8 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye at Home in 2022 | Complete Guide

If you are planning to do a hair dye at home, then it is recommended to go with a strawberry blonde hair shade. Trust us, this is the wow shade option that will look good and highly magical on your hair. Going with blondes has to turn out to be the trendy option. It is over this year that strawberry blonde dye has become the loveliest dye option.

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Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye at Home

Loreal strawberry blonde hair dye
L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color
strawberry blonde hair dye garnier
Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme
strawberry blonde hair colour
Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color, Shade 7g/9g
best strawberry blonde hair dye
Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorwash: Color Depositing Shampoo
strawberry blonde semi permanent hair dye
L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color Dark Iridescent Blonde
light reddish blonde hair dye
DPHUE Gloss+ - Strawberry, 6.5 oz - Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye & Deep Conditioner
professional strawberry blonde hair dye
Agebeautiful Liqui-Creme 9Rc Light Strawberry Blonde

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG

Furthermore, in blondes, you can have so many color variations and tones. Under this strawberry blonde category, you can try out as many hues as you want to! If you have not yet tried out this hair dye shade, then it is time to try strawberry blonde right now.

In this hair dye type, you can either go for an ash blonde color or you can have strawberry highlights. In addition, it is best to go for an ombre or you can surround your hair strands with balayage and a platinum shade option. When we talk about strawberry blonde hair dye, it is seen that girls now love to choose caramel shade or rose gold shade as well.

This is the kind of hair dye choice that brings a lot of spice, fun, and excitement to your hair. Besides, this option makes your hair look softer, hotter, and trendy-looking enough. No doubt, this is a delicious addition that can be embraced by your hair.

Your hair can hug this color for sure! This is a gorgeous and est Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye at the Home type that you should not miss out on. You can even feel free to go for warm red tones or honey blonde tones while trying out this strawberry blonde shade. Celebs like Nicole Kidman have loved this hair shade. The rest of the details, that you can check out below:

8 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye at Home

Let’s have a look at the described Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color

Loreal strawberry blonde hair dye

Hurrah! We have this amazing recommendation for you and it is this L’Oreal Paris strawberry blonde hair dye. Upon trying this color, you will see great change and dimension in your hair. To give your hair a gorgeous and amazing look, do try this shade. In addition, this one is a gel hair dye formula and the package comes with a Care Supreme Conditioner. You will also get a shine serum in the package. This shade helps you maintain and retain color vibrancy.

Moreover, a 100% silky and shine effect will come on your hair! Apart from trying this strawberry blonde hair dye option, you can select a luminous red shade or cool ash blond shade and you can apply the deepest black shade on your hair. Remember that this is a permanent color and loved by women living in  Paris . Just give beautiful color to your hair and feel the best of all!


  • This l’oreal strawberry blonde hair dye comes and currently available in multiple formulations.
  • It delivers and gives out the long-lasting color.
  • This shade runs on the fade-defying Superior Preference.
  • It serves gray coverage and gives a total beauty effect to your hair.
  • This is a shimmer and immensely vibrant color.


  • There are traces of ammonia in this shade range option.

Customer review

I am just so much happy after using this hair dye. It has given new life to my hair. Prior to using this hair dye, my hair looked so dull, and voila, now they look epic! It was an amazing experience for me to use this blonde hair dye and specifically in this strawberry shade.

Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme

strawberry blonde hair dye garnier

We have another wow recommendation for you and it is this Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Crème! This is a nourishing hair shade and loved by girls too.  Most importantly , this strawberry blonde hair dye is formulated and made on color boost technology. It is made with the triple fruit oils blend and that is the best thing about it. No matter, you have dark hair color, this strawberry blonde hair dye will look lovely on you.

After you apply this hair shade, then you need to use Garnier Nutrisse hair color crème so that complete nourishment can be delivered to your hair. This strawberry blonde color will make your hair quite rich and lovely-looking. It enhances your hair texture and gives it a breakthrough glimpse. We have seen that Garnier has more than 100 Years of Pioneering experience in Hair Care and it is this exclusive shade that is praised by all girls.


  • This shade is made of naturally inspired ingredients.
  • It functions as the breakthrough formulation.
  • This strawberry blonde hair dye Garnier does not damage your hair.
  • This brand offers a range of products starting from hair and skin to shampoos and color care.
  • 100% friendly customer service is offered.


  • There is a chance that this hair dye may irritate your scalp for a little time.

Customer review

Hurray and just wow and wow! This is another just great hair color idea that I hunted for and finally got successful in buying it on 02-02-2021. If you think that it is the next to impossible thing to search for the right strawberry blonde hair hue, then you are wrong. Try this soft and iridescent tone and you will love it.

