11 Best Bleach for Asian Hair at Home in 2022 | Complete Guide

Here we have the 11 Best Bleaches for Asian Hair! It is quite true that Asian hair is tough to bleach and dye because they have thicker strands. But with the usage of these recommended bleaches, you can blonde your hair with ease.

ProductPriceNameBest For
WELLA Color Charm Powder Lightener Best Professional Bleach for Asian Hair
WELLA Color Charm Powder LightenerLong Hair
Bond Angel Plex Effect, Treatment Kit for Bleaching Best Bleach for Asian Black Hair
Bond Angel Plex Effect, Treatment Kit for BleachingAll Type of Hair
VR Blue Best Bleach Powder for Asian Hair
VR Blue Best Bleach Powder for Asian HairDark hair
dpHUE Gloss+ - Medium Blonde Best Bleach Product for Asian Hair
dpHUE Gloss+ - Medium Blonde Best Bleach Product for Asian HairLight/Medium Brown Hair
Schwarzkopf BlondMe Best Box Bleach for Asian Hair
Schwarzkopf BlondMe - Best Box Bleach for Asian HairThick Hair
WellaBlondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener
WellaBlondor Multi Blonde Powder LightenerBlack hair
Wanna Be Blond Shiny (Bleach powder)
Wanna Be Blond Shiny (Bleach powder)Dry Hair
MANIC PANIC 30 Vol Lightning Hair Bleach Kit
MANIC PANIC 30 Vol Lightning Hair Bleach KitDry Hair
L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color
L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair ColorNormal Hair
Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener 
Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder LightenerNatural Hair

If you want to try out this fun process of bleaching your hair, then it is a must for you to try these bleaches. In addition, these picks help in transforming your natural dark locks completely into a blonde shade. The high-end and advanced bleaches no longer make this process challenging enough for you.

It does not matter how dark your hair is, grab these bleaches and dye your dark Asian hair into a blonde tone. It is assured by these recommendations that you will end up getting the right blonde shade. Furthermore, these are high-quality bleaches that do not damage your hair.

Asian hair strands are stubborn to dye and bleach. You need to show a lot of patience while bleaching such a hair type. Moreover, you have to pass your hair through two bleaching sessions if you are interested in dying them.

11 Best Bleach for Asian Hair at Home in 2022

So, let us have a look at the reviews on these best bleaches for Asian hair and get back to us with your feedback:

WELLA Color Charm Powder Lightener – Best Professional Bleach for Asian Hair

WELLA Color Charm Powder Lightener Best Professional Bleach for Asian Hair

Wow, we have one amazing bleach option that is suitable for Asian hair. You can get your hands on this WELLA Color Charm Powder Lightener. If you think that your dark-colored hair needs an instant lift and you want to give them a blonde look, then try this brand. Most importantly, it is the much-loved lightener among Asian girls. It assures you to give you the brilliant and desired blonde results. It shows 7 levels of lifting and comes in the dust-free powder form.

This WELLA Color Charm Powder Lightener claims and promises to show a reliable amount of lightening action on your hair! Its application technique is simple enough to follow. The brand has promised that this product runs on a protecting oil system so that you can lock in more and more moisture in your hair. To all Asian girls, time to bring a blonde look to your hair and you can do that by using this lightener. This brand is known for making Permanent and Demi-Permanent dyes. It is also known for making toners and Semi-Permanent Creative Colors and also developers and lighteners for Asian girls.

Customer Review

I often use this bleach and I find it the best of all! It comes in a nice-looking container and also the instructions are pretty much easy to follow.

Bond Angel Plex Effect, Treatment Kit for Bleaching – Best Bleach for Asian Black Hair

Bond Angel Plex Effect, Treatment Kit for Bleaching Best Bleach for Asian Black Hair

How about trying this Bond Angel Plex Effect, Treatment Kit for Bleaching! You can give a try. To those Asian girls who have this utmost wish of bleaching and dying their hair, they can make use of this kit right now. With the use of this kit, you can protect your hair from all sorts of damage. In addition, it protects your hair that got damaged because of bleaching and chemical treatment techniques and thermal, coloring procedures.

With the application of this kit, you will be able to come up with 100% platinum blond. It is up to the user how she wants to make use of Bond Angel, you can go on opting for different procedures. You can utilize this Bond Angel Plex Effect kit for bleaching, coloring as well as for hair straightening, hair reconstruction. You will be happy to know that this product claims to call itself the number 1 reconstruction product so far in Brazil. It runs on a rich formulation and is made of natural extracts. Furthermore, this kit gives an incomparable result and ends up giving you soft and manageable hair.

