10 Best Hair Dyes for Asian Hair in 2022| Experts Guide

Professional colorists charge premium amounts for dyeing and coloring your hair. And that makes sense, they are professionals and they know the pros and cons of each product from every aspect. But not everyone wants to spend too much money on their hair treatments. You can not visit the salon now and then and neither can you fully rely on professionals. Especially, in this pandemic, salons are closed most of the time and self-isolation is necessary as well.

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Best Hair Dyes for Asian Hair

best hair color for asian
Best Overall - Clairol Nice'n Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Color, Best Overall
best hair dye brand for asian hair
Best for Long Lasting - Celeb Luxury Viral Color Depositing Colorwash.
best hair color for asian male
Best Temprory - dpHUE Gloss+ - Dark Blonde, 6.5 oz
best japanese hair dye for grey hair
Best Red - L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Red 1.2 oz
asian hair color natural
Best for Root Touch-Ups - Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Hair Color Creme
best professional hair color brand
Best Budget - KAO Prettia Bubble Hair Color
best hair color for fair skin
Best for Highlights: Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent
best hair dye for korean hair
Best Wax - Spdoo 6 Colors Unisex Multi-Color Temporary Modeling Fashion DIY Hair Color Wax

Do you want to manage your hair by yourself at home? Sometimes, you have to treat your hair by yourself and your hair may need to proceed more frequently between salon visits. In this case, you may find yourself having a lack of knowledge about these activities.

Sounds great! That without spending a lot of money, you can do all the stuff at home. But this is impossible if you don’t know a thing about hair dye products and procedures. So, considering those needs of you, we have gathered some utmost information for you about Best Hair Dyes For Asian Hair, their usage methods, pros, and cons. Most of the guidelines are inspired by celebrity hairstylists like Christin Brown and Luis Pacheco.

By acknowledging these guidelines, you can treat and manage your hair by yourself at home in a fun way with ease. So without further delay, let’s get right into the 10 Best Hair Dyes for Asian Hair in 2021.

Best Overall – Clairol Nice’n Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Color

best hair color for asian

The Clairol Nice’nEasy Perfect 10 permanent hair dye kit is a black hair dye. It is a high-speed and high-gloss hair color that brings a flawless gloss in just 10 minutes. It uses a non-drip formula with micro-pearls that give you a luxurious boost of your dream shade. It gives you a perfect balance of dark and bright tones.

Jennifer Lopez usually has dark brown hair of this tone. Provides a stunning dye with 100% long-lasting gray coverage. So this hair dye is the best choice for Asian hair. Also, this hair dye comes in a very handy packaging kit that includes expert gloves, color cream, color blend activator, and color seal conditioner.

It gives you a professional hair treatment experience. When you use most of the other hair dyes, your hairs usually go very dry. This can be a big concern to those who already have dry hair. But this product will not make your hair dry. It is also a scalp-friendly hair dye formula.

Lasts about 6 to 8 weeks

The long-lasting, non-damaging and perfect highlights are all you need, right? This hair dye is one of the best hair dyes I have ever recommended. One of its best features is its long-lasting formula. This hair dye lasts up to 8 weeks. Wow! Your hair stays permanently dyed before the roots start to grow again and the hairs near the scalp turn into their natural color.

Customer review

Perfect 10 always provides me with two months of perfect hair dye period. I have been using this best hair color for asian over 10 years now. No other hair dye can compare with its easy use and lasting coverage formula. All I have to do is to leave this product for 15 minutes on my hair after two months. I’ll recommend it.

Best for Long Lasting – Celeb Luxury Viral Color Depositing Colorwash or Colorditioner. Professional top toner color care

best hair dye brand for asian hair

Viral Colorditioner hair dye comes with a BondFix bond rebuilder conditioner that dye and maintains your hairs by conditioning at the same time. It repairs lightened and fragile hair with strong intensity by rebuilding bonds. Darker hairs are treated with less intensity so that the gloss can be equally distributed throughout the hairs. It is made with vegan formula and free of sulfates, PPD, peroxides, paraben, and ammonia which makes it safe for regular use.