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color, Shade 7g/9g

strawberry blonde hair colour

When we talk about the list of strawberry blonde hair dye shades, the list is endless. The best and much-loved hair dye option preferred by girls is this Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color. It is in the strawberry blonde that this hair dye is available. It is up to 28 washes that this exclusive and impressive hair color will get locked and intact. Furthermore, it gives you the fresh look and your hair no longer looks dull. Choosing this strawberry blonde is a quick and short way to bring a healthier effect on your hair.

No doubt, this is a radiant hair color option to go with! It has  0% ammonia trace  in it and offers triple protection as well. Girls have preferred and chosen this strawberry blonde dye over other hair dyes because it gives you glossy hair in less time. It deepens your current hair color and enhances the hair dye color as well.


  • It brings a dramatic hair color change.
  • This strawberry blonde hair colour makes your hair shine with vitality.
  • It does damage your hair’s health.
  • You can easily create a custom color by mixing pastel tones.
  • It is ideal for lightened and highlighted hair.


  • While applying this dye, it is a must for you to use a developer.

Customer review

This hair dye gets  5 out of 5 stars  from my side. It was so smooth and worry-free to apply. It was my first time while applying this hair dye, and guess what, I did it on my own and did not need any help at all. I just got a little bit of irritation on my scalp but it was literally my fault because I bleached and also dyed my hair on the same day.

Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorwash: Color Depositing Shampoo

best strawberry blonde hair dye

Next, we have this Fade-free color depositing shampoo that will for sure meet your expectations. Keep in mind that this is a plant-based product and it gives zero damage to your hair. In addition, this particular product is inducted with zero sulfates in it. For boosting your strawberry blonde hair dye, this is the right product for you. It comes with a gloss as well. For deep conditioning your hair base, this is an appropriate hair dye option. The application of this product hydrates your hair and thus leaves your hair all soft and shiny smooth enough.

In other words, your hair gets the most illuminating effect. You have to note down that this  Schwarzkopf blonde toner  is infused and injected with a strawberry pastel color. You can call it a coloring toning shampoo to better understand the purpose of this product! So, what are you doing right now? Do try this strawberry blonde hair dye and share the best results, experiences, and memories with you.


  • It is encompassed by all nourishing ingredients
  • This best strawberry blonde hair dye is a fade-resistant color.
  • It operates on the liquid-crème formula
  • It infuses your hair strands with the right amount of pigment.
  • This hair dye is quick and easy to apply.


  • This hair dye is available in limited stock.

Customer review

Overall, I like this hair dye. It brought a subtle change in my hair and that was what I was genuinely expecting. And the super plus point was that the directions and procedures were easy to follow. Even after the few washes, the color did not go. I am happy to buy this product.

L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color Dark Iridescent Blonde

strawberry blonde semi permanent hair dye

We have seen that strawberry blonde hair dye looks shimmering of all and this product genuinely meets this standard. You should better try this hair dye because this is a multi-faceted and shimmering permanent hair color. It brings out 3X highlights and gives out the most intensified as well as brilliant results. If you are truly and genuinely inspired by the cutting fashion industry, then this is the right hair dye choice for you.

Furthermore, this strawberry blonde hair dye is custom blended and it gives you head-turning shade results for sure. Do not forget to use the  Revolutionary power shimmer conditioner  that comes in the package so that you side by side hydrate your hair. This brand has promised that this hair dye is never going to wreck and ravage your hair. Hence, if you wish to give your hair a deep blonde strawberry shade, then pick this choice as soon as possible.


  • This hair dye stays vibrant for eight weeks.
  • It does not show any fading and discoloration.
  • Its formulation is very nourishing.
  • This hair dye does not cause dryness.
  • This hair dye belongs to the category of multi-faceted color range collection.


  • This strawberry blonde semi permanent hair dye might being a violet tint at the roots section.

Customer review

I am the kind of person who is a die-hard fan of coloring her hair and this box is the one that brings true magic to my hair. I recommend each one of you to use this hair dye and get great coloring results. Gray and dull hair look definitely horrible and here is a solution in front of you.

DPHUE Gloss+ – Strawberry, 6.5 oz – Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye & Deep Conditioner

light reddish blonde hair dye

The trend of going with strawberry blonde hair dye will never and ever go! So, here we have this next pick for you! We hope that this recommendation will make you fall in love with strawberry blonde hair dye one more time. This is not only a hair dye but also a gloss. The main function offered by this product is to enhance as well as deepen your hair color. Using this hair dye is an easy and quick way to get a fresh out-of-the-salon feel in a budget-friendly manner.

Note down that this hair color arrives in the strawberry’s gold and copper tones. It makes you more vibrant on ideal notes. If you have decided to use this Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, then feel free to use it whenever and wherever you want to. It gives quick results in less time and no mixing is needed. Now, you get as many compliments and praises for your hair color because you have dyed them with strawberry blonde shade!