Customer Review

It works really well and I am impressed with it. Now, comparing with other brands, this version I like is more appropriate!

VR Blue Best Bleach Powder for Asian Hair

VR Blue Best Bleach Powder for Asian Hair

This VR Blue Bleaching Hair Powder Extra Strength Lightener comes in powder form. It is ammonia-free and works ideally on Asian hair. If you think that none of the bleaches worked on your dark hair, then have this suggestion. You will like this VR bleaching powder because it is made and manufactured in Italy. In addition, this one is professional salon quality bleach that we have suggested to you. It comes in the form of an extra-strength lightener and gives the user an easy and reliable application job. You will get fast and quick results upon using this bleach version.

Moreover, its powder does not fly away, it means you will get complete control during the application process. The brand has made this bleach on ammonia-free formulation and they have also used top-shelf and high-end ingredients. If you use this bleach, then minimum or damage will come on your hair. Once you prepare the mixture, then you will eventually get the rich and creamy consistency and it gets mess-free for you to apply this bleach on your hair. In addition, it lifts your hair color up to 8 levels. It is time that you should try out this Multi-Faceted shimmering color. It promises to bring and add 3X highlights to your dark hair color. You eventually get the desired, intensified, and brilliant results. If none of the traditional bleaches and dyes are working for you, have this option then!

Customer Review

This is the very first time that I have been using this Bleaching Powder from this respective company. Though I had some favorite products I am satisfied with them as well!

dpHUE Gloss+ – Medium Blonde Best Bleach Product for Asian Hair

dpHUE Gloss+ - Medium Blonde Best Bleach Product for Asian Hair

Moving to more of the bleaches options for Asian girls, you can have this due Gloss+ – Medium Blonde, 6.5 oz – Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for sure. It boosts your hair color and makes it magically blonde-looking. In addition, it further deepens your natural hair color. If you feel like giving the medium blonde look to your hair, simply try this product. It ends up giving you medium blonde tones. On the other hand, if you feel that your over-processed blonde look has not achieved that depth, then this is the right suggestion that you should use now.

It comes in the category of Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. You can use and apply this bleach whenever you feel like it. Simply leave this bleach on your hair for a few minutes and get the perfect blonde look. We are sure that you will get so many compliments on using this due Gloss+ – Medium Blonde, 6.5 oz – Color-Boosting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. It brings a color boost and gives your hair that desired amount of healthy shine.

This bleach functions in glossy nature and it is completely ammonia-free. The bleach wraps your hair in the perfect manner and does not get penetrated into your cuticles. All in all, it helps you in getting the perfect bright red hair color, platinum blonde look or you can rose gold hair look. You can use this same pack for bringing a metallic brown shade to your hair. The super cool quality is that this pack is custom blended and it ends up giving you the head-turning shade. It does not wreck, damage, or ravage hair.

Customer Review

I have used this bleach several times on my hairline. It manages to extend and retain my color for weeks and weeks and even covers gray.

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Schwarzkopf BlondMe – Best Box Bleach for Asian Hair

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Best Box Bleach for Asian Hair

You can blindly trust this recommendation! Most of the Asian girls have shown satisfaction in using this bleach on their hair and you can also try using this Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+. This one is a powder lightener that blonde your hair in an ideal style. In addition, this bleach gives an unrivaled and unbeatable performance. It not only lifts your natural hair color but also brings the desired blonde hair look.

You can now lift your hair color up to 9 levels and this is possible to do if you use this recommendation. It brings the perfect neutralization and blonde color to your hair. This respective bleach has anti-yellow agents in it. With the help of these anti-yellow agents, your hair will get warm yellow undertones. When preparing the mixture, you have to come up with a flexible mixing ratio. The consistency of this bleach has to look great so that you can easily apply it to your hair.

Customer Review

I have been bleaching my hair since I was 16. I decided to choose this product and this bleach brought no damage to my hair and gave amazing strength.

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WellaBlondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

WellaBlondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

This bleach version also comes in powder form. If you think that none of the bleaches have brought an excellent blonde look to your hair, then you can try this WellaBlondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener. The single pack of it gives you 28.2 ounces. In addition, you will get satisfied vibrant results. This bleach powder is made of the highest quality ingredients and brings gentle results to your hair.

