Can I Condition My Hair After Dying It?

If you are in doubt, can I condition my hair after dying it, The answer is yes you can condition your hair after dying it. Conditioners are specially formulated for already colored hair which helps to absorb the proteins and helps to prevent the color from declining.

You can definitely condition and moisturize your hair once you have colored but do not deep condition. Use the conditioner that comes with the coloring kit and not any else. Use the whole bottle and get the best results after coloring. All the coloring kits come along with conditioning packs and it is important for the person to condition their strands once they have colored them. If you will not apply that conditioning pack on your dyed hair, the proper and desired color will not come out.

Thus, that is the most important commandment and sound piece of advice that all people should follow who love the process of coloring and dying. In addition, this process makes your hair soft and smooth, it prevents making them rough and dry looking and the color gets locked for the longest time.

Do not ever skip following this practice and use the conditioning element that comes with the coloring box and not the commercial and chemical-treated one. After coloring, avoid washing for two days and then go for deep conditioning and moisturizing to further strengthen your colored strands. Below you can see more of the details on hair care and how to retain the coloring process let us know if you have any questions:

Benefits of Using a Conditioner After Coloring

Benefits of Using a Conditioner After Coloring

Lots of benefits are there that tell you why to use a conditioner after coloring. This is the most crucial step that you have to always follow. Colorists pro from countries like Canada has advised people to use the conditioner that comes with the coloring kit once they have colored their strands and use the whole bottle in one go. Most importantly, keep it on your hair for three minutes and then you can rinse it off.

With its application, the texture of your strands will become soft, lush, and extremely smooth. We have commonly seen that dyes and coloring processes make our strands rough and dry. But with this conditioning treatment, shine and smoothness will be brought back. Make sure to rinse them with cool water and not hot water. Using hot water will fade the color eventually, so do not make this mistake.

Dyes and coloring kits are packed with harmful chemicals. Though they bring a beautiful and amazing color, the chemicals present in them are harmful to your strands. To prevent the damage, it is recommended to moisturize your hair. In addition, just condition them right away and avoid going for washing for at least 48 to 72 hours.

Is It OK to Condition Your Hair After Dying?

As explained above, you should condition your colored strands after dying. That is the critical step of the whole coloring process. Below we have mentioned more of the important commandments that will tell you how to use the conditioner correctly and properly. There are many people out there and lots of celebs as well like Jennie Lawrence who has highlighted the importance of using conditioners on dyed strands. Check out the details and see whether you have been using this product correctly or not.

Use the Conditioner That Comes in the Coloring Box

Use the Conditioner That Comes in the Coloring Box

First of all, you should use the conditioner that comes along in the coloring box. At that time, that is the suitable and most correct product that should be readily applied on your colored strands. In the kit, you might have always spotted that little bottle of conditioner, open it up, and use the whole pack of it.

These exclusive conditioners are designed for trapping and effectively locking the colors. They keep the color intact in your fiber follicles and molecules. In addition, these conditioners are specially formulated and guarantee to soften your hair once you color them. You have to use them immediately and instantly once you have removed the color.

Use Only that Conditioner That is Meant to be Applied on Dyed Hair

Now, this is an important piece of advice that you should keep in mind. Use the conditioners that are meant and made for dyed strands only. Avoid using commercial products on color-treated strands of yours. The best way is to utilize the conditioning pack that comes in the coloring box.

On using it, you will see that the maximum amount of proteins will get absorbed into your colored strands. Moreover, their application prevents the color from fading. It is also recommended to look for conditioners that do not have parabens and sulfates in them.

Pay Attention to the Conditioner Color

Have you ever noticed the conditioner color? If not, do so this time! Its color should match the dye level. You need to understand that conditioners come in different colors. They are packed with different color pigments; choose the one that matched the dye box color. If the shade of your conditioner and dye matches, it means the perfect color will come on your hair and the overall tint effect will get strengthened as well right in the cuticles.

Use a Leave-in Conditioner Once a Week

As a golden rule of thumb, it is recommended to use leave-in conditioners once a week. Like, once you apply them on 20-02-2022, then do apply them again after a week gap. Avoid washing and shampooing regularly, if you do so the dye will be washed out from your strands.  Remember that a dye lasts for 20 to 25 days and you can prolong this span by taking the right care of it. Applying a leave-in conditioner and properly moisturizing them will lock up their color for more days.

Go for Deep Conditioning!

Do not forget that you have to go for deep conditioning as well. Once a week, this practice is enough. Some like to deep condition their strands with coconut oil. Simply apply this oil and leave it like this overnight. This oil comes in the form of natural and exclusive hydrating treatments. It is organic oil and perfectly hydrates your dyed and colored strands. Coconut oil minimizes the damage and injects the best conditioning treatment.

