10 Best Gel for Slicking Back Natural Hair in 2023 | Complete Guide

When you have good hair, you try every cut n snitch with them, that’s why using hair gels became a fashion a few decades back. When it was introduced no one thought that it will make an extraordinary business as it showed some drawbacks. As time passes, many hair experts and scientists worked together to get the desired hair gel for every kind of hair.

ProductNameBest forPrice
oribe hair careOribe Hair Care Rock Hard GelBest for strong hold
hard holding gelSexy V Hair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel Best Budget
edge control hair gel Gelactica Edge Control Hair GelBest Lightweight Hold
flexible gelR+Co Motorcycle Flexible GelBest for Styling
goldwell stylesign Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Lagoom JamBest for Strengthening
Tea Tree Shaping Cream, Hair Styling CreamBest for DEFINING
gel for slicking back Layrite Layrite Original PomadeBest for Thinning Edges
extra hold hair gel African Formulas Super grow Extra Hold Hair GelBest for Wash-And-Go Styles
GEl TubeMax Green Alchemy  Scalp Rescue Sculpting Gel TubeBest Multi-Purpose
Gel for curly hair Just Nutritive Herbal Gel For Curly HairBest for Sensitive Scalps

They might get tricky with the chemicals but in the end, the results make their own market value. That’s why we are here again, with an exciting article regarding hair gels, containing all the possibilities of why the best hair gel grabbed the attention easily and is still on the market even after a few years.

In this article, we will be discussing all the main key points about the 10 best hair gels in the market which are casually used to slick back natural hair. They might have few competitors in the market but that’s a real challenge to all the hair gels out there. Even though historians believe that the hair gels are almost 3500 years old, their chemical composition varies with time and technology.

10 Best Gels for Slicking Back Natural Hair

Let’s find out what makes these top 10 different best gels for slicking back natural hair that people always wanted to try and see their effects.

Best for Strong Hold – Oribe Hair Care Rock Hard Gel

Best Strong Hold - Oribe Hair Care Rock Hard Gel

The hairstyling even though looks normal and contains a variety of different things attached to it. Using different hair sprays was said to be the ultimate solution to keep your hair in check, but time told us that even the hair sprays are not reliable in a few scenarios.

As the scientist collaborated with hair experts, they found a new solution, to keep the messy hairs in their shape and make them look good for the special event. The best stronghold gel was first introduced in 1969 in the market, and since then the gels are always in the fashion industry. Among all the best gels in the market, hair experts have decided the ‘Oribe hair care rock hard gel’ to be the hardest gel and best holding gel for black hair.

Let’s look inside this gel.

Chemical Composition:

Well, this gel is said to be the best hair gel which promises to give you full hard hair and set the hair in any shape. The hair gel is used to have any structural design along with hair shine. It contains a hair repair formula along with some amino acid peptides which can easily work alongside to give a hard look and not have any adverse effect on the hair.

  • The key ingredient for this hair gel is the resin compound which provides a stronghold of the hair in place.
  • Argan oil, which is added to the hair gel will help the hair be soft, and bright, and have a strong bond with the shape of the hair.
  • Shea Oil is the moisturizer in the hair gel which always makes the hair soft and not dull or rough.
  • Vegetable proteins will promote hair health and make they strengthen it.


  • Some extra moisturize makes the hair shiny and soft along with hair styling
  • With the help of hair gel, you can maintain your hair for a longer period. They can have the hair looks more sophisticated
  • It’s in the fashion and trend of looking for thicker hair. The looks make everyone believe that the hairs are thicker.


  • Already dull hairs will have drier scalp or some dandruff too
  • The hair can be damaged if hair gels are continuously in use

Best Budget – Sexy V Hair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel 

Best Budget- Sexy V Hair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel 

As the hair types differ, the challenges are also different with every hair. Everyone is looking for safe and secure hair products which can be used for hairstyling. The market is full of hair gel competitors and so when the requirement for hard-holding gel comes, another product which is “Sexy V Hair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel” gets the attention. This product gives promising results when it comes to having the hair hard and holding up.

Chemical Composition:

Apart from all the chemicals present in the best gel for a sleek ponytails, the key ingredients of this product are Mica and titanium dioxide. These are responsible for the hard holding up hairs. They along with other chemicals react together to get fine, flake-free hairs for at least 48 hours. The blue shine in the hair is due to these key ingredients which make the hair glow.