It runs on the hyper-lightening technology system and recommends you using an anti-brass conditioner as well. With the help of this lightning technology, you can easily lift your natural hair color shade up to a maximum number of levels. This is the kind of bleaching pack that works on the darkest of all hair colors for sure. You can even customize the blonde look, the choice is up to you! On using the anti-brass conditioner, the purple pigments will be able to neutralize the brass presence and thus give your hair a strong blonde look.

It is better to use it with a low-volume developer so that you can get the wished results. Once you apply this bleach, you should wait for at least one hour and then rinse that bleaching powder from your hair. To upkeep the spark of your cool blonde tones, you should try using the purple toner and purple shampoo as well. We can say that the right time has arrived to take your hair color shade to another level. Life is too short to keep boring and dreary hair colors. Give them a blonde look by trying this pack. Once you have bleached your hair, it is a must for you to use the toner as well. This is an important instruction that is conveyed by this brand.

Customer Review

I have used it 5 times over the last 2 to 3 months. Now, my black Asian hair has gone perfectly blonde. It lifted my hair color up to level 8.

Wanna Be Blond Shiny (Bleach powder)

Wanna Be Blond Shiny (Bleach powder)

Here we have this paraben-free bleach powder that will surely give you the desired results. If none of the products are working for you, we hope that this Luxury Hair Bleach Powder Professional Lightener will work for you. Most importantly, it lifts your hair color up to 9 levels and that is the unique selling point of it. It brings the anti-yellow effect on your hair and that is what all Asian girls have wished for. You can choose any kind of developer with this bleaching powder because this exclusive item is compatible and companionable with all types of developers.

Upon applying this bleaching powder, you will not spot any unpleasant smell and it does not bring any hair damage. Rest, this Luxury Hair Bleach Powder Professional Lightener claims to show the highest speed of brightening effect on your hair. It comes in the form of paste-like consistency. If you want to surround your hair with a balayage effect, then this is a top recommendation for you.

Customer Review

It did lighten up my hair. You can say that it lifted my dark brown hair all into an ash blonde tone. You can invest your money in it and trust my review.

MANIC PANIC 30 Vol Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

MANIC PANIC 30 Vol Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

Lots of hair bleach kits might have given you both good and bad experiences, but here you can check out one of the exclusive unbiased reviews on this MANIC PANIC 30 Vol Lightning Hair Bleach Kit. This one is a Thirty Volume Cream Developer that you can apply to your Asian hair. In addition, it lifts your hair all up to 5 levels and that is an interesting quality. If you are still searching for a Premium Hair Lightener, then why not get your hands on this bleach kit. The brand has prepared this product in a Dust Free Hair Bleach Powder. It is going to gently prepare your hair for the bleaching and intense dying process. It ensures to bring desired blonde tone to your Asian hair.

Keep in mind that the kit includes One Dust Free Bleach Powder and One Thirty Volume Cream Developer. You will also get One Mixing Tub; One Tint Brush and One Plastic Cap. Along with that, you will get One Set Of Plastic Gloves. Before you use this bleach kit, you need to read out the instructions and then start with the process. We like to tell you that this bleach kit runs on the vegan formula and it is cruelty-free. If you have black hair color, dark brown hair color, or light brown hair color, use this bleach kit and get the perfect light blonde look.

Customer Review

The bleach kit was simple and easy to use. My hair is not so far damaged and fallen off. I got the same results shown on the packaging.

L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color

L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color

There is no other way that you should ignore this exclusive product! Yes, we are talking about L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color. To bring the shimmering blonde look to your hair, you can have this item. Furthermore, this hair color option and brand is known for introducing edgy hair colors.

With the application of this Feria permanent hair dye kit, you will be able to transform your Asian hair right from blah to brilliant-looking one. And then with the usage of Power Shimmer Feria Conditioner, it will be easy and simple for you to seal that bold color look. Most of the customers have loved this hair color brand and they have marked it multi-tonal as well.

You can get hold of this Shimmering Feria Hair Color because it is available in 50 plus bold and great shades. It does not matter whether you have got the deepest black hair color, use this L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color and get an instant blonde hair look. In other words, this hair color option will give you the platinum blonde look.

The USP of this suggestion is that lots of Feria hair color kits are inspired by the latest trends. There is no need to book a salon appointment now because bleaches and dyes like these have arrived in the market. We hope that you get the long-lasting color. L’Oreal Paris Innovation is known to be a high-end and popular beauty care company. It has manufactured and introduced so many products related to the niches of hair color, hair care and also hairstyle, skincare, and even cosmetics

Customer Review

I wanted to go blonde and this was my wish for so many years. My mom picked this hair color and I got satisfactory blonde streaks.

Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener

Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener 

So, the last suggestion that comes as a cherry on the top! We have this Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener and it gives professional and salon kind of results. This is an extra-strength lightening powder that can be tried out by all Asian girls out there. The kind of lightning and bleaching process performed by this product is satisfactory and seamless enough.

In addition, you end up getting lustrous and amazing highlights on your dark hair color. One cannot deny the fact that blonde hair color has become a timeless trend and Asian girls are going crazy after this hair color. So, if you have an Asian hair type and dark hair color and you want to introduce blonde shade on them, then have this Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener!

It has these creamy as well as easy-to-handle formulas that make the application process quick. We can say that this bleaching powder may come out to your perfect lightening and hair bleaching partner. The presence of Basic White’s extra strength formula and the involvement of BW2’s extra strength formula will help you carry out an idea and the best lighting treatment on your hair. You will get quick and reliable results out from it. This one is a user-friendly bleach powder and brings the desired lightening on hair that you have wished for. Besides, you will get delicate highlights on your dark hair color with just a single application of it. It levels up your natural color.

Customer Review

I felt that it is one of the strongest bleach powders that can transform your resistant darker hair completely into the perfect blond look.

Complete Guide About Bleach for Asian Hair

Why is Asian Hair So Difficult to Dye Blonde?

It is commonly seen that Asian hair seems tough enough to bleach or dye in the blonde shade. Lots of reasons inculcate this theory and here you can check out the details. If you belong to a country like Bangladesh and you have a pure Asian hair type, then dying your hair will be a little tough process for you. Most importantly, Asian hair is very much dark and thick. To dye them in the blonde shade, you need to make a lot of effort to penetrate the blonde shade completely into the tight cuticles of your dark hair base color, Let me also share you video from youtube:

Asian hair needs a lot of coating and dying sessions if you want to give them a blonde shade. Keep in mind that the Asian hair pigment process usually and generally passes through black and brown tones and then eventually to red, orange, and also yellow and pale yellow tone phases. It is the longest process and you have to wait a lot to see the end results.

To all those girls who come in the category of Asian hair, they have to pick up the perfect and suitable blonde shade prior before proceeding with this dying and bleaching treatment. Hence, we can say that dying Asian hair is a lengthy process. Initially, you have to start with the darker base color and then gradually lifting that color to many more levels.

How Do You Choose a Perfect Blonde Shade for Your Complexion?

There is a specific process to choose and select a perfect blonde shade that suits well with your complexion as well. We have mentioned some important points in this piece of the discussion. Celebs like Priyanka Chopra Jonas have also recommended these tips because she belongs to the Asian community as well.

You can pick up that blonde shade that manages to complement and suit well with your skin undertone. That hair shade has to look natural on you. In addition, girls having a pale skin tone, can go on choosing shades like lavender and pearl, and also ash. Or pale skin tone girls can dye their hair in mint blonde shades.

If you count yourself in the warm skin tone category, then you can dye your hair in the respective shade range of golden and peach as well as rose golden blonde shades. Regardless of the fact which shade you have chosen for your hair, you have to remain extensively and immensely patient.

If the hair shade does not match well with your complexion, then your whole look will become sallow and a little bit washed out. So, try making effort to look for the perfect blonde shade that looks realistic on you. You should also choose the hair shade depending on and considering the elements like the current hair situation.

How Long Is the Process?

You might be wondering how long this hair dying and bleaching process is! On an average basis, you have to come for two sessions. You never know the whole bleaching process might take a bit longer. Like, if you just want to add highlights on your hair, then two to three sessions are needed. On the other hand, if you wish to achieve the platinum look, then a one-day session is required. For those Asian girls who are interested in opting for hair-dying techniques like balayage, ombre, and foil, then this process may take a bit more time. Lastly, the all-over platinum look needs and requires multiple applications.

What Do You Need To Know Before Going Blonde?

The person has to keep in mind lots of important points if she has decided to go blonde with her hair. You can check out the below-written guide and we have clearly explained how this process starts and ends if you wish to dye your hair in the blonde shade:

Find A Professional Hair Colorist

First of all, you have to look for a professional and expert hair colorist if you want to transform your Asian hair into a blonde shade. This tough and challenging job can only be accomplished by expert hair colorists.

Look for the expert that knows and everything about Asian hair and book an appointment with him. The expert hair colorists will tell you which blonde shade suits you, how many sessions you need, the condition of your hair and post bleaching treatment, and tips to maintain that blonde shade.

