10 Best Moisturizer for 360 Waves in 2022 | Complete Guide

To all African American men out there, they can now have well-defined 360 waves if they order any one of these best moisturizers. You can use these conditioning products and butter soothing creams even if you have 180 wavy hairstyles or 720 wavy pattern hairstyles.

This is a common hairstyle pattern that is flaunted by Black men and they use such moisturizers to lock these waves for a better amount of time. Furthermore, this below-mentioned list will help you identify what kind of moisturizers, buttercreams, and leave-in conditioners are great for your 360 waves!

natural moisturizer for 360 waves
Arvazallia Store Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia for Dry or Damaged Hairz

best leave in conditioner for 360 waves
Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner 16 oz 

best daily moisturizer for 360 waves
tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair - Dry Hair - Curly Hair 

best hair moisturizer for 360 waves
WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter

best lotion for 360 waves
Handcraft Castor Oil for Hair Growth, Eyelashes and Eyebrows - 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Oil & Body Oil 
best cream for 360 waves
Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
best products for 360 waves
Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner
best oils for 360 waves
Cliganic USDA Organic Argan Oil, 100% Pure | for Hair, Face & Skin | Natural Cold Pressed Carrier Oil
best wave products for coarse hair
As I Am Double Butter Cream
carrot cream for 360 waves
Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel

Apart from using these moisturizers, you can follow homemade treatments, brushing, and combing techniques to better manage these waves. In this same piece of writing, we have mentioned the details on how to make homemade moisturizers as well.

Best Hair Moisturizer for 360 Waves

With the use of these creams and conditioners, you can bring more softness and a lot of shine to your waves. These products help you get healthy-looking locks and waves. The best part is that you can use these recommended products on your beard and mustache too. So, try out these Best moisturizer for 360 waves and give your honest rating:

Arvazallia Store Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia for Dry or Damaged Hairz

natural moisturizer for 360 waves


The very first recommendation linked to the best natural moisturizer for 360 waves this exclusive product. If you have 360 waves, then you can maintain them successfully by applying this argan oil hair mask on them. Furthermore, this product gives a professional salon kind of treatment. It has the potential to instantly and immediately transform your rough hair texture into a glossy and shiny-looking one. This hair mask leaves your waves all soft and silky looking as well.

If you have started to notice that your waves have become tougher and difficult to manage, then try this hair mask and give your thanks to us. We again tell you that this best and top-notch moisturizer for 360 waves helps you repair restore as well as strengthen your waves. It prevents your waves from becoming damaged and over-processed. It is high time to use this moisturizer and it is even recommended by famous Nelly rapper.

How to Use

The process to use this hydrating argan hair oil mask is quite simple to follow. Just take a little bit of amount of this product on your hands and massage this content on your scalp. You have to thoroughly massage your hair and also your scalp. Perform this job for 10 minutes and cover your hair with a towel. Leave this mask on your hair for overnight time and then wash your hair in the morning.

The regular application of this hydrating argan hair oil mask will be able to deeply condition your 360 waves. In addition, your waves will get fully detangled, hydrated as well as become fully manageable.


  • This one is the highest quality and cosmetic grade argan oil hair mask.
  • It is sulfate-free and paraben-free.
  • This mask runs on the Advanced Hair Repair System and it is also Specially Formulated.


  • The liquid volume is just 8.45 Fluid Ounces that is not sufficient enough.

Customer Review

I am a hairdresser by profession and this product worked for my clients. In the past, I had the worst experience of using awful products, but thanks to this one for sure. It did not get any bad surprises from this hair oil mask and is recommended to other hairdressers as well.

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Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner 16 oz 

best leave in conditioner for 360 waves


How about trying this moisturizer for 360 waves! You can for sure give this product an exclusive try. As you can see that this product arrives in the leave-in conditioner form! It is great for your 360 waves health. In addition, this moisturizer nourishes and instantly repairs your damaged waves. Keep in mind that this product is made of certified and organic products.

It carries and is composed of a great combination of Raw Shea Butter and Black Castor Oil. You will also see the traces of Peppermint in this product that is here to bring a revitalizing effect to your 360 waves. If you see that your waves are losing their charm, then start using this leave-in conditioner and high-quality moisturizer right now. It is loaded and packed with some exclusive reparative omegas.

Furthermore, the presence of Jamaican Black Castor Oil in it promises to nourish your dry hair. Those who live in whatsoever part of this world like China or Brazil should order this product.

How to Use

So, to apply this leave-in conditioner on your 360 waves, there is a specific procedure that you have to follow. After a shower, you need to towel dry your waves and simply apply this leave-in conditioner to your hair. Once the application is done, comb your waves with fingers or you can also use a wide-tooth comb. Avoid using this leave-in conditioner on the crown section of your head. Just let your waves and hair air dry. If you feel like using this conditioner during bedtime of yours, you can do so for sure.