Its hybrid conditioner makes your hair 3 times stronger than before by rehydrating them. The regular use of this product will give your hair a smooth and satiny texture by restoring the damaged hair fibers. The conditioning technology of this brand reduces hair breakage by offering high detangling.

Last up to a month

We personally observe and know the people’s preferences and according to which we recommend this product. The semi temporary shampoo dye allows you to maintain your hair color and gloss for a couple of weeks. It prevents hair color fading or color bleeding between salon visits to keep up your coloring. If you are not willing to spend too much time dying your hair, this hair dye is perfect. It gives its best results within 2 to 5 minutes. Leave on wet hairs for 20 minutes for conditioning purposes. Apply a moderate amount of the best hair dye brand for Asian hair and rinse off with water. If you want further deep color intensity, you can repeat the procedure.

Customer review

This best hair color for asian 2021 worked surprisingly well on my hairs. I only use it every few washes and it keeps my hair bright purple. I will buy this again and every time. Giving it 5 stars and my high recommendation.

Best Temprory – dpHUE Gloss+ – Dark Blonde, 6.5 oz – Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye & Deep Conditioner

best hair color for asian male

Gloss+ is a semi-permanent hair dye that comes with a deep conditioning base. It uses a pigmented formula and colors your hairs by staining the outside of the hairs. This hair dye is formulated to not be penetrating the hairs or the scalp and it just wraps the hairs. That’s what makes it a non-damaging hair product and you can use it as much as you want. This hair dye will enhance and deepen your current hair color that is fading and lacking shine.

It gives dense tones and shine to the highlights. Gloss+ will not cover your grays and is just intended to maintain the health of your present hair color. It is a vegan formula and free from peroxides, parabens, sulfates, gluten, or ammonia. It is less irritating and would not damage your hair or scalp at all. The deep conditioning base contains hydrating ingredients that make hairs smooth, glossy, and illuminated. Your hair will become pretty manageable after using this product.

Lasts about 1 to 2 weeks

If you want to dye your hair temporarily, this hair dye for Asian hair without bleach will be the best choice. It maintains the health of your present hair dye and its effect can last up to 2 weeks. You can use this product whenever you want without damaging your hair. Apply Gloss+, leave it for a couple of minutes and you will see the incredible results of this product. Easy usage straight out of the bottle with no mess of mixing. I personally use this product because of its non-damaging and deep conditioning ability. It is not just a hair color booster, but also a hair maintenance product.

Customer review

I got light blonde highlights on my medium to dark blonde natural hair. Gloss+ made my hair even glossy and gave a very smooth shiny texture. I love this product and will buy it again.

Best Red – L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Red 1.2 oz

best japanese hair dye for grey hair

L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Red is the best permanent hair dye used by professionals. It is essentially created for dark hair and thus the best choice for Asian hair. Its breakthrough technology dyes dark black hair without brassiness by lifting hair 3 to 4 levels. It gives you intense and highly visible red highlights with no pre-lightening required.

It is formulated with the rich no-drip formula that pampers the hair to avoid any type of damage during and after the hair dyeing procedures. The easy-to-use rich creme formula provides you with the ultimate and stunning results with ease. This best Japanese hair dye for grey hair is formulated for a fast processing interval of only 30 minutes. The L’Oreal brand is very popular worldwide and common among the majority of professional hair colorists. You would be fully satisfied after using this product.

Last about (2) two months

L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Red is the best choice for permanent red hair dye. It lasts up to 8 weeks until your new hair grows by the roots in its natural color. You are going to get the best result of Red Dye with this permanent hair color product. This product is highly reviewed with 5 stars that show people’s love towards it. The other pros are that it works great on dark hair that makes it a great choice for Asian hair.

Customer review

OMG, I love it! My hair is now exactly red how I wanted. Bought this with a 30 volume developer, it helps to lift the color even more. It was an amazing experience. The reddest hair I have ever had in my life. Would recommend it!

