10 Best Gel to Slick Down 4c Hair in 2022

Do you wish to have 4c hair? Why the popularity of 4c hair is becoming the main talk of the town? If you have 4c hair, then probably you are the luckiest one on this planet because you can now style your hair into any look or hairstyle you want to. But on the basis of how much thickness your hair texture has, the product will somehow vary for achieving the desired look. And when we talk about the use of such products, we always put the gel into the spotlight.

Only the 4c hair women know the importance of having a great gel by their side and how it can transform the whole game of their hair. With the help of gel, it gets easier for you to slick down the natural hair or you can even add your hair with perfect-looking curls.

But choosing the right gel for your hair is something that can be a real headache for you. To save you from migraine and testing, here we are sharing a quick guide for you for choosing the best gel to slick down 4c hair. Plus, we have also shared some product reviews with you to make the right choice for yourself.

Let’s dive into the discussion below.

Is Gel Bad for 4c Hair?

When you step into the world of the 4c hair journey, it is extremely important to assess all those products that you are about to test on your hair. It’s a fact that 4c hair is already in high maintenance and you need to be a lot more careful about it. Not using the gel will damage your hair completely from the roots.

So many people think that using the gel will cause hair damage, but that’s not true at all. It won’t be damaging your hair at any stage. But there are some chemicals that can be a cause scalp irritation or clogs on your hair follicles.

Itching, buildup or flaking which is happening due to the usage of the hair gel is contributing to the unhealthy scalp. Always clean then hair just before you try any 4c hairstyle and go for the selection of the best gel which is free from harmful chemicals. There are certain chemicals or ingredients in the gel which you need to avoid such as parabens, alcohol, and sulfate. They can damage your hair roots so much and can cause scalp itchiness.

What is the Best gel to slick down 4c hair?

Now you might be thinking about which best gel products for 4c hair we are talking about? Here we have a list for you which are about the top and best gel to slick down 4c hair 2022 which you need to pick right now. Have a look below:

GALACTICA – Edge Control Hair Gel

GALACTICA - Edge Control Hair Gel


This hair gel product is from Galactica which is an excellent choice to add to your hair with the 4c look. The best thing about this product is that it helps your hair to hydrate fully, protect it against anti-dandruff, and has a richness of vitamins for a healthier hair feel.

You can have it used on any hair type. Manufacturing of this product is done from the protein, Vitamins, and natural extracts of the medicinal plants to bring a feel of highly healthy-protective and nourishing properties. Few ingredients that are part of this gel product are Saw Palmetto, Willow Bark Sage, Horsetail Grass, and Amalaki. It thus leaves an effect that is long-lasting without any flakes


  • Protects the hair from dandruff
  • Long-lasting results
  • Has nourishing and protective powers
  • Hydrate the hair completely


  • The scent is not impressive

BIOSILK Rock Hard Gelee Firm Hold

BIOSILK Rock Hard Gelee Firm Hold


To have a hair gel by your side which can improve the overall texture of your hair from start till the roots, then choosing BIOSILK firm hold is highly recommended. This product has the power where it can reconstruct damaged cuticles and make your hair look healthy and stronger.

Thus, it even adds moisture feel to the hair with which it looks extra supple and shiny enough. Another best thing about this gel product for 4c hair is that it can suit any type of hair.


  • Helps to reconstruct all the damaged cuticles
  • Makes your hair look stronger
  • Add moisture
  • Brings supple and extra shiny results
  • Best for all types of hair


  • Not long-lasting in results

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SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel

SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel


This is another great gel to use to add your hair with the final shiny look which is long-lasting. It’s a complete flake-free gel with a greater high holding finishing and has 48 hours of humidity resistance. This product has been best formulated for coarse, medium, and fine hair types

Mica and titanium dioxide are yet added with the shining agents. Thus the blue color reflects the light and adds the hair extra shine. To use the gel, you need to damp and simply dry hair and use the mold in the desired style. Wash it away with shampoo.


  • Great holding power
  • Add texture and body into hair
  • Can get dry very fast
  • Gives your hair extra shine


  • Can be a bit sticky when applying it on hands

R+Co Control Flexible Paste, Strong Hold

R+Co Control Flexible Paste, Strong Hold


You should never underrate the versatile nature of this gel product because it allows you to style the hair in any way you want to. Coconut oil ingredient is the main hallmark of this product which brings a healthy and stronger feel to the hair after the first wash.

