25 Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair 2022 | Complete Guide

Every person carries a different hair texture! Some have oily hair types and some have dry hair. In addition, some have low and medium porosity hair and some have high porosity hair! Here our focus of discussion is to check out the Best oils for low porosity hair.

Argan Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Argan Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Grapeseed Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Grapeseed Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Jojoba Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Jojoba Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Coconut Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Coconut Oil For Low Porosity Hair
 Olive Oil For Low Porosity Hair
 Olive Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Peppermint Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Peppermint Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Rosemary Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Rosemary Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Amla Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Amla Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Tea Tree Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Tea Tree Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Baobab Oil For Low Porosity Hair
Baobab Oil For Low Porosity Hair

If your hair is not absorbing enough oil and moisture, then that is a matter of serious concern for you! There is no point in carrying out an extensive hair care regimen if oil is not penetrated deeply into your hair. People having low porosity hair, their cuticles are not open and that is why their hair does not absorb oil.

Right here from this piece of writing, you can know about the best oil options that work on this hair texture. In addition, these oils are saturated with natural ingredients and water. We hope that the application of these oils will work ideal on your low porosity hair. If your hair damage because of any reason, the best oil also helps your hair grow back healthy.

Just stop using any of the inappropriate oils and try using those oils that penetrate easily in your hair cuticles. Furthermore, these oils are packed with antioxidants and lots of vitamins. They have a small molecular structure and instantly get absorbed by your hair.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the details on best oil options and share your feedback over here:

What Are the Best Oils For Low Porosity Hair?

Here you can check out the top oil options that are best for low porosity hair. We have compiled this list and we hope that this below-mentioned information will come out to be effective and useful for you:

Argan Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Argan Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Firstly, we have this argan oil that is proved to be much effective for people having low porosity hair. Most importantly, this oil is marked as precious hair oil. In addition, it is the rarest of all. You might have heard it with the name of Moroccan oil as well. This oil is found in the premises of Sous Valley that in south-western Morocco.

As we have told you that this is a suitable option if you have low porosity hair. This oil is packed with intense moisturizing properties. The minute you will apply it, you will see that a non-evaporating layer is going to get appeared around the hair. Hence, argan oil protects and guards your hair. It locks in moisture and thus makes your hair healthy.

We need to give you this important stat as well that this oil is infused with vitamin E, ferulic acid. It has carotenoids, phytosterols, and is even injected with polyphenols as well as 80% unsaturated fatty acids.

Grapeseed Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Grapeseed Oil For Low Porosity Hair

The importance of using grape seed oil on low porosity hair should not at all be neglected. This is the recommended oil that gives great results. The best part is that this is one of the lightest oils so far. In addition, it is extracted and manufactured by cold pressing these grape seeds. If you have an oily scalp, then this is an effective and healthy choice for your hair. Along with that, you can use this oil if you have thin hair.

Most noteworthy, the ideal part performed by this oil is that it locks in all moisture and hydration in your hair. It does not weigh down your low porosity hair and you need to use it in the form of a hair-strengthening ingredient. So, are you ready to use grapeseed oil on low porosity hair! According to experts from France, this oil is also used as a heat protectant. It means you can use it before using a flat iron or blow dryer.

Jojoba Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Jojoba Oil For Low Porosity Hair


Moving to the next oil recommendation that is ideal for low porosity hair, we have jojoba oil for you. This respective oil is made with a combination of fatty acids and also esters. There are straight chains of alcohols that are present in this oil and that is the main reason that it is so much suitable for low porosity hair.

In addition, if you have started to notice that your hair always needs intense hydration and Moisturization, then the application and regular usage of jojoba oil is a must. Among the natural hair community, this is the favorite and top oil option that is even loved using by celebs like Angelina Jolie. It gets easily and conveniently absorbed and you will get the feel as if you are not applying anything to your hair. If jojoba oil is your favorite, then share your views on it.

