10 Best Numbing Cream for Microblading in 2023 | Complete Guide

We all are somewhat concerned about our looks and that’s when my makeup stylist introduced me to the technique of microblading. The technique is very handy and when it is done, many numbing creams are also used, but everyone experienced something different with their stylist and the procedure of microblading with numbing cream.

best topical numbing cream for microblading
Dr Numb Topical Anesthetic Foaming Soap
secondary numbing cream for microblading
Numb Master 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream
anesthetic cream for microblading
New Numb skin Numbing Cream
pre numbing cream for microblading
Face and Body Super Trio Topical Pre-Procedure Anesthetic Numbing Cream
numbing gel for microblading
Deeveeant Numbing Cream Lidocaine Anesthetic

Let’s explore the best numbing cream which can be used for microblading.

The technique of microblading is related to cosmetics, where microneedles are used to make a new more specified eyebrows, which can be modified in their color and style. This is done obviously with the help of the numbing cream and an expert who will make sure that you have the best-designed eyebrows along with the color.

This technique has evolved and modified with the passage of time. This technique is semi-permanent and needs a touch-up but if we talk about eyebrow tattooing, it’s a permanent procedure that needed a lot more than just a numbing cream.

Best Numbing Cream to Use For Microblading

When you decide on the procedure of microblading, we all know that the need for numbing cream is very essential, without this the area cannot be anesthetic which can result in extreme pains. The numbing cream can be very handy with the procedure as it helps the clinical person to perform the microblading without any interference from the patient.

Mostly all the numbing creams are used during aseptic treatments, a few of the best quality numbing creams are discussed below.

Dr Numb Topical Anesthetic Foaming Soap

best topical numbing cream for microblading


The process of microblading seems to be a simple procedure as compared to others, but still, a numbing cream is needed to have a pain-free procedure of microblading. This product is very useful in all types of skin procedures and most stylists recommend it for microblading. Some of the product’s features are discussed below.


  • This best topical numbing cream for microblading is in the form of a soapy foam, which can be easily applied to the skin area for any kind of procedure. The foaming soap has some specific ingredients Lidocaine 4%. This gives extra strength to the formula and helps in numbing the nerves of the area. Along with this, another active ingredient is 24% Benzethonium Chloride, which acts as a disinfectant.
  • The foaming soap is very effective in disinfecting the skin after the skin treatment.
  • It is recommended to use the foaming soap after washing the area, always apply it 30 min before the skin procedure.
  • Leave the soap on the skin for absorbent, and wipe it off with a clean towel
  • Close the bottle cap tightly, and don’t use the cream without consulting any proper clinical person.

Numb Master 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream

secondary numbing cream for microblading


Here is another cream that can be used as a numbing agent during different skin procedures. This cream has a different type of concentration which is very helpful in microblading, this cream is very handy and has a minimum time to numb the area, making the person ready quickly for microblading.


  • The cream takes approx. 20 min to show its effectiveness.
  • It’s handy as it is not oily or greasy and doesn’t want to be cleaned off with a clean towel or cloth.
  • The chemical composition of the cream is very friendly, with no paraben, and no stickiness.
  • The packing of this cream is also a plus point, the bottle has an inverted hold lock system in the cap, which makes it difficult for to be opened by toddlers, thus keeping the cream, and the kids safe.
  • The active ingredient of this cream is 5% Lidocaine which works effectively on the skin and left no residue.
  • The time needed for this cream is maxed of 30 min, and then you can have the pain-free procedure of microblading, tattooing or laser, or whatever you wanted to do.

New Numb skin Numbing Cream

anesthetic cream for microblading


If you are looking for a hassle-free, pain-free microblading process, here’s another option for numbing cream. This one has the same active ingredient, but the effectiveness can be seen as this cream can be easily applied to the area before the process of microblading. Some details are discussed below.


  • This anesthetic cream for microblading  is very good at numbing the area for the next 4 hours, affects readily, and lasts more.
  • The cream has a chemical composition of 5% of Lidocaine whose effects can last up to 4 hours in the meantime, you can have the process of microblading with no pain.
  • This numbing cream can be used on hands, feet and almost all body parts, be careful of the time, as it needs just 20 min to numb the area and then you can have the process of microblading, pain-free.
  • The packaging material of the cream is a hassle for kids to reach but it can prevent any unwanted mishaps.