Best for Root Touch-Ups – Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Hair Color Creme, 6R Light Auburn Brown

asian hair color natural

Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Hair Color Creme helps you to balance the desired hair color that looks natural. This product has got you covered by extending the lifespan of your current hair color to avoid unnecessary trips to the salon. Root Touch-Up formula blends away roots to give your hair color an amazing boost.

This formula gives 100% coverage and hides the grays perfectly between regular salon visits. The kit includes a precision brush that makes the application of complete concealing of roots and grays much easier and faster. So whether you want to try a new hair dye or add some highlights to the current color, Clairol’s Root Touch-Up formula blends seamlessly and gives awesome results.

Lasts about 2 to 3 weeks

Of course! I know and I have got your needs covered with the best asian hair dye brands. You are just one step away from having the perfect hair dye of your desires. This product will provide you with the best results that can stay up to 3 weeks or more. Both the quality and the durability of this product are admirable. The root-targeting formula gives its best result within 10 minutes. This product can be matched with any permanent leading shade or even pre-formulated salon dyes for their best results.

Customer review

Wow! This is more permanent than the regular dyes. Don’t ever buy the regular coloring, just buy the Root Touch-Up formula! The results are appreciable and I’ll highly recommend this product to yall. Amazing stuff!

Best Budget – KAO Prettia Bubble Hair Color, Milktea Brown

best professional hair color brand

KOA Prettia Bubble Hair Color is a Japanese foam hair color made for convenient home hair dye. Without creating a mess and wasting time, you can dye your long hair throughout with ease. This product is very easy and fun to use by yourself. Asian hair can also be treated with this product for awesome results.

Also, it is the most affordable among all the products in this category. Prettia Bubble Hair Color is genuinely formulated with honey and silk extracts to give your hair a lustrous shine and glossy look. Not only the health of your hair coloring stays enhanced, but this best professional hair color brand also creates the detangling effect and maintains a silky smooth texture. Say goodbye to the tangled, frizzed, and messed-up hair! Now is the time to treat your hair with this amazing product to reduce tangling, get stunning shine, and maintain the level of color highlights.

Last up to 8 weeks

Wow! The silkiness and the shine that lasts up to two months is what everyone wants. Give this product 30 minutes every two months and have happy hair months! KOA Prettia Bubble Hair Color maintains the hair color health and adds to the shine of the hair. Natural ingredients like honey and silk amazingly transform your hair from frizzy and tangled to silky, smooth, illuminated, and highlighted. Enjoy weeks of healthy hair.


You just have to mix the two liquid solutions that are present in the kit and apply them to the clean wet hair. Leave for a couple of minutes (30 minutes approximately) and rinse off with water. Enjoy the incredible and stunning colored, smooth, shiny, and healthy hair. How easy it is!

Customer review

First of all, a super cute color. It was my first ever try to dye my hair by myself and it was easy, quick, and fun. I never knew that I could do it myself without anyone helping me. It’s just like washing your hair and waiting for 30 mins. I’m getting a second bottle. I love it!

Best for Highlights: Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent, 8G Medium Golden Blonde, Sunflower

best hair color for fair skin

Discover your natural way to radiate. Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent hair color gives your hair a boost of color for glamorous, shining, and healthy hair. It enhances the natural color of your hair for a healthier and attractive look. This naturally formulated hair color is made up of 80% natural ingredients. It is free of any cheap and dangerous stuff like parabens, ammonia, peroxides, sulfates, or gluten. That is what makes it very gentle on hair.

It causes no type of damage to your hair and you can use it whenever you want. Clairol Natural Instincts hair color is perfect for all types of hair including Asian hair and dark hair. Its extraordinary ability to nourish the hair will give your hair a glamorous shine and fine texture. This product is available in a wide range of color varieties in 38 different shades. Pick whatever type of highlight you want, is totally up to you.