Coconut Oil For Low Porosity Hair


Coconut Oil For Low Porosity Hair

How about using coconut oil on your low porosity hair, you can try out this option for sure. Several and wide range of benefits are offered by this oil and people have become die-hard fans of it. Furthermore, this oil brings massive protection to your hair strands and scalp. You are allowed to use this oil as a hair mask or even in the form of leave-in treatment. There is no other way to seal hydration and moisture in your hair without using coconut oil!

Moreover, its regular application makes you get rid of the dry and flaky scalp. You no longer see dandruff problems. If you have split ends and you frequently spot the problem of having hair breakage, then it is a must for you to use this oil Apply it after taking a gap of two days. Like, once you applied it on 11-07-2021, then apply it again after two days. This way, your hair will not look greasy.

 Olive Oil For Low Porosity Hair

 Olive Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Lots of people have started to use olive oil on their low porosity hair and trust us, they have received some of the best and needed results. You can try this oil and let us know how it worked for you! Most noteworthy, this respective oil is all high in and packed with the induction of antioxidant content. It maintains your scalp on the healthy notes and does not make it weaker anytime.

The promising job performed by this oil is that it prevents hair cell damage and keeps on nourishing your hair. At the same time, it ideally conditions your low porosity hair. Besides, the proper way to apply this oil is to follow the massage technique. This way, it can get into the position to improve your hair scalp blood circulation process as well. According to lots of advocates out there, it makes your hair strong and moist enough. We suggest you use this oil and see great conditioning results.

Peppermint Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Peppermint Oil For Low Porosity Hair

For the sake of increasing circulation in your hair, the use of peppermint oil is mandatory. This is the kind of ideal oil that successfully improves hair growth and health process. Besides, it prevents you from facing any hair loss issues. Most people have preferred using this oil because it is accompanied by a fresh kind of scent as well. When you apply it, a tingly sort of sensation will be felt by you. No doubt, it works great for low porosity hair type people and wide benefits are received by them.

Lastly, lots of researches and studies have proven that peppermint oil increases hair follicles numbers. You can see all these benefits if you start using this oil. This is an essential and mandatory hair care oil item that should be purchased by you. Just apply it once a week and see the desired improvement in your hair.

Rosemary Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Rosemary Oil For Low Porosity Hair

It has become quite obvious that rosemary oil plays a great role in improving your low porosity hair texture. If you had been ignoring this oil in the past, then stop doing so now. Make it your best friend and everlasting companion and see how perfectly it performs on your hair. Most importantly, this oil stimulates the hair growth process and manages to prevent the concept of premature graying. Besides, your dandruff issues get solved too.

For those who have an itchy and dry scalp, this is the appropriate oil type. For information, rosemary oil is infused with anti-inflammatory properties. It even promotes and stimulates nerve growth and helps your hair out with the process of circulation. Hence, this oil is the name of bringing excessive hair growth and thickness. It improves and enhances the cellular generation process. No side effects are shown by it. This is a natural hair growth treatment that people prefer to follow at their homes.

Amla Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Amla Oil For Low Porosity Hair

On the next on our list, we have Amla oil! This one is a potential and result-driven hair oil option. It works so much suitably and appropriately on low porosity hair. Most probably, this oil will become the ideal and favorite oil type for you as it offers extensive benefits. Like, it strengthens your hair and scalp. This oil stimulates the overall process of hair growth. It even reduces the issue of hair loss and you can easily prevent dry scalp with the application of this oil.

Furthermore, if you have a parasitic hair type, then this is the recommended oil. It manages to treat and cure all kinds of scalp infections. As an example, you can use amla oil if you are currently facing the problem of lice infection. Some people like to use this oil for darkening their hair. So, if you have gray hair strands and you do not want to use hair dyes and other chemicals, then make it a habit to apply amla oil and get black-colored hair.