Tips to Take Care of Colored Hair

Tips to Take Care of Colored Hair

Experts recommended tips are there that you should consider for taking the best care of your dyed hair. Please have a look at them now:

Avoid Washing Your Colored Hair for at Least 48 Hours

Yes, that is the maximum time that you have to wait once you have gone for the coloring process. Avoid washing for at least 48 hours. If you will wash on the next day, there is a high chance that pigment will fade out. The tint molecules need time to get locked up into your cuticles and fiber follicles and that is only possible if you avoid washing them for 48 hours.

Stay Away Using Heat Styling Products

If you have decided to go for coloring, then that is a must for you to stay away from using heat styling products as well. These straighteners and dryers eventually make the whole coloring process destructive looking and you get zero results.

Avoid Crushing and Rubbing Your Colored Hair Once You have Washed Them

You should not rub or crush your colored hair once you have washed them. If you do so, their fibers will get broken. Delicately rub or squeeze them and avoid putting harsh pressure on them. You have to lightly rub them and give an air-dry job to them.

Focus on Having Healthy Food

For dyed strands, healthy food matters a lot. Make sure that you work a lot on your diet plan and keep on having healthy foods and fruits so that the right amount of nourishment gets reached to your strands as well. If you are feeding your body, then that is also equally important for you to feed your strands. If you will have healthy food and meals, then your hair texture will remain smooth and soft and no longer dry and rough.

When to Deep Condition Your Hair?

Most people do not know when to deep condition their colored hair and here you can see the complete guide about it. Deep conditioning is important after three days once you are done with the coloring treatment. This is an important and mandatory practice and on doing so, the tint will get locked into your strands and it will not fade away for at least a month.

So, wait for three days and then you can proceed with the deep conditioning process. You can either use coconut oil or an apple aloe vera mask. In addition, you can use commercial masks but make sure that they do not have chemicals in them. Deeply moisturizing will definitely and certainly extend the color span and it will eventually make it vibrant looking.

Top Homemade Moisturizers to be Applied on Dyed Hair

Top Homemade Moisturizers to be Applied on Dyed Hair

Lots of homemade moisturizers are there that will give you the best results if you have colored processed your hair. If you could not afford to buy commercial conditioners, then you can easily make them at home:

Applying Egg Mask

Eggs inject proteins into your strands! So, if you have colored or highlighted your strands, you should regularly apply an egg mask. This ingredient is packed with protein and lecithin and that turns out to be super hydrating and moisturizing your strands. Make an egg mask and apply it from roots to tips. This mask will definitely bring more strength and nourishment. It will prevent your strands from breaking. You can make this homemade moisturizer in the following manner.

Take three eggs, add a tablespoon of honey and also add two tablespoons of coconut oil. As an alternative, you can have olive oil. Make a mask and apply it for thirty minutes. After that, you can wash it, let it air dry.

The other method is to add yogurt, two tablespoons of almond oil, and two beaten eggs. You will see that a creamy mixture will be made. Apply it for a duration of thirty minutes and then rinse it off.

Moisturizing With Oil

It is always recommended to moisturize your dyed hair with oil. You can use coconut oil or olive oil. Or you can use almond oil! Rub that oil on your hands and apply it to the strands from roots to tips. You can even heat up the oil for getting more better and best results. Massage that oil thoroughly, after cover your hair with a hot towel, and later on, rinse it off.

Using Honey As a Moisturizer

How about using honey as a moisturizer on your colored strands? Yes, you can do that! Honey conditions and deeply moisturize your hair. Just apply it and leave it like this for 30 minutes, after that, you can rinse it off. Or you can combine honey with avocado and egg. A creamy texture will come out, apply it in the form of a mask once a week and get the best results.

Making the Mask of Avocado and Banana

Experts have advised making the mask of banana ad avocado. This will be the best and ideal moisturizing mask that one should try out. Mash some avocado and banana and to get the right consistency, add some oil as well. Apply the mask and leave it for approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse it off and get smooth hair!


So, what’s the bottom line of this question, can I condition my hair after dying it! You should be going for conditioning and moisturizing your dyed hair. Use the conditioner that comes with the coloring kit. This respective practice will lock the tinted pigment and the shade will not fade away. In addition, you should go for the deeply conditioning process after three days once the dying process is done.

For colored hair, you should apply olive oil, coconut oil so that your hair remains moisturized and hydrated. You can even make homemade moisturizers like egg masks, avocado, and banana masks, using honey as a moisturizer.

Thus, if you love coloring, you should also love the process of conditioning and moisturizing your strands. Dyes do make your strands rough looking, but you can restore their texture and healthy by conditioning them. Stay tuned to have more updates on dyes.

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