15 Best Flat Iron for Asian Hair in 2022 | Complete Guide

Hey guys! Every one of us wants to look up-to-date and stylish. To achieve this, we do whatever we have under our approach. We style our hair firstly because our hair is the best part of our body. We sometimes straight them and sometimes curl them. We dye them different shades. All this we do to satisfy our aesthetic senses.

best professional flat iron
ghd Classic Original IV Hair Straightener, Black Ceramic Flat Iron
best flat iron for frizzy hair
MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Flat Iron and Curler
best affordable hair straightener
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron
best flat iron for damaged hair
BIO IONIC Long Barrel Styler
best hair straightener for thick hair
CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4" Straightening Hairstyling Iron
best flat iron for curling hair
Sam Villa SLEEKR Professional Straightening Iron, 
best flat iron for natural hair
Skin Research Institute Infrarose Styler Flat Iron 
best flat iron for thick hair
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style
best flat iron for fine hair
VODANA Professional GlamWave Ceramic Curling Iron
best flat iron for black hair
NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener 

By using and testing many flat irons for my hair, I come to the result that it is easy to buy a hair iron but difficult to keep. The reason behind this is every product we look for is not dependable. It may have not the kind of excellent results we want from it…. so always make the right choice.

To make our hair straight, we have to use an iron or straightener. It is an electronic device that helps us reshape our hair for a particular time. There are many old devices and methods to straighten or curl our hair. But all these methods have become worn out and time taking.

I have tried and tested much iron and found some of them very good and some are very useless. If we want to iron our Asian hair, we should be very careful in making a choice. We must buy an iron that will not damage our hair and will be helpful to sustain the health of our hair.

 In the modern world, we have a shortage of time and we don’t take a risk to waste our time. We need something that will probe not only speedy but also will not damage our hair. For this, I am giving you some unique suggestions about the iron that is not only fast in work but also very reasonable. 

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Top 15 Best Flat Iron for Asian Hair

Let’s have a look at the described Best Flat Iron for Asian Hair that may prove good for Asian hair especially.

  1. Best Professional Flat Iron – ghd Classic Original IV Hair Straightener, Black Ceramic Flat Iron
  2. Best Flat Iron for Frizzy Hair – MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Flat Iron and Curler
  3. Best Affordable Hair Straightener – BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron
  4. Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair – BIO IONIC Long Barrel Styler
  5. Best Hair Straightener for Thick Hair – CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron
  6. Best Flat Iron for Curling Hair – Sam Villa SLEEKR Professional Straightening Iron,
  7. Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair – Skin Research Institute Infrarose Styler Flat Iron
  8. Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair – Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style
  9. Best Flat Iron for Fine Hair – VODANA Professional GlamWave Ceramic Curling Iron
  10. Best Flat Iron for Black Hair – NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener
  11. Best Flat Iron for Waves – NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener

Best Professional Flat Iron – ghd Classic Original IV Hair Straightener, Black Ceramic Flat Iron

best professional flat iron


Hey you Girls! Why are you being upset about the thickness and roughness of your hair? Are you in a fix to go to a ball party for the mere issue of your disarranged hair? Don’t feel upset anymore! Ghd has brought something very special and astonishing for you. This iron will help you style your hair whatever you want. You can make your hair more sleek and silky in no time. Now there should be no worries at all. The product will be able to boost your confidence in front of your friends. It is not a dream now to date your boyfriend as you will not be embarrassed anymore with your lifeless hair. The product has magic in itself.


  • The straightener is made with ceramic technology that increases the life of hair.
  • The plate used in this iron is floating with a rounded barrel. It helps to make the hair more stylish and sleek accordingly.
  • There is pre-set and checked temperature of 365F that helps us to style our hair too early. It helps to save hair from damage.
  • The ceramic make is a key to stop hair damage and breakage of hair.
  • The one-inch wide plate is a very unique quality and takes a big bunch of hair at one time. It means that we can style our hair in no time.

Customer’s Review

I have found Ghd Classic iron a great item for girls and women of every age. This iron is very quick and has no side effects. It will make your looks more appealing.