Tea Tree Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Tea Tree Oil For Low Porosity Hair

The importance of using tea tree oil for people having low porosity hair should not get ignored. We have seen that this is one of the soothing oil types that you should use for sure. In addition, it is here to treat your itchy scalp and even bring down the problem of dandruff. Those people who often get excessive oil on their hair, then we believe that using a tea tree oil is compulsory for them. Moreover, this respective oil improves blood flow. It allows all of the nutrients to reach your hair follicles.

The promising and highlighting job carried out by tea tree oil is that it balances your scalp your pH level and improves the hair growth process. It has got these antiseptic contents and moisturizing contents in them and that is why it is suitable for low porosity hair types. Hence, it is time to bring your hair to a healthy state. This is possible to do upon regularly using tea tree oil

Baobab Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Baobab Oil For Low Porosity Hair

We think that many of you might not have heard the name of this baobab oil! If you are unaware of the usage and benefit part of this oil, then here you can check out the details. It is believed that it is effective to use on low porosity hair. Even more, it is extracted from the baobab tree and the tree of life is the meaning of this tree name. Experts have backed and supported the overall usage of this oil because it offers valuable benefits to your hair. It has been used for centuries and is marked as an excellent hair care item.

The best part is that this oil is packed with nutrient-rich water and intense moisture and that is what your hair will receive! It has omega 3, omega 6 as well as omega 9 fatty acids. All moisturizing abilities are seen in it and the ingredients that are a part of this oil act as moisture retention agents. So, it is time to improve the moisture penetration process in your low porosity hair and this is seamless to do if you use this oil.

Almond Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Almond Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Yes, we all know that almond is excellent and beneficial oil. You can even call it with the name of sweet almond oil. This is a popular oil option that you can apply on your low porosity hair. You might be surprised to know that the almond is known as the king of nuts and there is no doubt that it is the king of hair oils as well. It offers all of the cosmetic and too medicinal benefits to your hair.

Talking about the main ingredients of this oil, it has Vitamin A, Vitamin E. In addition, it is packed with proteins, potassium as well as zinc. There are traces of oleic acid, linoleic acid in it. This same almond oil has stearic acid and palmitic acid in it. The primary purpose of all of these ingredients is to promote hair growth and to lock enough moisture in them. Hence, this is an excellent choice if you fall in the category of low porosity hair type.

Castor Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Castor Oil For Low Porosity Hair

The relation between castor oil and low porosity hair goes hand in hand. This is a 200% suitable and recommended oil type for you. Just apply it on a regular basis and see the results that you have always wished for. The main function performed by this oil is to make your hair well lubricated, hydrated, and even to bring the element of flexibility in them. It decreases the problem of hair breakage.

In addition, it treats and cures all sorts of scalp conditions. For those who have a flaky scalp, we have come to the conclusion that using castor oil is suggested for you. Along with that, it gives you longer locks. You only have to take a little amount of it and see the ideal results in a few of the days. Apply this oil on your hair midsection and also on the ends and amazingly improve their texture.

Flaxseed Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Flaxseed Oil For Low Porosity Hair

It is true that lots of oil options are there that are effective for low porosity hair but choosing the right oil type is a must for you. So, talking about this flaxseed oil! Its main job is to stimulate and improve your hair growth process. In addition, it treats all kinds of hair loss issues. This oil is infused with strong antioxidants and this is the main ingredient that makes your hair stronger and way far healthier. Besides, it prevents flaking and manages to nourish your scalp.

You might know about the fact that flaxseed oil has vitamin E, vitamin B in it. It has even magnesium, manganese and also selenium, and copper in it. Beyond, it is now believed that all of these ingredients improve the elasticity aspect of your hair. Hence, do bring the desired thickness and healthy effect on your low porosity hair and this is easy to accomplish with the usage of flaxseed oil.

Pomegranate Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Pomegranate Oil For Low Porosity Hair

From these details, our readers will now know how supremely and ideally pomegranate oil works on low porosity hair! Keep in mind that this oil is extracted right from the sources of pomegranate fruits. This oil is usually and generally available in high concentrations. Just take the little amount of it and see the magic! In addition, this oil is known for stimulating and improving the blood flow process. It promotes growth and delivers all of the nutrients to your hair.