  • This hair gel has a long-lasting effect on the hair, it can last up to 48 hours
  • It can easily be washed with a proper shampoo and if you want an extra treatment of your hair after the gel, you can have a hair conditioner suitable according to your hair type.
  • The bottle is pocket friendly and easily used during traveling
  • This gel promises to be flake-free


  • Even though the hair gel promises not to have ammonia in it, but still, may affect hair health. Excessive use of hair gels might get you dandruff or damage to the hair.
  • Sometimes the hairs get dehydrated and lose their original shine


Best Lightweight Hold – Gelactica – Edge Control Hair Gel

Best Lightweight Hold-Gelactica - Edge Control Hair Gel

With all the variety of hair gels on the market, it is very essential to look for the hair gel which fulfills the need of your hair. There are many gels that are best for holding up but they can get tricky with hair health.

Here we have Gelactia Hair Gel, now the thing which overdoes this product is the ingredients in this gel, making it highly efficient in holding up the hair, making them stylish and lasting after 2 days. The competition of hair gel might get you to overthink the product but when you the chemical composition you might want to stick to it.


The chemicals used in this best gel for slicked-back ponytail black girls are mainly extracted from medicinal plants which can help in the nourishment and health of the hair too. It doesn’t have any kind of high dose of alcohol in it and it makes them easy to use on children’s hair too. The gel has a few extra vitamins and nutrients in it too. The chemical composition does have a few chemicals just to get a good formula for the hair but mainly it has all the good products.


  • The use of medicinal extract makes it beneficial for the health of hair.
  • It is easy to use as it has minerals and nutrients in it
  • Suitable to all age groups
  • Provide extra care even while it holds up the hair
  • No flaking has been seen up till in the hairs
  • Gives extra care to the hair and scalp which gets a good result.


  • Even though the ingredients present don’t have many adverse effects but somehow excessive use may result in dryness of the hairs
  • The hair might get weak and resulting in hair loss.

Best for Styling – R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel

Best Overall R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel

Another product we have here is also the best hair gel which can hold the hair in one place for a longer time. It has the best durability even on dry hair. As the name indicate the hair gel can have the strength to ride on a motorcycle and not even flinch from its shape. It is best known to hold all the curls in one place as a matter of many people having curls are being recommended by hair experts.


All hair gels have a few chemicals which are used as a solvent to make a sticky jelly substance which we refer to as hair gel. There are somewhat similar compounds in almost all hair gels, but the key ingredients of this hair gel are

  • Coconut oil
  • Keratin
  • Sunflower seed extract

When these compounds are mixed in a fixed proportion it gives the best result in the hair gel. They are promising for hair shine and nourishment of the hairs. They give a healthier look along with no dandruff and can also hold messy curls in place.


  • The usage of hair gels makes you look good.
  • This best hair gel for black hair with no flakes gives you power over the free nature of hair, as you all know there are many factors that affect the smoothness of hair, rain, air, and extreme heat affects the hairstyle.
  • If you have curls, then the best solution for a hairstyle is to tie a hair bun. With the help of hair gel, you can design your hair in any hairstyle. It gives you many options with the hair.


  • With few options for hairstyling, the motorbike hair gel might make your hair dull. It needs extra care if used regularly.

Best for Strengthening – Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Lagoom Jam

Best Strengthening Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Lagoom Jam

As we are discussing the hair gel products in the market, we came across the Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Lagoom Jam, this hair gel are promising much more holding of hair but also hair care along with the colored treated hair too. Many hair experts have concluded the idea that this gel not only refines the hair color but also holds up the hair in its style. There’s been no bad review so far and everyone seems to be working very fine with the hair gel.


The hair gel contains an alcohol amount mixed with other firming agents, that’s how the hair gel firmed the hairs pretty well in its place. It has color preservatives that help in maintaining the color of the hair.


  • The hair gel works very well and is heat resistant means that it can easily hold up the hair’s style even in extreme weather.
  • The hair gel can also be kept in any room with UV light and that will not affect the chemicals present in the bottle.
  • It is very friendly to the texture of hair and works efficiently on all hair types.


  • It might have a high amount of alcohol in the tube which makes the hair gel extra holding up hairs.

BEST DEFINING – Tea Tree Shaping Cream, Hair Styling Cream

BEST DEFINING- Tea Tree Shaping Cream, Hair Styling Cream

There are few companies in the market, that clearly believe in plant products, and always work out with chemicals that are plant-based, one of the re-known products is Tea Tree Shaping Cream.


This hair gel contains all the plant-based ingredients and is very useful in making a good hairstyle for curly or coarse hairs. They help them keep in shape and are easily applicable. Even though the key ingredients are plant-based, the product has very fine reviews and is regularly used by many hair experts. It does have alcohol in the product along with the other chemicals. The results are very well satisfying.