  • This hair dye is ammonia-free and does not penetrate your cuticles.
  • It conditions your hair while coloring them as well.
  • This dye brings a soft and shiny feel on your hair.
  • It has No Parabens, Sulfates and no Phthalates, Gluten in it.
  • This light reddish blonde hair dye is made for all skin colors.


  • It is not a suitable option for gray coverage.

Customer review

Oh my God! It is such a beautiful color. Most of all, it is very fashionable looking as of today’s times. The jaw-opening part is that this hair dye offers a good amount of hold. Its price is way far cheaper. I am happy with this deal!

Agebeautiful Liqui-Creme 9Rc Light Strawberry Blonde

professional strawberry blonde hair dye

There are many women out there who want to age beautifully and to fulfill this dream, we have one smart option for you. They can try this AgebeautifulLiqui-Creme 9Rc Light Strawberry Blonde shade and get a young fresh look on their faces. Furthermore, this is an Anti-Aging and permanent liquid-creme hair color. For those who are experiencing any sign of aging hair, then this is the right option for them.

Moreover, this strawberry blonde hair dye delivers 100% and unsurpassed gray coverage.  This hair dye can give you the desired results if you apply this dye with the help of an AGEbeautiful Gentle creme developer. Those who plan to use this dye for the very first time, make sure that that they choose 1 shade lighter.

Besides, this hair dye promises to bring volume to your hair and makes them utmost manageable. This exclusive hair color is embedded with ingredients like  biotin ,  melanin  and also  keratin peptide ,  silk protein .


  • This exclusive hair dye functions on the patented conditioning technology.
  • It replenishes your hair and penetrates them deeply.
  • This professional strawberry blonde hair dye brings rich color and successfully lasts for up to 8 weeks.
  • Foraging beautifully, this is the right choice.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • This hair dye is only ideal for girls having dark blonde hair and brown hair.

Customer review

My friend suggests this hair dye to me. I have been using these drugstore box dyes for a long time and this recommendation has stolen my heart. It has got hardly any smell and showed the exact results the way they were displayed on the box.

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG

The last suggestion is this Celebrity stylist-approved product and you can try it too. There is no need to go to the salon again and again. You can have this item in your closet and see great results. For getting a strawberry blonde hair dye top of Form, this is the preferred hair toner formulation that we have suggested to you. Most importantly, it makes your hair fabulous looking and extends salon color results as well. This product makes your hair noticeably brighter and healthier looking. It promises to give you gorgeous hair and you can then radiate your personality with confidence.

Upon buying this product, you will get a  100% Money Back Guarantee . Women have loved it because it runs on cutting-edge formulation. As this product has become the preferred choice among all celebrity stylists, you can make it your favorite product as well. It is time to get beautiful light reflecting hair and no traces of brassiness tones and yellow tones will come on your hair.


  • It is made of organic compounds and backed by proven science.
  • It makes you soft, silky, and gorgeous.
  • This purple dye on strawberry blonde hair comes in the form of blonde toner color shampoo.
  • It is quick and hassle-free to apply.
  • Lots of customers have acknowledged and praised using this product.


  • This brand offer limited shade range collection at its end.

Customer review

You will not believe me but this is true that I have been using this hair dye product for more than 4 years. It is excellent for gray coverage and does not make your hair look nasty and phony pinky red. Being reasonably priced, I give my thumbs up to it!


What is Strawberry Blonde Hair?

What is strawberry blonde hair

A strawberry blonde hair shade is the kind of shade that dances and amalgamates in-between blonde and red hair. This has become a popular shade so far. In addition, this tone is linked to the blonde shade category. If you feel like giving a bit of depth to your hair color, then try this hair color. It makes your hair a lot more flirting enough. Besides, choosing this hair color is a nice idea to lighten up your natural hair color shade. Most noteworthy, this hair shade is an exclusive combination and fusion of a blonde hue and a light coppery red.

Choosing this strawberry blonde hair color is included in the category of soft color shade. If you apply this hair color, then your hair will start to shimmer and glitter a lot in the light. This shade brings a reddish kind of tone if you have already got blonde hair. No doubt, this is a versatile hair shade hue that can even brighten your skin tone.

On the other hand, if any of you is a brunette, then make sure to use bleaching cream before you apply this strawberry blonde shade. Or you can say that one needs to lighten up their hair before they apply this exclusive shade.

If you have used this strawberry blonde shade, then you must have seen that it is very similar to the rose gold hair shade. It has got this red tone and auburn tone and does not carry a pink tone in it. This strawberry blonde shade is ideal for women who have pale skin as well as light eye color.