  • This best leave in conditioner for 360 waves smoothens your waves and restores their shine as well.
  • It has a non-greasy texture and does not make your waves tangled.
  • This product is thoughtfully infused and combined with the right set of ingredients.


  • The scent of this leave-in conditioner is only available in Peppermint version.

Customer Review

A big shout and a smiling face to this item! There is so much good about it. It was completely moisturized by waves and my hair felt so soothing. This conditioner did not melt my waves and neither lumped them together. A big standing ovation to it!

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tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair – Dry Hair – Curly Hair 

best daily moisturizer for 360 waves


It is very high time to use this cream moisturizer right there on your 360 waves. Black men love flaunting these waves and maintaining them is a tough job as well. But you do not have to get worried! Try this reviewed product and give new life to your 360 waves. Most importantly, this buttercream moisturizer provides the maximum amount of hydration to your hair. It enhances shine and reduces fizziness at the same time.

This best daily moisturizer for 360 waves makes this heavy and big promise that every single wave of yours will be fully moisturized if you do the correct use of this product.

Furthermore, it locks in moisture starting from the roots to the ends of your hair strands. This product believes and marks to be an everyday moisturizer. You can worry-free use it because it has Vitamin E oil in it. Those men who think that their 360 waves have lost their growth track, then this is the right product that is designed in a way to prevent hair loss.

How to Use

You might be wondering how to use this tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer; here we are going to tell you. This product is manufactured in the buttercream form; it means you just have to take a peanut size amount of it on your hands. Rub this cream together on your hands and work in entirely and wholly on your hair. This same Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer can be used as a styling cream. It works great and magically. Try it and bring an impressive feel to your 360 waves. This moisturizer successfully brings two-strand twists as well as twist-outs.


  • It ensuresbetter blood flow right to your scalp.
  • This best daily moisturizer for 360 waves has Vitamin E oil and Cocoa butter in it that guarantees to make your waves more lustrous.
  • This moisturizer smoothes out the hair’s cuticle of yours and does not leave your hair heavy.


  • This butter cream is dedicated and meant for curly hair people.

Customer Review

My friend damaged his waves a lot because of the regular use of heat styling elements. I recommend this moisturizer to him and he simply got rid of damaging waves. My friends noticed the immediate difference. I think that he is now going to order a bunch of cartons of it. And he has already booked one on 07-04-2021.

WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter

best hair moisturizer for 360 waves


We have given our thumbs up to this Wave Builder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter moisturizer that is going to surely work great on your 360 waves. Just imagine the combination of using cocoa and shea butter on your hair and experiencing dynamic results in less time. The results given by this best hair moisturizer for 360 waves are truly and genuinely satisfactory enough.

Lots of men have claimed that this reviewed product brings healthy hair waves and this is what they were looking for in their desired product! In addition, this exclusive and strongly reviewed moisturized add life and spark to your 360 waves. Besides, it brings out the superior shine in your lifeless waves and makes them look great and hence magical. The catchy quality of this butter moisturizer is that it functions on the non-greasy formula. It means your hair will not feel any greasiness or oiliness once you apply this cream. So, what are you planning? Order this wave Builder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter moisturizer as soon as possible!

How to Use

Here you can see proper directions to use this Wave Builder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter moisturizer. You only have to take a small amount of it on either your dry hair or wet hair and brush it thoroughly later on! Before you apply this cream, make sure to brush your hair and you need to brush them later on as well. Great results are offered by this moisture revitalizer and it is only meant to be used on 360 waves. It is this creamy wave lotion that promises to add a lot of moisture to your dry hair and scalp.


  • It ensures and guarantees no product buildup.
  • This best hair moisturizer for 360 waves is an ultra-nourishing styling cream.
  • It delivers vital hydration right to your hair and scalp.


  • It is not suitable to be used during bedtime and only ideal for daytime use.

Customer Review

So, it was my father who read a lot of good reviews on this product. I and my dad has 360 waves and we used this product then! We both give a try right after use, we were shocked. Our waves got improved and we were jumping and rolling with such a big surprise.

Handcraft Castor Oil for Hair Growth, Eyelashes and Eyebrows – 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Oil & Body Oil 

best lotion for 360 waves


This is the natural moisturizer type that you can try out right now! No matter, you have 360 waves or you want to improve hair growth on your eyebrows and eyelashes, this is the suitable product for you. Furthermore, this handcraft castor oil is pure and made of natural ingredients. In other words, it is unfiltered and undiluted, and free from the presence of any additives and fillers.

To bring a VIP and celeb look in your 360 waves, you can nourish them with this oil. You can even call it a wonder carrier oil and ideal to be used for skincare and hair care. This oil offers endless uses and that is the best part about it. When you apply this oil to your waves, it automatically improves their natural texture and pattern. Your 360 waves will start to look thick and rich as well. Each strand gets thicker and darker and this same oil helps the circulation process too. It is time to feed your 360 waves with some fantastic nutrients and you can do that by using this natural hair moisturizer.