  • If you see the ingredients, you might feel relaxed that no harmful chemical is used, and it will not be harmful to your hair or to the environment in any way.
  • The tea tree oil present in the hair gel makes hair stronger along with other benefits.


  • Overall the products have no cons other than drying up hair and making them dull if used regularly.

Best for Thinning Edges – Layrite Layrite Original Pomade

Best for Thinning Edges-Layrite Layrite Original Pomade

Well as the name indicates, this is just another product that is derived from plants, making it easily used around the world. It is best used on thin hairs with medium or short hairs. The best thing about this hair gel is that if the hairs get out of shape after a few hours of using the hair gel, it can be straightened out just by using wet hands. it doesn’t need another coat of hair gel, just a pinch of water will refresh the look.


If you see inside the tiny tube of hair gel, you can know that there is Kaolin Clay, Waxes Naturally Derived from Brazilian Palm Tree Leaves, and Coal that provide a natural structured finish-up look to the hair. They give a new refreshing look to the hair.


  • Hair experts think that this product won’t be having bad effects on hair growth.
  • The hair will shine as the hair gel can be easily washed out from the hair.


  • Do you think that any product which is derived from plants will be having any adverse effects on hair, well we can only speculate. As this gel is not used repeatedly it can give low to no disadvantage to the hair.

Best for Wash-And-Go Styles- African Formulas Super grow Extra Hold Hair Gel

Best for Wash-And-Go Styles- African Formulas Super grow Extra Hold Hair Gel

The hairs always need an extra touch and if that touch is mixed with natural formula blended with hair gel it will make the hair looks healthier, and shinner. Even though the gel can be used by anyone, still many people think that hair gels with natural ingredients don’t hold the hair firmly in their style but it’s not the same with this gel. It gives promising results and keeps the hairs intact and in place.


It has an advanced formula that includes plant extract, oils, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts, when this is all mixed together it is promised to give a stylish hard gel, which makes hair hold up for a longer time.


  • As the name shows hair gels are best for African-style curly hair or the braids of the hair.
  • It is said to have lesser hair fall with almost no flaking.
  • The hair gel can be easily mixed with water so it can be readily washed out from the hair.


  • The hairs might get dull and dry over the time
  • There is a higher chance of having dandruff on your hair and scalp

Best Multi-Purpose- Max Green Alchemy  Scalp Rescue Sculpting Gel Tube

Best Multi-Purpose- Max Green Alchemy  Scalp Rescue Sculpting Gel Tube

The hair gel gets the attention of most people, and they want to try it out. This hair gel here is listed as a multipurpose gel, which is suitable for all kinds of hair. It is usually used by those who wanted to hold their hair in place almost every day as it has low to minimize adverse effects on the hair scalp.


It has plant derivates as the key ingredient in it, which helps the product keeps the scalp hydrated and the adequate amount of water makes hair looks healthier. The small tube is considered to be the ultimate solution to dry hair scalp and can be used comfortably in your hair.


  • The hair gel doesn’t even affect the hair color or leave any residue making it the best multipurpose hair gel.
  • It doesn’t make hair look dull or rough.


  • The dry scalp can get worse with the continuous use of hair gel.

Best for Sensitive Scalps- Just Nutritive Herbal Gel For Curly Hair

Best for Sensitive Scalps- Just Nutritive Herbal Gel For Curly Hair

If you have sensitive skin, you need to be very careful before using any product. You must read the ingredients and be sure before using it. When you have dry skin along with some sensitive patches, this hair gel seems to have the best solution to your wishes.


The hair gel is best for the sensitive, dry scalp, it’s a paraben-free gel that is enriched with omega fatty acids, which avoid flakes or any dryness in the hair scalp. The hair gels may have some amount of alcohol which acts as a solvent for the chemicals.


  • It will help hold the hair firmly and in making the hairs look healthier and smoother
  • The vitamins present make the hair softer


  • The hairs might get damaged if not properly treated with conditioners and hair serum protein.

Best Anti-Frizz – Aveda Flax Seed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpting Gel

Best Anti-Frizz- Aveda Flax Seed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpting Gel

Flax seeds are often said to have many vitamins and minerals and can help in overcoming many problems in the human body. When it comes to frizzy hair, it may irritate many people, as it is very annoying to have fizziness during winter in your hair. That is one of the reasons that hair expert suggests the Anti-Frizz-Flax Seed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpting Gel for the hair.


This hair gel contains organic flax seeds and aloe vera which are used to lessen the fizziness along with the nourishment. The hair gel contains extra vegetable oil along with sea minerals and vitamins.


