Can I Dye My Hair Twice in One Week? What Experts Say

Lots of details and a varied number of answers are gathered on can I dye my hair twice in one week? So, here is the exact answer for you. There is a big no from our side when it comes to dying your hair two times in a row. This practice will destroy your hair and make them all lifeless looking.

The answer is yes! you can dye your hair twice in one week. However, it’s important to note that you should wait at least two weeks between each dye job. This is because dying your hair can be very damaging, and by waiting two weeks you’re giving your hair time to recover. If you dye your hair too frequently, you can end up with

In addition, most people often dye their hair and in return, they get an itchy scalp and lots of other issues. Of course, you do not want to become the target of these problems. No matter, how much you loved dying your hair, it is recommended to wait for 4 weeks, and then you can recolor your hair.

Furthermore, all hair dyes are strong and somewhat damage your hair. Their frequent use is not at all recommended. They just make your hair completely messed up and after that, nothing you can do! Besides, there are many people who experienced destructive consequences when they dye their two times in a row. Below you can check out the details of their scary stories.

Rest, we again remind you that just dye your hair after 4 weeks gap and not less than that. For other details and in-depth guidance on hair dyes, keep tuned with us. Below you can see and read out what costs are bear by people who often color their hair:

Types of Hair Dyes and Their Intensity of Damaging your Hair

Types of Hair Dyes and Their Intensity of Damaging your Hair

There are some dyes that are perfect for every type of hair. Always try to use good quality hair dye because the cheap one can ruin your hair texture. Usually, the Burgundy Hair Dye is best for every type of hair. Further, you also need to know how many types of hair dyes are there and the kind of damaging intensity they bring to your hair. Most importantly, three basic dye types are there:

  • Firstly, we have this temporary hair dye option. This dye is packed with large color molecules. These colored molecules get injected into your hair cuticles and thus manage to leave a coating. Furthermore, no use and application of ammonia or peroxide are witnessed while using this dye type. Keep in mind that this dye kind is not damaging for your hair.
  • Secondly, we have a semi or demi-permanent hair dye option. This respective dye is surrounded by small color molecules. The main job of these colored molecules is to penetrate deeply into your hair cuticles and brings a new color to your hair. Besides, no ammonia is used in its application processing. Just a little bit of peroxide is used so that a perfect tone can come on your hair.
  • Lastly, we have permanent hair dye! This hair dye makes an instant reaction to the melanin part of your hair. Beyond, it makes use of both ammonia and peroxide for its application processing part. This dye instantly lightens up your hair and gives 1005 grey coverage.

What will happen if you Dye your Hair Twice in One Week?

Yes, lots of negative and annoying repercussions are there when you color your hair twice in a week. This is not a good habit if you often practice it. Sooner or later on, your hair will become dead and no improvements can be made to it. However, you might be wondering and thinking what happens when you dye your hair often, check out the details and see how scary outcomes are:

Hair Fiber Structure Gets Damaged

Most noteworthy, this is purely a chemical process and negative outcomes surely appear on your hair if you constantly dye your hair. So, keep in mind that your hair fiber structure gets damaged upon dying your hair every single week. Your hair starts to break a lot and becomes weak with the passage of time. Their structure gets into the position that they no longer withstand this chemical hair dying process.

Hair Disulfide Bonds are Broken

Secondly, this hair-dying process breaks and eventually damages the disulfide bonds in your hair. These bonds are of supreme and paramount importance for your hair. The main job of these disulfide bonds is to hold your protein strands. If these bonds are broken, then strands will become weaker for sure.

Your Hair Cortex Gets Damaged

Thirdly, dying your hair often just makes holes in your cuticles, this is so much sad! This practice damages your hair cortex and brings your whole hair health on the dead notes. In addition, your hair becomes automatically drier and also porous. The chances of having split ends get increased too.

You Get Burns On your Scalp

This is a common problem faced by people who dye their hair again and again! They just end up getting burnt scalp and the problem becomes worst and messier further. As we have told you the hair dying process negatively affects your hair follicles and this situation leads to the burnt scalp as well. Furthermore, if you color your hair two times on the same day, then all hair destruction will be there. Apart from having a burnt scalp, you feel a lot of irritation and itchiness on your scalp area. There is a chance that white spots start to come on that affected area.

Frequent Hair Dying Causes Fever

You have to understand that frequent hair dying practice causes fever. This is a proven fact and experts from countries like Spain have extensively researched this aspect. Your scalp becomes way far aggressive and the temperature of your body starts to rise as well. It is all because of this inflamed scalp that you get a fever.

Your Skin Becomes More Fragile and Weaker

It is all true that dying your hair twice in one week just make your skin more fragile, weaker, and finer. In other words, it starts to fall out on its own. Moreover, hair-dying practice damages all nutrients present on your scalp. It automatically gets into the position no minor hair treatment process is tolerated by it.

How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don’t Like the Color?

How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don't Like the Color

Now, you can see and check out the fact regarding how soon you can color your hair if you do not like the color! It is even advised by celebs like Emma Stone that you should take a gap of at least 4 weeks. This is the minimum gap duration that you have to follow. If you do not follow this advice, then all the above-mentioned consequences and negative effects will be faced by you.

This is the ideal duration of 4 weeks, otherwise, it is even recommended to wait for 6 weeks. During this duration, your hair gets a chance to relax a little bit. In addition, this whole gap span allows your hair to get recovered on ideal notes. No matter, how urgent the situation is, you have to avoid coloring your hair before 4 to 6 weeks duration.