You can learn more: Best Curling Iron For Asian Hair

Best Flat Iron for Frizzy Hair – MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Flat Iron and Curler

best flat iron for frizzy hair


So! What are you worried about? The frizz of your hair? The lifelessness of your hair? You must feel ashamed of your disarranged hair. It is a normal case that we feel uneasy when we are in front of our friends and colleagues. Don’t worry buddies! There is a great thing we are telling about. MONDAVA is a well-known company that cares about your concerns. The iron it presents is very great. This straightener is helpful to style your hair differently. It does this work so briskly that you will get astonished. It is built in such a way that it will not your hair at all.


  • The iron is spa-friendly and will prove great in results in quick succession.
  • One of the best quality of this MONDAVA hair iron is that it does multi-tasking as to straighten, curl, and makes waves on your curls.
  • It has a digitally controlled temperature (180 to 450F).
  • It has proved to be zero damaging for hair and it helps to lock the moisture of your hair.
  • The plate of pure ceramic tourmaline is an outstanding feature to distribute heat evenly to all hair.
  • The gift pack of MONDOVA includes a travel pouch, an alligator clip, a salon-style comb, a heat-resistant glove, and a Velcro cord management strap.

Customer’s Review

MONDOVA hair iron makes me feel stylish and carefree whoever I use it. It is a luxury for busy women. You can use it any time on very short notice with no fear of hair damage.

Best Affordable Hair Straightener – BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

best affordable hair straightener


Hurrah! What a great iron I have found! The girls and women who remain always upset and concerned about their frizzy and barren-looking hair will get a sigh of relief after using this very straightener. The girls are never satisfied with their looks until their hair has a stylish look. In my opinion, the beauty of a girl depends 60% on her hair.

This is why they want to use something that may not only straighten their hair but also curl and crimple them. This hair iron of BaByliss will wash all their doubts. It will not cheat you, girls! It will not let you down in front of all your friends! It can make your date and ball night an amazing event of your life.


  • The best quality of this iron is its lightweight design. It is very easy to carry for every age group.
  • The heating mechanism is very strong and instant because there is a ceramic heater built in it. This is why you don’t have to waste time styling your hair.
  • You will get the instant result for your hair to be straight as it has five extra plates that make work easy.
  • The product is designed after observation and experimentation so that it may not cause hair fall.
  • This iron is so comfortable in its usage because there are 50 extended settings of heat and it is totally under your control how much heat up you want it to make.
  • The plates used for heating are of smooth titanium and there is no chance of corrosion in the plates.

Customer’s Review

I have found BaByLiss iron a perfect solution for all your hair issues. It can be easily handled even by teenage girls. Bys will long hair can also be benefitted from this iron.

Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair – BIO IONIC Long Barrel Styler

best flat iron for damaged hair


Wow! I am super excited to tell the story of my extra silk hair. It was very difficult for me to style my hair. They always embarrassed me everywhere whether it is a party or a meeting. I found BIO_IONIC the best curler and designer. It gets my hair ready in minutes. It is very soft and smooth in usage. Its barrel is extra-large which helps me work done quickly. It can change my looks. So guys! You will never feel hesitant to participate in any event or go out with your friends for fun. You will ever ready to impress them with your changed looks and styles


  • The extra-long barrel helps to do your job finish in no time. This curler has a 2” longer barrel that is very unique for you.
  • This hair iron is damage-free, cuticle-lock, and moisture-seal. All these qualities make this iron a hair-friendly machine.
  • This iron can curl, wave, and crimp your hair whether they are long or short. It can easily manage all styles.
  • The name is the hallmark of the brand BIO-ICONIC as you need not be worried about the health of your hair.
  • The hair iron has a multi-heat system that is very easy to control. You can style yourself just 5 minutes before the office or party.

Customer’s Review

This is a great curling iron with an extraordinary heating system that can style your hair and make you look different every time.

Best Hair Straightener for Thick Hair – CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron

best hair straightener for thick hair


Hello! What are you looking for about buddies? You want something that can straighten your hair without damaging them. If you don’t spend more time styling your hair, this CHI G2 is the best option for you. You can get ready in minimum time and the style will sustain for a very long time. You can spend almost a day with your styled hair with no hesitation. We have ever had complaints about the non-compatibility of the gadgets that are defined on the pack. But this hair iron will sweep all your complaint and give you silky, smooth, and frizz-free hair.


  • The classic ergonomic design supports your hair to get new looks and style without damaging them.
  • This is a superbly designed hair iron with all the monitoring functions displayed on the top.
  • The durability of this iron increases with the usage of ceramic plates in combination with Titanium increasing its life and usability.
  • You can use it confidently without having any fear of snags and will find the results silkier and smoother.
  • A miraculous feature is its color-coded feature for temperature that you can adjust according to the nature and demand of your hair, whether are rough, medium, or even more silky and fragile.