  • Using hair gel continuously can give you hair flakes, but this hair gel gives less to no dandruff or hair flakes as it contains aloe vera.
  • The key ingredients of this hair gel are seed extract and soya bean oil which play a vital role in the holding up of hair in its firm position.


  • The hair scalp is very soft and needs proper minerals when exposed to the hair gel chemicals continuously and if not treated with extra conditioners it may have flakes along with dryness and roughness.

How to Use a Styling Gel for Slicking Back Natural Hair?

When you are trying to keep up your hair in a firm style, hair experts might suggest some hair styling gel. Whenever you want to try it out, you must be sure of your hair type and hair gel according to your hair and how to use that hair gel in your hair. Let’s discuss the key points which should be followed when you are applying hair gel to your hair.

  1. Before using hair gel for styling, always have a proper shampoo and also apply the hair conditioner to the hair. The gel looks good in neat hair, if you apply it to dirty hairs the hair gel will give crunchy look.
  2. The hair must be not fully dried up, just a little damp hair is the best for applying hair gel. If you are getting late for your appointment, then just dampen your hair with a towel.
  3. After the damping hair, open the jar of hair gel and apply it softly to your hands, don’t take a lot of amounts, nor a small, try to have a moderate amount according to your hair length.
  4. Apply it from the roots to the tip very slowly and try to put the hair gel on every hair.
  5. Style your hair before it dries out, in this way it will be better to use a comb too.

What to Look for In Gel for Natural Hair

  • Types of your hair:

The hair gel must be according to your hair. It can be seen while buying the product or asked by the hair expert. The hair type plays a vital role in the working of hair gel if the hair gel is not accordingly it might not give the desired result and the styled hairs might be falling in a few hours.

  • Always read the ingredients:

When you are visiting the store for buying hair gel, always read the back of the hair gel, look for the ingredients, and see whether it has a larger amount of alcohol or not. As alcohol damages the hair and scalp and results in flakes or dandruff.

  • Styling hair gel:

There are a few hair gels that are specific for the hair curls, and they keep them firm for 48 hours until the hairs are washed. This needs to be checked before using any hair gels regularly.

How to Slick Back Natural Hair Without Gel

Well, it doesn’t look like a hard task but with frizzy or curly hair, it is very difficult to make a style of hair and keep it intact for a couple of hours. This needs some extensive hair gels, but if you are not willing to use any hair gels on your hair, you should think of new ideas for your hair.

  1. You must take a bath if you want to slick back your hair.
  2. Try to dampen your hair with a towel, only dampen it until the excess water is soaked out from the hair.
  3. Always use a fine-toothed comb for the hairs and comb the hairs with it. It will slick back the hair more efficiently.
  4. You can put the wet combed hairs in the bun or catcher. It will make the hair slick more easily.

How to Train Your Hair to Slick Back Naturally

Are you willing to train your hair according to your wishes? Well, this seems to be impossible but with the right steps and tools, this will be a very easy task to do. Let’s see the task step by step

  1. First, try to comb your hairs in your desired way while they are wet, the wet hairs can change their course very easily, but it will require some time too.
  2. The hair must be cut down or trimmed whenever you want to change the way of your hair.
  3. A very essential tool for your hair training is the hairdryer. It helps the hair to go for a new change and upgrade the direction of the hair with the help of a little heat.
  4. Hats and headbands might be useful in some ways but if the new style is not needing them then their use might make the hair irregular.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers FAQs

Question: Is Gel Bad for Your Natural Hair?

Answer: They can be bad if you are using one with a high percentage of alcohol

Question: What Gel Makes Your Hair Grow?

Answer: If the gel contains Mica & Titanium chloride in its ingredients then the hairs might glow

Question: What Can I Use Instead of Gel?

Answer: There are many different hair sprays, along with hair waxes which can also settle your hair in a neat hairstyle.

Question: How To Slick Back Hair Without Looking Greasy?

Answer: Always use hair gel in the newly washed hair, else it will look greasy

Question: How To Slick Back Long Hair?

Answer: Try using the fine-toothed comb and a tight bun at the back can make your hair click back.

Question: How To Slick Back Thick Hair?

Answer: For this, you need a few headbands or hair bands to make them slick back and stay in their style for a longer time.


Here we are, after a long discussion where we have discussed all types of best gel for slicking back natural hair along with the possible disadvantages which we can have if we use hair gel regularly. There are some professions that need proper, styled hair 24/7 and for that, the person always wanted to have something which can go along easily and doesn’t affect much hair growth too.

For this always see that the hair gel you are purchasing must have, less amount alcohol should be plant-derived, and must have few minerals and vitamins if it contains aloe vera then surely go for it. This might be a little bit overwhelming but it’s the best for your hair.

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