10 Best Detangler for Matted African American Hair 2022 | Complete Guide

Many of us are not completely aware of what matted African American hair texture is!  Well, it is basically a combination of the shed and attached hair entwined into the clumps or the web-like tangles. Having your hair curl up together will tangle them up which create much more issue in combing them.

ProductNameBest forPrice
Cowboy Magic Concentrated DetanglerCowboy Magic Grooming Detangler and ShineBest Multi-Tasking Detangler
Carols Daughter Black Vanilla detanglerCarol's Daughter Black Vanilla 4-in-1"Combing" CrèmeBest Multi-Tasking Detangler
Pureology Color Fanatic Detangling SprayPureology Color Fanatic Detangling Spray
Best for Dry Hair
MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk best detangler for 4c hairMIZANI 25 Miracle Milk best detangler for 4c hairBest for Damaged Hair
Honey Baby Knot My Honey Instant DetanglerHoney Baby Knot My Honey Instant DetanglerBest Value on a Budget
Leave-in Hair Mask Detangler SpraySustainable Glam Store Leave-in Hair Mask Detangler SprayBest for Matted Hair
Pantene Conditioning Detangler SprayPantene Conditioning Mist DetanglerBest for Low Density Hair
FRAGFRE Hair Detangler SprayFRAGFRE Hair Detangler SprayBest for frizzy, dry, and curly hair
Cocoa Tree Detangling GheeQhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling GheeBest Detangling Heat Protectant
LANGE HAIR Extendé Conditioning Detangler Hair SprayLANGE HAIR Extendé Conditioning Detangler Hair SprayBest Detangling Co-Wash

This is the point when you can take the best help out of choosing the best detangler for yourself.

The best detangler for matted African American hair is having enough slip which is helpful to work all through the matting. It has the attachment of proper tools and techniques for avoiding any sort of extra knot in your hair. But to grab some extraordinary results from the detangler, it is important to give your hair proper maintenance and care too.

If you are one of those who are in trouble dealing with their tangled hair, then this is the right spot for you. Yes, we are here to share with you a list of the best detanglers for matted African American hair reviews to let you know which one can stand on your expectations.

Let’s dive into the discussion below:

How do You Detangle African American Matted Hair?

The texture of matted hair will generally happen when it is not combed in the right manner for removing the shed hairs. Loose hairs can easily knot many times all around the attached hairs which can create a tangle and lead to the matting if it is not removed properly and at the right time.

To detangle African American matted hair, here we have 2 simple steps for you to come out of this hassle in just a few seconds. Have a look below:

Step No 1: Loosen up the matted strands

In the first step, you have to loosen up the mated strands by simply saturating the excellent oil, detangler, and moisturizing conditioner. But you should never use water and shampoo only. Some might allow the hair to sit down for a maximum of 30 minutes with the help of a detangler. But some will add some heads to enable the product to loosen and soften up the strands.

Step No 2: Use fingers to pull apart

You can use the fingers or the wide comb for gentling pulling apart all the strands in lesser time. Your main goal is just to detangle the hair and thus reduce the increased damage. Be careful and gentle when you are holding the hair near to the scalp roots to avoid any sort of paint or yanking. Do not panic if your hair are shedding.

Top Best Detangler for Matted African American Hair

Let’s look at and discuss what are the recommended top 10 Best Detangler for Matted African American Hair which are easily available near your place.

Cowboy Magic Grooming Detangler and Shine

Cowboy Magic Grooming Detangler and Shine

First, on our list, we have Cowboy Magic Grooming Detangler and Shine which is a top leading detangler product for removing knots out of your hair. It acts as the deep conditioner with which you can remove the tangle knots and restore the moisture back resulting in a shiny and smooth hair look.

The best thing about this product is that it can work for all types of hair knots or tangles. Dreadlocks can also be resolved without any hassle. It has silk protein in it which can bring extra shine to hair after brushing.

What do we like about this product?

  • This detangler product works as the deep conditioner.
  • It penetrates below the hair surface and simply restores the moisture for strengthening the hair roots.
  • Adds your hair with natural shine and a soft texture.
  • It gives your hair pure conditioning feel without any content of alcohol and water in it.
  • Do not dry your hair at any stage.
  • Shows long-lasting results to repel your hair from sand, dust or dirt.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla 4-in-1″Combing” Crème

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla 4-in-1"Combing" Crème

If you really want your hair to be soft and shiny, then choosing this detangler for matted hair is the best option for you. It allows the unmanageable tangles to get in their way without any hassle. For the brittle, dry, and dull hair texture, we highly recommend it to buy right now.