Last up to 28 washes

Clairol Natural Instinct Semi-permanent hair color enhances the natural color of your hair for a long interval of time. The impact of this best hair color for asian male may last up to 28 washes. Doesn’t that sound great? You can get illuminated and radiant hair for up to 28 washes or more than eight weeks. You can use it whenever you want without being worried about hair damage, irritation, complication, or roughness. Say YES to a vegan formula with naturally derived ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera essentials, etc, and no or minimal added chemicals. It treats and nourishes your hair gently.

Customer review

I was always too scared to color my hair myself but I was neither liking the results I was getting at the salon as the color was dramatic every time. So I bought this product and tried it last weekend. God! I was impressed! It is easy to use and the color looks great. I just wanted to cover my grays without darkening the rest of my hair and it did well for me. Excellent Korean Hair Dye for Grey Coverage.

Best Wax – Spdoo 6 Colors Unisex Multi-Color Temporary Modeling Fashion DIY Hair Color Wax Mud Hair Dye Cream

best hair dye for korean hair

Temporary Modeling Hair Color Wax Cream is a temporary hair coloring wax. This product is a great choice to experience new colors for your hair or vacations, parties, festivals, performance, modeling, or daily use. The set includes 6 pieces of different color wax jars of 130 grams each. These handy jars are very easy to use whenever you want.

The wax is made with naturally derived ingredients and is cruelty-free. It will not damage your hair nor does it create any compilation. The health of your hair remains boosted while the color is changed instantly without any difficulty. Portable jars can be carried to wherever you want and applied rapidly in one shower for instant purposes.

Lasts only for Single Wash

The best hair dye for Korean hair is temporary hair dye waxes that stay till a single wash. When you shampoo as per usual, it washes right out. Are you not sure what color you need to apply to your hair? Before permanently coloring your hair, this is a good way to experiment with different colors on your hair. Easy to change the mind and experience different shades.

Customer review

I have to admit that I love these. I’ve had mine now for a couple of weeks and I am having a hard time resisting adding a different color to my hair each day. I have very dark hair and these colors show up nicely. They are radiant and attractive.

What to Look For in A Drugstore Hair Dye?

what is the best drugstore hair dye

It is always admirable to get your hair treated by professionals. They are familiar with impacts and techniques more than an average person. But what if you like to save some money or cannot make it to the salon. In this case, you may want to buy your own product. But the question is:  Can you buy the right product that is beneficial for your hair? Well! That isn’t that difficult. There are only a few things to keep in mind while purchasing a hair product for yourself.

Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes.

Ammonia is a powerful hair-lightening chemical that most manufacturers use in their products to boost the impact of their products. The downside is that it can be irritating to some people with sensitive skin. One must purchase an ammonia-free product that is gentle on the skin and good for virgin hair.

Level of Permanence

The level of permanence differs among different products. Permanent colors stay until your hair grows from the roots but semi-permanent colors gradually fade away with regular washes. Semi-permanent coloring is a better way to go if you are not pretty sure of the color you want or if you want to fastly get rid of a result you hate. But if you are sure about the color, you can buy a permanent dye that stays as long as your hair.

How to Colour Hair at Home?

how to colour hair at home

We all love to dye our hair. But it can be hard having Asian hair. Asian hair is darker, thicker, and complex than other ethnicities. It doesn’t mean you can’t dye them perfectly as you desire. Here are some tips to follow before starting dying your Asian hair.

  • Always use toning shampoo before dyeing your Asian hair. It eliminates the warm tones and helps to achieve better highlights.
  • Try coloring your hair when they are straight and healthy. It will make sure they are better adhered to by the product.
  • Coloring products may contain chemicals that harm your hair. If you already have dyed your hair, wait for about three months so that your hair may restore its health.

After the above precautions, read the label of the product you are using carefully. Apply as the requirement of the product and rinse off with cool water. If you have dark hair and you want to go lighter, it may take more than one session to achieve the goal. Do not go blonde hair rapidly in one session to prevent brassy or orange highlights. Try to achieve the goal in many sessions. It is also crucial to use good quality conditioner after dying your hair because chances of dryness with Asian hair are more.