What’s the difference between Strawberry Blonde and Rose Gold?

strawberry blonde and rose gold hair

There is this strawberry blonde shade and then we have this rose gold shade! Keep in mind that there is a clear-cut difference between both of these shades. Choosing a rose gold shade is an updated and revised version of strawberry blonde hair color. The most noteworthy rose gold hair shade is included in the line of edgy-looking new metallic colors. This shade ashier and comparatively pinker as compared to other natural-looking strawberry blonde hair shades. Rose gold is suitable for those girls who have a darker skin tone. Hence, this is a versatile hair shade option and suitable for those women who love to flaunt pinkish hair.

Strawberry blonde is somewhat a warmer shade. Those girls who have light eyes and pale skin, then this is the right hair shade for you. This hair color has become the trendy option for years and years. If you plan to go for a warm reddish-blonde hue, then this similar hair shade will make your hair refined as well as pretty much fancy looking. In the same way, going with the option of a Classic Strawberry tone gives a flattering look. Those girls who have a warm skin tone and fair skin tone as well can dye their hair with this color.

Will Strawberry Blonde Hair Suit Me? 

Will strawberry blonde hair suit me.


You really do not have to get worried at all and just keep in mind that this strawberry blonde hair dye shade will suit you a lot. As we have discussed with you that this is a warm blonde color. This hair shade comes with a golden-reddish tint. To all women who have fair skin, this hair color will for sure look awesome on them. However, if you have a cooler skin tone, you can still flaunt and embrace this hair color with confidence. For cooler tones, it is recommended to them to go for a deeper and cooler hair dye. Like, you can apply ashy rose gold shade.

The Strawberry Blonde Hair dye option is a perfect option for girls who have blue and green eyes. If you have got blue eyes, then there is no other way that you should look back and choose some other color. Simply select strawberry blonde hair dye. Furthermore, this combination and fusion of orange and red go ideally well if you have blue eyes. For green eyes girls, auburn shades like that of strawberry blonde are highly suitable. You can even be given the freedom to fuse and combine auburn, reddish, as well as strawberry blonde shades.

Besides, for fair and pale skin tones, this shade will definitely look good and best on you. In other words, this strawberry blonde shade is highly compatible with cool and also pale skin complexions. It is on the pale skin tone ladies out there these reddish hues look lovely. We have to see that dark skin tone girls do not seem to be a nice fit for this hair shade. However, if they go with cinnamon-shaded bases, then we are confident that they can handle this strawberry blonde color with grace and confidence. It is suggested to dark-skinned women to always go with the copper and gold combination. Thus, now you have understood whether this strawberry blonde will suit you or not!

Which Hair Colours Suit Me?

Which hair colours suit me

Now, the main question arises that which hair colors suit on you! We have collected easy-to-understand information for you. Starting with, lighter skin girls; they should go with a blue, violet-red, or violet base. For coloring their hair, they can either have Jewel-toned hair or dark brown or black color hair. In addition, lighter skin girls can color their hair with white and platinum blonde options or violet red. Same way, they should avoid coloring their hair with hues like golden blonde and copper-red and also caramel or honey.

Girls having a pink undertone or yellow undertone can dye their hair with  light icy blonde color ,  platinum blonde , and  ashy blonde . Furthermore, they can pick ashy brown shade as well. The kinds of hair shade options that have to avoid using are overly golden base, honey blonde as well as golden browns.

Women who have pale skin and olive base can experiment with hair dye colors like Rich auburn, Copper tones, caramel tones and Milk chocolate hair shade, chocolate brown shade, and golden browns. Beyond, some girls do have a golden and olive skin tone, they can dye their hair with colors Rich, golden blonde and Light, caramel brown. For such girls, experts have suggested going with Champagne blonde, Toffee shade, and any hair dye. To bring more exciting effects, girls can color their hair with a Butter/honey platinum hue.

How to Achieve Strawberry Blonde Hair at Home?

It is now easy to get strawberry blonde hair at home. The craze and madness followed by this shade just cannot be imagined. It is the much sought-after shade that you can try out. To become a true blonde girl, this is the feasible and ideal hair shade type. You just have to look for the correct tone of red box dye or pink box dye and try getting the strawberry blonde hair shade right there at your home.

Furthermore, if your hair color is already darker enough, then you have to bleach your hair. It means you have to lighten this pre-existed hair color so that you can perfectly achieve the strawberry blonde hair look.

Once you have safely and securely bleach your hair, then dye them up with this respective shade. The first step is to get a blonde base and then you can apply these golden red hues. If you prefer to go for golden pink hues on your hair, you can do so as well. This is the common strawberry blonde hair dye variation that you can pick.