Customer’s Review

The hair styler or straightener is super cool in its application. It does its work in the blinking of an eye. I have found it very best.

Best Flat Iron for Curling Hair – Sam Villa SLEEKR Professional Straightening Iron, 

best flat iron for curling hair


There you go! Look at the pro classic hair styler and straightener. You must be worried about the thousands of brands that present their hair iron. You must have got damaged your hair and there are no required results you have found. The hopelessness must have an end now as SAM VILLA has brought you a great thing that is very easy to use too. It will do not your hair straight in minutes but also will give them styles such as waves, curls, and crimps too. One machine will work as multitasking for you.  Just order the gadget from an online store and then call your friends for your next outdoor planning.


  • The iconic flat iron contains ceramic tourmaline features that are enough to do speedy styling according to your wish.
  • The precise heat controlling system makes it valuable as far as its price is concerned, it does not matter according to its job.
  • The floated plates of ceramic have a coat of tourmaline which is a great source of emitting negative ions and this action helps our hair being frizz-free and retain moisture during all processes.
  • The additional quality of this iron is its round edges on both sides which are very helpful to save your hair from snagging and trapping.
  • The famous ceramic technology is helpful to keep your hair free from damage.

Customer’s Review

A great thing about this iron I have found is its ceramic tourmaline-coated technology. This technology is a great gift for your hair not making them frizz-free.

Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair – Skin Research Institute Infrarose Styler Flat Iron 

best flat iron for natural hair


So many blessings! What a great chance to enjoy the luxury of your hair at its very best. Just look at the very hair styler and you will fall in love with it. I know that you all are suffering from not being satisfied with your hair styler. It may be the iron or the hairdresser. You always keep complaining about mismanaging your hairstyle.

It is also a normal practice that we want to keep our style all day long during our visit to someplace or having a long day-spent with our boyfriends. But fail to do so. It is just because of the false promises the companies make and the application becomes zero. But finding this magnetic professional iron, your dreams can come true.


  • The iron has special red light therapy that helps to repair damaged hair and also increases the silk and smoothness of your hair.
  • This gadget has a maximum heat of up to 450F and it reaches this temperature in seconds. It is a very adjustable machine and you can adjust its temperature according to your hair type.
  • The ceramic coated nano titanium plates are ultra iconic to lock the moisture and freshness of your hair.
  • Don’t hesitate to use it again and again as it is total hair cuticle friendly. It will make your hair shine and dance with music.
  • The use of tourmaline makes the iron more dependable as we know that tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and it is used to smooth our mind and body. The use of this gemstone in the gadget is also very positive to make your hair strong and healthy.

Customer’s Review

To my satisfaction, no iron has appealed and impressed me that much as this did. It has diverse qualities and I think it will be dishonest to ourselves not to choose it.

Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair – Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style

best flat iron for thick hair


Hey Girls! I feel you are also upset about changing your hair iron day by day. You also are not satisfied with the gadgets you buy. The iron you buy never works on your thick and strong hair. After a hectic task of straightening, you found almost zero results! All the problems you can kick easily only by getting this Paul Mitchell’s outstanding iron. It will prove heaven in hell for you. It will give you your desired results in no time. You not only can straighten them but also curl and wave them as per the demand of the dress code. Just try it once.


  • There is fear of hair damage and you should not be concerned about skin sensitivity because the ceramic plates are here to control the temperature.
  • This gadget can get heated at once almost in 60 seconds and also can get cool quickly;
  • You can have full control over all the statistic that is also shown on the screen,
  • The latest nano titanium technology keeps your hair moist and the tops and roots of hair remain firm on their base.
  • The beautiful rounded shape is very wisely made having two benefits. One is to straighten your hair early and the second is not to damage your hands or skin while performing the task.

Customer’s Review

One of the best products of Paul Mitchell that we can trust. I feel it is a perfect tool to make my hair straight, curl, and wave in a limited time.