If you think that your hair follicles are less nourished, then make it a habit of using pomegranate oil. It is packed with punicic acid, vitamin C, and even accompanied by linoleic acid, flavonoids, and also oleic acid. This one is medium-penetrative oil and it is lightweight as well. If you are already a fan of using this oil, then share with us your views and experience on it.

Apricot Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Apricot Oil For Low Porosity Hair

The connection between using apricot oil and low porosity hair is getting stronger day by day. If none of the above-mentioned oils suit your hair texture, then try using this oil. We believe and have this confidence that it will get match your hair texture. No doubt, this is an excellent and highly recommended oil type. It gets instantly absorbed and injected with the elements of oleic acid as well. This acid is known to improve the moisture absorption rate right there in your hair. The rest of the important nutrients are present in this oil too.

Like, it is surrounded with the hints of Linoleic Acids, Alpha-Linolenic Acid as well as Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid. It comprises Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. Hence, this study is completely backed by the fact that apricot oil is ideal for such a hair type. It reduces the excess amount of dryness and even promotes the procedure of hair growth. No doubt, this is a wonderful natural conditioner and you need to apply it regularly.

Sunflower Seed Oil or Low Porosity Hair


Sunflower Seed Oil or Low Porosity Hair

The list is endless when it comes to the best hair oil types and variations for low porosity hair. In this same category, we have sunflower seed oil for you. It is extracted right from the Sunflower plant. Most importantly, this is an extremely lightweight oil and does not place any burden or weight on your hair.

In addition, it ideally conditions and moisturizes your hair and promotes the hair growth process on the best note. Your hair will start to feel a lot of strength and they become shiny and luster looking as well. This same oil has Vitamin E and A hints in it and these elements work magically for low porosity hair. Just apply this oil on your scalp and see salon kind of results.

Apart from that, if your scalp often becomes the target of bacterial infection, then use this oil and make your scalp healthy.

Sesame Seed Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Sesame Seed Oil For Low Porosity Hair

It is from the sesame plant that this oil is derived and extracted! The seeds are usually and generally cold-pressed and then this oil is manufactured. Furthermore, this oil is completely and wholly rich with the presence of lots of vitamins and proteins. It delivers the right amount of natural antioxidants to your low porosity hair. This has become popular oil because it showcases and displays moisturizing ability. Once you use it, you will see that it penetrates deeply into your hair.

Moreover, it prevents the situation of premature hair graying. Just massage this oil on your scalp and hair strands on a regular basis and see how soft and thick your hair will come out to be! Besides, this oil keeps your hair protected from UV rays and does not make them look stressful. So, what are you thinking now, Try out sesame seed oil and share with us the results that you got from it!

Rosehip Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Rosehip Oil For Low Porosity Hair

The popularity of using rosehip oil is not fully understood by all those people who have low porosity hair. This is an ideal oil option that works in sync with this hair texture. It promotes hair growth as well and is manufactured in a non-greasy form. This is lightweight and immediately gets absorbed by your hair. Experts have believed that this is the kind of oil version that instantly moisturizes your scalp and performs the penetration process deeply.

The other uses of applying this oil are that it prevents hair loss and reduces the common issue of split ends. Besides, it takes your frizzy hair and controls the problem of dandruff on the best and ideal notes. For naturally conditioning your low porosity hair, we recommend you going with this oil option. It is known to improve your hair strength every single day.

Safflower Oil Low Porosity Hair

Safflower Oil Low Porosity Hair

We encourage you to use safflower oil if you have low porosity hair. It instantly brings immense shine and glows to your hair. This same oil enhances blood circulation and that is what your low porosity hair is in dire need of! You can see that an extensive number of antioxidant and nourishing properties are present in this oil. No harsh results are shown by it. If you think that your low porosity hair is often negatively affected because of environmental stressors, then start using this oil.