How to Ombré Asian Hair?

how to ombre asian hair

Ombré hair color is a type of hair color in which hairs are darkest at the roots and gradually lighten towards the ends. But what about Ombré hair color on Asian hair? Because of the darkness, thickness, and amount of pigments, Asian hair is difficult to treat and especially the Ombré color. Well! Professional colorists like Luis Pacheco have addressed this matter. We have concluded some tips from his pro techniques.

  • Select a two to three levels lighter permanent hair color shade than your natural hair shade. Don’t ever choose anything lighter than three levels or blonde.
  • Divide your hair into four groups ( from ear to ear and from the center of the forehead to the center of the nape of the neck). Tie the ends of each group with the help of elastic bands.
  • Apply the color to the tied hair ends of all four groups. Let it sit for about 20 mins.
  • Remove the elastic bands after 20 minutes and distribute the color just an inch above the spots where the elastic bands used to be. This gives the hair a nice blend. Let the color sit for another 10 minutes.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly, use a good conditioner to nourish your hair, blow-dry if needed, and style as required. That’s it!

How to Enhance Asian Hair with Dark Colour Dyes?

asian hair dye color chart


If you have Asian hair and you want to go with darker hair, of course, there are several options to choose from. But the two best options according to me are natural shiny black and darkest brown.

Asian hair is different from other ethnicities due to its darkness, thickness, and concentrated level of pigments. And what if you make its characteristics its beauty? Yes! Bringing a lustrous gloss and shine to an already dark black hair is something more attractive than anything. Dark black hair like Lucy Liu’s hair looks stunning.


But if you want to enhance your Asian hair by changing the color of your hair, darkest brown in my opinion would be the best choice. You can check out Olivia Munn’s glossy dark brown hair that radiates. If you have decided to go with dark black or brown, here are my recommendations of products to get these results: Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam in #2 – Black, Perfect 10 in #2 – Black, or Natural Instincts in Ebony.

How to choose hair color for asian skin tone?

how to choose hair color for asian skin tone

Most Asian women have golden and tanned skin tones. So they don’t look good with cool colors like blue, green and violet. These colors undertone Asian hair. Stay with warm shades like gold to caramel, copper to brown, and reds. But if you have red, yellow, or dark undertones, what hair color would suit you? Take your time to understand what skin tone you have and then choose the hair color accordingly.

Red Asian Skin Tone

Asian women with reddish skin tones are better suited to slight cool hair shades. Cooler hair shades may include violet reds, mocha brown, ice blondes. These cool colors match perfectly and amplify the red skin tone. But if you wanna nullify the reddish tone of skin, you can go with dark blonde, dimmed brown, or green.

Yellow Asian Skin Tone

Yellow skin tone radiates slight warm tones. If you have a yellow skin tone, the ideal option is to go with slightly warm shades and colors. These colors like brown, olive, dark chocolate and auburn, raven black, etc help to brighten up your slightly warm complexion. Don’t go blonde or colors like orange hues and fiery red.

Dark Asian Skin Tone

If we talk about dark skin tone, the most popular choices among average people and celebrities of this skin tone are golden, honey, caramel, reddish-brown, dark chocolate, jet black, and ash. These colors brighten up your hair while not making your look unnatural. But you have the freedom to go blonde or create highlights.

Tips & Tricks!

Smart tip 1:

Thin and dry hair lets the color hold on a lot easier so you need to select a color that is one shade darker than what result you are wondering to achieve. On the other hand, if you have thick and dark hair, it will not resist absorbing the colors. So then you need to choose a color that is one shade lighter than what you want to acquire.

Smart tip 2:

If you already have damaged locks, don’t go with lighter colors as they will negate your hair and the color of your hair becomes dull. Go for dark shades instead, especially brownish hues and dark chocolate.

Creative Hair Color Ideas for Asian Hair

hair color ideas for asian hair

You have dozens of different hair color ideas for Asian women to explore. If you have never tried a different color for your hair before, it is the perfect time to experience new looks.