Best Flat Iron for Fine Hair – VODANA Professional GlamWave Ceramic Curling Iron

best flat iron for fine hair


Look here, people! Have you got too sleek and soft hair that you can’t manage to? Are you dissatisfied with the hairstyling you do? Don’t get irritated. This beautiful pink curling iron will do whatever you want a curler to do. It will curl and set your hair for a long time. You will never feel shy with having the same looks always. You can move in your friend’s circle confidently. You can trust the product so much that you can get ready at your engagement part yourself without the help of a hair styler.


  • It is made under the guidance of the best engineers and hairstyling experts so that it may not damage your hair.
  • It has an instant heating system that makes your work easy and the same is the heat recovery system that also acts speedily.
  • The use of a ceramic barrel can curl even very fine hair in minutes. Your hair can not be damaged with its professional make.
  • There are small holes on the handle that ensure lessening thermal conductivity.
  • There is a great technology to separate the barrel from the clamp that will not allow the handle to get heated.

Customer’s Review

What an amazing gift for the girls who are worried about the fineness of their hair. It is easy to handle and has almost all precautions kept in it.

Best Flat Iron for Black Hair – NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener 

best flat iron for black hair


Hurrah! We can also straighten our thick black hair now! It is not a dream not to have silky, smooth, and sleek hair. I know that girls with thick black hair ate lacking confidence about styling and reshaping their hair. They think thousand times before going to any ball, club, or a friends’ catch-up. The reason behind this is very common. The black hair! Black hair proves very difficult to set and get a new look. It is sometimes useless to spend money on the straighteners. Even an expensive straightener proves resultless. But this NuMe Megastar straightener will give you stunningly great results.


  • This straightener is specially designed with 1” flat tourmaline plates that will help you manage your disarranged and frizzy hair in a very low time.
  • This technology will prove soothing for your hair and brain as tourmaline is known for its soothing features.
  • The combination of ceramic and tourmaline makes this iron extra smooth that will help your hair feel smooth, shiny, and soft when it glides through your hair.
  • This device a special infrared heating system that helps hair of any kind becomes very soft and silky.
  • The natural shine, the moisture, the cuticle, and the roots remain protected throughout the procedure of straightening.

Customer’s Review

I found no words to praise this very gadget. It has made my life easy and I can move in society with more confidence.

Best Flat Iron for Waves – NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener 

best flat iron for waves


Hey! Are you not satisfied with the straightener you use? Have you been fed up with the ever-new expense of buying a straightener but having no results? You have frizzy hair and it is difficult to manage them all the time. You feel ashamed of and embarrassed while you are with your friends with such silky and smooth hair.

They don’t make you feel it but it’s natural for you to compare your frizzy lifeless hair with them. All these problems have one solution. The NITION Professional straightener! This will manage your hair look smooth and soft. This will not waste your time. You just give it a try and you will find the results astonishing.


  • The best heating range from 265F to 459F which make you decide comfortably which temperature is going to suit your hair.
  • All faculties under one banner are available in this ultra-professional iron including Ceramic, Tourmaline, Argan oil, Nanosilver, and titanium. These great components are offered in this one straightener just to make your hair healthy and damage-free.
  • The multi-plating of ceramic makes your hair not puffed up but remains smooth all day long.
  • The heat technology is quite modern and all figures will be shown on the LCD of your iron.
  • It is easy to handle and can be carried by every age group.
  • This is a gift pack with a travel pouch, a salon comb, a heat-resistant glove, and two salon hair clips.

Customer’s Review

This great piece of machinery has won my heart with so many features. It is a multi-tasking gadget that will not let you disappoint after its usage.

Flat Iron Ceramic vs Titanium vs Tourmaline

flat iron ceramic vs titanium vs tourmaline

Hair has a different texture as well as a different feel. They are treated according to the make and texture. If we want to buy some iron for our hair to get straightened or curl, we should have enough knowledge about the things present on market. We should know the name of different irons not only by name but also by their composition.

In the market, there are irons made with ceramic plates, titanium plates, and Tourmaline plates. If they are doing the same function of straightening, it does not mean that they are having the same attributes and features.

The features and qualities of all three iron plates are different. We should have a keen eye on the functions they are performing and the hair e possess. The more we know these gadgets, the easier for us to manage our hair.

 Let’s have a look at all these impotent elements one by one. 

Ceramic Flat Iron

The hair iron made with ceramic is excellent in use. They don’t get heated at once but take some proper time. It does not mean that they don’t work. The plates of ceramic make the straighteners not damage your hair.

