Can Balayage Be Done on Dyed Hair? Top Guide

Here we have this commonly asked question, can balayage be done on dyed hair? No, you should not opt for this practice. If you will do so, your whole hair texture will get ruined and be immensely damaged. Our below-mentioned details will further tell you how this coloring technique is dangerous and a lot riskier if you will carry it on your already colored strands.

Getting a balayage on already colored strands will make them look super damaging and we are sure about it. In addition, your strands will look rough, dry, and patchy and the desired look will definitely not come out. It is recommended by professionals that you should go with the one-tone base color and then opt for this coloring technique.

Besides, this shade will only work on those hair lengths that are somewhat longer and short hair length girls cannot ideally flaunt this look. No doubt, this color looks a lot more appealing and impressive and you are whole look effortless. You end up getting the summer sun look and girls have become a die-hard fan of this trend.

Now, the problem is that most of the girls do not know what to consider and what not to consider while opting for this look and this post will give you comprehensive information. If you want to get the flawless and smooth balayage look, then avoid getting it on already colored hair. This is the most important tip that we have shared with you.

Can you do Balayage on Highlighted Hair?

We like to give you this sound piece of advice that balayage does not look perfect on highlighted strands. This suggestion and fact are also backed by hairstylists from countries like the USA. You are taking your hair life to death zone if you will embrace this practice.

So, never and ever ignore this piece of advice. Your strands will look like a disaster if you will go for balayage on highlights. It does not matter whether you have gone for lowlights, highlights, or baby lights, you should not do this coloring technique on them.

Your strands shade will come out to be ash in tone if you will do so and we know that none of you want to see this disaster. Those girls who have done this blunder must have noticed at that time that their hair turned into a fried state.

Which Factors to Consider when Doing Balayage on Dyed Hair?

Which Factors to Consider when Doing Balayage on Dyed Hair?

However, if you want to perform this process on your dyed hair, then there are some factors that you have to keep in mind. And these same factors are stated and advised by celebs as well like Mila Kunis. Consider taking these questions and important factors into account!

Determine beforehand how much your strands are bleached.  How much time has been passed since you dyed your hair and what kind of dye do you use to color your strands! Determine whether you use the temporary color or the permanent shade. And assess whether you have dry hair and the quality is up to the mark so that it can withstand the chemical processed treatment with ease.

Can you do Balayage on Bleached Hair?

Whether you have dyed or bleached or highlighted strands, it is not at all advisable to do balayage on them. We know that it is one of the most popular coloring techniques, but certain factors have to be assessed and determined before opting for it.

In this technique, your strands are being bleached and roots remain touched. Bleaching itself is a harmful and damaging process and the texture of your strands will further become destructive if you will do this coloring technique on it.

Thus, bleach brings intense and massive damage to your strands and the rest of the damaging situation gets fulfilled by balayage. Bleaching content is composed of peroxide and this kind of chemical breaks up and damages the capillary fiber of your strands. All in all, you get dry, highly dehydrating looking and tarnished results at the end of the day. Thus, if you have already gone for bleaching, then never and ever go for balayage.

However, you can keep in mind these tips and suggestions that can minimize the damage. Before doing this coloring treatment on your bleached strands, you should regularly use a shampoo that has keratin in it.

Apply restorative creams so that your hair gets enough moisture and hydration to tolerate this heavy chemically processed treatment. Moisturize them coconut oil.

How Much Time Should be Passed if you Wish to Do Balayage on Dyed Hair?

How Much Time Should be Passed if you Wish to Do Balayage on Dyed Hair?

It is believed that at least 3 weeks should be passed if you want to do balayage. Like, if you have gone for dying on 07-01-2022, then take a gap of 3 weeks. This is the minimum time that you have to wait if you do not want this coloring technique to bring damage to your strands.

On the other hand, if you will not consider this time duration, then your hair will just become dead and flop results will come out.

Take a Gap of 3 Weeks

If you wish to see excellent balayage results on your dyed strands, it is recommended to take a gap of three weeks and not less than that! Make sure that the coloring pigment and the dye get completely set in your hair and after that, you can opt for this coloring process.

When doing balayage, you also have to make sure that the developer volume does not get exceeded. In addition, avoid utilizing and using more than 30 volume developers. If you do so, your strand capillary fibers will get damaged.

Those girls who have permanently dyed their hair, we do not recommend them to go with this technique. However, if you have temporarily colored your strands, you can pursue with balayage process.

Strand Test

Most importantly, you need to perform a strand test to check and verify whether this coloring process will be suitable and damaging-free for your hair or not. In this test, a small portion of your strands will be taken and the process will be applied to them.

If the results look fine, then the coloring process will be commenced on the remaining portion. Besides, this strand test will give you an idea of how the capillary fibers are going to react.

What do the Results of This Test Tell Us?

What do the Results of This Test Tell Us?

The minute you see that the fibers are getting damaged, strands are breaking, ends are splitting, it means you should not proceed with this treatment. These results tell us that your hair will be further worn and torn out. It is suggested to restore your hair health first of all.