Face and Body Super Trio Topical Pre-Procedure Anesthetic Numbing Cream

pre numbing cream for microblading


When we talk about topical skin procedures, microblading is leading the market, because of the good looks. This may cost a little painful procedure but since there are many numbing creams on the market, this issue is also resolved. These numbing creams may variates that’s why there is another one with more promising results.


  • As the name tells, this pre-numbing cream for microblading is more powerful with the active ingredients i.e. 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine, and 12% benzocaine, these chemicals make the cream best before the usage of any high piercing, or deep cut surgical procedures.
  • The cream should be applied with utmost precautions, always use clean gauze to clean the skin, use gloves while applying the cream, don’t spread it out too much, and only apply on the specific area where the procedure must be done.
  • The extra cream should be wiped off quickly with the help of a cloth. This will numb the area for 5 hours, it can be increased as it takes time to lower the effects.

Deeveeant Numbing Cream Lidocaine Anesthetic

numbing gel for microblading


According to many stylists, this cream is widely used, because of its fresh smell, no greasy sensation, and effectiveness over time. This needs a little extra time because it comprises herbal ingredients. The cream can also be applied on every type of skin, even on sensitive skin too. It does have some soothing effects too on the skin, which is very useful after the process of microblading. Some of the key points are:


  • This is a very different cream because the main ingredient of this cream comes from botanicals, they don’t use any chemical compounds, or any other anesthetic compound, they work solely on the herbs.
  • Since the key ingredient is Aloe vera, Tea tree oil, and Jojoba, it will take more time to numb the skin area. The company suggested waiting for approx. 30-45 min and check the result and then start the desired procedure.
  • The cream can be applied very easily, no hassle of gloves, or injections are needed, just a couple of precautions, and the cream can be easily applied.

Precautions for using the numbing cream

As we all know that numbing creams used many chemical compounds which are used in anesthetic skin procedures, these can be near any soft spots on the body, and also in sensitive areas, when these circumstances happen, the best thing is to be cautious while using the cream. Here is some advice that you can work out for your own safety.

  1. Always wash the surface, along with your hands, before applying the numbing cream. Make sure the eyes are closed, and if the area is sensitive, try applying in small amounts, if the skin shows any kind of anaphylaxis or allergic reaction, contact your consultant before undergoing the procedure.
  2. When the cream is being applied, there should be a person to monitor the area for any redness, swelling, or itchiness, these can be mild, or severe.
  3. The cream can be applied while wearing a glove or the hands can be washed properly after applying the cream. Be careful not to touch any other part of the body before washing your hands.
  4. If a high dose of Lidocaine is applied to the skin, the skin can show some allergic reactions like swelling, dizziness, and shallow breathing. The dose of the cream should be very carefully monitored to avoid these reactions.
  5. Before using numbing cream for skin treatments, we should always check the person’s medical history.
  6. If the cream encounters the eyes, immediately consult a doctor, and rinse it with water thoroughly.

How Does Microblading Work?

The procedure of microblading seems to be very easy and effective for all skin types. The process involves making new brows with the help of semi-micro needles which were inserted in the upper layer of skin. This includes the mapping of new and desired brows with the help of markers. This may be done without the use of numbing cream, check more details on youtube:

But after this the application of numbing cream is necessary. Leaving the cream for a few minutes, let it settle down, then the artist will begin making some strokes with the help of markers. It may take a max of 40-45 min for the artist to make the desired results of eyebrows.

Even though the use of numbing cream lowers the pain but still it is very uncomfortable and sometimes itchy too. After the microblading the best way is not to get it wet for 10 days, it will be very difficult to bathe and wash your face, that’s why most dermatologists suggest the use of a shield which will make it easier to take a bath.

During the first few days, the eyebrows will look darker and bolder, but with the passage of time the eyebrows will look normal, and you will be comfortable with them easily. A 30-day result card is available so that you can easily get to know the progress. After 30 days, a little touch-up is scheduled so that the adjustment can be made if necessary.

Most people confused the procedure of Microblading with Tattooing that’s why we will discuss the things which differ from them. Both processes are done on the skin, but tattooing is done in deeper parts of skin tissues, even though it is done with the help of numbing cream, it is still painful, and the person will be experiencing any slight pain. The procedure of tattooing needed to be checked regularly, a few of the persons can have allergic reactions too.

