10 Best Velcro Rollers for Fine Hair in 2022 | Expert Guide

It is time to enjoy that Vintage and old-school look and it is possible to achieve that if you try out these best and top-notch Velcro rollers set. They are exclusively made for fine hair and work supremely and greatly. In addition, various numbers of names are given to these rollers. Some girls call them self-gripping rollers and some like to identify them as heatless rollers.

velcro rollers for fine hair
Remington H1016 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter, Hair Rollers
velcro hot rollers for fine hair
Conair SelfGrip Rollers Assorted
velcro rollers for short fine hair
Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers
best velcro rollers for thin hair
Blulu 55 mm Self Grip Hair Rollers Set 9 Count Jumbo Size Self Holding Rollers
best hair rollers for fine hair
GOROANLYJumbo Size Self Grip Hair Rollers Set
extra large velcro rollers
BESSEEK Hair Rollers, 12 Pack Self Grip Salon Hairdressing Curlers
self grip rollers for fine hair
NAVAdeal 12 Pack Good Styling Sleep In Soft Foam Cling Hair Roller

Moreover, these Velcro rollers bring your hair to a win-win situation. They are the best match no matter you have short or medium or long hair or no matter you have fine and thin hair texture. The below-mentioned recommended sets have captured hearts and praise from lots of customers because they are versatile and multi-functional to use.

The rolling and unrolling process offered by these rollers is simple and tangle-free. Your hair does not get tangled at all while you emboss these rollers and they seamlessly come out from your hair as well. Even more, these self-holding rollers do not come while you tuck them during your cooking and exercising modes.

Now, you can read out the honest reviews about Best Velcro Rollers for Fine Hair and pick out your favorite Velcro roller set as well:

Remington H1016 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter, Hair Rollers, 1-1 ¼ Inch

velcro rollers for fine hair


To give a bombastic look to your hair, you can try out these best Velcro rollers. They work great and remain perfect for fine hair girls. The best quality of these Velcro rollers is that they are compact and available in a travel-friendly size. Furthermore, they offer you easy storage and travel options. If you think that your fine and thin hair needs some real bouncy effect, then get your hands on this product.  Mila Kunis  is a fan of such rollers as well. This respective product arrives in a new and upgraded design. So far, this is the best-selling product that we have identified and selected for you.

Moreover, these Velcro rollers have a sleek design and bring out the best rolling effect on your hair. Lastly, you will see the presence of an exclusive  J clip  so that the user can see better hold while using this roller set. And it is witnessed that this same set ensures less creasing.


  • This Velcro roller set comes with a slip-on brush cover.
  • It ensures Better Hold and also Less Creasing.
  • These are specifically heated rollers and they are ideal for fine hair types.
  • You get long-lasting and highly voluminous curls.
  • These rollers guarantee to give kind of curls less frizz as well as more shine.

Customer Review

Oh Yeah, they are the big ones and highly comfortable ones as well. These rollers worked alright for me and I am happy with them. I wanted to add volume to my hair and these rollers performed this duty very well. I just sprayed my hair lightly and this set worked then super fine!

Conair SelfGrip Rollers Assorted, Roller sizes differentiated by color

velcro hot rollers for fine hair


If you have not heard about the concept of using self-grip rollers, then check out all details from there. These are high in demand Velcro rollers and bring out such a lift and immense volume in your fine hair. In addition, the whole set arrives in 31 self-grip rollers. The main job of using these rollers is to smooth your hair and creates charismatic and magical curls in no less time. The  USP  of this set is that they do not leave any of the indentation marks, how amazing it is! It is up to you whether you want to use these Velcro rollers on wet hair or dry hair. And you can either accompany this Velcro roller set with or without styling gel.

It is time to create curls on your own. Simply grab this set and make ravishing curls in less time. Under this same brand, you will find a variety of hairstyling products starting from hot rollers to straighteners and also bun styling kits. This product even gets delivered to  Pakistan .