When you see that the texture of your strands has become healthy and nourished; then go on with any coloring treatment that you feel like! But avoid doing the coloring process on weaker strands; it will just give you failed results.

Can you Have a Balayage if your Hair is Dry?

If your hair texture is dry, then it is not advisable to opt for this coloring technique. Yes, that is a big no from our side. This coloring process is not for those girls who have dry and rough strands and who have already dyed hair. During this process, you will go through a bleaching process and this whole practice will further dry out your strands. You need to make your hair healthy, hydrated, and moisturized first of all, and then go for balayage.

If the texture is already weak, thin, and dehydrated, then going for balayage is a pointless and hopeless thing to do. Dry and rough strands suffer a lot while they get colored or highlighted.

If you really crave this coloring process, we like to suggest you restore the health of your strands and make your hair look mote more nourished and hydrated. Only healthy strands can withstand and tolerate these intense coloring processes and weaker strands lack such strength in them.

Kinds of Balayage that you Can Go For!

Kinds of Balayage that you Can Go For!

Lots of balayage techniques have been introduced till now. Heaps and loads of variation are there and below you can see and go through further details about them:

  • Firstly, you can have an ombre! It is excellent and one of the popular balayage variations that you can flaunt. This shade works in a way that your roots become darker and the ends get lighter. You get the darker and more shaded kind of base.
  • Next, you can go with the highlights option! In this coloring technique, noticeable and prominent lines of color come on your hair and the whole treatment is done by wrapping your strands in a foil.
  • Some girls like to go with the idea of having baby lights. They look in a way likewise we have highlights, but comparatively, they are much thinner and also more spread out.
  • There is another version of having balayage where the color of your hair goes through the gradual lightning process and gets blended from roots to tips.

Can Balayage Give Grey Coverage?

Most people have asked this question that does this shade offer grey coverage! Here you can get the answer to this question. It does cover your grey roots. Though it does not ensure 100% grey coverage but fulfill the desired purpose to some extent. If you want to get rid of greyish-colored strands, then we recommend and strongly suggest you go with this option.

It gives you a youthful look and you no longer look dull. In addition, this practice naturally covers greyish roots and you end up getting an aesthetically appealing look.

Thus, this is an eye-catching and jaw-opening transitioning idea that you can try out. There is no need to keep greys on your strands; you can eliminate them from your head by applying balayage.

Balayage on Brown Hair

Yes, it is possible to have balayage on brown hair! To all girls who have darker shaded strands, they can go with this shade any time.  This colorant goes perfectly and ideally well for those girls who have black or brown hair. Alongside, if your strands are traditionally brunette colored, you can opt for this styling combination.

No doubt, this shade has become an excellent choice if you want to oomph your brown color. It lightens your natural color and makes it stand out in the best manner. You will eventually look dramatic and stunning.

What Kinds of Hairstyles to Go for with Balayage?

There are lots of hairstyles that you can go for with balayage and below we have mentioned the details of these ideas. Yes, this shade looks lovely with numerous numbers of hairstyles.

  • If you have got this shade, then it is better to combine it with bangs. This will give you the coolest look and you will definitely not be disappointed in flaunting it. Indeed, this shade goes well with bangs and you can try it now.
  • In addition, you can give a curly effect. It is proven that this shade combines and amalgamates perfectly with curls and locks. So, if you have planned to opt for this hair color, make sure to fuse this shade with curls or locks as well.
  • Those girls who have long strands, balayage will look lovely and jaw-opening on you. This shade will accentuate and oomph your facial features and your skin tone will be enhanced as well. Instead of cutting down your hair length, it is advisable to keep your hair long and go with this shade simply!
  • You can go with a bob cut too! Do you know that bob cut and this balayage shade go hand in hand and such a combination always looks lovely! You can experience this look and let us know your reviews.


So, the answer to the most popular question is, can balayage be done on dyed hair? No, never do that! Your hair will get damaged if you will do this coloring process on permanent, temporary, or semi-permanent dyes.

It is true that balayage is one of the biggest and many loved trends so far, but you have to be very careful when pursuing it. This treatment involves the use of a lot of chemicals and you have to consider lots of points while going for it. We like to tell you that this shade had its origin in France and dates back to the time of 1970s.

If the health of your strands is weak and your strand’s texture is rough, dry, and flaky, then this coloring process is not right for you. Opting for it will further deteriorate your hair health and you get zero results. Experts have suggested taking a gap of 3 weeks between the dying and balayage process.

Though this treatment offers grey coverage, gives you a fresh look, and makes your hairstyle more rocking and impressive, it is a chemical process. And your strands have to be in excellent condition if you want to go with this treatment.

It is advisable to do the strand test so that you can see whether this coloring treatment is meant for you or not. If the results of the strand test do not come ok, you should not take the bold move and instead step back. Such chemically-based coloring treatments damage the already weak strands, so be very much. Stay tuned with us as more details on balayage and other coloring processes will be shared.

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