It stimulates blood circulation and is packed with high amounts of oleic acid. This oil sinks into your scalp and injects enough moisture into them. Along with that, it is rich and high in vitamin E and oleic acids. We have given our thumbs up to safflower oil for low porosity hair-type people. Try it out and convey to us what kind of results it delivers!

Camellia Seed Oil For Low Porosity Hair

Camellia Seed Oil For Low Porosity Hair

The last oil recommendation is this camellia seed oil that works much superbly on low porosity hair. Check out the benefits of this hair oil from here and see the magic it shows! It softens your hair and makes them ideally manageable. Moreover, it restores all of your natural hair sheens. The application of camellia seed oil retains enough moisture in your hair strands and act in the form of a barrier against all kinds of environmental pollutants.

This oil is known for repairing split ends and even breakage problems. For the information, this respective oil is a rich source of Palmitic as well as Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids. There is a numerous and wide number of anti-aging polyphenol antioxidants in it. Hence, this is ideal for low porosity hair oil because it is lightweight and non-greasy. This is the best and all-around moisturizer and is even identified as an excellent emollient.

What is Low Porosity Hair Mean?

Here you can catch up with the exact definition of low porosity hair! If your hair cuticles and tightly packed and they fail to absorb enough moisture in them, it means you have got low porosity hair type.

Furthermore, in such a hair texture, the cuticles are generally and usually overlay on each other. They are in fact securely packed. You are going to find no spaces that will be separating the cuticles. For people having low porosity hair, it gets tough for them to let water, oils, and conditioners get absorbed in their hair.

For the information, the whole hair structure is composed of a 3-layer paradigm

  • The first layer is the cuticle layer! This is marked as the external coating and packed with singular epidermises.
  • The middle and one of the densest layers of your hair is this cortex. This layer manages to hold fibrous and threadlike proteins.
  • The last and fundamental layer of your hair is the medulla. This is the central and deepest hair layer. In addition, it is microscopic.

You can carry out a float test if you want to know whether you have a low porosity hair type or not.

  1. The first step is to get some of the hair strands of yours. They have to clean.
  2. Then take a glass and fill it up with water. The water has to be set at room temperature.
  3. Immerse those hair strands in the glass for a few minutes.
  4. When you see that your hair strands are hovering, it means that that is clear-cut proof that you have low porosity hair.

Why Does Hair Porosity Matter?

The element of hair porosity matters a lot. This is one of the crucial things that need paramount and massive attention. Keep in mind that you can either have low or normal or high porosity hair texture. This property tells us about the fact how quickly your hair absorbs moisture, oils, and conditioners when applied to them. There are different products for low and high porosity hair types, so make sure to use them accordingly. We have mentioned to you how to determine and check your hair porosity. The float test details are mentioned above, carry out the test and determine your porosity.

If your hair strands float in the glass filled with water, it means the person showcases a low porosity. On the other hand, the immediate sinking of hair strands tells us that you have high porosity. Lastly, if the hair strands neither sink nor float, it means the concerned person has medium hair porosity.

Why is Light Oil is Best For Low Porosity Hair?

Experts have always said so that light oils work great and superbly for people having low porosity hair. You need to follow this ritual as well. There is no point in applying heavy oils if you have low porosity in your hair strands. In addition, lightweight oils show no build-up, that is why they are ideal for this specific hair type. Besides, it is with the help and application of lighter oils that they can get penetrated into your hair shaft easily.

Furthermore, lighter oils extensively nourish your low porosity hair. Some people like to use non-penetrative hair oils as well. In this category, we have Jojoba oil. Hence, such oils do not weigh down your hair and bring immense shine to them. A wide range of oils is available in the market for people having low porosity hair. You can try them out and see which one suits you!

Why Heavy Oils Won’t Work On Low Porosity Hair?