How to Use

You can use this handcraft castor oil both on wet and dry hair. To make easy and convenient use of it, it is recommended to have this oil in a spray bottle. After or before the shower, you can sprinkle a little bit amount of this oil on your scalp. Upon correctly applying this oil, you will see that your 360 waves will ideally and perfectly absorb this oil and ensure volume, shine, and hair growth. This is an easy way to use this handcraft castor oil and you simply have to follow these directions.


  • It is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and strengthens your waves.
  • This oil penetrates deep into your hair follicles and nourishes them.
  • This best lotion for 360 waves excellent to be used as a massage oil.


  • It does not give fast results so the user has to remain patient to witness desired outcomes.

Customer Review

I am still wondering why I wasted so much money on previous hairdressing products if such a product is already there in the market. I and my brother just used it for two weeks and voila, the results are there. It not only conditions my waves but reduced hair loss too.

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

best cream for 360 waves


There is no point in flaunting 360 waves that do not look well moisturized and hydrated enough. So, what you can do is to try this Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie moisturizer and bring magic to your 360 waves.

Most importantly, this product gives all-day hydration and helps in replenishing your waves extensively. Moreover, it is recommended and suggested for daily use. Just use it once a day and see the best results that you have not thought ever. You may have spotted lots of men whose 360 waves look dull and very rough, so for them, we have this amazing solution.

This product works on the mission that one should look good and smell good as well. Both of these qualities are present in this product. In other words, this moisturizer helps you make your waves look exceptional and the scent and overall fragrance are given by this product are remarkable too. If you are already a user of this Shea Moisturizer for 360 waves, then feel free to let us know your reviews and experiences.

How to Use

You can check out and go through the application procedure of this Shea Moisturizer that we have just reviewed for you. First of all, you have to section your hair and then apply this product evenly on your 360 waves. Simply apply this respective product sparingly either on dry hair or damp hair.

Avoid rinsing your hair once you have applied this Shea Moisturizer and style your hair accordingly later on. This same moisturizer is availed as a styling cream and you can use it for making twist-outs, braids, and all kinds of wash-and-go styles.


  • This best cream for 360 waves prevents dryness and makes your waves less susceptible to breakage.
  • It is marked as a revitalizing conditioner and successfully restores your damaged hair.
  • It makes your waves stronger, healthier, as well as voluminous.


  • This product needs little bit more research and testing at its end.

Customer Review

I am right now thinking to give this product to my fiancé because his waves look tangled and frizzy now. Yes, they do not look attractive and I believe this product can solve my problem because it has helped out by friends in the past.

Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner

best products for 360 waves


The next suggestion that is loved by people flaunting 360 waves is this Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner. According to experts, this is the most wanted product nowadays. As explained by the product title, it works and functions magically. The unique selling point of this moisturizer is that it is infused with a moisture-resistant formula. This formulation brings special shine and luster to your waves. Along with that, it prevents dryness as well as split ends. If you observe that your waves have become unruly and frizzy, then try and use this product without making any delay.

It is in the easy to open jar packaging that this product is available and comes with a light fragrance as well. We know that 360 waves always look impressive but the main challenge is to maintain them each day. The quick solution for you is to try this conditioner and top-notch moisturizer and give the ideal pattern to your waves.

How to Use

The process is convenient enough to follow when using this Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner. Just gently and slowly massage this product into your hair, waves, and scalp and repeat this process on a daily basis. Avoid washing your hair once you apply this Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner. As this is a leave-in conditioner, so do not wash or rinse it. A dime-size amount is sufficient to be used on daily basis.


  • This best products for 360 waves does not leave a pesky residue.
  • It is easy to apply as well as easy to wash off.
  • It offers superior hold and delivers professional performance.


  • This moisturizer is available in limited number of scents and fragrances and users hence experience limited options.

Customer Review

Hurray! I have got a special stuff for you and it can work super great for your 360 waves. Do not worry about the packaging because it is all wrapped and no leakage is there. The bottle does not crack and this product smells like heaven, how cool it is!

Cliganic USDA Organic Argan Oil, 100% Pure | for Hair, Face & Skin | Natural Cold Pressed Carrier Oil

best oils for 360 waves


The relation of using argan oil on 360 waves is quite strong enough. This is a certified product and comes with no side effects. One will have no doubt about the integrity, quality, and power of this product. Even more, this is an Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil and it is actually 100% organic. It is just made by using one and sole ingredient and that is Premium Argan Oil Organic. Your 360 waves need naturally processed treatments and in this case, this is a suitable product for you.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that this oil has no additives and chemicals in it. A lot of effort, time, and sweat is poured while manufacturing this product. It is here to meet customer expectations and fulfill all its promises. In addition, this is a multi-purpose oil. Apart from using it on your 360 waves, you can use it on any other hair type and face. Lastly, this oil is extremely lightweight and it remains to stay fast absorbing as well.