Have Patience

Once you have chosen the professional and expert hair colorist, you have to show utmost patience while your Asian hair is getting dyed and bleached. This process comprises lots of stages; do not get panic at all. Furthermore, this is not a one-day process; it may take two to three days, so keep in mind this aspect.

However, if you want to go for the platinum blonde look, then a single day is enough. The colorist will check and inspect your hair condition and then decide how many sessions are needed. You never know your hair texture and condition might need multiple bleaching sessions and toning sessions.

Avoid Washing Your Hair

When your hair gets a blonde shade successfully, then avoid washing your hair for some time. For two days, you should not wash your hair at all. If you do so, then the blonde shade and bleaching effect will be washed away and you will get back to your normal hair color.

How to Bleach Asian Hair at Home?

If you are looking for the process regarding how to bleach Asian hair at home, we can provide you with a simple and general guide. Instead of visiting the salon and booking an appointment with a colorist, you can carry out this bleaching job on your own from your home:

Bleaching Asian Hair Blonde: Overview

We have already told you that bleaching Asian hair into a blonde shade seems a tough and lengthy process. Asian girls have a thicker hair strand that is why this bleaching process looks a bit of troublesome. But you can follow this below mentioned guide. You need a few of the items to start off with your hair bleaching process.

Bleaching Asian Hair to Blonde: What You Need

First of all, you need bleach powder, volume developer, and application brush if you wish to dye your hair from its natural dark color to blonde shade. In addition, you need gloves and mixing blow and also an old t-shirt.

Get a good quality application brush so that you may not face any difficulty while distributing the blonde shade on your evenly. And whenever you plan to dye your hair, wear an old t-shirt so that your new clothes do not get damaged and stained during this whole dying process.

Bleaching Asian Hair Blonde: Session 1

Most importantly, two sessions are needed for bleaching your Asian hair. In the first session, mix all of the bleaching ingredients in the mixing bowl. Like, you need to add the volume developer and bleach powder in the bowl. Keep in mind that the proportion has to remain 1:2.

While you carry out this mixing process, you have to wear gloves and an old t-shirt so that process remains mess-free and you do not come across any hassle. Now, you can start to apply bleach to your hair. Start this process from the tips and take this bleach to the ends of your hair. In this whole and the entire process, you just have to use the brush applicator and avoid using your hands.

In the first session, keep the bleach on your hair for around and about 35 minutes.

Bleaching Asian Hair Blonde: Session 2

Moving to the second session of bleaching your Asian hair into the blonde shade! You should proceed with this second session after a gap of two weeks. Like, if you have blonde your hair on 05-09-2021, then carry out the second session after two weeks gap.

In this session, you will see that your natural hair color will gradually get transformed into a blonde shade. Furthermore, your hair will start acquiring more and more strength to withstand and tolerate the hair-dying process. In between these two bleaching sessions, you should not at all be using shampoo on your hair.

Moreover, in these two weeks, you will notice that your black hair color will get shifted into brown hair color. And later on, it will end up getting the platinum blonde look. Make sure that in the second bleaching session, you have covered all those dark patches that you forgot to cover in the first session.

Bleaching Asian Hair Blonde: Toning

Now, comes the toning part! Keep in mind that this one is an optional step during this respective bleaching process. Most noteworthy, through toning, you will be able to eliminate all of the brassy yellowness effects from your hair. This process removes and takes off red tones that often get appeared on your bleached hair. It is better to use semi-permanent toners because they do not damage your dyed hair at all. If you have Asian hair, then it is always suggested to use toner so that you can get rid of unwanted brassiness.

Some Precautions While Bleaching Your Asian Hair

While you have entered the phase of bleaching your hair, you need to keep in mind some tips and precautions. Below we have listed down some of the basic precautions so that you can get the best results while bleaching and dying your Asian hair into a blonde shade:

  • When picking up the blonde shade, you have to match it with your skin tone. If the hair shade and skin tone do not get match each other, then that hair color will not look nice on you.
  • If you have been bleaching your hair for the very first time, then you need to make sure that you do not overdo your hair! Just start and initiate this bleaching process slowly and then lift the base color on gradual notes. If you will go for excessive bleaching, then your hair will just get the brassy effect and nothing else.
  • Once you have dyed your hair, you should not do frequent and regular shampooing on them. In addition, you should try making it a habit of using dry shampoo on your bleached hair. If you do so, then your dyed hair will last long.
  • On bleached hair, you should not use heat styling tools. Like, avoid using straighteners and curling irons. In addition, stop using flat irons on your dyed hair. These elements will destroy your bleached hair and your efforts will get wasted.