You can create almost any hue and it all depends on your desires, hair quality, age, and lifestyle. Remember, darker hair needs bleaching to go lighter or blonde. Bleaching means some lock damage. But one must not worry because the results are truly worth the loss, Here I also have video from youtube:


If your Asian hair is fine, it needs some caution while the procedure of dying. Always make sure to treat your locks gently and they will stay healthy and well illuminated.

  • Strikingly Red Color Dyes

Strikingly red hair color gives the impression of a fantastic look if you have a yellowish skin tone. You can start with a simple red color and then don’t worry about going further to other striking hues which are eye-catching. Wild and startling colors suit Asian girls very well.

  • Reddish Auburn Color Dyes

Reddish auburn looks stunning if you have darker skin undertones. Review your makeup style before you decide to go with such a hair color. Your highlights are slightly dimmed due to these lighter hair colors so you may need sharp and brighter makeup to signify your features.

  • Wild Ombre Color Dyes

Wild ombre resembles a hair color with ashy hues on the top and white tresses on the bottom. Wild ombre looks fabulous on Asian girls. The process includes bleaching but trusts me, the results are worth the effort. And another pron is that you won’t have to dye the roots now and then.

  • Golden Brown Color Dyes

Golden brown hair has a tone of natural hues and that is why it looks excellent on Asian women. Not for the yellow skin tone, but they are adorable on dark and reddish undertones. If you have red or dark skin tone, get ready for a lot of compliments with Golden brown hair.

  • Peachy Red Color Dyes

Peachy red hair color corresponds to the lighter skin tones. It is the real counterpart of Asian women with light skin tones. Match peachy red hair with good makeup and this color would brighten up the skin and make it appear whiter and attractive.

  • Dark Brown Color Dyes

Dark brown is the most popular hair color among Asian women. You can always brighten your hair up slightly with brownish tones without being worried about harmful bleaching procedures. Dark brown hair on Asian girls will always catch everyone’s attraction towards you.

  • Sparkling White Color Dyes

Since Sparkling white hair includes a lot of bleaching processes, it is damaging to the hair. Only a woman who knows the charm of sparkling white can regret the damage because the outcome is worth the sacrifice. After all, it’s just hair and natural, healthy hair will grow again soon.

  • Wild Green Color Dyes

Wild green hair is overly showy and pretentious. Only go with wild green hair if you’re brave enough to handle everyone’s attention and dramatic reactions. Reddish skin tone accepts light green hair more naturally. My pro tip is that you should try a wig (false hair) of this color to test whether you are ready for this experience or not.

  • Blue and Icy Color Dyes

Dyeing your hair blue and icy will would give you a freshen-up look even in warm weather. This wonderful and courageous color also gives you a distinctively bold look in the crowd. Blue and the icy color are cool with dark and blonde hair and it is good coverage for the grays.

  • Bright Auburn Highlights Color Dyes

Brightening up your Asian hair with auburn highlights is a wonderful idea. If you have dark or yellow skin tones, bright auburn highlights would perfectly suit you. Once you attempt auburn highlights, you may want to go with full auburn color.

  • Medium Brown Color Dyes

Medium brown hair is also one of the most popular choices among Asian women. It is better than dark brown because it brightens up your hair more delightfully. It is also a great way to start your hair coloring journey for the first time, and then you can go further towards dark brown or caramel.

  • Natural Black Color Dyes

Sometimes it is not necessary to change natural things into artificial ones. If you naturally possess black hair, consider yourself lucky and it makes sense to leave it as it is. Natural black hair looks gorgeous on a light skin tone. But if you still want to make changes, just do some highlights.

  • Raven Black Color Dyes

Raven black hair amplifies a mysterious effect. Your facial features are defined with raven black hair and you can get this shade without any damage to your natural hair. Asian women mostly have dark black hair and they can make it even darker (raven black) with ease.

  • Reddish Brown Color Dyes

Reddish-brown hair refers to the part highlighted hair with caramel or reddish brown color shades. Partially highlighted means less damage to the hair. You can easily get this highlight by dyeing your bangs and front locks.