This best detangler for matted hair is made up of sweet almonds with vegetable protein which adds a lightweight nature to it for all hair types. The deep moisturizing nature of this product will enhance the nature of shin in which no mineral oil, petroleum, or artificial colors are present. You just need to apply a quarter of it in your palm and detangle all the hair knots. Keep it away from the eyes.

What do we like about this product?

  • Help your hair to get free from all sorts of tangles or knots.
  • Let your hair get deep moisturizing and make it look shiny or smooth.
  • Gives your hair a natural shine.
  • Does not
  • Does not include petrolatum, no mineral oil, or no artificial colors

Pureology Color Fanatic Detangling Spray for matted hair

Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangling Spray

It’s an amazing leave-in spray that primes, protects, detangles, and adds an extra shine to dry hair. You can even use it if you are suffering from frizzy, damaged, or color-treated hair. It has some key ingredients which show some magical results such as olive oil, coconut oil, Camelina oil, and the signature aromatherapy blend

This multi-benefit priming spray is often helpful to even out the porosity, brings a better shine to hair, and manages all the tangles. It often protects the hair from any exposure to heat. For excellent results and color protection, mist up the clean damp hair and simply comb through prior to styling

What do we like about this product?

  • Best to use for dry, frizzy, or color-treated hair to add an extra shine.
  • Included with the key ingredients of olive oil, coconut oil, Camelina oil, and the signature aromatherapy blend.
  • Brings extra shine to hair and helps the hair roots against any damage.
  • It often protects the hair from any exposure to heat.

MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk best detangler for 4c hair

MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner

Dry hair will be primed, protected, detangled, and given an extra shine using this leave-in spray. Whether you have frizzy hair, damaged hair, or colored hair, you can use it. The reason why we recommend this detangler product is due to its nature to be used for all hair types.

Primer sprays often have multiple benefits, including reducing porosity, increasing shine, and reducing tangles. Additionally, they often protect against heat exposure. Pre-style the clean, moist hair with a mist of water for excellent results and color protection.

What do we like about this product?

  • For extra shine, use dry, frizzy, or color-treated hair.
  • Provides extra shine to your hair and helps protect it from damage.
  • Ideal to use for all hair types
  • Prevents heat damage to the hair

Honey Baby Knot My Honey Instant Detangler for matted hair

Honey Baby Knot My Honey Instant Detangler

This is an amazing lightweight detangler and a leave-in conditioner that adds to your hair with extra smooth nature. It will improve the easy combing activity and will enhance the manageability.

In addition, it is made up of silk protein, with premium honey and Aloe Vera. this best natural detangler for matted hair has a moisture-rich formula that leaves the protective and light coating for the whole day’s protection. Plus, it has honeylicious scent which is not irritating at all. It can work best for all types of hair such as curly, textured, or course one. Moreover, it is completely free from chemical sulfates, parabens, phthalates, as well as petrolatum, propylene glycol, or the mineral oil

What do we like about this product?

  • Improves the manageability and helps you to do easy combing without any pain.
  • The moisture-rich formula helps your hair to stay protected for the whole day against any dust or sand.
  • The honeylicious scent is not irritating at all.
  • It can show the best results on all hair types.
  • Free from chemical sulfates, parabens, phthalates, as well as petrolatum, propylene glycol, or the mineral oil

Sustainable Glam Store Leave-in Hair Mask Detangler Spray

Sustainable Glam Store Leave-in Hair Mask Detangler Spray

This extraordinary leave-in Hair Mask Detangler Spray is available in some organic active Ingredients which we have Coconut oil, Argan oil, Avocado oil as well as Chia, and Olive oil. All the ingredients have been working together just to nourish, detangle and condition the hair against any damage or frizz.

The best thing about this detangler spray is that it can superbly work for all types of hair such as straight, tangled, colors, short, long, damaged, dull, or treated. You can often use it on both dry and wet hair textures.

Furthermore, you will find it free from petroleum, mineral oil, gluten, GMO, and artificial colors.

What do we like about this product?

  • You can use it brilliantly on all hair types i.e. on both wet and dry hair.
  • It conditions up, repair, detangle and prevent the hair color fade.
  • Helps in controlling the frizz and often provides heat and frizz protection.
  • Available in some organic active Ingredients including Coconut oil, Argan oil, Avocado oil, Chia, and Olive oil are among others.
  • Free from petroleum, mineral oil, and artificial colors.

Pantene Conditioning Mist Detangler

Pantene Conditioning Mist Detangler

Pantene Conditioning Mist Detangler is what we are sharing on the 7th spot as a perfect and most recommended detangler product for all types of hair. This product acts as a leave-in spray conditioner which gives your hair an extra shine, smoothness, and softness.