On the other hand, if your hair color is covered with a natural red hue, then it is suggested to go with more golden shades. Like, you can bring more of the reddish depth or pinkish depth in your hair color. Hence, dyeing your hair at home is a simple, quick, and fast job to do. Get the right shade and follow the steps written on the box packaging. You can even watch any of the video tutorials to know the correct process of dyeing your hair at home.

Which hair dye should I use?


There are lots of hair dye options available in the market.  We can give you a few of the suggestions and then you can decide on your own regarding which hair dye to go for! The only thing to remember is that when you pick a hair dye; make sure that it is ammonia-free and sulfate-free. It is should be parabens-free and makes your hair silky and shiny. If your hair dye runs on the permanent hair dye formulation, then that is a high-quality hair dye that you have chosen. That specific hair dye should offer 100% gray coverage and transforms your roots all into exclusive and magical hair hues.

  • GarnierNutrisse Rose Gold Permanent Hair Dye is the kind of dye that brings darker and strawberry tones to your hair.
  • Clairol Nice n Easy Crème, Golden Auburn, this one is warm, subtle color.
  • Garnier Olia Rose Gold Hair Dye, this hair dye is the name of bringing softer pinker tones.
  • L’Oreal Preference Infinia Shimmering Rose Gold, this exclusive hair dye brings Cool pink hues on your hair
  • Clairol Nice n Easy Crème, Light Auburn, it makes your hair to be filled with Golden-red lusciousness.


This whole job is a piece of cake if you wish to get a strawberry blonde hair color. If you are confused about whether to go for red hair color or blonde hair, then you should choose the later part. However, both of them are trendy and popular hair shade options. Getting strawberry blonde hair gives you good hair day every single day. This hair shade has its strong position and it is loved by female Hollywood celebs and common girls. So, if you are planning to switch and change your hair color, then go with this strawberry blonde hair dye and flaunt it like a diva!


First of all, you have to find the true inspiration at your end. If planning and deciding to go for strawberry blonde, then decide beforehand which variation you want to go with. In this strawberry blonde category, lots of shades, colors, and hues are included and choices become overwhelming for the person. Like, some girls like to choose a reddish-blonde hair dye. It is best to talk to a salon hairstyling expert and ask him which strawberry blonde hue variation is going to suit on you.


Now, you have fully decided to go with this strawberry blonde shade, the next step is to determine your base. This is the very important and foremost step to bring back the fun element on your hair. All those girls who wish to get light red hair or blonde hair, then they have to decide their base color as well. For this job, the process of bleach application comes first and it is mandatory for girls to bleach their base color. If you think that this job cannot be completed at home, then visit your nearby salon and seek their professional services. They can better guide you on which base color and hair dye color to go for.


When you apply this strawberry blonde color to your hair, then you have to wait for a maximum of  two hours . Yes, this is true! The application process of this hair color demands a lot of time. It may even take more than  two hours , so just remain patient and do not show any hurry. No matter, you are coloring your hair at home or you are carrying out this job from the salon, the whole process of applying this strawberry blonde hair dye takes around and about  two hours . Furthermore, this time duration depends on your hair length as well. The more lifting and dyeing your hair needs, the more time will be taken to color your hair in a strawberry blonde hue. There is a probability that you might need a second appointment or second sitting for achieving the ideal look.


It is up to you whether you want to dye your hair at home or you want to rush to the salon for this hair dyeing job. If you are a beginner and dyeing your hair for the first time, then it is advised to visit the salon and get this job done over there. And once you get used to this process, then you can color your hair anytime at your home. So, it is better to make an appointment with a professional colorist and he can give you suggestions on which hair color options to pick and which one to avoid. Furthermore, he can recommend which ones to prefer and which hues to ignore while choosing a hair dye. And when you get enough understanding of this hair dyeing process, then feel free to roll up your sleeves and take out your inner colorist as well.


Whenever you pick this strawberry blonde hair color, then it is this general rule of thumb that you should go for a darker shade than your desired hue. This is the golden tip that each girl should follow and keep in mind. Red or blonde hair fades quickly, that is why it is best to go with the darker shade than you actually desire and want it to be. This choice will not give you a dramatic effect and instead gives your hair a well-balanced look. We are sure that choosing a darker shade than your desired hue will make your hair much pleasant looking.

15 Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas


There are a bunch of strawberry blonde hair dye ideas and here we have collected the best one for you! In this hair dye category, many options are available and it gets easy for you to decide. So, what are you waiting for? Follow and embrace these ideas and if you can think of more blonde hair dye ideas, then do share that with us:


The first idea is all linked and related to having strawberry blonde highlights. We know that red highlights are loved by girls and you can follow this trend as well. It is recommended to rock and dye your full head with these strawberry blonde strands. Furthermore, the addition of strawberry blonde highlights will give your hair a more personalized look.