As for the microblading, the process is done on the superficial part of the skin, wherewith the help of different markers, the person (stylist) performs the procedure of skin grafting and eyebrow designing. Before this, the area is covered with numbing cream, which makes the microblading easier. The artist can make the desired outline of the eyebrow, make hair-like strokes, and create a natural-looking eyebrow. The process of microblading needs a regular checkup along with a few precautions. For the next 10 days, you must be careful with washing, and for the next 30 days, there will be follow-ups.

The process of microblading looks very efficient with the help of numbing creams and markers, it’s precise and a small process that just needs 1 hour max.

Best Options for Numbing Cream

The numbing cream is very effective within the time of 30-40 min, but we do realize that there must be something that makes it effective within the given time. As we survey the market, there are many different types of numbing creams, each with its own quality, though that quality depends upon the active ingredients which were present in it.

If we look inside the numbing cream, there are many chemicals, such as:

  1. Benzocaine (found in Solarcaine, Dermoplast, Lanacane)
  2. Pramoxine (Sarna Sensitive, Proctofoam, Prax)
  3. Dibucaine (Nupercainal, Rectacaine)
  4. Tetracaine (Ametop gel, Pontocaine, Viractin

But there are few numbing creams that don’t use chemicals as their active ingredient. They use botanical herbs, mixed with some others, creating a numbing gel. Deeveeant Numbing Cream Lidocaine Anesthetic uses herbs that effectively numb the area.

The reason why we are suggesting an herb numbing cream is that the numbing agents or the chemicals responsible for the skin to numb use the blood vessels to interact, the longer the chemical is present on the skin, the greater risk is the problem with the blood flow or the vessel.

One way or another the numbing cream might mess with the blood vessels. Sometimes the effect is longer, sometimes it’s just a few hours. the best way to avoid this situation is to use the botanical numbing cream.

Adverse Effects of numbing cream on skin:

As we all know that numbing creams are used before any kind of skin treatment, lasers, tattooing, and microblading. The numbing cream has chemical compounds, such as 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine, 12% benzocaine, 5% of Lidocaine, these chemicals somehow have a mode of action on the nerves, and that’s the reason why the skin gets numb.

If you are having heart and breathing issues, be careful and do consult your doctor before using the numbing creams as the adverse effects of these chemical agents are shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, respiratory failure, and severe reaction that can cause coma too.

This seems to be very simple, but the chemicals can be very tricky when they react with other chemical compounds present in the surrounding, in this case, in the skin tissues.

What Is BLT Cream? 

In the field of Dermatology, many dermatologists use numbing agents which are superficial and have a minimum amount of exposure. BLT cream consists of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine and they act as a topical anesthetic agent. The combination of these three chemicals is said to have a good result on the skin during a skin treatment or tattooing.

The use of BLT creams is widely spreading because of their rapid functions and comfortability in almost all skin types. For the past few years, the use of BLT cream is getting more common as the trend of microblading is getting common. The procedure becomes very simple and safe when the use of BLT cream is ensured.

Safety Measure with BLT Creams:

The BLT cream has been used for a few years but as time passes by the cream gives the best results during or before the skin procedures. It consists of 4 main ingredients which actively work together as the numbing cream. While using the BLT creams before the procedure of the microblading there must be some safety precautions that must be overlooked.

  • The cream must be used within the time frame, not more than prescribed by your consultant. The compound of all 4 chemicals creates a strong dose of an anesthetic cream.
  • Before the process of microblading consult your doctor for detailed blood work so that if there’s a change after the microblading process, the doctor will be able to determine it.
  • the topical use of the BLT cream can affect your skin tissues. That is why the cream should always be used in the prescribed amount.
  • The BLT cream should be applied with the help of a stick, and only on that part where microblading must be done.


Here we are, at the end of the discussion, hoping that the article will be helpful and that you can easily find the best numbing cream before doing the procedure of microblading. As we have discussed, the process of microblading is a dermatological process, wherewith the help of numbing cream, the area is desensitized and the tiny hair markers are made by the stylist, these are very helpful in the long term, but it will only last for approx.

18-20 months. After that, it will start to vanish, as the procedure is done superficially. There are a variety of numbing creams that consist of different chemicals as the active agents in numbing the skin area, there are also some which have botanicals as the active agent, since they have something natural in them, they are not harmful to the skin tissues if it is applied in slighter more quantity. The other numbing creams need approx. amount with a precise time limit, as they can cause low to mild allergic reactions too.

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