  • This is a high-quality hair accessory and it makes classic and crunchy-looking curls.
  • These rollers bring no damage to your hair and enhance its elasticity as well.
  • This brand even manufactures glam bobby pins, all kinds of curlers, rollers, and also hair wraps, clips.
  • You will find these Velcro rollers much lightweight and they produce effortless and bouncy curls.
  • This is a great option if you do not want to use old-fashioned rollers.

Customer Review

It is so sad that I have watched so many videos to get curls but end up in vain. But this set brought smile on my face. It did not require any coaching and I conveniently use these rollers in the very first attempt of mine. The whole set pretty much covered my hair and rest of the results are just WOW!

Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers

velcro rollers for short fine hair


You might be thinking why we have selected this ideal Velcro roller set for you, check out the main reasons over here. This set helps you make gorgeous-looking curls naturally and that is the highlighting part of this product. Keep in mind that this is a compact hot roller set that gives beautiful curls and a wavy effect on your fine hair. You can see that this set is featured and packed with a starter grip kind of patented hot roller design. This way, you will be able to grip your hair with ease!

Moreover, if your current Velcro roller set is tough and messy to use, then try this recommendation. It gives a red signal when the rollers get hot and you can make use of its Dual voltage functioning for international traveling purposes. You can well note down that the set is included with 20 multi-size and tangle-free rollers. And you will also get 20 color-coded and stainless steel clips.


  • These rollers guide you in getting a variety kind of curls
  • They make big, bouncy curls and even voluminous waves.
  • They are easy and fast to be rolled and unrolled.
  • This brand has always made innovative hairstyling appliances for its customers.
  • These are tangle-free rollers and arrive in 20 multi-sized versions.

Customer Review

You will not believe but I used to hate rollers back in the past. Upon buying this set on  10-03-2021 , my beliefs have managed to get changed somewhat. Though I have thick hair and this set is for fine hair, but it equally worked for me. I simply keep this set in my car and whenever I feel like getting curls, I take this set out.

Blulu 55 mm Self Grip Hair Rollers Set 9 Count Jumbo Size Self Holding Rollers

best velcro rollers for thin hair


We are quite sure that this recommended Velcro roller set will steal your hearts. For bringing great and noticeable change in your fine hair, it is time to try out this self-gripping roller set now. You will not believe but the use of these rollers is so much easy to follow and comprehend. You just have to slightly damp your hair and section your hair. And simply twist these rollers on your hair. Upon blow drying them, you can unroll them and voila, bouncy curls are here in front of you! No matter, what kind of curls you want to achieve, this dream can be fulfilled by using this Velcro roller set.

Furthermore, these rollers are highly multi-functional. You can even utilize them for rolling up your bangs. As these rollers are available in jumbo size, that is why you can make lush waves and retro-looking curls with the help of them.


  • The self-holding roller diameter is approx.  55 mm/ 2.16 inches .
  • This set helps you make waves, retro rolls, and also air bangs or hair tails.
  • The purpose of using the duckbill clip of this set is to enjoy a more secure hold.
  • You can use these rollers while you are cooking or running or exercising and they will not fall off.
  • The package comes with 9 pieces of jumbo size self-grip rollers.

Customer Review

My friend received this parcel a few days back and she is super delighted to get this set. All items and accessories were there as mentioned in the package and even the  refund  and  money back return policy  is assured. Now, my friend is pushing me to buy this roller set and I think I am going to buy it too!

GOROANLYJumbo Size Self Grip Hair Rollers Set, with Hairdressing Curlers

best hair rollers for fine hair


Now, this job is no longer tough to get highly bouncy waves because this exclusive Velcro roller set is in front of you. We know that it is not easy to get curls on fine and thin hair texture, but this product works in a miracle manner for you. Most importantly, these are jumbo size rollers and they run on the self-gripping mode. They do not fall away not matter you induct them on your hair while you are cooking or exercising. Apart from that, this is a suitable Velcro roller set if you have medium to long hair. Such an amazing effect is created by this set and for the first time, your eyes will not believe that how you end up getting shiny, smooth curls in such a quick time.