  • Brown Ombre Color Dyes

In brown ombre, you leave your natural black hair on the top and dye the bottom locks brown. It creates a bright image of your face without too much struggle. It also needs less maintenance and your hair remains healthy because the roots are still in the natural condition.

  • Blonde and Brown Color Dyes

Mixing the blonde and the brown color also gives a fabulous ombre for Asian women. The match of these two colors would never go out of fashion. You need to bleach the bottom to get a blonde shade.

  • Caramel Blonde Color Dyes

Caramel blonde can be a perfect find if you have a yellow skin tone. It will give you an enhanced look by providing your yellowish skin tone a perfect charm. Get ready for bundles of compliments on your amazing hair glance. But be aware that this color needs maintenance more frequently.

  • Rich Brown Hues Color Dyes

Asian girls are always fond of brown hair colors. You must try many or at least one of them. This could be one of the rich brown shades which are extraordinarily charming and appealing. Rich brown hues radiate a distinct charm and ambiance.

  • Totally Pink Color Dyes

Is pink your favorite color? Pinkish locks are eye-catching and give Asian hair an outrageous impression. You would feel like standing out of the crowd with totally pink hair. Struggling maintenance for this color could be bothering you, but I know that it couldn’t stop you from getting what you love.

  • Going Blonde Color Dyes

Not that popular idea but going blonde is also making its place in Asian women’s hairstyles. If you are easy with doing a bit more of the bleaching and frequent maintenance, then you must go blonde. This mind-blowing hue gives an impressive outline to your overall look.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Best Hair Dyes for Asian Hair

Question: How to dye your hair at home by yourself?


  • Shampoo your hair so there is zero product and dirt in there.
  • Dry your hair with gentle pats of a towel.
  • Wear disposable gloves to avoid staining your hands and apply the product throughout the hair evenly.
  • Let it stay on the hair for about 30 minutes.
  • Gently wash with lukewarm water and blow-dry the hair. There you go!

Question: Can dye damage your hair?

Answer: Coloring may damage the hair but it is not certain. If you take good care of your hair, it would not damage your hair that much. It also depends on your hair type. Thick hair with a strong scalp can resist damage but fine hair can get damaged easily. After all, your hair keeps on growing and healthy natural hair will soon take the place of the damaged hair.

Question: What color hair dye should i buy?

Answer: First of all, take a close look at yourself in the mirror and find out which skin tone you have. Try to choose the hair color which is your favorite and stands perfect with your skin tone. Enjoy the compliments and ignore the criticizing comments. I am Asian and I personally prefer dark colors because I found them beautiful. In the same way, you can choose your favorite color just considering your preference and skin tone.

Question: Are Asian Hair Dyes Better Than Other Ones?

Answer: Yes, in my opinion, Asian hair dyes are better than other hair dyes because they are made in Asia according to the standard of Asian hair. Brands of Asia are better familiar with the needs of Asian hair and so they give better results. But it’s not a restriction and you can try other brands as well.


Perhaps you have never done coloring to your hair before and are going to do so for the very first time. Or maybe you have dyed your hair a lot of times and still not sure whether you are doing it right or wrong. Hair dyeing is a fun activity and especially in this quarantine, everyone wants to explore different hair color ideas. Anyways, every time you want to treat your hair, you need to acknowledge accurate information about the procedure. Do you want to know where to start the right hair dyeing journey?

Don’t worry! I have got you covered. In the above article, I have shared some of the best hair dyes for Asian hair, their pros, cons, final results, and pretty much everything you need to know in order to have a better and happy hair dyeing experience. It’s always better to do some research before taking a step. I have made it even easier for you. After doing a lot of research, I have picked some of the top brands and pro techniques and tips and put them precisely in the above discussion. Save your time, go through the above guidelines, and start coloring your hair in a fun and accurate way. Wish you a happy hair dye!

Jasmin Piterson

Jasmin Peterson is an expert certified beautician. She is also a truly metal expert and she will share some information you are looking for.

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