The iron of the ceramic plate is very reasonable and within the range of everyone. We can take some time to get better results. These kinds of irons should be used with care and control so that they may not burr the upper layers of your hair.

  • I think it is a good thing to heat your hair smoothly and checking your hair gliding through the ceramic plates. The better you keenly do your straightening task, the more results you will find.
  • It is a mere opinion that thick hair cannot get good results with ceramic irons. Instead, thick black hair can also be straightened by using such irons.
  • Some girls damage their hair by mere experimenting. They have a craze to test every new product that comes into the market. If they have made their hair dull, damaged, and dry, they should use ceramic iron that will help them protect their hair.
  • Please be careful to use an old straightener because if the ceramic has washed away with time, then aluminum will appear on the iron. Everyone knew that Aluminum is very dangerous for our hair. It will make them destroyed in no time.

Tourmaline Flat Iron

Time has proved that Tourmaline is a very good gemstone related to health issues. People use it to get solutions to their mental health, body health, and other health problems. It is a fact that the use of Tourmaline provides the iron extra qualities. It can be preferred over others due to its extraordinary features.

  • The first and foremost feature of Tourmaline hair iron is that it helps to protect the cuticle of the hair. It doesn’t damage the upper layers of hair and keeps the moisture alive. It can help repair damaged hair.
  • The heat distributing system is even and provides heat to all parts of the plate so we should glide it more than one time. This will ensure better results because it takes some time to pass heat to all parts of the hair.
  • The most damaging time starts when we don’t care for the worn-out plates where there is no polish of Tourmaline remains. This will let your hair fall quickly and will snatch all its luster and health.
  • Tourmaline hair iron is the most recommended iron because of its extraordinary qualities.

Titanium Flat Iron

We have ever heard and noticed the qualities of Titanium. It is a metal people use in jewelry. It shows that how good and reliable it for hair iron. We know that Titanium is a sturdy and strong metal. This is the reason that people use it for professional irons. In salons and parlors, hair artists prefer to use an iron made with Titanium.

  • The strength of Titanium metal helps the hair iron to heat up as quickly as no other iron can.
  • Whether Titanium is much quicker than ceramic, yet it also needs to pass more than one time through the hair to get satisfying results.
  • The plates of Titanium are very helpful to keep the moisture of hair alive and not let the hair be stubborn.
  • It can straighten and curl your hair quite smoothly in no time. This ability makes it a choice of professionals.
  • A bitter reality about Titanium is that if you have already damaged hair, it will destroy them quickly. So be careful before buying any straightener.

Do Flat Iron Damage Hair?

It is a trend to style your hair every day for a new look. The wish to look different is natural and there is no bad in it. To style our hair the use of iron daily is strictly prohibited. To iron your hair to make them straight, cur, or wave, we use many hair irons. It is not a bad thing at all but if we do it under some precautions.

Hair experts have examined and recommended that we should use the iron under 356F or 180C. If we don’t do so, our hair will start to damage. “Excess of everything is bad” is a proven proverb. The same is the case with the hair iron. If we use any iron above the described temperature just to save time, it will not save your hair.

It is a proven fact that hair cuticles are damaged by strong heat that may not suit our hair type. So, it must be our priority to understand the type and state of our hair, and then we experience the iron, Here I also have video for you from youtube:

Then a question will arise why then thousands of renowned brands are offering hair iron so keenly? The answer to this question is told by many pro hairstylists that when you do your hair straighten, curl, or something else, the moisture that occurs naturally in your hair, will start to dry.

Our scalp can’t afford the loss of moisture. It starts to become dry and dull. Sometimes daily use of iron makes unseen pores produce on our scalp that snatches all the moisture and silk of our hair.

Hair irons are not bad things at all. We use them for decades successfully but with some precautions and care. We can’t expose our hair to iron or hair dryers. Anything that provides constant heat to our hair whether it is iron or something else is unsafe for our hair. It is an obvious fact that when we supply heat to our hair, the moisture starts to evaporate from them. And if this practice continues daily, it will make your hair dry and dull. It will take away the entire luster if you don’t take proper of your hair.

Now how can we care for them? Proper oiling and providing moisture can help you a bit. It is a very difficult and time taking process to recover the hair damage, but still, we can achieve the goal.

Just try to use the hair iron of a reputed company. You should have proper knowledge about your hair type and texture. Your hair any afford experimentation. Use oil when you are going to take a bath or wash your hair.  A good quality shampoo can also help you in this matter.