Furthermore, the person will not experience any tiring phase upon using these rollers. No help is needed from the other person no matter you are using this Velcro set for the first time. So, try out this set and share with us your views as well.


  • There is a folding plastic comb in the package.
  • Girls of all hair types can use these rollers and they bring a salon-like effect as well.
  • This set is easy to carry and these rollers are highly portable and lightweight.
  • These rollers are made of plastic and do not irritate your scalp while you put them on your hair.
  • Apart from making basic shaped curls, you can try out other hairstyles upon using this Velcro set.

Customer Review

Wow, these are perfect rollers. This is a great variety pack. Though I am an old fashion girl and this set is highly compatible with my taste and preference. They do a perfect job for me and do not need any additional pins for securing purposes.

BESSEEK Hair Rollers, 12 Pack Self Grip Salon Hairdressing Curlers

extra large velcro rollers


Another version of self-gripping rollers is here for you and that we have honestly reviewed for you. Most noteworthy, these heatless hair curlers and work just  wow  and  wow ! Furthermore, they do not need any heat to curl and roll your hair. The catchy part is that this roller set is free from any additives and gives you natural-looking curly hair. It is their heatless mode that never and ever damages your hair. These days, almost every single girl DIY their hair at home and that is why such interesting roller and curler set options are arriving.

Thus, do you want to try this self-gripping roller set? You should be! These are truly versatile, easy to use and comfortable to wear rollers. No doubt, this is a practical and functional styling tool that gives a celeb look to your fine and thin hair. Curls and rollers all take us back to the Vintage times and that is what all girls wish for.


  • These rollers get easily and conveniently stick to your hair.
  • You do not need any clips and pins to stick these rollers.
  • These Velcro rollers are gentle to use and leave no marks on your hair.
  • You end up getting big and bouncy salon-style kind of curls.
  • To get the best results, it is recommended to use these rollers while your hair are half dry.

Customer Review

If you have got a problem that your current roller set does not give smooth curls, then I can tell you and finally recommend you a precious Velcro roller set. These are soft rollers. As they did not pull out my hair, the same way, the best results will be faced by you.

NAVAdeal 12 Pack Good Styling Sleep In Soft Foam Cling Hair Roller

self grip rollers for fine hair


We have one such Velcro roller set for you that comes with a  money-back guarantee  option. If you think that Velcro rollers are not easy and simple to use, then you are wrong. Try out this set and see how easy and hassle-free these rollers can be used. It is on all hair types that you can use these rollers. No matter, you have short hair, medium or long hair, you can use these rollers. In addition, this set does not put restrictions on using these rollers either on wet or dry hair.

Girls have started to like this set because they are made of plastic foam. Trust us, these rollers are immensely flexible enough to use. Feel free to put these rollers overnight and voila, Hollywood-styled curls will be right there dancing on your hair! Furthermore, these rollers’ diameter is  1.4″ Diameter  and length is  2.4″ Length . It is in the medium size that these rollers are currently available.


  • These rollers come with a sponge, hook and loop.
  • They are much safe and comfortable to use.
  • This is a great curling solution that you can try out.
  • This set is available in bright color options.
  • You will get a  lifetime warranty  upon getting this Velcro roller set.

Customer Review

I just got a glimpse of this roller set at a store and they captured my attention in a second. The salesgirl told me how to use this set I was surprised to see the convenience and easiness side of this roller set. These don’t hurt and I love them!!

How to Use Velcro Rollers on Fine Hair?

how to use velcro rollers on fine hair

The procedure to use Velcro rollers on fine is easy to understand. Like, you use these rollers on thick hair, in the same way, you need to apply these rollers on your fine hair. We know that these kinds of rollers have come as a saving grace for all girls. They give the best results and quick to apply. Thin hair girls have become so much relaxed because these self-gripping rollers bring a lot of volume to their hair.