In addition, with this spray detangler, you can even let your strands to get separate from any type of knots without any pain. All you have to do is to get it sprayed into dry or wet hair. Start detangling the hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Without rinsing it, you need to dry or style it as usual.

What do we like about this product?

  • This product is available in the three 8.5 fluid ounce cans of Detangler.
  • It restores, protects, and repairs the hair roots against any breakage or damage.
  • The product is based on a lightweight formula to detangle without weighing the hair down.
  • It makes the strands stronger by containing the antioxidants against any sort of damage protection.
  • Let your hair stay soft, shiny, and smooth.

FRAGFRE Hair Detangler Spray

FRAGFRE Hair Detangler Spray

FRAGFRE Hair Detangler Spray is a product that is 100% safe for sensitive hair and scalp. It let your sensitive hair get the smoothness and manages your hair instantly. You can style it in any way you want to and protect your hair against harmful sun rays.

Upon the first time use, you will find how gently the detangler will detangle your knots. It makes the hair to be much more manageable in varied climates. Plus, it often prevents any sort of allergies and skin sensitivity. You just need to apply it on dried or washed hairs. Use your fingers or the large-toothed comb to separate strands. Get ready to style hair with FRAGFRE Styling Gel for spectacular results.

What do we like about this product?

  • It’s a gluten-free detangler that can gently detangle the hair without giving any sort of irritation.
  • It often provides sensitive heat protection against the hot flat iron or hot blow dryer.
  • Help your hair to look manageable in all sorts of climates and for all types of hair.
  • It’s a color-safe product to prevent frizzy hair and loose up all the knots.
  • The product is free from, sulfates, alcohol, parabens, colors, fragrances, and much more.

Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee

Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee

To have a detangler product by your side which is great for the dry hair texture, then choosing this best detangler for natural hair can be a real blessing for you. It simply aids in combing where it smooths up the cuticles for improving the dry and wet combing.  Thus, it restores the softness, manageability, and elasticity against tangled or dry hair.

One most important ingredients in this product is virgin cocoa butter to add extra softness to your hair roots. It even has an initial consistency of the soft cream to thicken up the hair roots. Somehow the color will vary from white to beige. You will find this product to be free from mineral oil, proteins, silicones, artificial fragrances, dyes, or parabens.

What do we like about this product?

  • It works as an ideal conditioner for the dry hair texture.
  • Helps in smooth combing for smoothening the cuticles for the hair improvement
  • It even restores manageability, brings extra softness and great elasticity to dry the tangled hair.
  • Ingredient of virgin cocoa butter conditions and strengthens the hair roots.
  • It is completely free from mineral oil, proteins, silicones, artificial fragrances, dyes, or parabens.

LANGE HAIR Extendé Conditioning Detangler Hair Spray

LANGE HAIR Extendé Conditioning Detangler Hair Spray

After using this best detangler for curly hair, your curls will be bouncy and just plain gorgeous. Leave-in detangling spray for frizzy, dry, and curly hair helps reduce static electricity and softens, shines, and conditions for soft, gorgeous, luscious hair.

With botanical extracts like silk, green tea, horsetail, and aloe vera, this weightless detangler will strengthen, nourish, and protect your hair color from fading and improve your overall hair and scalp health. Without adding any weight, it increases hair’s strength, moisture, and shine.

They won’t feel weighed down by the lightweight formula. Wet your hair after towel drying. Make sure to focus the detangler on knots and tangles you notice in your mane. Knots and tangles can be removed using a comb. That’s it and hence there is no such need to rinse!

What do we like about this product?

  • It helps you to brushes glide through all the tangles and knots with much greater ease.
  • Plus, it is fully packed with Botanical extracts and with green tea extracts to add hair with extra shine and softness.
  • Aloe Vera extract and horsetail extract helps to strengthen, nourish or even protect the hair color from any sort of fading.
  • It has a lightweight formula that won’t weigh them all down. All it focuses is on your tangles and detangles them in just a few seconds.

How to Detangle Severely Matted African American Hair?

There might come a situation when you feel that your matted African American hair has been detangling so severely that you might have to cut it down. But hold on for a second! There is no need to panic. We have a few detailed steps guidelines for you to let you know on how to detangle severely matted African American hair very easily.