How to Use

Clinic USDA Organic Argan Oil is quick and fast to apply. Simply place a few drops of this argan oil right on your hands and give a proper massage to your hair. The continuous application of this oil tames fizziness and successfully adds a lot of shine on your 360 waves. In addition, this oil is a great and fabulous choice for all those people who have embraced and opted for 360 waves hairstyle look. This is the simplest method to apply this oil and easily brings the element of shine and manageability on your hair.


  • It is packaged in a premium bottle.
  • This best oil for 360 waves has got Cruelty Free Certification and it is not at all tested on animals.
  • It offers versatile use and can be applied on hair and skin of all types.


  • This product cannot be used and applied without a dropper, so the use of a dropper is a must.

Customer Review

This is a game-changer. I used it on my waves and so much happy now! It has truly won the battle and a whole lot of struggle of moisturizing my 360 waves because I was so much disappointed to use past products that damaged by waves.

As I Am Double Butter Cream

best wave products for coarse hair


Moving to more of the recommendations linked to the best moisturizers for 360 waves, we have this buttercream option for you. We are sure that this cream will be liked by you who have gone for this 360 wavy hairstyle. This one is a smooth buttercream that can be quickly and easily applied on your hair. It is ideal and suitable for all kinds of hair textures.

Furthermore, the application of this cream is also appropriate to be used on all skin types. Lots of people have complained that their 360 waves do not look well moisturized, that is why it is important for you to use such creams. This product successfully performs the job of moisturizing and reducing inflammation on your scalp. It soothes irritation and heavily nourishes your waves.

Hence, this is an emollient and one of the rich beauty products that you should try out. Regarding its making, it is made of 100% Pure and Raw African Shea Butter and this ingredient ensures to give best results.

How to Use

As this is a buttercream, so the general process to use it is simple and hassle-free. Take a small amount of it and apply it to your waves. Smoothly and gently massage it and leave this buttercream on your hair for maximum time. Feel free to leave this buttercream for the whole night and later on you can rinse it in the morning. This is the basic process that is instructed by the manufacturing company of this buttercream and you need to follow it strictly as well.


  • It protects your 360 waves from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • It improves your scalp’s elasticity on the best notes.
  • The ingredient used in the making of this oil is all Natural and Pure.


  • The packaging of this best wave products for coarse hair does not look much impressive.

Customer Review

Yes, no greasy feeling is given out by this cream. You will see no layering and no heaviness on your locks. I know that you will not believe me but give it a try! You will surely forget all buttercreams for waves moisturizing job and will for sure get totally dependent on this one.

Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel

carrot cream for 360 waves


Cantu Shea Butter can be applied to all those target populations who have hugged 360 waves hairstyle on their heads. For carrying such a hairstyle, it is important and essential for you to moisturize and hydrate these waves as well. So, get your hands on this Cantu Shea Butter and revitalize each strand of your 360 waves.

Furthermore, this is a Natural hair moisturizing product that professional twist and turn your waves. It locks the gel element into your waves and makes them natural and lively looking. You may have spotted lots of people whose 360 waves look do not look impressive enough and the main reason is that they fail to moisturize their waves. Regularly apply this Cantu Shea Butter product and see great results in no less time. This reviewed product offers strong holding power too. It has no sulfates, silicones and free from parabens. Hence, this is the buttercream that moisturizes and de-frizzes your waves.

How to Use

Before you use this Cantu Shea Butter, make sure to shake it properly and thoroughly. After this, take some amount of it on your hands and rub this product on your 360 waves. Gently give a massage to your hair and do apply this Cantu Shea Butter from roots to ends of your waves. After that, do comb as well as style your hair. The application of this highly loved buttercream helps you to nourish, repair, as well as strengthen your hair. It does not weigh down your waves and does not leave any f the greasy build-up.


  • It makes your waves more manageable, shiny and offer silky smooth hold.
  • It keeps your waves frizz under control.
  • This buttercream is ideal for twists and also braids outs.


  • The application process of this moisturizer is somewhat tough to follow.

Customer Review

This is my second purchase and I think that I will stick to it for many more years. My eyes still not believe how lovely and dashing my 360 waves looks now. This is the backup product that you should always be there in your bag. I definitely recommend this one!

How to Get Waves for Beginners?

how to get waves for beginners

It is time to start your 360 waves journey. This hairstyle trend is getting immense popularity. We know that there are different patterns of waves and the most famous and popular among all of them is these 360 waves look. You may have heard about 720 waves and 180 waves too.  For the information, waves that are formed right there on the top section of your head are classified and marked as 180 waves. On the other hand, waves that are formed all around your head, are identified as 360 waves. Then we have 720 waves that are formed in a vertical form all around the hair.