You will find it as a lightweight product that has long-lasting holding power. Thus, it is a vegan product and is free from sulfates, gluten, and parabens. For achieving better results, you need to apply it on the palm and then gently damp it on the hair. It is suitable for all hair types.


  • Long-lasting hold
  • Included with a thermal shield to protect hair against heating
  • Add glossy touch to hair
  • Gluten-free


  • The scent is not good

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Shine N Jam Conditioning Gel Extra Hold

Shine N Jam Conditioning Gel Extra Hold


Last we have the gel product from Shine N Jam which is another best and top recommended gel to go for right now for your 4c hair look. This gel product has the power where it suits best for natural hair and makes it look stronger and healthier.

You will find the product free from alcohol and parabens because these two ingredients can hugely damage your hair roots. Upon the first application, you will experience long-lasting results with extra shine and glossy matte texture. After dumping it on your hair, you might feel the stickiness on your hair, but that’s okay.


  • Free from parabens and alcohol
  • Does not give flaking to hair
  • Best for the natural hair
  • Long-lasting results


  • Sticky on hands when applying

What to Consider When Buying a Hair Gel to Slick Down 4c Hair?

Now after discussing all the important gel products above, it’s time to teach you a few buying guide tips for a better selection! See the points below that you need to consider when buying a hair gel:

Tip no 1: Look for the one which can work for your hair regime

For the proper hair regime, you should always go with the selection of products that are based on the protein ingredient. This will provide your hair with the necessary moisture that it always needs.

It’s a fact that the needs of hair will vary on the basis of the season. Therefore, it is important to go for the selection of hair care products from various categories of shampoos, hair sprays, or conditioners.

Tip no 2: Is it free from harmful chemicals?

We all know that the presence of harmful chemicals in any hair care product can ruin the entire beauty of the hair. But it’s your entire fault because you are not paying attention to avoid those hair care products which have harmful chemicals.

You should never go with the selection of hair gel that is included with the ingredient of sulfate. It can make your hair look flaky and dry once you will rinse it off. In the same way, the ingredient of Parabens will cause your hair to face scalp irritation and itchiness. Consult a hair care specialist and get more ideas about the hair care products and the ingredients which need to be the best part of it.

Tip no 3: Long-lasting hold

Another important point that you need to be careful about is to check the longevity of the gel product. Once you apply it, the gel should stay on your hair for a maximum of hours and should hold your hair very well. Holding the hairstyle in one place for the whole day will make you learn how much great that gel product is.

Tip no 4: Hair type

Choosing a hair gel according to your hair type is extremely important. You need to go for the gel selection which suits the texture of your hair and goes well with it. Avoid the gel which is making your hair look dry and irritable.

Tip no 5: Brand to choose

The gel brand which you are opting for plays a major role to decide if the product will bring great quality results or not. Different brands are available in the market that deals with both men’s and women’s gel products. But always remember that men’s gel products are different from those of women. See what your hair texture says to you and then look for the brand offering excellent gel products

Frequently Asked Question And Answers (FAQs)

Question: How to slick down 4c hair without gel?

Answer: If you want to slick down the 4c hair without gel then you need to pay attention to the hair length. You need to have hair that is in the length of 3-4 inches long. Shorter hair is not easy at all to slick down because, after a few minutes, it will come back to its original look. Simply grab a ruler and start measuring your hair right now.

Question: How to slick down 4c hair for a ponytail?

Answer: It is not at all easy to slick down the 4c hair for a ponytail because of their giant potential buildup. If you still want to slick it down, you have to wash and cleanse your scalp beforehand. You have to spray your roots and scalp and then rinse it off with shampoo. Setting it with the scarf is another best way in which you have to lay flat the hair to make it look perfectly slick down. Clipping on the ponytail can also show some great benefits all the time.

Question: How do I make my 4c hair slick?

Answer: Once you have purchased the gel, you need to wash your hair, condition it and then dry it well. Make sure the hair is not completely dry because the gel will never work effectively on the dry hair texture. Apply the hair gel with the help of your fingertips. Once you have applied it, you can blow-dry the hair a bit so it can settle down the wet texture of the hair. The whole process will take around a few minutes to end up perfectly.


Well, we hope that with this detailed guide about Best Gel to Slick down 4c Hair, you must have learned a lot about how much important it is to have a gel for your hair and to add extra beauty to your hair. But be careful with the selection of the brand and go for the one which is popular and promises to deliver the best results for the whole day.

Do take help from the list of products we shared with you and catch the buying guide tips for a better selection.

Happy hairstyling!

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