Whenever you start to iron your hair, start from a lower temperature and increase bit by bit according to your demand. But don’t cross to exceed the prescribed limit. Doing so can prove damaging to your hair.

What to look for in a flat iron for hair?

As we have told you earlier that we can’t afford to risk our hair by mere experiments. Before buying an iron, we should know the type and texture of our hair. We should also be well aware of the specifications machinery is providing us.

We must carefully examine the heat controls and the metals that are used in them. Some companies just fraud us and don’t provide what is offered on their product description.

We must look at these typical qualities a hair iron should have in it.

Infrared Technology plays a vital role

If we buy an iron that possesses infrared technology, it will help to lock the moisture of our hair. This technology iron is a little more expensive than others with no infrared. This latest technology will not disappoint you but the improper use. If you don’t care for the temperature and hair type combination, the results of every iron will be damaging.

Adjustable Temperature Settings (Automatic or Manual)

If we buy an iron that has the feature to adjust the temperature manually, it will be good news. We can adjust the temperature according to the area of our hair. We can make sections and use temperature less or high accordingly. If we feel that a typical area is more liable to damage, we decrease the temperature. If we find our softer and fine, still we should use an iron with low temperature. But if we have healthy hair with a thick texture, we can increase temperature according to our hair type.

Fast Heat-Up

All hair experts and stylists recommend the hair iron with fast heat mechanism. The reason behind this theory is that when the iron gets heat-up quickly, our hair is likely to face and open to heat for a minimum time. It decreases the chances of damage as all the hair gets heat evenly and properly. We can do our ironing in less time and get less chance of damage.

If we act a little careful about the hair iron, we can stop any damages. Al these instructions are the essence of the experience of many hair experts who plays with iron day and night.

What to look for while buying a hair straightener?

what to look for while buying a hair straightener

As we read about the precautions and care one should do before buying an iron. Similarly, we should also have enough knowledge that if we are going to purchase a straightener for our rough and disarranged hair, how should it be? What kind of qualities and specifications should a straightener possess? We can get benefitted from this electronic device but with some provisions.

 Let’s have a look at them. 

Flat Iron Plate Size

A straightener must have a good plate size to cover your hair as much as possible. It means that if we buy a straightener with a wide plate, it will become easy for us to style our hair in a limited time. A wide plate with one or more than one inch can be suitable for the girls who want not only to straighten their hair but also want some curls, waves, or crimp them.

Try to buy a straightener with a good plate size. Don’t compromise on price. Once you spend your money on buying the wrong item, it will not damage your hair but also be a waste of money.

Flat Iron Plate Material

As far as the material of our straightener is concerned, it matters a lot. If we don’t care for the material of our straightener, it will not care for our hair too.

The three most used terminologies all over the world are considered reliable. Ceramic, Tourmaline, and titanium straightener. All these materials are dependable and trustworthy. Just we must be aware of the hair type and its usage.

A ceramic straightener is a perfect option for sleek, soft, and fine hair. Normally a good straightener has coats of ceramic material on its plates. But if we find a straightener with plates fully made with ceramic, it can be the best choice. It helps in heat distribution evenly. It has the power to control heat and distribute it to all scalp properly. A ceramic straightener is never lest heat stick on a particular area and this is its supreme characteristic.

A Tourmaline straightener is also getting popularity speedily. It is made of the gemstone Tourmaline which is a semi-precious gemstone. It is used to relax our mental health and body health in different ways.

Tourmaline is crushed to coat on straightener plates that help our hair moisture to get locked. It is also helpful to save our hair cuticle and roots from extreme heat damage.

Tourmaline straightener a mostly prescribed by hairstylists as it has shown positive results. It helps hair to get straightened in a very short time. Just be careful about the heat controls and use them according to the nature and type of your hair.

Titanium is also a good and light metal. It is also used in making jewelry. Titanium straighteners are mostly recommended by hair experts. It is used in salons and spas on a wider range.

Titanium iron is easy to use and it can get heated up soon. They are very powerful and active for thick and stubborn hair. Their heat capacity makes them popular among ladies with natural black hair. When you have got so much lifeless and curled mane, you must use something strong and powerful as a Titanium straightener.

If you want to use a Titanium straightener for silky, smooth, and fine hair, just have proper control overheating panel. Try to start from the lowest they move slowly to high temperature.