This whole piece of writing is about how to create and from 360 waves and we hope that you will get a clear understanding after going through these details. Black men love to embrace this style and they look quite hot while flaunting and modeling these waves. The only way to keep your 360 waves healthy and lush in form is to keep them heavily moisturized. The rest of the details is below written for you:

First of all, you have to clean the slate

To create and form 360 waves, first of all, you have to clean the slate. This does not mean that you have to go bald in this case. No, there is no need to go bald. Just clean your slate and enter in the journey of flaunting 360 waves. You need to start off this job with some fresh as well as impressionable hair follicles. You can visit your nearest barber and ask him to give you a really low trim. In other words, get a level-1 trim job and proceed to the second step of this job.

The Next Step is to Brush Your Hair

The next step is to brush your hair once you are done with the haircut.  It is by brushing that you will get smooth and professional 360 waves in less time. This is the most important step that you have to follow.

Furthermore, this one is a continuously practiced step that is followed by individuals. 360 waves are only attained and acquired by brushing. Most importantly, you should only use a softer brush or medium bristle brush. When brushing your waves, make sure that you never and ever brush dry hair. Even more, you should avoid brushing against the grain sections of your hair. It is recommended to use only premium brushes on your waves.

Moisturize as more you can!

For 360 waves, the rule of moisturizing, moisturize, and moisturize should not be ignored at all. You can only get the right kind of 360 wavy hair look if you regularly moisturize and condition your waves. While brushing your waves, they may bring a hard effect on your follicles. So, to compensate for this point, try moisturizing your follicles in the first go.

Upon moisturizing your waves, it means you are nourishing and feeding them with the right ingredients. Furthermore, you should get a good quality pomade to ensure the healthy growth process of your waves. In the same manner, you should avoid buying those pomades that are featured and packed with a common ingredient and that is petroleum. It is believed that petroleum clog pores and also stunt growth.

Hence, try to hunt and search for a more natural moisturizer that can well and powerfully hold your waves. And the last important point is that whenever you are moisturizing your 360 waves, you should not make them over-greasy. Avoid loading them with too much moisturizer and just apply a little amount of it once a day.

The Next Step is to Get a Durag for Your 360 Waves

So, as soon as you are done with your brushing and moisturizing session, the next step is to get a durag for your 360 waves. There is a proper way to wear a durag and you can check out lots of tutorials in this regard. Keep in mind that durag is a kind of silk material and its main job is to protect as well as guard your waves. Furthermore, this silk material keeps your wavy pattern pressed and also down. Try to wear a durag in a tighter form and avoid hugging it in a loose form. It should be tightly pressed on your head but not too much tight that you end up getting a headache.

We can say that wearing a durag is an essential and important item during your whole 360 waves formation process. This fabric keeps your waves and overall hairstyle in position. It locks and intact all moisture in your waves and does not dry your scalp at all. If you are in an unforgiving and harsh environment, then it is a must for you to protect your waves upon wearing a durag. Thus, if you are one of the guys who are obsessed with having curated waves, wearing a durag is the only solution for them.

You need to keep them clean too!

While maintaining 360 waves, you need to keep them clean too! In this regard, it is important for you to regularly shampoo your waves. If you fail to do so, then your 360 wavy patterns will become dry and brittle. The correct use of best shampoo and conditioner keeps the moisture locked in your waves. Moreover, you should always natural and harsh-free shampoos. Read the instructions beforehand and then use the shampoo and conditioner accordingly.

While you shampoo your 360 waves, it is equally essential for you to brush them side by side. This is an easy way to get crisp and clear waves on your head. In addition, you should not shampoo your waves each day. It is suggested to follow a shampooing routine two times in a week. And it will be super best if you accompany this shampooing routine with a conditioner.

By doing so, oils and moisture will remain locked in your waves for a long time. This is basically the co-washing rule that we are trying to tell you. Washing and conditioning your waves removes the dirt and makes them healthy, strong, and super shiny.

Elite Wave Technique (wolfing)

The last step is to follow this elite wave technique and it is popularly named wolfing. Keep in mind that Wolfing is the excruciating and one of the strange acts of abstaining from a haircut for a long and extended period of time. We know that it sounds and feels much awful but that is how you get 360 waves.

To go with this cut, you need to grow your hair as much longer. During this wolfing phase, you have to follow a harder and tougher regime when it comes to brushing and also moisturizing your hair. While you grow your hair, you should use a hard brush only and when taming your 360 waves, switch to a soft brush.

Upon using a hard brush, it will be easy for you to penetrate the very top layer of your hair. Brushing, conditioning, shampooing, and moisturizing your hair brings new growth to your scalp and your waves get intense nourishment as well. Wolfing phase is the crucial phase if you want to eagerly and confidently carry out this 360 wavy look.