Bleaching Asian Hair Blonde: The Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages if you dye your hair into a blonde shade.  We know that the dying and bleaching effect on Asian hair does look appealing, but this practice has its bad and negative side as well. Below you can check out the details of what the main advantages are if you have planned to dye your Asian hair color into blonde color:

  • These kinds of bleaching techniques end up damaging your hair. Furthermore, these bleaches and hair colors are jam-packed with lots of chemicals that is why it is advised to do a minimum use of bleaches on your hair.
  • Most importantly, these hair dyes and bleaches destroy your roots and you eventually start to face a serious amount of hair loss problems.
  • It is all because of this practice of bleaching that you might destroy the molecular arrangement structure of your hair. Your hair will lose its shine and softness and it will become frizzy as well.

How to Maintain Your Dyed Hair?

There is a way to maintain your dyed hair and below you can check out these great tips! If you think that none of the tips are working while maintaining your dyed hair, then follow the below-mentioned suggestions:

Purple Shampoo: 

To maintain your dyed hair, you should use purple shampoo. This is an effective tip that all girls have to follow if they have dyed their hair. Upon washing your hair with a regular shampoo, you will end up bringing yellowness to your hair. Thus, what you need to do is to wash your hair with purple shampoo and that is all! You can even use the purple conditioner so that you can maintain the element of neutrality on your ash blondes. Get a complete guide about the 10 Best Purple Shampoo for Asian Hair.


To maintain your dyed hair look, you should also go with the Olaplex treatment. With the help of this treatment, you will be able to rebuild your hair bonds. If you think that your dyed hair has been immensely damaged, then prefer having this Olaplex treatment. You can go with this treatment after, before, or during the drying process of your hair.

Colder Water for Washing Your Hair:

You can make it a practice of washing your hair with cold water! If you are using purple shampoo and purple conditioner, then make sure to use just cold water in this regard. With the use of lower-temperature water, you will be able to close and shut down your hair cuticles. In this manner, your hair will also stay healthier if you are bleached.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Can Asian hair be bleached?

Answer: Yes, Asian hair can be bleached and dyed! The process may turn out a little bit longer but you can surely dye and bleach if you have got an Asian hair type. Most importantly, such a hair type carries thicker strands and they are usually darker in color. That is why it is tough to color and dye these Asian hair strands. But with the introduction of advanced dying and bleaching techniques, you can perform this dying job with ease.

Question: Why is Asian hair so hard to bleach?

Answer: It is because of so many reasons that Asian hair becomes harder and tougher to bleach. Girls belonging to the Asian community have thicker strands. In addition, their hair cuticles are dark in color. The thickness of hair strands makes it tougher for the person to dye her hair from dark color to blonde shade.

Question: What happens when you bleach Asian hair?

Answer: If you are bleaching Asian hair, then your dark hair color will pass itself through black, brown, and red color phases and then later on to orange, yellow and finally to pale yellow color phases. This is a long process if you have decided to bleach and dye your hair and you also have got an Asian hair type. According to the colorists, the red pigment is the hardest and toughest to lift.

Question: How to keep Asian hair blonde?

Answer: Lots of ways have arrived that helps you in maintaining and retaining the look of your blonde hair color. First of all, you have to choose the best and professional colorist so that he can perform the hair coloring job in the best manner. In addition, you should treat and look after your dyed hair in the most appropriate manner. Avoid washing your blonde hair with regular shampoo instead you should use purple shampoo and purple conditioner.


Thus, this is all of the information we have on the 10 Best Bleaches for Asian Hair! If you had been looking for the top and high-end bleach option, then we hope that these suggestions will help you. In addition, these bleaches and dyes will make you believe that dying Asian hair is no longer a tough task.

These bleaches are recommended and immensely suggested by the top colorists. Besides, these bleaches and dyes are loved by hair professionals. The only tip that you have to remember before bleaching your hair! It is that you should choose the blonde shade wisely, pick the professional colorist and use the best of all after-hair care products.

You can keep tuned with us so that if more of the professional colorists will come up with the latest bleach options for Asian hair, we will let you know about them. Right now, you can try these bleaches and let us know your feedback as well.

Time to give that celeb look to your hair! If you have got tired of seeing your hair in that same dark color, then give it a blonde look right now. You can share with us your experiences if you have ever dyed and bleached your hair. Feel free to share the pictures. More of the information on bleaches and hair dyes is coming sooner, so stay tuned with us.

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