your perms will get a dramatic shift and your locks will get better in terms of texture. All in all, you should be using high-quality mousses and they should be free from the presence of alcohol and silicon.

Avoid using those styling products that are potentially damaging and harmful for your perms. Good-quality mousses make sure to keep your curls hydrated, smooth, and bouncy! Below you can see more of the details:

Can I Put Gel in My Hair Right After a Perm?

Yes, you can put gel or mousse in your strands once you are done with perming. This practice is opted and embraced just to make the perm texture more bouncy-looking. Many girls from countries like Spain use this hack and it does work for them.

This one is a safe and risk-free using styling product. It will not damage the look of your performance and instead make them more intact and firm looking. You get the signature and most epic bouncy texture at the end of the day. The only thing that you have to make sure of is to choose a high-quality mousse or gel; it should not be of low quality.

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Perming and Hair- How Does this Styling Technique Affect your Hair?

Perms have been in the trend for years and years. Girls love perming their locks. In the world of fashion and hairstyling, this trend will never get disappear! It had been the biggest hit in the past, and it will remain the blockbuster trend in the present and future times. Those who have permed their strands must have observed that their texture becomes thick and voluminous.

In other words, you get loads of volume and heaps of thicker texture on your perms. To put the cherry on the top, girls apply mousse or gel on their perms to make them filled with double the amount of volume. You can try this hack for sure. Lots of celebs like Jennifer Aniston have praised this tip and fully supported the fact that the mousse application does not damage your perms at all.

Can I Put the Product in My Hair After a Perm? Styling with Mousse

Can I Put the Product in My Hair After a Perm? Styling with Mousse

We have already told you that you can put a hairstyling product on your perms. This styling product can either be mousse or gel, the choice is up to you. This practice will bring a bouncy effect to your perms and they will look more lush, thick, and full of volume.

Most importantly, mousse is one of the versatile and safe to use styling products. It is lighter in weight as compared to gels and pomades as well as waxes. To all those girls who are curly-headed, we suggest you style your strands with this product.

Moreover, its application will give a better hold to your locks and their texture will definitely and certainly look thicker. Your curls will start to bounce. In addition, mousse controls the fizziness part of your perms and makes them frizz-free. It controls flyaways and ends up giving you perfect-looking permed hair.

If you notice that your perms are losing their bonds and their texture, the shape does not look up to the mark, in this case, mousse plays its part. Its application helps you reshape your locks and strengthens the perm bonds as well. Instead of using a curling rod or a foam roller, it is suggested to use a styling product like we have mousse to redefine and reshape your perms.

What to Avoid when Applying the Mousse on Perms?

Though it is perfectly fine and alright if you are applying the mousse on your perms there are a few of the things that you have to keep in mind! It is advisable to give a two-day resting period to your perms and then apply this styling product. Like, if you have just permed your hair on 02-01-2022, then apply mousse after two days.

In addition, you have to stay away from using the mousse that is filled with alcohol or silicon. If you use such styling products, no moisture will get locked into your strands and they will become dry. We have commonly seen that alcohol-based products just dehydrate your strands and do nothing else. If you see that your perms or locks look thirsty, then apply a mousse on them but choose the one that is alcohol-free.

Alongside, you have to make sure to avoid using silicon-based mousses. They take away the rocking effect possessed by your perms. This is an unhealthy mousse type that you should not apply to your curls or locks. Its application will just weigh your strands down and ruin their whole bouncy look.

Can I Put my Hair Up After a Perm?

Can I Put my Hair Up After a Perm?

It is not recommended to put your hair up after a perm and there is a valid reason to do so! If you style your perms in an upward direction, then the perm shape and texture will get ruined. Experts have advised you to keep your locks or curl the way they are and avoid tucking them in a bun or ponytail form.

Moreover, curly-headed girls and those who have done perming; should avoid exposing their strands to sun and UV rays. These rays damage your perm’s texture and tresses. Besides, if you are swimming, make sure to put on a swimming cap so that your tresses might not get damaged because of the chlorinated water.

Instead of putting your permed hair up and instead of giving them a bun and ponytail look, you should keep them open naturally. Do not restrict the movement of your permed tresses. Beyond, you should not comb or brush them at all regularly. Once you have shampooed your perms, you need to use conditioner on them as well.

Can I Sleep on My Newly Permed Hair?

You can sleep with your newly permed strands but be very careful while lying on the bed. Bring your body in a position that does not ruin your lock’s texture, definition, and bouncy effect. Most importantly, it is recommended to use a satin pillowcase if you want to sleep with your newly permed tresses.