Moreover, this whole period is going to ensure and guarantee that your waves remain to stay connected with each other. Wolfing ensures recognizable patterns. We can say that the longer you wolf, it means better 360 wavy looks will be achieved by you. It is seen and observed that most of the wolfing periods last and prolong in between 4 to 6 weeks and they can even get extended up to 12 weeks.     

How to Make Straight Hair Wavy for Guys? (Expert Advise)

how to make straight hair wavy for guys

 Always Start With A Experienced Barber

While you plan and decide to get 360 wavy pattern look, you should start this job by contacting a skilled barber. If he is not an experienced and skilled barber, then never desire to get this hairstyle. You can have perfect and immensely ideal looking 360 circular waves upon contacting skilled and proficient labor. In addition, try to get in touch with that barber who is excessively specialized in making African American hairstyles.

Furthermore, you should go with a number 2 haircut when embracing this style.  You can further train and maintain these waves with the help of hard and soft bristle brushes. To hold these 360 waves, it is advised to use a good quality thick gel or any kind of wax product. Thus, if you fail to hunt a barber who is not specialized and skilled enough in making African American hairstyles, then we are sure that your 360 wavy pattern look will come out to be a mess.

Number 2 Haircut plays an important role!

You might be brainstorming what is a number 2 haircut, here you can know about that! While getting this haircut, you need to use a clipper that comes with a two-guard attached. This way, the barber will only leave 1/4th inch section of your hair present on the scalp. Avoid going for a #0 guard. Experts have just recommended men to go with number 2 haircut so that enough hair can be left out for making 360 waves with super perfection. This is a signature haircut technique that you have to follow while diving into 360 wavy pattern streams.

On the other hand, if you have super textured hair, only then you should go for number 1 haircut. It is meant for those people who have highly defined hair pattern and surrounded with nappy kind of super tightly textured hair. Besides, if you have super straight hair, then do command your barber to give you #2.5 or #3 haircut. Your barber should cut with the grain if your hair texture is super straight.

Hidden Facts for securing The Best 360 Waves Cut

If you are still looking for special and exclusive tricks for securing and maintaining your 360 wavy curls, then check out these details. Once you have searched and find out the barber, who makes this hairstyle with perfection, then there are certain efforts and attempts that you need to show as well. Firstly, before you go to the barber shop, you need to wash your hair properly.

Once you get the cut, apply some light gel on your waves and give them more defined look. In this manner, your waves will look super natural looking. Furthermore, it is suggested to slide a wave cap or any covering fabric for properly positioning your waves. Once your waves are set and properly positioned, you can take off that cap later on.

In addition, use hard brushes for brushing your waves. And use soft brush later on as well. The combination of using a hard and soft brush will work for your 360 waves. Keep on brushing your waves on and off hours until and unless you get natural and tightly packed waves. Your whole haircut is dependent on your brushing technique. If you brush your waves in the right manner, the barber will have no difficulty in cutting a 360 wavy look.

While you get the cut, you need to instruct and guide your barber again and again regarding the kind of hair cut that you want to have! You have to be very specific and forward these same details to your barber. Lastly, it is not recommended to wash your hair for 2 to 3 days once you get 360 wavy hair look. You can just lightly and slowly clean your hair by cleaning them with a paper towel.

How to Train Your Hair for 360 Waves?

how to train your hair for 360 waves

For training your 360 waves, we have some amazing tips for you. You can have super and well defined waves if you follow our suggestions. This job is performed by using an old pair of fashioned stockings in the form of a cap. Below we have mentioned complete procedure for you in this regard. You need to buy stockings of a woman who is approximately 5′2 to 5′4″ in her height.

After that, cut that stocking right above your knee. The next step is to tie a knot of that stocking at its end. Tie the knot where your hose foot is located and proceed to the next step. Simply put this stocking on top part of your head and end up getting lush 360 waves that you have dreamt! Remember that whenever you put the stocking, make sure to position the knotted section just very much closer to the top head part and also in the center. The last step is to pull the stocking down, keep it over your forehead. This is how to train your 360 waves.

How to Position the Stocking to Form Waves?

As we have told you the process of positioning the stocking to form waves. Here you can understand and explore more of the details! The simple way to position the stocking is carried out with the help of a knotted toe area. This area is present at the top section of your crown head. The second step is to pull the hose down and move this stocking towards your nose and thus form 360 waves with ease and convenience. As soon as knots will come all way down completely to your head, then that is marked and identified as the beginning phase of getting 360 waves.

Always Get Rid of Dreaded 360 Waves Circular Hole

While you are in the journey of getting 360 waves, you need to avoid the presence of the dreaded circular hole as well. If you follow the proper method of getting 360 circular waves, this hole will not come and appear in the middle part of your head. The right and proper technique help you spin your waves with perfection. When forming these waves, there should not be the smallest hole point on your head.