It is not at all recommended to use heavy oils on low porosity hair. Just stop committing this mistake and use light oils on such a hair texture. It is generally seen that the application of oils like olive oil and coconut oil is not somewhat recommended for this hair type. They are actually heavy oils and fail to get fully and wholly absorbed in your hair. And the sad part is that if you are using extra virgin coconut oil, that oil remains in the solid state when placed at room temperature. So, these kinds of oils fail to penetrate and deeply inject in your low porosity hair.

Upon using heavy oils, your hair will start to develop a flaky kind of substance on them. This whole practice is detrimental and destructive for your hair growth process as well. So, what you need to do is to start applying only lighter oils on your low porosity hair and say goodbye to heavy oils.

Light Oil vs Heavy Oil For Hair

  • When one using lighter oils, she is going to feel that they get instantly and immediately gets absorbed by your hair and skin. On the other hand, heavy oils take more time to get absorbed in the hair. Furthermore, lighter oils are accompanied by small molecular structures and the molecular structure of heavy oils is big enough. Moreover, it is seen that lighter oils fail to properly penetrate the cell wall. But it is usually easy for the heavy oils to penetrate the hair and skin texture.
  • All kinds of lighter oils perfectly hydrate your hair and skin. This property is not that much effectively showcased by heavy oils. These heavy oils are only used for preserving the overall natural moisture in your hair.
  • Light oils include Jojoba oil and argan oil. And in the category of heavy oils, we have coconut oil and Castor oil and also Hemp seed oil, and olive oil.

How to Take Care of Low Porosity Hair?

There is a specific way to take care of low porosity hair texture and below you can check out some of the great tips:

  • You need to make use of such products that are rich and high in emollients. In this manner, your hair cuticles will become soft enough. The application of such products helps you in moisturizing your hair properly. In addition, you should always humectant products during the warmer season times. With the help of these solutions, your low porosity hair will be able to attract moisture and hydration.
  • Secondly, it is recommended to use those products on low porosity hair that are comparatively low in proteins. On such a hair type, the protein build-up makes your hair less porous and this is a destructive thing for low porosity hair people.
  • The utilization of heat may help you out in opening up your hair cuticles. The minute your hair cuticles will get opened, moisture will get enter them. We can give a golden piece of advice that whenever you condition your low porosity hair, it is better to cover them up with a conditioning cap or thermal heating cap so that the opening up of cuticles can be ensured.
  • For people carrying this hair texture, it is recommended to wash their hair with warm water. This practice also opens up their hair cuticles.

How to Moisturize Low Porosity Hair?

If you could not find the proper way as to how to moisturize your low porosity hair, then we are confident that these below mentioned details and tips can help you out:


To moisturize and hydrate your low porosity hair, take a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Spray it on your hair. This is a quick and smart way to bring instant moisture and hydration to your hair. Most importantly, water is a natural moisturizer and you can follow this practice either in the morning or during the night.


Some people prefer using oil on their low porosity hair too! In this regard, light oils should only be used. Furthermore, one of the excellent and ideal choices we have for you is this argan oil. Trust us, it works like a magic for your hair. It improves hair growth and overcomes the problem of protein loss for you. Moreover, you can use sweet almond oil if you have low porosity hair strands. This oil claims to bring a lot of radiance and shine to your hair. Experts have advised using olive oil and jojoba oil as well.


The cream applications work ideally and smartly ideally on low porosity hair. It is advised to use a leave-in conditioner or you can even apply butter to your hair. This technique will improve your low porosity hair and they will start to absorb more moisture and oil.

Furthermore, the application of shea butter, cocoa butter, and mangoes can work for you too. It is better if you use only leave-in conditioners as they are lightweight and remain to stay creamy in their consistency.

Alkaline Solutions

The last effective and ideal solution to moisturize your low porosity hair is to make use of alkaline solutions. You can make this DIY solution at your home. Here we are mentioning to you the process of making a DIY baking soda solution. Moreover, you can use soap bars for properly moisturizing your hair. Mix baking soda with yogurt and apply that mixture to your hair. A cooling effect will be experienced by you. This solution comes with antibacterial properties and that is great for your hair. Once suitable time is passed, wash your hair and see the difference.