Place your curls on that satin pillowcase so that the whole weight of your head does not destroy or impair their original look. However, you need to keep in mind that sleeping with recently permed hair will give you somewhat temporarily dry frizzy hair after perm. So, try taking as many precautionary measures as you can!

Apart from using a pillowcase, you can apply a curl cream before you go to bed and prevent losing the original shape and texture of your locks. The application of curl cream preserves the bouncy effect of your curls. Thus, this is how you can ensure ad guarantee to see full-on perm protection.

How to Style Permed Hair in the Morning?

How to Style Permed Hair in the Morning?

Lots of ways are there that help you style your perms in the morning. You can follow up with these styling ways and let us know your feedback as well:

Avoid Washing your Permed Hair in the Morning

First of all, you should not wash them in the morning. If you do so, their texture and definition will look messier for the whole day and you eventually experience a bad hair day! Wash your permed tresses less often and never wash them in the morning if you have a meeting or working day. Perm tresses need at least 48 hours to set them up.

Using the Best Mousse for Permed Hair

If there is an emergency meeting and you need to set your permed tresses as soon as possible, we recommend you use the right styling product. Like, you can set these tresses with gel, mousse, or pomade and wax. You can nourish and hydrate the locks with these effective and healthy styling products. The high-quality product to be applied to your locks will make them stronger and lush looking both from inside and out.

Style Them in a Way Likewise, you Style Your Natural Waves

Styling perms have become a piece of cake. You can set them up likewise you style your natural waves. It is one of the simplest tips that all curly-haired girls should follow. Besides, you can follow the hair plopping method. In this method, you form your locks or curls overnight and manage to minimize their fizzy appearance in the morning.

Style Them by Using the Best and Damage-Free Hot Tools

You can bring more definition in your tresses or locks if you use the best and damage-free hot tools on them. Define and re-shape their look by using the right styling tools. For thicker perms, it is suggested to use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. This practice will bring less friction and damage to your hair cuticle and you instantly get the frizz-free finish.

Can you Style Permed Hair?

Can you Style Permed Hair?

You can style your perms and the below-mentioned guide will help you further in this area. In fact, permed strands give you so many opportunities to come up with different and unique styles. So, are you ready to follow these ideas? You should be and let us know if you can think of any other style that we have not mentioned over here?

Braided Crown

Your perms will look great if you will go for braided crown style. This is an up-do hairstyle that is loved by girls who have gone for perming. It does not matter how much length you have, girls of all hair lengths can embrace this style with ease.

To make this style, create a deep side parting and gather a very small section of your right from the thicker side. It is around your hairline that you have to make a French braid or you can make a Dutch braid. After that, finish off the whole look by making a regular braid. The last step is to pin up your braid with the help of bobby pins.

Creating a Vintage Look

With perming, you will look super cool if you get a vintage-style look. Those girls who have bob-length hair should opt for this look. Here you have to come up with a deep side parting. Take a rat tail comb and go with the deep side parting with the help of its handle. Pin the side that has thin volume and finally tuck in a hair clip.

Flaunting a Mohawk Look

How about flaunting a Mohawk look if you have perm hair! This style will give you an edgy look and you should definitely embrace and pursue it. Go to some professional stylist and ask him to give you this epic undercut. On the other hand, if you do not want to cut short your perms, it is suggested to go with the Fauxhawk style.

Highlight or Dye your Perming

The last idea is to highlight or dye your perming. Yes, you can do that and girls will look lovely in it. The trend of perming highlighting is getting higher now. Curly-headed girls have become die-hard fans of this concept. Just wait for 4 weeks once you have permed your strands and then go on either dying or highlighting them, the choice is up to you. In addition, use only those dyes on your perm that are made of argan oil and ginseng root extract.


Now, if anyone asks you, can I put mousse in my hair after a perm, your answer should be yes! No doubt, mousse is a great styling product. It works in a far better way as compared to using pomade, gels, and waxes for styling your curls and locks. High-quality mousses are alcohol-free and they bring a lot of thicker texture, maximum bouncy effect, and hydrated feel in your locks.

If you love perming and you want to keep this style less maintained, then keep a good-quality mousse in your bag. Mousses maintain the bond and molecular structure of your perms and help them retain their original shape for hours and hours. Your perms and locks quality will not be affected if you use mousse on them and that is for sure.

In addition, you can share with us what kind of styling products they use on their locks and curls and what results they generally give to you. Rest, you can style your permed hair in any manner you want to.

Like, you can make their braids, French and Dutch braids, make them dye, go for lowlights or highlights or create a Mohawk look of them, the choice is up to you. Stay tuned with us because we will talk more about the perms and ways to maintain them on this web page.

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