If you have contacted a professional barber, then that expert will be able to avoid Dreaded 360 Waves Circular Hole presence on your scalp. The good and perfect wavy pattern comes in tight form. And if your barber has given you a poor haircut, it means you will experience and witness this problem of having a Dreaded 360 Waves Circular Hole.

There are lots of men whose hair texture is not that much conducive and appropriate enough. It is recommended and suggested to them to pursue some chemical treatments so that they can get tight, well-defined, and locked waves on their head. It is only by using chemical relaxers that you will be able to transform your super textured hair into better and highly defined circular wavy pattern.

How to get deep 360 Waves?

how to get deep 360 waves

The job of getting deep 360 waves is easy to accomplish. If you think that your waves do not look much profound and also visible, then you need to follow some other tricks in this regard. Here we talk about wolfing technique that help you in getting and accomplishing 360 waves. In this technique, you allow your hair grow for months and months.

During this growing phase, your brush, condition and groom them on your own. Once your hair achieves the desired length, you can take them to barber and thus get deep waves eventually. It is your whole wolfing period that determines how deeper your waves will come out to be! If you have a fast growing hair, then you can wolf for 5 weeks and if your hair growth process is slow, then wolf for 9 weeks.

Some Natural Homemade Natural Hair Moisturizer for Waves

natural hair moisturizer for waves

Check out some of the natural and homemade moisturizers for 360 waves. You can easily make these moisturizers at your home and see salon like results. These best moisturizers that are natural and homemade give wide range of benefits on sure notes.

  • You can have Flaxseed oil and simply mix it with water and also sunflower oil. This one is the right spritz mixture that you can apply on your dry waves.
  • Secondly, you can make a mask consisting and containing banana and almond oil and apply it in your 360 waves. The application of this mask will moisturize your waves correctly and ideally. This same mask locks all moisture and successfully maintains the elasticity element of your waves.
  • Thirdly, the mixture of olive oil and fresh eggs is one of the best mixtures for professionally conditioning your 360 waves. Just apply this prepared mixture on your waves for 1-hour duration and then rinse your hair. You will notice that great and maximum shine will come on your wavy locks.
  • The next homemade moisturizer is made by mixing and combining apple cider vinegar right with water. This mixture is quick and fast enough to make. Once you apply this mixture on your whole waves, then rinse it with cold water. This treatment helps you seal enough moisture in your hair for hours and hours.
  • Some individuals prefer to use Essential oil-infused shea This product hydrates your hair follicles and mark as an ideal product for curly and wavy hairstyles especially.
  • There is another great and result-driven homemade moisturizer for you and it is made by mixing Aloe Vera with coconut oil and vitamin E oil, as well as a lavender essential oil. The application and usage of this mixture helps you make your waves super shiny for a long time.

How often to Moisturize Waves?

how often to moisturize waves

Lots of people are still floating in this confused zone regarding how often to moisturize their waves. We have somewhat managed to find out the answer of this question. You can consider these details and if you still have any query, then freely ask from us:

  • So, how frequently you should be conditioning and moisturizing your 360 waves, it all depends on your hair type, texture and also length and hair condition. Like, if your hair texture is weak and not so strong enough, then it is recommended to do moisturizing of your waves daily.
  • The answer of this question even depends on the fact how regularly you wet wash your hair and how much often you dry wash your hair!
  • The whole moisturizing routine can be determined and finalized based on the fact whether you have natural hair color or is it chemically processed or passed through any coloring treatment.
  • If you often heat dry your hair, it is a must for you to regularly your moisturize your waves as well.
  • Furthermore, the kinds of conditioners you use and apply decide in how much frequency and rate you should be moisturizing your waves.
  • Moreover, your hair wear and tear condition and scalp health help you decide whether moisturizing your waves once a day is enough or you need to perform this job two times a day.
  • If you are experiencing some other scalp challenges, then apart from moisturizing your waves, you might have to carry out other regular conditioning treatments too.

Does Pomade Cause Hair Loss?

Does Pomade cause hair loss

Pomades are used and avail to give you a professional and ideal combed look. Most of the individuals have this major ambiguity whether pomade cause hair loss, here you can grab the answer of this question. Keep in mind that pomade does not bring any kind of hair loss. In fact, they bring shine on your hair strands, hair locks and waves. In addition, such a product makes your hair or wavy pattern hair more naturally-styled. These products offer more top hold and surrounded with matte finishes.

Those who are planning to use pomades; it is recommended and advised to them to only make use of water-based pomades. At the same note,avoid using oil-based pomades.  These oil based pomades are tough and messy to wash out, for the reason that prefers using water based pomades. Upon using good quality pomade, you can enhance your 360 waves look more and more.