  1. First of all, you have to divide all your hair into equal sections. It would be much easier to work all through the small section besides making an effort to detangle all your hairs at once. For a long length of hair, divide it into 6 different sections. For the thinner hair, dividing them into 2 sections would be enough.
  2. Hair texture does get slippery when it is in a wet state. You should have either the spray water bottle or the special spray for the hair detangling. Just let your hair get soaked into the water and follow the procedure after the shower.
  3. Next, put the hair conditioner into matted hair parts. If there are maximum knots in your head, you have to apply the conditioner over the entire hair straight from roots to the tips. Different hair detangling conditioning products are available. For coarse and curly hair, choosing oils like argan oil or coconut oil are better options.
  4. Once the conditioner has been applied, you need to start the untangling stage. Start it from the smaller knots. Work through from one section to another one. This will avoid your hair to face any extra damage. Use your fingers to smooth the texture of the knots even more.
  5. Once you feel that the knots have been removed to a certain extent, you can now start combing your hair. Always use a wide-toothed comb. It is delicate and is sturdy to deal with all hair types.
  6. Once all the knots have been detangled, you have to give the hair a sort of gentle brushing. This is required for those hairs which are curly in texture. Final brushing will help you to get back your old textured hairs which are smooth ones.

How to Detangle Matted Hair Without Cutting?

If you think that dealing with detangled matter hair is just possible by cutting them down, then you are completely wrong! You can easily detangle the matted hair even without cutting them as well. Do you want to know how it is possible? Let’s teach you about it!

First of all, you have to damp up your hair by dividing it into different sections. Make sure you are not pulling your hair too much and sprinkle some water on it. Water will enable the detangling to stay a bit easier. But do not make it wet too much because it can cause the hair to pull itself out very easily.

Now apply coconut oil to your hair. Look for the conditioner which is great in detangling. Coconut oil has a texture that is great for slipping the hair and reaching into the inside of the hair roots very easily. Leave it for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Make use of your fingers for detangling the hair knots. Conditioner and oil combination will let you pull out the hair strands. This will also loosen up the knots. Keep the fingers gentle and stay patient.

Look for the wide-toothed comb and be gentle when you are combing your hair. Start the combing from tips and then reach to the roots. This will never pull your hair out. Avoid combing the hair if they are wet.

How to Detangle Matted Hair with Mayonnaise?

Many of you do not know the secret, but mayonnaise is a great ingredient that is used for detangling matted hair. Yes, you heard it right! This is the same mayonnaise that you generally eat with bread.

You just have to apply the mayonnaise over your hair roots and let it stay in your hair for a maximum of minutes. Comb up the tangles gently and rinse your hair out.

But not just in detangling hair, mayonnaise is also great in taking the hair color out. Mayonnaise has the main ingredients of oil and egg which are high in protein content for strengthening the hair and making the follicles thicker. Canola and olive oils are also responsible for deeply moisturizing the hair roots.

Thus, in short, putting mayonnaise into the hair has always remained the best DIY hair treatment to be used as an effective hair treatment. It will leave the hair locks softer and make them look shiny.

Home Remedies for Matted Hair

Now let’s just not waste a single second and talk about a few of the important home remedies with which you can detangle your matted hair without any pain or hassle.

Coconut Oil

First, we have coconut oil which is a great hair treatment to consider for letting your hair stay thicker and healthy-looking.  It will detangle your hair and will avoid any sort of breakage to occur. You just need to apply the oil to those areas of hair that are hugely affected. Comb your hair by using a wide-tooth comb.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been always known for its beauty benefits. But it has some great results to show in the hair care treatments as well. You can apply olive oil for 15 minutes and you will feel your hair be free from all sorts of tangles. Rinse it off with shampoo and warm water.

Lemon Juice

Next comes lemon juice which is known to be the favorite natural remedy for skin and hair concerned issues. This lemon juice is great for detangling the hair. You can prepare the mixture of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 2 cups of distilled water. Rinse off your hair with this mixture and catch some great results after a mild shampoo wash.

Ice Cubes

What about detangling your hair knots with ice cubes? It might sound strange but this is happening and it will happen for sure! By rubbing the ice cubes into the hair knots, you can detangle them very easily. It will make the hair roots wet and you can comb it gently with a wide-tooth comb accessory.

Use of Embroidery Needle

Last we have the use of embroidery needles! This accessory can work for you if you are not in favor of using the comb for detangling your hair. You can pick curved embroidery needles and make it place them one by one into the knots. Get the needle to insert into the loosened area and gently pry it all apart by using the fingers.  Due to the thin surface area, the needle will help you to solve any sort of complex knots in which no need to cut off is required.


This was the wrap-up! We are sure that we have helped many ladies out there who are in trouble dealing with their troubled hair which is in so many knots all the time. Not just the best detangler for African American hair, but we have also shared a few home remedies which can show some great results for you.

Follow the tips we shared with you and let your hairs stay shiny, smooth, and feel from tangles all the time. Go for it now!

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