Flat Iron Cord Length

A straightener with a long cord will be more appreciated. This will support you to manage your work easily. You can take your straightener as long as you can. If you have a long cord with an extra facility of swivel, it will be a blessing in disguise. You can enjoy a straightener with a long cord whenever and wherever you want to go, whether on travel or at a hotel. Just you need to be careful while arranging it so that it may not get heated by touching the straightener. Be careful while moving all around your scalp so that you may not get tangled in the cord.

Flat Iron Automatic Shut-off

Hey you! You are always afraid of the risk you can have with the habit of your forgetfulness? This habit can be dangerous too if sometimes you forget to turn off your straightener. It is recommended to use a straightener with an automatic shut-off.

It will make you carefree and relaxed if you are away from home. It will also a become source of saving your electricity in case you forget to turn your straightener off.

But in normal routine, companies don’t make such a kind of automatic shut-off straightener. If you get a chance to buy a straightener, you must try to get one with this unique feature.

Flat Iron Temperature Control

Let’s try to buy a straightener that has all the temperature controls. We must understand the use of this temperature control panel and set it according to our hair nature.

If we are habitual to styling our hair daily, it will be too damaging to style them at high temperatures. We should try to start our styling from the lowest temperature as starts from 220 F and goes up if needed.

You must also have enough knowledge about the extreme temperature and its bad and damaging effects on our hair. The straighteners may range from 200F to 400F. But styling your soft and fine hair above 256F will be quite a risk.

If we have rough and stubborn hair, we can go up to 370 to 400F but in extreme hair conditions. But be aware that doing this on a normal routine can cause your hair to lose its natural shine and moisture.

Don’t Forget About the Heat Protection of Flat Iron

What do you think guys? Fashion and styling have their price you have to pay. A little careless attitude can ruin your hair. If you are used to doing styling your hair to curl them, straighten them, wave them, or blow them dry, it will make your hair rough and lifeless. It can cause serious damage sometimes while facing the heat. So three are hair Protectants that are used before using straighteners. It may reduce the damaging effect because they make a protective shield all around your hair and do not let the iron damage your hair.

How doTest Flat Iron?

So guys! It is difficult for us to test the durability and compatibility of flat iron at home. We don’t have enough measures and machines to test whether the iron we are trying to use is good for us or not.

An institute called Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab is working on this of our concern. It not only tests that which flat iron is good for our hair according to the hair’s nature and type. It has made possible the test of width and strength of thousand hair types and makes judgment under that observation.

It has a strange but very result-giving experiment called “Drop Test”. In this test, they throw a straightener from a typical height and watch the results for its durability.

They not only make calculations on this base but also send samples of the flat iron to different homes and watch live experiences. People after doing experiences; share their thoughts that make it easy to decide about a particular product.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers About  Best Flat Iron for Asian Hair

Question: How Do You Use A Flat Iron?

Answer: The first thing you have to do is to wash your hair properly and dry them. It is a common practice that dry hair gives you better results. After drying, comb your hair properly so that there should remain no knots or tangles.

Then you should divide your hair into sections. The number of sections depends on the thickness of your hair. You need to pin all other sections while you are ironing one section. It will help you do your work with concentration and control. Try to do one section in one pass. Don’t try to stop the iron within the hair. It may cause serious damage to your hair. Your speed must be normal and consistent. Don’t get late so that it will hurt your hair cuticle.

Question: How Do You Clean A Flat Iron?

Answer: It is necessary to clean your iron after every use. If you don’t do so, do it monthly. To clean your iron, you should take a cotton pad and soak it in rubbing alcohol? It will make all the burned remains wash away from your iron. After rubbing the cotton pad through the plates of your iron, again use simple cotton to dry it.

Another important thing you must remember that make sure that your iron is fully cooled down before cleaning it. It will ensure better results.

Question: How Do You Curl Hair With A Flat Iron?

Answer: A flat iron not only straightens the hair but also can curl them. You must have its idea as to how it works. After drying your hair, encircle your hair around the plate of the iron. But remember that it should be in the middle part of your iron. Heat your hair and you will find excellent results. During this, you should wrap up the rest of the hair so that you can get better results.


To sum up the whole discussion of Best Flat Iron for Asian Hair, we can say that irons and straighteners are good electronic devices that make our fashion craze satisfied. We can use them freely just by being a little careful about their usage.

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