Moreover, fine and thin hair always looks lackluster and dull, and to transform them magically, Velcro rollers are here to entertain and welcome them. You can either wet your fine hair or make them dry and after that, you can twist these rollers. Besides, stop using any kind of hot rollers and large in size barreled curling irons on your fine hair. If you do so, your hair will get a lot more damaged.

We can give you basic information and the general idea that simply twist these Velcro rollers on your hair and unroll them after a few hours. To make these curls long-lasting, you can apply a styling cream or gel cream on them. Hence, these rollers bring damage-free results and make your fine hair completely voluminous looking.

Why use velcro rollers?

why use velcro rollers

You might be wondering why girls should only prefer to use Velcro rollers; here we are going to tell you. These are fantastic rollers and give desired benefits. Furthermore, they bring tremendous volume to your hair. If you feel like getting tight curls or loose curls, all of these jobs are performed by these rollers. Keep in mind that this is a heat-free styling solution that we have suggested to you. These Velcro rollers do not pose any kind of risk to your hair. It is time to stop using curling irons and flat irons and even hot rollers and start using these heatless rollers.

It is believed that these rollers are highly self-gripping. They are immensely compatible with fine hair types. When using these rollers, no need for pins and clips is required. Just tuck these rollers and they get to stick with your fine hair without giving you any mess. Lastly, this is a super easy-to-use hairstyling beauty tool.

Velcro Roller Basics

velcro rollers

Let us have a look at the Velcro roller basics now! The demand for these rollers is getting much and quite higher now. These rollers work on a different technique and give catchy-looking curls to you. Apart from making basic curls, you can try out other styles as well with the use of these Velcro rollers. If you plan to use this set, then there are some important things that you have to keep in mind:

First of all, Velcro rollers work great and in the best manner on damp hair. If you use these rollers on dry hair, then you will not get desired outcomes. On the other hand, your hair should not be that much damp and wet. Just slightly damp and wet them and inject these rollers on your hair. In other words, you can towel dry your hair a little bit and start off with this job of curling and rolling your fine hair.

Before you use these rollers, you need to apply a setting spray on your hair. This is the most important step and with the follow-up of this tip, long-lasting curls and rolling style will be attained by you. You can use any high-quality setting spray or setting lotion in this regard.

hair rollers size chart

It is with the application of texture lotion, setting spray, and setting lotion that you can bring more magic to your curls. These products do not weigh down your curls and make them super and highly bouncy. Furthermore, the use of setting products brings a strong holding power on your girls. If you notice that your curls lose their holding power, then the main reason is that you forget the use of setting spray.

When using Velcro rollers, do not bring any heating element near them! You can only see great results upon using these rollers if you use them on the heatless mode. In addition, you can speed up their curling process if you use these rollers along with the blow-drying technique.  Like, once you tuck these rollers, blow them side by side so that the perfect shape of curls can be achieved. Keep in mind that when you use a blow dryer along with Velcro rollers, always run it on the lowest heat setting mode.

Lastly, when you unroll these rollers, do this step with care and a lot of attention. Avoid pulling your rollers while you are in the phase to unroll them. If you pull them, there is a high chance that your curls will get tangled a lot. So, what you can do is simply release your rollers smoothly and gently. Thus, the whole concept of using rollers works on the approach like slow and steady wins the race! Slowly and steadily you roll and unroll these rollers, better results you will get.

Create volume with velcro rollers

Create volume with velcro rollers

The relation between using Velcro rollers and getting voluminous hair goes side by side. To create volume on your fine hair in less time, the best and feasible option for you is to use Velcro rollers. This is the perfectly tailored option that we have suggested to you. We know that fine hair looks much flat and it is quite important for you to bring volume to them. It is with the usage of Velcro rollers that your fine and thin hair strands can be rescued. You eventually bring  big volume  on them in no time.