How about going with strawberry blonde balayage! This is the popular hair idea that is capturing attention among all girls. No doubt, this hair color gives a stunning look and feel to your hair. Going with this Strawberry blonde balayage will make your personality more interesting. You can try this idea and then let us know how you feel about it!


Many girls have started to apply soft-looking strawberry blonde dye on their hair. This is a catchy color scheme that you can pick out for yourself as well. Moreover, this is a super-light and reddish-blonde hair color that is going to well compliment and praise your pale complexion look. In addition, if you have light-colored eyes, then this is the perfect hair dye idea to get embraced by you.


The craze of going with dark strawberry blonde color is going higher and higher! For those girls, who have a tan skin tone, then this is an ideal hair shade range for you. It makes your hair super beautiful looking. If you plan to go with the darker base shade, then picking out a darker strawberry blonde color will go well with your hair.


Most of the experts have pushed girls to try out this strawberry blonde ombre shade. It is true that the trend and fashion of going with ombre shade are currently in these days! This one is a pretty and mesmerizing strawberry color and it promises to bring an unexpected twist look to your hair. Do try this classic hair color idea and give us your feedback and opinion as well.


For those girls, who prefer giving a streaking effect to their hair, it is advised to them to go with strawberry blonde streaks as well. This is the loved beauty trend that should be embraced by every single girl. In addition, the induction of chunky highlights will make your rocking looking enough. If you have already tried out platinum streaks, then now is the time to try out these strawberry blonde highlights.


These days, we are seeing a huge craze for this metallic strawberry blonde color. It takes your hair to the next level and you get a celebrity kind of feel as well. The love and craze for metallic hair colors are not fading at all, that is why we have recommended you this idea. In this metallic strawberry blonde hair dye idea, you will see the blend and amalgamation of strawberry blonde and also Rose gold.


Moving to the baby lights idea, we have this strawberry blonde baby light hair coloring idea for you! Going with such highlights, you can easily give your hair that natural highlight look. Moreover, this has become a favorite highlighting technique. The whole idea is to induct strawberry blonde highlights all and completely throughout your mane and end up getting the most gorgeous look.


You might be wondering what this strawberry blonde root melt hair color idea is, here we are going to tell you! Those girls who want to get rid of reddish-blonde hair color, then what they can do is to opt for this root melt idea. This ideal promises and guarantees to make your supernatural looking! Besides, this coloring idea needs a minimal amount of touch-ups and minimal salon visits as well.


To bring a less dramatic effect on your hair, the other way round is to go with the medium tone strawberry blonde hair color idea. This is the perfect option for all those girls who want to stay both natural and trendy enough. This hair color idea will make your hair neither too light nor too dark for you. So, if you plan to go with this medium strawberry color range, then do not show hesitation.


The relation between strawberry hair color and the copper range goes utmost stronger! Here we are going to talk about this copper strawberry blonde hair color idea with our readers. Upon blending and fusing copper with strawberry blonde, you will end up getting extra warm hair color. Hence, try this eye-catching hair color idea and make your hair feel the best.


The exceptional and sizzling idea of going with the pink strawberry blonde hair dye option will surely work for you. For those who love hugging pink hair, then this is the right choice for them. When it comes to strawberry blonde hair dyes, you can play with as many variations as you want to! This is a playful and fun hair idea and you can creatively use it in any manner. You just have to mix a strawberry blonde base right with pink highlights and embrace this vibrant look.


If you have not yet heard the concept of strawberry blond somber hair dye, here you can grab the details! If you like to give a subtle look to your hair, that is a perfect option for you. Just try this hair color idea and give the prettiest look to your hair. Lots of girls have gone mad after this strawberry blonde somber shade and you can be one of them as well.


The next hair color idea that we are going to present to you is this reverse strawberry blonde balayage shade. This kind of hair color combination and ideal amalgamation is gaining love and 100% popularity. If you are daring enough, follow this trend and make this hair color look the favorite look of yours.


The last hair color idea is this strawberry blonde lowlight idea! This one is a suitable idea for girls having light blonde hair. You can surely rock and flaunt this look if you are daring and confident enough. Furthermore, this whole idea of covering your hair with a strawberry blonde touch will be adding more style and dimension to your hair.

How to Get the Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color?

what color looks best with strawberry blonde hair

The trend of having a strawberry blonde hair color will always look alluring and impressive. This is a perfect shade for all girls no matter whatever skin tone and eye color they have! In addition, this is a kind of golden-red shade that has grabbed our attention. It is the part of new hybrid color category and making more exciting revisions in it. There is no need to try out those same old and dull platinum hair shades and yellow-toned blonde hues, simply try this strawberry blonde hair color now.

