Can I Highlight my Hair After Dying it Brown? Top Guide

So, the question is, can I highlight my hair after dying it brown the answer is yes! You can highlight your hair after dying it brown. It does not matter whether you have colored your strands in the dark or light brown shade, you can highlight them definitely.

The only thing to keep in mind is to take a gap of 10 to 15 days between your coloring and highlighting process. In this post, we have further mentioned other details on this commonly asked question, you can have a look at it. Also, read can I dye my hair brown then add highlights.

On highlighting your brown-colored strands, more depth will come onto them. They look more impressive and amazing-looking. This combination will give your hair a sun-kissed look and you will look wow on the best notes. If the base color is brown, then choose the highlight color that is three shades lighter, this is an important point that you should keep in mind.

So, what kind of highlights do you want to bring on your brown-colored strands? We like to suggest you go with the gold locks or sun-kissed locks or you can go with the blonde effect. In addition, it is recommended to choose the shade that is available in a warm color tone.

Like, you can highlight your strands in the honey shade or in the dark blonde tone. You can even go with the reddish colors. When it comes to brown hair color, you have to be very particular when choosing the highlight shade and that is why we have shared this tip with you. Your base color and highlight shade have to come in harmony. Below you can see more details:

How Much to Wait to Highlight your Hair After Dying it Brown?

We have already told you that you should wait for 10 to 15 days to highlight your hair if you have just colored them with a brown shade. This is an important tip forwarded by professional colorists from countries like the USA. If you do not follow this rule, then your dyeing and highlighting vibe will be ruined.

In addition, you can only bring both of these processes in harmony and complete sync if you take this gape. It is somewhat a challenging process if your base color is dark brown and you want to highlight it. But taking a gap of 15 days will bring ease for you. Moreover, wisely choose your highlight color. Like, with the brown color, your highlight shade has to look deep and rich.

What Color to Highlight your Hair that you Have Just Dyed Brown?

What Color to Highlight your Hair that you Have Just Dyed Brown?

Lots of options are there that you can try out as highlights on your dyed brown strands. Here you can go through the details! These tips are even opted by celebs like Taylor Swift. The highlight color selection process depends on your base color of yours. You have to be specific in this selection phase.

Like, if your strands have been dyed up to level 3 dark brown, then for your highlights, you have to pick level 6.

For level 4 base colors; your highlight shade has to be up to dark blonde 7. On the other hand, for level 5 brown colors; choose blonde 8 for your highlights. You can see that there should be the difference in the number of levels between your base color and highlight shade. Just keep in mind the 3-level rule and your dyeing and highlighting process will look in sync.

How to Correctly Highlight and Tips to Maintain those Highlights?

If you have highlighted your hair, you should be able to take care of them. First of all we will tell you what the proper way is to bring highlights on your colored hair! And then we will educate you on taking care of them:

Foil or Cap Highlighting Technique

Foil or Cap Highlighting Technique

The choice is up to you whether you want to go for foil or cap highlighting technique.  You need to understand that cap highlights look much neater but it is a painful process.

Here your hair is pulled and injected into the cap holes. The rest foil technique is not at all painful but it does not give neater results. Cap highlights seem to be much faster to process and foil technique is a time-consuming process.

The only similarity is that in both of these techniques, you have to first of all bleach your strands. And both of them are chemical processes. Now, if you have based colored your hair in a brown shade, you can bring highlights on them by either opting for foil or cap technique. The process takes 90 minutes and after that beautiful and amazing highlights will come on your brownish shaded strands. Your hair will look more luminous and a contrasting vibe will be seen.

How to Maintain the Highlights?

How to Maintain the Highlights?

You have to ensure proper maintenance if you have gone for this highlighting treatment. As it is a chemical process, so once you have highlighted your strands, you should regularly oil and moisturize them.

Apply hydrating masks so that bleaches, dyes do not make your strands rough looking. After every 6 weeks, you have to give a touch-up to your highlights. Like, if you have highlighted them on 10-01-2022, and then give a tough up to them after every 5 to 6 weeks.

Other Things to Keep in Mind when Highlighting your Hair after Dying it Brown

There are other important things as well that you should keep in mind when highlighting your hair if you have just dyed them brown and below you can see the comprehensive details:

Choose the Highlight Shade Three Times Lighter

Now, that is a golden rule that you should always remember! If the base color is dark brown, then pick the highlight color three levels lighter. Girls having dark-colored hair, might face a little bit more difficulty when going for highlighting because dark colors are tougher to lift up. That is why choose a shade that is three times lighter for your highlights.

Apply Bleach for Lifting your Dark Hair Color

Apply Bleach for Lifting your Dark Hair Color

You need to apply bleach for lifting your dark hair color. With the application of the bleach, you will be able to neutralize the color and the base shade and highlight color will come in sync. The usage of bleach will make your strands become light yellow or they might get a platinum shade. You can even mix the bleach with your highlighting dye so that natural color can come on your bleached hairs

Highlighting Is a Time-Taking Process

You have to clearly understand that highlighting is a time-taking process. For bringing highlights on dyed dark strands, it is not at all an easy job, so remain patient. The application of bleach and base coloring and finally proceeding with the highlights is a lengthy process.

Your hair passes through a series number of stages. Like, initially, they will get a red or orange color and then they will get a bleach blonde shade.

Apply Toner at the End!

It is a must for you to apply the toner once the whole process is finished. The application of toner prevents your dye and highlights color to fade away. In fact, its usage will make sure that the shade stays on your hair for the longest time.

Simply rinse your strands and apply the toner that is all! Moreover, its usage will keep your strands protected against getting brassy.


That is all about the details on can I highlight my hair after dying it brown! We like to tell you that taking a gap of 10 to 15 days is sufficient enough if you want to highlight your dyed brown hair. This is the minimum gap that one can take and after that excellent highlighting effect will come on your strands. In addition, you can have foil or caps technique to proceed with this treatment.

Choose the highlight color that is three levels lights. We can give you examples that if the base color is of level 3, and then choose the level 6 color as your highlights.

Besides, taking care of your dyed color and highlights is a must for you. If you have recently dyed your strands in brown color and you have also gone for highlights, share with us your experience.

Your whole mission should be to get a well-harmonized and synchronized look and that is possible if your base color and highlight shade seem to blend well together. They should show chromatic harmony.

For more details on highlighting and dyeing, stay tuned. And do not forget to share the details of your personal experience if you have highlighted and dyed your hair. Stay in touch!

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