For the sake of creating volume, the very first step is to section off your hair. Divide your hair into proper sections and put Velcro rollers on them. Start this process by sectioning your hair at your forehead and then goes to the back section of your head. Furthermore, on each side of your head, you need to make around and about  1 to 2 sections . This sectioning-off technique will give you ideal curling results.

Once you are done with the sectioning off technique, then you have to select the correct roller size. The roller size depends on your hair length, so it means you have to do this selection wisely. If you desire to bring more and more volume to your hair, it is suggested to use big rollers only. However, they should not be that much big enough that it gets tough for you to wrap and roll them appropriately.

Now, start rolling your hair from the ends of your hair and tuck them away nicely. In addition, roll these rollers right under toward your crown and perform this job until and unless you reach your scalp. You have to repeat this whole process on each section that you have created. Furthermore, the hair present on your side, you should be rolling them completely away from your face.

The trick to seeing the best use of Velcro rollers is to roll them up in an inward direction. In this manner, you end up getting and seeing a  Vintage  and  Hollywood  glam look on your face. This rolling-in technique brings more of the lift as well as volume on your fine hair!

Lastly, once you have positioned all your rollers and tuck them away perfectly, now you need to allow your hair to dry all naturally. You can air dry them and you can even give a blow-drying job to them. But using a blow dryer should be done and carried out on the low heat setting option. When you see that your hair has become dry, then unroll these rollers and get a celeb look.

Upon taking off all the Velcro rollers, you need to finger-comb your hair later on. Give a final finishing look to your hair by using a setting spray on them and lock the rolling effect. And the catchy part is that you can use these rollers either in the daytime or overnight.

How to get beach waves with velcro rollers?

beach waves with velcro rollers

It is possible to get beach kind of waves with the help of Velcro rollers. Loose and tight curls and even beachy waves are possible to acquire by using these kinds of rollers. This entire job of getting beach waves is fast to do if you just use this roller type. Simply put your rollers at the ends of your hair and get the perfect beachy look.

Furthermore, you should be using those Velcro rollers that are of smaller size. If they are small enough, then it will be easy for you to unwind them at least  2 to 3 times . Moreover, while tucking these smaller rollers, they have to  2 to 3 inches  away from the roots section of your hair.

As these rollers are going to be clipped on your ends, that is why you need pins and clips for securing and holding them perfectly. And it is also important for you to work in sections. Start rolling your hair from the ends and then proceed to the roots part. In addition, avoid hanging your Velcro rollers in the air and secure them with pins.

The last step to get beachy waves is to slowly unwind and unroll your rollers. And to bring a fluffy and pure beachy effect, you can toss and dance them up by using your fingers. So, that is all about getting beachy waves by using Velcro rollers.

Curl fine hair with velcro rollers

Curl fine hair with velcro rollers

As we have told you again and again that it is possible to bring impressive curls on fine hair if you do the right use of Velcro rollers. The combination of having fine hair and Velcro rollers is superb and perfect enough. They make up the perfect team and you can try this combination for sure.

Most importantly, these rollers give you soft as well as  romantic-looking  curls. The minute you get curls, no one will get this feeling that you have fine and thin hair texture. This is a fun way to give a playful look to your thin hair. Moreover, for such a hair type, it is ideal to use small and also medium in size Velcro rollers. And while you are given the job to create curls on fine hair, you have to section them properly and correctly first of all.

In addition, girls should wind and roll their rollers in all different directions. You can place them all at varied and different angles and this is the smart trick on getting bouncy curls on extremely fine and thin hair. And finally, you should not unroll the rollers until and unless your hair gets thoroughly dry. If your hair is still wet and you remove your rollers, then inappropriate curls will come on your hair.