As soon as you switch to deep red tones, your hair will look ever-lasting beautiful. There are a large number of strawberry blonde hair dyes available in the market and online shops. You can reach those shops and get the top-end hair dye pack for yourself. Besides, you can choose any of the recommendations that we have reviewed for you.

In this hair color category, you will see many tones and variations. So, carefully choose and select which shade to go for by keeping in mind your skin tone and eye color. All shades of strawberry blonde look much different and unique from each other, so carefully and wisely choose them. Along with that, you can easily and quickly achieve this color if your natural hair color is light blonde. On the other hand, for those girls, who are natural redheads, it is the utmost convenience and hassle-free for them to get this hair color. Girls having a natural light blonde hair color, they just have to get a balayage color along with a golden blonde. Or they can even choose and go with multi-tonal blonde highlights. Lastly, for black hair girls, the struggle is very much real! In this case, they have to lighten their hair completely with bleach. After that, they have deposited the new color right on the top section of their hair.

What to Look Out For?

There are certain factors that you have to keep in mind when looking out for a strawberry blonde hair color! To get the perfect strawberry blonde shade, this is a tricky and tough job to accomplish.

Furthermore, this hair dye may turn out to be patchy and uneven enough if you are using this hair color for the very first time. Beginners may get hot roots while using and applying a strawberry blonde hair dye. So, to avoid all of these messy situations, girls should lighten their hair and then dye them with this color. Or they can even de-color their natural hair color. Furthermore, you should not risk your hair health and hair quality while over-processing them with this hair dye. Just go two shades lighter and get a strawberry shade on your hair.

How to maintain the Strawberry Blonde Color?

It is easy to get strawberry blonde color and there are some tips that we would like to share with you. We know that this is a tough hair color to achieve and these tips and tricks can make your job easy:

  • Once you have dyed your hair with strawberry blonde hair, after that, it is not recommended to wash your hair for at least a couple of days. If you immediately wash your hair, then the color will just wash out and your efforts will be wasted.
  • Dyeing your hair with this color needs a bit more care and attention from your side! While rinsing and washing your hair, always use cool water. Furthermore, use a color protectant or color depositing shampoo and retain this strawberry blonde color for a long time.
  • You need to reduce and minimize your hair washing routine because this strawberry blonde color fades a lot. For the information, this hair color is composed of larger molecule pigments and demands a minimum washing routine.
  • In addition, you should make it a habit of using a color-protecting dry shampoo. Experts have advised using a strawberry blonde toner as well. This is how you can maintain this color easily.
  • Try to use only those shampoos and conditioners that are formulated and made only for blonde-colored hair.
  • Girls having strawberry blonde hair, should limit their hairstyling routine and avoid using heat styling items. It is better to use a heat protector spray so that your strawberry blonde hair does not get directly exposed to the harsh rays of the sun.

How to get Strawberry Blonde Hair at Home?

Below we have mentioned a series of steps that can guide you on dyeing your hair with this strawberry blonde color. So, let us have a look at the steps:

Step 1

The first step is that you have to apply some amount of coconut oil right to the bottom inch section of your hair.  Through this application, your hair will not be able to pick too much hair-dye content. Now, wear gloves and get started with your job.

Step 2

Take out the strawberry blonde hair dye box. If your skin tone is pale, it is suggested to add 3/4 a tube of red blonde shade as well. On the other hand, if you are using 3.5 ounces of color, it means you should be adding 7 ounces of developer.  In addition, if your hair is transitioning and shifting to more white shade than grey, then you should add a very small amount of sunlit blonde color. Through this tip, your hair roots will stay in a locked and intact form in a reddish tone.

Step 3

Now, take a large in size color mixing bottle and add your color to it. After that, you have to add the appropriate amount and proportion of the developer to it. Shake all of the ingredients together and blend them professionally.

Step 4

Now, you can start to color your hair. Make sure to start this hair dyeing job from your hairline and then you can proceed to the roots section. Take a good quality hairbrush and give your best to spread this strawberry blonde hair dye evenly. In other words, start from the scalp, and later on, you can take this dye to end sections of your hair.

Step 5

You need to part your hair down all from the middle by using the tip of your coloring bottle. This way, you can smoothly color your hair. Furthermore, you should apply this strawberry blonde hair color in line. Moreover, you should go back and forth and also the right and left sections of your head. Your brush has to be of high and top-notch quality so that even distribution of hair color can be guaranteed.

Step 6

To color the back section of your head, it is better to divide and start sectioning your hair in the form of thin horizontal layers. Once you make this division, now you are ready to apply this strawberry blonde hair color on your head backside. You can even use your fingers for the proper and thorough distribution of this color.