Hot Oil Treatment For Low Porosity Hair

There are lots of advantages if you go with the option of applying hot oil treatment on your low porosity. This is a potential treatment that helps to improve your hair strength. In addition, it brings down dryness and improves your scalp health.

The hot oil treatments give your hair some dandruff relief and reduce fizziness as well. Those low porosity hair type people who have split ends can follow this treatment for sure. Below you can see and check out how this treatment is carried out:

  • The first step is to wash your hair. This treatment can only give you desired results if your hair is cleaned. It gets easy for clean hair to absorb the oil.
  • Take any lighter oil and microwave it. Heat it for 10 seconds. Make sure that it should not be that much hot. You can do a patch test before applying it to your hair and scalp.
  • Comb your hair and start applying this warm oil. Do massage this oil and cover your hair later on for around and about 20 minutes.
  • After that, rinse and wash your hair. This is how the hot oil treatment is processed on low porosity hair.

Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Low Porosity Hair?

There is this common question that is tea tree oil good and works suitably for low porosity hair, then it is a yes from our side! This oil is known and famous enough for offering lots of moisturizing abilities to your hair and skin. It has linoleic acid in it and lots of other moisture retention agents as well. This same oil is packed with saturated fats so that the moisture penetration process can be carried out with ease. No doubt, this is an excellent and much-needed oil type for low porosity hair. It is even accompanied by antifungal properties and treats the problem of dandruff in less time. The application of tea tree oils soothes your scalp and reduces the problematic situation of itchiness.

How to Apply Light Hair Oil on Low Porosity Hair?

Pre-Wash Treatment

Here is this pre-wash treatment in front of you! Before washing your hair, it is a must for you to apply oil. It is completely useless to wash your hair if they are oiled properly. Take any good quality light oil that matches well with your low porosity hair texture and apply it. You need to massage this oil thoroughly. In other words, do not forget to apply the oil on your scalp, roots, and ends of your hair. Once you are done with oiling, cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for 2 hours. When this duration is passed, wash your hair with sulfate-free and high-end shampoo.

Conditioning Treatment

For a low porosity hair, the step of conditioning should not at all get missed! Apart from oiling and shampooing your hair, you have to use a good quality leave-in conditioner on them as well. Simply apply the conditioner and leave it on your hair for five minutes. Finally, rinse it off and see the ultimate shine and glow on your hair. Conditioners are available in oil forms.

As a Styling Product

Oils can be used as a styling product on low porosity hair. There are lots of hair oil variations that act in the form of styling products. In this regard, it is ideal to use marula oil or jojoba oil. They bring more definition to your low porosity. Furthermore, they bring down fizziness and remove all possible dull elements from your hair.

Deep Conditioner

It is constantly advised to use a blend and combination of different hair oils for deeply conditioning your hair. As these oils are packed with immense nourishing ingredients, that is why they instantly hydrate, condition, and moisturize your low porosity hair. Once you apply the oil, it is suggested to sit right under a heating dryer. Do not forget to put on a shower cap. This whole process of deep conditioning will end up giving you beautiful shiny, lush, and bouncy hair.

How to Select the Best Light Oil For Low Porosity Hair?

If you think that you do not know the proper way of buying the best light oil option for your low porosity hair, then check out this guide. Here we have mentioned all the important points that tell you how to select the light oil for this hair type:


Most importantly, your chosen light hair oil option should show the element of purity in it. It should be made of pure, organic, and natural ingredients. In addition, try preferring a high-end brand when buying hair oil. And stay away from those hair oil options that belong to the cheap and sub-standard companies.