So, remain patient while you are in the mode of forming curls. This job needs time and patience and that is what you have to show! Hence, buy a good quality Velcro roller set for yourself and see what magic they perform for you. No doubt, this is a must-have hair styling tool that should be kept in your  beauty arsenal .

Commonly Asked Question About Velcro Rollers

Question: How to use Hair Rollers for Bangs?

Answer: For bangs, hair rollers can be conveniently used. In this regard, you have to set a roller and simply collect your bangs in that roller. It is best to section off your bangs and put side by side roller in them. Roll your bangs in these rollers starting from the ends and then reach their roots. Make sure to completely wrap your bangs in the rollers and there should be no loose hair coming out from these rollers. Just wait for a few minutes and unwind these rollers out from your bangs. This is an easy and simple way to use hair rollers for bangs.

Question: Do Velcro Rollers damage hair?

Answer: Velcro rollers do not damage your hair at all. These are heatless rollers and bring no single damage to your hair. Furthermore, these rollers only bring a little damage to your hair if you use them with a blow dryer. If you go for the air-dry technique, then these rollers remain risk-free and completely damage-free for your hair. It is true that this kind of roller type has become old-fashioned but trust us, they are danger-free and bring natural curls as well. In addition, they give bouncy and a hell lot of long-lasting curls even you use them for overnight time.

Question: How to put Rollers in Short Hair?

Answer: Rollers can be seamlessly used no matter you have short or long hair. While putting rollers on short hair, make sure that you use a setting spray on them and let your hair completely dry before unwinding these rollers from your short hair. You need to follow the same curling technique for rolling short hair likewise you curl long hair of yours. Furthermore, if you have got a bob or small chop hairstyle, rollers can be used on them.

Question: Do Rollers work on Fine Hair?

Answer: Yes, rollers work on fine hair. We have seen that fine hair possesses more of a delicate structure and they need more attention while you curl them up. When using rollers on fine hair, keep in mind that they should be exposed with a gentle as well as balanced heat amount! Experts have suggested using heatless rollers on such hair and avoiding using curling rods on them. Exposing your fine hair to a lot of heat and steam content will ultimately damage them. Hence, your fine hair can only have long-lasting and natural curls if you expose them on the no-heat mode.

Question: Do you put Velcro Rollers in Wet or Dry Hair?

Answer: It is recommended to use Velcro rollers on wet hair. While they are slightly damp, your whole styling job of getting smooth and tangled free curls becomes easy. So, it is recommended to wet your hair a little bit before you tuck rollers in them. Even if your hair is not wet, you can spray a styling lotion or any tonic on them to make it damp enough.

Question: How long should you leave Velcro Rollers in Dry Hair?

Answer: Velcro rollers should be left on dry hair for about a time duration of  10 minutes . This is the maximum time that you can give to this styling routine. Some hair do take a little bit more time, so remain patient and avoid showing any impatience. Hence,  10 minutes  is the maximum time and after that, you can take off your Velcro rollers out from your dry hair.


Yes, the trend of using Velcro rollers is back in fashion. Girls love to flaunt their old school looks and such kind of rollers makes it easy for them to achieve this overall look. We know that a  myriad  number of ways is there to curl hair and using Velcro rollers is one of the easiest options among them.

In addition, these self-gripping rollers are suitable for all hair types and they are highly ideal for fine hair texture girls. It is time that you should associate this beauty product with your hairstyling routine. There is no need to use those kinds of rollers that run on the heating mode. Simply try these heatless rollers and bring a  WOW  effect on your hair.

This whole trend came when Vintage models were spotted embracing these rollers on their hair. Between, if you have used these rollers, then share with us your experience as well. Now is the time to curl your hair with some different routines and modes and using a Velcro roller set can help you achieve this task.

Keep tuned with us so that together we explore as well as navigate this wonderful and amazing world of curlers. What else you want to know about hair rollers, do let us know. And spice up your hair looks by trying out various of kinds of hair rolling and hair curling styles.

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