Step 7

As soon as the color application process is done, now is the time to wait! You need to leave this strawberry blonde color on your hair for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is the average processing time that is suggested by hair experts.

Step 8

The last step is to rinse your hair and take off this dye trace from your hair. You need to rub this dye completely from your roots and tip sections of your hair. When you are done, lift your hair in horizontal layers and you need to make this thing sure that the whole dye rinses out from your hair. Later on, you should use a color-safe shampoo and try washing your hair under medium temperature water.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Formula & Color Chart

strawberry blonde hair color chart

Here you can have a look at this strawberry blonde hair color formulation and color chart details. There are different shade variations in this strawberry blonde hair dye type. Like, you can go with Strawberry Red Highlights. We have seen that highlights make your hair more unique looking. They give a sun-kissed look to your hair. If a girl does not feel like going with usual blonde highlights, then it is better to have strawberry red highlights.

Moreover, as you can see in this chart, you can even go for Brownish Strawberry Blonde Shade. This has become a popular hue and comes in the form of a lovely brownish one. If you wish to transition your natural hair color, then try surrounding your hair with strawberry and red hues. In addition, this color chart suggests us go with Golden Strawberry Blonde. The application of golden undertones manages to give shinier look to your hair. Upon embracing your hair with Strawberry blonde shade and golden hues, you get a charismatic feel on your hair and they become visually more voluminous.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Question: What Colors make Strawberry Blonde?

Answer: Strawberry blonde hair shade is usually and generally a beautiful mix as well as a great combination of warm and golden blonde hues. It comes in a lighter and coppery red form. In addition, some people are naturally born to have strawberry blonde hair color. While some people have to go with the hair dye application process! Furthermore, strawberry blonde hair commonly and specifically inherits two broken MC1R genes and if you have got darker red hair, then that person inherits a single broken MC1R gene. You can achieve this shade artificially by simply using, honey, cinnamon, and camomile, or lemon. Apply this mixture to your hair and get the shade that you wanted!

Question: Is Strawberry blonde a Real Hair Color?

Answer: Yes, strawberry blonde is a natural and real hair color. But people can acquire it artificially as well! Moreover, this hair dye shade is extremely rare for people. By far, this is the lightest shade of red hair and found in a rare number of people. You can say that just two percent of the population has this strawberry blonde hair color naturally. If you are not a natural-born redhead, then you can ask your colorist to help you get this color on your hair.

Question: How do you get Blonde Hair from Strawberry Blonde?

Answer: To get blonde hair from strawberry blonde, add 5 ounces of reddish blonde color in a full tube of golden blonde dye. After that, you have to add slightly more amount of the red shade after each week time gap of 4 to 6 weeks until and unless you get the desired and expected hair dye shade. In this process, you need to add also a half tube of titan blonde to better accomplish this job.

Question: Does Strawberry Blonde fade quickly?

Answer: Though the strawberry blonde shade is easy to maintain it does fade quickly. In other words, it fades quickly as compared to having coppers and blondes. There is no need to regularly wash strawberry blonde hair, if you do so, then the color will be washed out. In this fading process, this hair shade is going to first get transformed into faded copper and later on the transition itself into rosy blonde and finally gets the hue of silvery-white.

Question: Should Strawberry Blonde use Purple Shampoo?

Answer: If you take and consider strawberry blonde just as an orange-yellow hue, then keep in mind that purple shampoo will be able to bring down the yellow-ness on your dye! On the other hand, red shampoo will make your orange shade stronger and for counteracting orange tones, you will always need a blue shampoo. It is seen that purple shampoo manages to deposit purple pigments right there on your blonde hair and successfully counteract any of the yellowy tones. Besides, you can use a blue shampoo if you have got lighter blonde hair.


We know that more details are yet to come and yet to be explored about these strawberry blonde hair dye options. Trends come and go but the love for this strawberry blonde hair color is not fading and disappearing at all. Yes, this fashionable hair dye idea will never go out of our minds and heads.

Hair covered with this shade looks just wow! This is a natural-looking color and makes your hair and whole look effortless looking. No matter, you have already a blonde hair type, you can still master this look and whole hair dye shade by matching it to your skin tone.

So many tones, shades, and variations are present in this strawberry blonde hair dye category, you can choose any of them depending on your style and taste preference. In addition, the color charts are going to tell you which shade can go well with your eye color and skin tone, this is so amazing!

Yes, hair dye options are so many and tremendous in terms of numbers. If your hair color-changing journey has not been much pleasant and satisfactory, then try out these strawberry blonde hair dyes right now. This is an irresistible hair color range that you have to try out right here right now. Get the shade that suits you and get back to us with your comments and experience as well. Keep in touch with me as more posts on hair dyes and hairstyling are coming up.

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