You should not believe on this myth that pomades bring hair loss; this is not at all true. Hair loss only occurs if you do improper care of your hair. Giving harsh treatment to your hair and scalp brings hair loss and pomade does not damage your hair at all.

Moreover, pomades are alcohol free. If you make the right use of this product, then it will bring no harm on your hair. When using pomade, make sure to avoid leaving this product overnight. In addition, after leaving this product on your hair for few hours, it is a must for you to wash out this product from your hair.

Avoid using a hairdryer if pomade is applied on your waves or locks. Lastly, you should apply this product by taking a small quantity of it. And it is highly significant for you to use good quality pomade. If you follow all these rules and norms, then we are sure that pomade will remain damage free for your 360 waves.

Commonly Question And Answer Asked

Question: How long does it take to get waves with coarse hair?

Answer: For those who have a coarse hair type, it is easy and quick for them to get waves in less span of time. In other words, it is expected to have waves in duration of 4 weeks if you do have coarse hair. Meanwhile, you need to do daily brushing to get ideal shape of your waves. It in the total time frame of 90 days that course hair type people can see the progress.

In between this time frame, you need to get a haircut as well so that proper waves can be formed and created. It means after 30 days, you have to get a haircut. Moreover, coarse hair is one of the common hair textures that show convenience and ease in getting waves. Individuals with such hair get waves faster and quicker as compared to people having median hair texture and straight hair texture.

Question: How to keep 360 waves moisturized?

Answer: To keep 360 waves moisturized, different oils, conditioners, butter creams and moisturizers are available in the market. Like, you can have Cantu Shea Butter that bring intense moisturizing twist in your 360 waves. In addition, you can use WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter cream, Handcraft Pure Castor Oil and Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie cream. Besides, one can try out Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner and Cliganic USDA Organic Argan Oil for properly moisturizing their 360 waves.

Question: Is vaseline good for 360 waves?

Answer: The application of Vaseline brings great and instant benefit for your 360 waves. If you could not afford any expensive moisturizer or butter creams for conditioning your waves, then try using Vaseline at least! This same product is called as petroleum jelly to. It comes in the form of replacement and easy to find alternative solution if you could not afford a top notch pomade. Thorough application of Vaseline keeps your waves moist and helps them look shiny and healthy enough.

Question: How can i bring out my natural waves?

Answer: For bringing out natural waves, there are lots of remedies and tricks that you can follow. Like, simply use a microfiber towel or you can use a T-shirt. Lay this shirt on a flat surface and lean over it. After that, place the end sections of your wet hair in the center part of the towel. Start to accordion your curls with the help of your hands and scrunch them as much as you can. After that, wrap your whole hair into the towel and twist them further. Simply, knot the fabric and leave your hair like this for overnight time. In the morning, open the towel knot and get natural waves. You have to understand that waves and curls are hungry for moisture. If you twist and knot your wet hair, then it gets easy for you to get natural waves without any struggle.

Question: What to do after washing 360 waves?

Answer: After washing your 360 waves, it is constantly advised to air dry them and apply a high-end moisturizer or conditioner or any buttercream on them. The dime-size amount is enough and any of these products should be applied on damp hair of yours. Furthermore, apply these conditioning products in a direction where your waves are actually going and flowing! You should also brush your waves while they are damp. And there is no need to wash your 360 waves each day. Give them a break and rinse them on alternate days.

Question: Should i brush my hair wet or dry for waves?

Answer: It is suggested to brush your hair for waves while they are neither dry nor wet. Wet hair is generally fragile and prone to breakage and dry hair is tough to get detangled.

So, allow your hair to get a little bit dry and then immediately brush them. Some people like to brush their hair dry because they believe that wet hair is usually filled with more moisture and this aspect makes hair more fragile and weak. This whole situation results and lead to snapping, which is why it is recommended to brush dry hair. You can just air dry your hair on a minor note and brush them slowly and gradually.


Hence, for men, opting for impressive hairstyles has always been their first and foremost priority. Here our whole attention has been given to 360 waves look. Now, you can try out these products because you can only flaunt this hairstyle with grace if your waves are moisturized. In addition, you can convey to us which moisturizers and conditioners you use for your 360 waves.

The whole journey of getting 360 waves is not an easy job.  It was in the early 21st century that African-American men brought this trend and now it has become a never-fading trend in the hairstyle category. Once you get this cut, maintaining these 360 waves is the next challenging thing to do as well. You can once again read this guide and see if you have missed out anything on taking care of your waves.

Besides, the more you go deeper in this hairstyle journey, the more haircuts you are going to explore. In the near time, more of the trendy haircuts and ways to moisturize them will be explained to you. For right now, you can master the skill of owning this 360-wave cut and let us know being a woman, how much you liked it!

If any of your brothers or friend guy has gone for 360 waves hairstyle, then share with us your views too. What other hairstyles information and product reviews you are interested in reading, feel free to let us know.

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