If your hair texture is not that much stronger and weak enough, then it is advised to give your hair break of 6 to 8 weeks duration. It even depends on your hair dye type that how long should you wait! Like, if you are using permanent hair color, then taking a gap of 6 weeks is a must for you. Besides, if you are using a temporary dye, then you can again re-color your hair after 4 weeks.

How to Fix Hair Dye Gone Wrong?

We can say that there is nothing that you can do to fix your hair dye and waiting is the only available in your hands. There might be a situation when the hair dye job is done properly and you did not get the desired results. Instead of re-coloring your hair, you should wait for a suitable amount of time. The repairing and fixing process can only be carried out if you wait for a couple of the number of days. Get in touch with the expert and ask him how sooner can you fix your dyed hair.

What to Do If Hair Dye Is Uneven?

If the hair dye job comes out to be uneven, then just wait for a couple of numbers of days and then correct this uneven dying job at your end. It is not at all recommended to fix this uneven hair dye on the same day. Once your hair is dyed, it should not be colored back again on the same day or on the same week. Sometimes, coconut oil is recommended to remove hair dye but you need a complete guide about using it.

In addition, you can follow other temporary solutions to fix this problem. As an example, you can bleach the problematic areas of your dye’s hair. You can use a clarifying shampoo to make those uneven dyed hair strands even looking one. Rest, you can use a color mousse to remove and get rid of this uneven hair dying issue.

What to Do If your Hair Dye Turned Out Too Dark?

Instead of recoloring your hair and making them even looking, you need to follow the right approach and right direction. So, if your hair dye turned out to be too dark, it is advised to use a clarifying shampoo. This is an effective solution as it may solve this problem of yours. Moreover, it is not suggested to precede another hair-dying job if the dye comes out to be too dark. And if the dye comes out to be too light, then it is always advised to tone it down. In other words, you should use pigmented conditioners to solve this issue.

How to Prevent Damage When you Want to Recolor your Hair Twice in One Week?

How to Prevent Damage When you Want to Recolor your Hair Twice in One Week

We can provide you with a wide number of solutions that help you identify how to prevent damage if you want to recolor your hair twice in one week! Like, if you have colored your hair on 05-07-2021, and you want to recolor it again, then take the below-mentioned safety and precautionary measures:

  • Most importantly, it is advised to use a semi-permanent hair color option or temporary hair type if you see this urgency to recolor your hair. Before recoloring your hair, you need to go with some hair treatment procedures. In this manner, an extra layer of protection will come on your hair while you recolor them.
  • If dying your hair in the same week, always use effective and high-end hair treatment products. They are made in a way to shield and secure your hair strands and make them damage-free from color application jobs. In addition, get in touch with a professional hairdresser and he is going to suggest to you some of the best hair treatment products.
  • Along with that, if you witness this urgency that your hair color needs to get fixed and recoloring them is the only option available for you. So, what you can do is leave the hair dye for the minimum amount of time.
  • Experts have recommended using semi-permanent hair colors if someone wants to recolor their hair in the same week. While using these hair dyes, you do not have to worry about the hair damaging part. Moreover, these dyes are free from any chemical traces.

Tips to Maintain Dyed Hair?

The last section of this piece of writing tells you how to stop yourself from recoloring your hair twice in one week and how well you can maintain your dyed hair! If you properly take care of your dyed hair, then you might not find a need to recolor them frequently. So, let us have a look at these tips and see whether they maintain your dyed hair or not:

  1. First of all, you have to wash your dyed hairless. The more you wash your dyed hair, the more color will fade away and this practice brings the need to color your hair again. Furthermore, avoid using shampoo and wash your hair with a conditioner. In this manner, less hair color will fade away.
  2. Individuals should use the right shampoo on their dyed hair. It is suggested to use high-end color protectant shampoos and sulfate-free versions as well. The wrong selection of shampoo takes off all color from your hair in few days and raises the need of recoloring them again.
  3. On your dyed hair, you should not use heat. Like, avoid using hair curling rods and hair straighteners. Just protect your dyed hair on ideal notes and minimize the practice of dying them frequently. You should always keep a heat protectant spray in your bag and use it whenever you use a hair curling rod or straightener.
  4. Lastly, it is time again and again advocated by the experts to use hair masks on your dyed hair. If you follow this ritual, then your hair will remain deeply moisturized and less damage will come on your dyed hair. You can let us know what other tips you follow while protecting your hair when you recolor them!


So, this is the exact answer to your question can I dye my hair twice in one week? We again repeat this point that there is a big and massive no from our side. Just wait and remain patient and take a gap of 4 to 6 weeks to color your hair.

Constant hair dying damages each strand of your hair and you end up losing all the things. We know that dyed hair looks so much appealing and fantastic but the constant use of them brings destruction as well.

You have to follow this ritual that once you have dyed your hair, take a gap of one month and then recolor them. Your hair needs time to heal and recover and that is exactly what you are going to offer them!

Forgiving your feedback on this healthy piece of the discussion, feel free to do that. More details on hair colors are coming sooner, so stay with us. Rest, there is no point in giving any lame excuse regarding why you dyed your hair again on the same day and week.

Your hair needs utmost attention and a lot of care. Never show negligence towards them. And dyed hair needs double care and attention. Keep connected over here and share with us how you take care of your dyed hair and how often you color them.

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