Dark Bottles:

It is advised to have the hair oil that is packaged and available in a dark bottle. This is an important aspect that you have to consider! Say no to the oil option that is not packed in the dark bottle. All those oils that are packed in dark bottles are going to stay and preserve for a long time. Furthermore, the presence of dark bottles ensures this fact that oil remains protected against UV rays.

Glass Droppers:

Moving on, it is recommended to have the light hair oil option that comes with a glass dropper! This one is a must-have element that you have to remember when planning to buy oil for your low porosity hair. The presence of a dropper makes your application process easy and quick enough. No wastage of oil will be there. Without a dropper, you will touch the oil with your fingers and this practice may encourage bacterial growth.

Buy the One You Need:

Lastly, you should get the hair oil that suits your hair texture! We have provided you with the list that which oils work best and are ideal for low porosity hair, you can check out those details one more time. It is not necessary that all oils will suit your hair. It is a long process and after trial and error, you will end up finding out the right and exact oil for your hair texture.

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Question: Is oil good for low porosity hair?

Answer: Yes, oils are always good for low porosity hair. The only thing that you have to make sure of is that you use and apply only lighter oils on such hair. In this category of lightweight oils, we have argan oil, apricot oil, and grape seed oil. Lots of other variations and options are there as well. Furthermore, you can use jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. Always apply the lighter oil on this hair type and see the difference and improvement.

Question: Is Monoi oil good for low porosity hair?

Answer: One can use Monoi oil for low porosity hair. This is one of the great and ideal nourishing oils. Moreover, it has got a small molecular structure. It means that it will get easy and convenient for this oil to get absorbed by low porosity hair. This oil is a perfect and ideal source of saturated fatty acids, that is why it comes in the form of great recommendations for this hair type.

Question: Is coconut oil bad for low porosity hair?

Answer: It is believed that coconut oil is heavyweight oil and not that ideal for low porosity hair. If other hair options are available, then it is better to avoid using coconut oil. Low porosity hair only needs lighter oils and heavy oils are not appropriate for them. These oils just develop flaky substances on your hair and prevent them from absorbing any water, oil, and any other kind of moisture. Though other hair benefits are provided by coconut oil as it doesn’t remove hair dye, but the use of it on low porosity hair is not currently recommended.

Question: What are signs of low porosity hair?

Answer: The noticeable and prominent sign of having low porosity hair is that your hair fails to retain moisture in them. In addition, they do not work well with any of the conditioners. Such a hair type always needs heat for the sake of activating conditioners. Furthermore, low porosity hair often witnesses the problem of having build-up and dirt accumulation. Such people frequently witness the issue of dandruff. Their hair either becomes too oily or too dry.

Question: Can you use black castor oil on low porosity hair?

Answer: Yes, black castor oil can be used on low porosity. This respective oil has got a higher pH level and it is somewhat more alkaline in terms of its nature. Individuals having low porosity hair can use this oil. In addition, this oil is known to open hair cuticles. It improves your hair so that it can start to absorb more of the oil and moisture in them. Hence, significant benefits are offered by black castor oil


Hence, this is the full fledge guide on the Best oils for low porosity hair. Now, what you can do is to determine your hair texture. Once you come to know that whether your hair is of low porosity or high porosity, then you can treat and handle them accordingly. The above-mentioned guide has clearly stated the fact which oils work on low porosity hair and how to use and apply them.

Your hair needs moisture and oil and there is no point in oiling your hair if the substance is not penetrated deeply into your hair strands and cuticles. Just try opening up your hair cuticles and make it your level best to increase the moisture absorption part of your hair.

If you want to know more about hair porosity, then stay tuned with us. Here further details are going to be mentioned. You can share with us which hair type you have and which oils you are currently using! Never show negligence when oiling your hair. Moreover, your hair needs 24/7 attention.

You can give us your feedback on low porosity hair type, we are happy to hear from your side. If more ways will come from the experts’ side on improving this hair type, we will let you know. You may be interested to know about Best Shea Moisture Products for Low Porosity Hair.

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